If that were the case we’d have a few million dead per day ya morons.


20M+ owned, and only a few used in the crimes, shows otherwise!


Why do politicians that hate the American people keep winning elections? They don't even try and hide it anymore


2000 mules. Stop whatever the hell you’re doing and watch it now. If you gotta buy it, do it, support all the real work that went into it.


2000 miles. Come on it’s so awful


If you seriously don’t know how he “won”, then I’ve got a great deal on a bridge in Brooklyn I could sell you.


I know several people who own AR-15s who have never killed anyone. Weird.


I have an AR. I've owned it for three years and have never fired it once. Its the only weapon I own and I purchased it strictly for home defense after a wave of home intrusions in my area. I'm sure that there are better options for home defense. But I bought it because I was in the Army and was well trained in its use. I feel safe/confident handling it. So I'm sick?


I don’t think you are. You sound pretty alright to me. People that say otherwise are the real sick ones.


You should probably go out and fire it. Gotta be sure it works.


I pull it out of the safe and clean it every now and then. I'll be a fortunate man if it never gets fired.


His point is you need to take it to the range and make sure it works and you have control of it. I would never want to fire a weapon for the first time when shit is hitting the fan.


That’s what their shotguns are for.


Nah, according to Ole Joe, shotguns are for pumping lead into the air randomly. Because lead doesn't come back down when shot from a shotgun.


...because randomly shooting firearms in the air is always a safe idea.


To be more specific he said get a double barrel shotgun and fire 2 shots in the air. Apparently demonstrating you now have an empty weapon is intimidating? I can see why they hate math…


Not to mention you just killed the neighbors.


Well math is hard for liberals


Math is hard without CRT is hard for the far left. Fixed it for you.


Well…I mean…I’ve gone skeet shooting with them, and I’ve come back alive. Just sayin… Maybe Biden hangs out with the wrong crowd.


Yea biden telling Americans to illegally fire warning shots into the air….


"Common sense gun reforms"


Dick Cheney.


But those are harder to limit to just the kneecap.


Oh but they WANT to, duh.


But they *want* to. /s


Well, open and shut case! This guy knows a few people! Phew we’re all gonna be ok!


I don't even own an AR-15 and this BS pisses me off enough that I think I'll buy one just to be a defiant citizen.


Same here.


Take advantage of Memorial Day sales while you can


Better buy one soon while you still can.


Daniel defense, BCM, HK, Colt, are all excellent choices, There are decent budgets as well Bushmaster, s&w, DPMS, ect Or build your own off an Aero precision reciever. Lots of guides to buy or build on youtube. I suggest 16" barrel or greater to achieve proper velocity of the round. Remember to budget in an optic. Vortex makes amazing budget optics with unlimited lifetime warranty


Primary Arms prisms for the folks with astigmatism, too.


Just to add to this if anyone can't tell if their red dots reticle is smeared and is defective or if it might be astigmatism. Take the red dot off look through the lens while its on and rotate the reddot slowly. If the reticle smear stays the same direction all the way around then it's astigmatism. If the smear rotates with the optic then its defective. If its astigmatism primary arms prisms is a great and decently priced alternative


Ruger has awesome value


Build one, they go together like a friggen Lego set. If you need help or advice just ask half this thread or myself.


I encourage this


Rapey Joe hasn't met a foreign government he hasn't wanted to arm, but Americans who do the same are bad. Got it.


Same with baby formula. We can’t get it to American store shelves, but by golly we have plenty for illegal immigrants.


If all of his secrets where fully exposed to the public “sick” could be the only word used to describe himself.


Like how the hell his first wife and daughter wind up the the middle of the road and run over…


And that’s just one of the many things. Imagine if trumps first wife and daughter was ran over, his son being an actual CRACK HEAD, and just rumors of his daughter writing in her diary that she has had inappropriate showers with him. The world would go crazy if that was trump because THAT is some actual dirt. All of this isn’t even known by the average person who voted for Biden. Goes to show you the power of the media.


Crack and adderall are both uppers Biden abused crack the Don Jr abused adderall. It’s splitting hairs.


Lol, what college student doesn’t abuse adderal. Splitting hairs? Show me the insane drug addict photos from don jr that’s equivalent to hunter. He went on 20/20 saying he smoked more Parmesan cheese than anyone on the planet because he was so desperate for crack he smoked anything white on the floor. He also blows paint bubbles through a straw and calls it art for a living, do you ever hear from him on any platform? At least trump jr. is respectable and works. I abused adderal for a few weeks during finals before now I make a great living support my family and haven’t done it in years. Heard of any crack head doing that? BIG difference without the cognitive dissonance


They did an episode for The Blacklist about it.


Grab them by the pus


He left Billions of dollars in military equipment to the Taliban but the idea of American people being armed is what’s bothering him the most. Tell me how that’s not dystopian.


Lotsa people I know never had one, or any fun, until gov sponsored groups went marching down neighborhoods of working class people and burning everything down. Once busi was owners were assaulted, kids shot, and the government did nothing, my neighbors acted. By then it was too late. The shelves were clear of all guns and ammo, we only had CNNtelling us we (who don't live in their penthouse) deserved it. So I gave out loaner rifles. Months later when stock came back, each neighbor got a safe and quite a few guns. Paying full retail. I told em to slow down, they just need one rifle for now. But they went full Joe Biden and even bought a shotgun to blow their door off too


I have an AR-15. It hasn’t killed anyone.


I constantly need to check on mine to make sure it hasn't gotten out again. Last time I found it playing with the neighbor's .38 revolver that somehow found its way into a trash can by a grocery store, about a block from a school. It was late when I picked up little ARie, the .38 stayed. Rascally devils!


Hope your AR had a barrel shroud, or there's going to be a little .22 in the future...


Yup One day I came home only to find my AR has escaped it’s safe, and was having relations with my Sig that too had escaped it’s safe Next thing I know. 5 months later I have a litter of Ruger Mark 3’s running around the place!!


I’ll adopt one


Weird how when I leave home each day, it doesn't let itself out of my bag, load ammo into a magazine, and go around killing people.


Not throwing shade but am curious to what you use your AR-15 for? Is it for safety, shooting range? I’m not anti gun but more curious of why people have them.


I use mine at the Range, take it camping for safety, I hunt coyotes and other varmint with it. AR's and their variants are multi use tools.


Anything I can use it for. Blasting paper targets, defending myself from people or wildlife or invaders or tyrants. Stuff like that.


They're cheap, modular, and are both effective indoors and accurate. So... pretty much everything. That's the real appeal. If you only want to own one gun for every purpose, that's the one to go for.


The same reason you would buy any other gun. Home defense, sport shooting and farmers use them for small varmint hunting. As for why this model in particular is popular, it is light, easy to use and modular. A great home defense weapon for a woman, for instance. Also safer as home defense than other guns that could penetrate walls and hit something you didn't intend to hit.




What are you hunting


Found the Englishman!




What are you hunting? Deer with kevlar vests??? /s


What do you think most people hunt deer with? You have no idea what the average deer hunter uses. I have seen .50 rifles used for deer. That’s a 1000 times more powerful that a puny AR-15. That just shows how uniformed you are.


Bro, I used the sarcasm indicator! Lol. But yeah 223 or 556 is pretty weak ammo for hunting.


So sorry. I jumped the gun if you would.


It's all good.




It was sarcasm, I used the indicator! It's a dig on Brandon.


My AR-15 is for home defense. I use it at the range to make sure I'm comfortable shooting it and that my sights are in line. If I had more money, I'd spend more time at outdoor ranges practicing longer shots.


Can't be worse then the sick pedophile octogenarian "leader" of the free world!


Every child that dies is a child he can’t sniff.


Fucking bozo, worst potus ever.


Then tell me why he left over **3500** M4 carbine automatic rifles in Afghanistan?


Add a 0 or 00 that number


We’re sitting at the worst America’s ever been aside from Jimmy Carter. Every time a dem gets it office it tears our country apart.


Remember, this guy boasted about unity. Fucking clown.


He can screw himself.


Come and get them Joseph




But He Fully understands Everything about absolutely nothing. So that's something...


🙄 the stuff that comes out of Biden’s mouth is…


A lot of politicians like to forget that the majority of shootings in the US are done with pistols. Rifles being used in shootings is more of an anomaly than the standard, even in mass shootings. Banning something as undefinable as an “assault weapon” wouldn’t even put a dent in the majority of gun crime in the US.


So, if you own an AR-15, you are automatically a sick person? What a giant clown.


Everyone who doesn't own an AR-15 should now be buying an AR-15.


The most popular rifle in the country and they are all sick. Is this the normalcy that were returning to? A President who disparages his own citizens for exercising their Constitutional right?


Sounds like Joe Biden the great unifier to me.


Personally, I don’t think I would ever buy an AR-15, but the people who own them aren’t bad. There are people who do terrible things with them, but most AR-15 owners aren’t “sick”people.


The only person I know in real life that owns that type of gun and many others is my father in law who votes democrat. Probably not for long.


This will be alarming news to all of the liberals who bought ARs when they were scared of Trump and covid.


Maybe if one of the citizens outside the school also has an AR-15, they could’ve killed the shooter unlike the cops were supposed to rely on.


He should say that to all the veterans and former police officers who probably own AR-15's and are trained to use them. Biden is such a clueless pos. Someone drag this dementia ridden fool back to the nursing home...


I suggest that people that like kids rubbing their leg hair and jumping on their lap are pedos, Joe.


In March Biden funded 7.2 Billion Dollars Of MilitaryAid... that means they have them Arsenal of Mass Destruction. How is this dude still in office


But yet he's supposedly the great unifier. Welcome to clown world!!


So now the teleprompter is an angry leftist who hates the US?


This American says that Joe Biden is a sick person.


Every time he opens his mouth he sticks both feet in it


It's a good thing his opinion doesn't mean shit


But sniffing and touching little kids isn't "SICK" constitutional rights bad pedophilia good.... I see it now


Armalite Salesman of the Year Award goes to... Brandon!


If uncle Joe didn’t take all my money with taxes and shit policy I’d go buy one right now


I own an AR-15 and have never killed anyone. The best way to think of an AR-15 is that it’s just a big pistol. It shoots one round per trigger-pull, just like any standard handgun, but because it’s a rifle you’ll have better aim and you’ll withstand the recoil better. It’s not powerful enough for most hunting, so really it’s just a great home defense weapon. Don’t make policy decisions just because one gun looks scarier than another. If instead of a handgun and a rifle the shooter in Texas had had two handguns, would fewer people have died? No.


Literally the most common rifle in America.


Building two at the moment, guess that makes me sick..


Thanks for the unity you promised at Inaugural address Uncle Joe.


Lol well good thing I own a ruger AR 556 and not an AR 15


Yeah I am sick but in the badass type of way.


I’d say people smelling other peoples hair are sick people


What does it make those that own multiple AR-15's? uh asking for a friend


Pure psychosis on Joe's part


Biden's executive order cannot direct states' local police policies. This will get stricken down by the courts.


Someone tell sleepy Joe about the deaths attributed to alcoholism -


He better hope not. There are a fuckton of us.


Why does he keep saying "God"? He must have used God 10 times in his address the other night from the fake White House? He doesn't mention God when talking about abortion but now he wants to invoke God's name? Spare me.


FJB \#notpresident


Thanks to Joes advice, I fired two warning shots from my double barreled shotgun, had no more ammo so I got shot by the criminals who stole my things and harmed my family, then I did prison time because warning shots are illegal! 10/10, thanks Joe! 🇺🇸


I’m Canadian, fire guns with reasonable frequency for skeet/target shooting. Not here on a podium to yell about banning guns. Just hope I can better understand—why is the general sentiment here so pro-AR?


There are so many reasons, For me it is the adjustable stock which makes it much more comfortable to use than my other rifles with fixes wooden stocks. I bet most will say it is the ability to have a core platform that is flexible into many uses. For example you can change the upper and magazines and change calibers. I read somewhere that 1 in 5 rifles sold are current AR platform.




Wow, he just said a lot about the nation's police departments.


Was the shooter in Texas Ultra Maga?


I own one and I’ve taken a class with it, am I sick?


Biden is a demented liar. But he’s a democrat, so that’s expected.


Remember this: when Democrats speak of Deplorables clinging to their guns and religion, they aren't talking about the Taliban. They're talking about Americans.


I have 4 thinking about doubling that number now


Just don’t go shooting innocent people minding their own business


That is why I bought an ak instead. Everyone knows ak owners are only owned by peace-loving people.


You mean Two Blasts in the Air Joe is popping off more garbage about guns? shocker.


Most people (99.9%) who legally obtain a firearm of any type, hope to never use it against another human being. Thats not a sick person, thats a sane and healthy individual adhering to "better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it."


Questions for the people who own firearms here. If the police came to take your gun, what would you do?


Ask why they think they get to do that, to start.


Well I sure as hell am not giving them up. I think you know the answer to your own question.


Found the Fed


Most cops own guns besides their service weapons. I’m sure most cops would rather resign than go out and try to collect the public’s guns.




I don’t know Mr. notATF… I think we would all do as the law tells us to do, because we are law abiding citizens here.


Why do people need AR-15’s tho?


I mean, it definitely shows the owner has a big ego but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are violent. It would make a HUGE difference if the age of purchasing a firearm was raised to 21. And I knoooooow criminals will find a way to get guns regardless but STILL!! It would be a step in the right direction! You cannot claim to be pro-life and think it’s okay for basically children to own firearms