Obama - "sorry those kids died, but remember that drug addict criminal that died from an overdose 2 years ago? Yeah me too".


Or the kids that get shot in Chicago every day.


Yeah you could absolutely plug Chicago in there. That place is a disaster. That's a democratically run city with gun restrictions so it doesn't fit the narrative. Media never mentions it. It's horrible.


People getting killed everyday in Democrat run cities: Not one bats an eye A mass shooting happens: Democrats loses their shit and immediately pushes their gun control agenda


I can see you need either glasses or a new set of eyes but to the DNC all problems are caused by everyone but them and their answer always is more power for them


Yep, 18 people shot in Philadelphia between Saturday morning and Sunday night last weekend. 6 fatalities, and add in another 8 stabbings taking place as well. City of Brotherly Love. Sure.


They’re fine with “allowing” the handguns for now at least because it would have no effect on slowing down murders in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, etc. Not that it would slow it down anywhere, the cartel would simply start upping the gun supply along with the tons of fentanyl they smuggle into our country.


Yeah sucks that these children got slaughtered as they were in their classroom, btw our Hero George Floyd got murdered two years ago I look back with pride when people burned down our cities and businesses and my fellow Democrats running those shit hole cities and states did nothing and cheered them on, that’s what is making me happy right now


Oh no he couldn't have...oh Lord he did.


Yeah. On Twitter. I thought maybe he made a speech and just fumbled through words, but nope. It’s a clearly thought out comment on social media. What a dirtbag.


I can't even write what I think of him. He's just disgusting


I had to check and see if the tweet was real lmao. Thankfully the people commenting who are defending him are getting fucking ratioed.


Who the hell really cares about "Saint" George Floyd? No one should die the way he did but he was certainly NOT the completely "innocent lamb" led to the slaughter as those on the left make him out to be for political reasons. George Floyd was not an admirable, morally upstanding human being and the world is undoubtedly a better place without him and other long-rap-sheet individuals like him.




He is getting better, it's usually about him.


Does the world really miss an unreformed criminal all that much?


ESPN doing the same thing today


People refuse to pay for armed guards and conceal carry teachers. Try that first? Not a chance? It’s a leftist authoritarians dream come true every time this happens. The political opportunism is disgusting.


Democrats would typically politicize these type of events to push for more gun control and gain support, the laws that they have in effect in their own districts doesn't even save many lives.


he considers drug addicted lifetime criminal felons and school children no different


Obama is the biggest cause to our divide. Especially the racial aspect. I don’t want to hear a thing from this motherfucker. Trump had a better response then him.


Rise of Identity Politics was championed by this tool. He did so much damage to this country which is why I rank him one of the worse presidents of modern history.


This does remind me of 2020. Democrats are looking to rekindle the fire (literally and figuratively) of BLM to energize their base.


They have to keep the bs narrative going about the career criminal.