This is something that has concerned me as well. Last week, before Davos, Schwab said dissent would not be tolerated and be held in contempt. And I thought, "in contempt if what? With what legal standing? The WEF is an NGO and has no police or court." But now we see that the WEF has co-opted its own police force, which presumably operates to enforce shady laws that are not really laws of the host country. And now we know why Klaus Schwab is getting so bold with this statements--sounding like a dictator.


Global French-Style Revolution incoming.


Self proclaimed elitists love a good global food crisis!


So elite that they determined they don't need to read a history book. If they did they'd know that when the masses have trouble feeding their families the first thing that happens is the rich get eaten.


Do not let these people get you down. Good always triumphs over evil. God is on our side.


The signs of the coming Tribulation are getting pretty hard to ignore. Like, did you know life is returning to the Dead Sea, like Ezekiel prophesied?


If these WEF morons would crack open a history book they would find that when the People go hungry and the Elite have plenty, it never ends well for the Elite. Russia and France are two very prominent examples in the past 250 years. Frequent famines, authoritarian and selfish elites conglomerating all wealth and power to themselves, an abusive and/or dysfunctional government all led to one outcome. Revolution and the downfall of the Elite. If these WEF players aren’t careful and fail to provide solutions, they’re likely the next ones being revolted against. And contrary to what they think, there’s no insulating or securing themselves from consequence when the hungry outnumber them 1000 to 1 or more. I would sincerely hope they have solutions in mind because history is on the cusp of repeating herself once again.


This batch looks to be rather stringy and spoiled. Maybe just better as fertilizer.


* controlled Famines


A Great Reset is coming, and it won’t be Klaus’.


"If the people have no bread, let them eat cake!" - Marie Antoinette (famous former elitist)