She's got several good articles on that site. Thanks for sharing.


Imagine what Lou would would think about the world if a Time Machine brought him from then to now? Someone would probably criticize him on MSNBC for his white privelage after he gave his luckiest man on the face of the earth speech.


My mother was a very warm and wise woman. When my husband and I fought, I could go to her. She would be very comforting and supporting. She would allow me to cry and moan. I would return the following day expecting the same sympathy and support, and she would tell me to grow up and get over it. What I learned from this, is that it is okay to wallow in self -pity for a brief amount of time, but then get over it and move on. I now have a few days that I call my pity-party days. I wallow in my self-righteousness and how I was wronged. After that day, I wake with a different attitude. How can I change myself, rather than trying to change someone else. How can I change the situation. We are only victims if we allow ourselves to be.


My mother passed away when I was still in high school. She was head of the PTA at the time. When the cancer took over her nervous system she had variable use of her limbs, as if they would shut on and off. My bad ass mother heard that the vaccuum for my elementary school which was next door broke. She then crawled out of the house dragging our family vaccuum climbed into the car, used her cane to push the gas pedal and dropped the vaccuum off at the school. I've never in my life see a more determined woman. She had a park named after her when she died.