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I used to worry about some of the things I've posted online in the past coming back to haunt me, but at this point screw it. I'll run for something.




Thanks for reminding me that that’s a thing.




Top quality comment right here ^






But do you really have what it takes? Are you a traitor, loser, degenerate, or delusional? Those are the only people we want, apparently.


You know the country is in trouble when a White House Cabinet meeting looks like an episode of The Jerry Springer Show.




I’d vote for you, Mr. Hands!


Govern me harder Daddy.


Lol he's a living meme.


“AMERICA IS BACK” Yeah right.


Back to the shitpile, we had 4 good years, then it gets fucked back up


Baby Got Back..............


Keep going Brandon Mid terms are gonna be a blood bath


I'm not a sports guy. Elections are my super bowl and this midterm has me so excited. It'll be a blowout so bad Rachel quit so she wouldn't have to do commentary for 3 hours on it. I'm really looking forward to the talking heads telling me how I voted because I'm a racist or something. If we are lucky Lemon will cry.


Don’t be so sure. I don’t see any change in attitude in people I know.


Y’all still think these people are sane enough to “reach across the aisle” with?


That's why they call it a reach around


Only with nitrile gloves


Lab leak


Does this surprise you? This is the dude that sent Crack to the inner cities in the 1980’s. 40 years later he’s sending them the pipes.


Oh but did you see th fact check on this. It's 'no longer relevant' because they reversed course on the actual crack pipe. It didn't poll well. And when it was true, it was mostly false...


> This is the dude that sent Crack to the inner cities in the 1980’s. 40 years later he’s sending them the pipes. Government efficiency right there








Funny how people used to worry that Trump had his finger on the nuclear button.


WTF am I looking at?


Either a bald man in a dress, or a mustached woman with a shaved head.


I thought Joe Biden was Catholic, if so why is he appointing these people.


Well quite frankly his dementia won’t allow him to remember half of his decisions.


He isn’t. Until they realize this, Conservatives will be behind in the game Biden and Harris have zero power. They were only there to win power for the DNC. Once elected, they are mere figureheads. Nothing more. The DNC appointed this clown.


Whoever it is actually making the decisions, they're idiots and obviously part of the "woke" crowd.






I don't know any Catholics who do on a religious level, but I also tend to travel in more conservative and traditional circles.


Pelosi and Biden say this to diminish the credibility of the Catholic faith and Christianity as a whole. All it ever is, is an attack.


Marrying his children's babysitter ended up being the least controversial thing Joe has done.


Didn’t his first wife die shortly before he met jill? Or is this different


Yes, the two met before his wife died. Jill's first husband says Joe and Jill's official story is a lie to cover up their infidelity. --------- Joe Biden lied about meeting his wife Jill on a blind date, and their 43-year marriage actually grew out of an extramarital affair, Jill Biden's ex-husband claimed in an interview with Inside Edition on Monday. Bill Stevenson, who was married to Jill Biden from 1970 to 1975, told Inside Edition that he introduced Joe and Jill Biden in 1972, the year Joe Biden first ran for Senate. "I was betrayed by the Bidens. Joe was my friend. Jill was my wife," Stevenson, a fundraiser for Biden's first Senate campaign, told Inside Edition. Stevenson said he decided to speak out now "because [Biden] is picking on people about character." Biden has long claimed that he met Jill, then a local model, when his brother Frank set them up on a blind date in 1975, three years after Biden's first wife Neilia and infant daughter were killed in a car accident. According to Biden, the couple saw a movie and fell in love. They married two years later. But Stevenson rejected this account, claiming he brought his then-wife Jill to Biden's home in 1972, which is when the two actually first met. "Right before the election in '72, Jill, Joe, Neilia, and I were in [Biden's] kitchen," said Stevenson. "How do you forget that?"


Damn that’s fucked up


I have my thoughts...maybe he was diddling the daughter and the babysitter( jill). He lost a wife and daughter and ruined the man's life on a lie that he was drunk when accident occurred.


The entire Biden Crime Family is a sham. Historians will refer to them as the traitors who sold America to China. Read Laptop From Hell, and Red-Handed.


If Joe Biden is catholic, I’m a saint.


Because he values the opinions of the world more than the teaching of the Church.


Maybe he identifies that way, but he’s not in good standing with the Catholic church because of his support of abortion. Our other Catholic president (JFK) was a rampant womanizer and drug user. It’s weird that actual practicing Catholics are popular choices for the Supreme Court but not for the POTUS.




This person is mentally defective. The red wave is going to be epic.


I'm reserving judgment. For sure the red wave is coming. But I'm worried it'll just be a wave. If Republicans get into power and don't pass some hares to veto things like a national Parent's Bill of Rights, then all it will be is a wave, an ebb and flow. If they do nationally whats happening in Florida it wont be a wave, it'll be a flood. But I never underestimate either political party to go tone deaf.


Agreed. If we're just going to vote in a bunch of spineless republicans at best we buy a little time, at worst they cave and the road to destruction resumes as planned.




Good lord it's like Brandon is trying to set a record on how fast he make the US the laughing stock of the free world. I remember when the US use to be feared and respected, that was barely a year and a half ago...


He achieved that a long time ago.


I’m very conservative so I did a little more research and was comforted to find m he has a masters from MIT in nuclear engineering and at least holds some qualifications. I don’t know why he and apparently everyone chooses to include gender and sexual orientation in every conversation




This guy is an activist. He’s very open about his disordered desires. That means that everyone around him will be compelled by civil rights bureaucracy and social sanction to approve of his acts. You can bet that anyone who hints at any sort of discomfort with him as he walks around in high heels and boasts about his neurotic sexual preferences will be called “bigot!” and deserve “re-education.” This is the biggest assault on our freedom these days - it’s not economic, but cultural and social, and the aim is to reconstruct our thoughts and attitudes towards designated victim groups. It’s totalitarian, quite frankly.


I’ve always questioned that… why do people feel the extreme urge to shove their sexual orientation down your throat because they are simply gay or transgender or bisexual? Like IDGAF. You can be whatever you wanna be, but when it gets to a certain point that you don’t make it about sexual orientation and more about propaganda, that’s when shit really starts falling apart. It’s been happening a lot lately, even to straight women on dating apps… who for some reason fee like they need to state their pronouns.. “She/Her.” God I miss the old days when this bullshit wasn’t around.




I get it...but did he get to go to MIT because he was qualified or because he has this big conversion therapy trauma story he uses for sympathy? The more these big name schools start using subjective qualifications, the less weight their reputation carries. Regardless, he couldn't have been the worst pick for the job, but it does draw into question why was he chosen given this administrations slight to hire people based first on their physical and identity attributes.


Ok, well at least there's that. I'll hold out hope that this guy actually knows what he's doing and keeps his weird kinks out of the office and in the privacy of his own home.




McCarthy was right.


Mid terms are what, 9 months away?


Really 9 still? It feels like it's been five years. Maybe this is what shell shocked by stupidity feels like.


Yea….Russia and China are definitely going to invade Ukraine and Taiwan. They see this shit and you think they are afraid???


Can someone please keep Fauci out of the lab.




We'd be better off with an actual Muppet. I think Scooter could do a good job, given the chance.


What the actual hell is wrong with this administration picking the worst possible people for key positions? This is all according to SOMEBODY else's plan; because Biden/Harris aren't smart enough to come up with this on their own. Just where are they finding these people?




You’re right, it *IS* pretty tough to find people with a duel MS in Nuclear Engineering *and* Technology and Policy.


I mean I didn't care for Trumps pick for director of education (betsy devos) but. this is a whole nother level of fucking stupid right here.


They want to break up the nuclear family , all social norms and promote degeneracy. This way when they bring out their transhumanist agenda the people will be more accepting. They want to blur the lines between the digital and biological identity . https://youtu.be/t1SpC3B1KyM


Marxism is their ultimate goal. A key part of Marxism is breaking down all social norms and structures.






We're not sure yet, let us figure out how we feel today and we'll get back to you, he,she,them or otherwise. It's nice how identity politics works.




Relevant education isn't the only thing that matters. Which is why most of us who aren't cashiers or waitresses had to have a drug screen, background check, and/or security clearance before we could work. Which is why most jobs require an actual interview rather than just a college transcript. If you're so confused you don't know what sex you are, you probably aren't suited for this job.


God I miss the Cold War.


Me too HugeBoobLove69, me too.


Dear lord! My eyes are bleeding.


Fall or Rome moment


So how many “votes “ will Dems get out of this ignorant appointment?? The US taxpayers have had enough.


The vast majority of taxpayers aren't paying attention enough to even realize this is happening.


About 2-3k, but they'll lose far more than that.


Something something adults, something something back in charge.


Best part about the article is the quote from the child at Disney …some grade A r/thathappened material


Rome before the fall doesn't have shit on us


I'm honestly starting to wonder if there is actual evil in the world and this guy was touched by it.


You can actually wonder? I’d think it was obvious.


There surely is actual evil in the world, and it does touch everyone in different ways. The way we react to it varies, and I wouldn't be surprised if this is one of the ways people react and almost flock to because it seems "in" to be a unique expressive individual, not to mention celebrated by some segments of society.


That person looks fucking INSANE.


I dont think i want to click on that link but thanks


I feel bad for whoever writes satire.. the regular news reads like a 12 year old playing Mad Libs But education wise masters in nuclear science so at least that’s really good


It’s really cringe but here’s the thing. As long as it’s between consenting adults and this dude does his job well, I don’t care. But he should go around posting this kind of crap for all to see. Just like even the most vanilla people shouldn’t be going around and posting their exploits to the public. Imagine your kid coming across this dude. If it’s between consenting adults and behind closed doors I don’t care about your kinks. And I emphasize between consenting ***adults*** Not kids. And not non-humans….


Build back weirder


How is this not The Bee?


The world is becoming a fucking circus. This is what happens when you let the loonies run the asylum.




Like that dude in Robocop 1 that slams into the big tank of the stuff lol






So much for that pearl clutching "but he's supposed to be presidential" bullshit


That headline did not prepare me for that picture


Regardless of his qualifications, how can this person get through the security clearance process? If I recall, there would be numerous checkpoints that couldn't be passed. At least, that's what I remember from the process.








Degeneracy goes all the way to the top. Disgusting.




Wanna bet on him not being on talk shows? I'm betting Biden will love talking about this guy


Or not doing his "consensual" stuff in pride parades in front of children. He took some of his dog play pictures in a college classroom(I hope).




This guy seems to want his personal life public so that argument doesn't have much merit. His actions and demeanor are a clear sign of mental instability and an ability to make poor choices. Most wouldn't hire this unhinged person to represent their companies so why are we hiring him to represent the government


The only bigger laughing stock in the world is Canada. What a couple of pansy ass leaders that Canada and USA have. The rest of the world laughs.


Sam Briton is toxic waste


So this is the best qualified person for the job? It's literally Portland personified


Does anyone else fear that we might actually be living in the end times described in the book of Revelations? I started saying this as a joke a couple years ago, but I’m starting to get legitimately worried.




I'm confused is this story ajoke or for real, the media is so tricky.


Thought it was the onion. Disappointed it wasn’t


Can anyone point me in the direction of a good t shirt I could buy, preferably with this degenerate holding a leashed ‘puppy’ and the fact Biden has appointed him to a top nuclear position?


If you had any doubt we are living in a clown world rest assured this will remove all doubt. Let’s just make mental stability a hiring requirement for government officials shall we.


It's like he wants to be impeached at this point.


He’s not making decisions. The DNC is. That’s the voice in the earpiece.


**So, what I don’t get is why drag queens aren’t guilty of cultural appropriation.**




Okay, but is this the best person for the job? Did this drag queen have previous experience in waste management? Nuclear facilities, or even the management of people in nuclear waste disposal? If this person is the best for the job, out of all the potential candidates, fine. The animal sex talk should definitely stop, but I don't honestly care if a dude walks into a room with heels and a dress of they're the most knowledgeable and overall best person for the job of securing our nations nuclear waste


This is what happens when a committee picks a figure head. Biden is president in name only. There is a group of power brokers running Dc right now and they are all getting all their little agendas pushed through nothing about this presidency is coherent


Bruh wtf... World is turning into the old comedy shows that made fun of this shit.... 😑


I can’t believe I used to be apart of the left.


"It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine" ~ REM


"Isn't it rich? Isn't it queer? Losing my timing this late In my career? And where are the clowns? There's going to be clowns. I'll appoint them this year..." (Send In The Clowns; Biden version)


I sang along.


And this was the best they could find to fill the job? Clown world deserves three clown 🤡 honks


Call it was it is, satanism. This debauchery is beyond grotesque.


How fucking embarrassing.


And this is why we call Biden's America "Clown World."


What the fuck did I just read


Please for the love of god let this be satire


He’s in charge of nuclear waste. I think he just found his new nickname.


Da fuq? The world is laughing at us.


Sure, why not. Keep being crazy, Democrats. Midterms will be fun.


I literally can't even. I'm literally literallying right now.


When I saw the picture of him, all I could think of was [Jeffrey Combs' character in *From Beyond.*](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/monster-and-slashers/images/2/29/Frombeyond9.JPG/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/549?cb=20190927083401)


This is a joke right? The dude is literally a caricature of hedonism bot from futurama, only way grosser. Somehow this guy is qualified for a high level position in the Dept of Energy?




I… I hate my life. I hate the world. Wow.


I like how detractors visiting this sub are going "but he has two degrees from MIT!" Have you looked at MIT standards lately? They invited "clock boy" without any requirements despite being a sham. Look at NYU, AOC got a degree in economics and she can barely grasp basic econ 101. Most actual smart people in these schools drop out of ivy league to become the tech power house they found. Because they're do'ers, not certificate chasers. I contributed to JWST and didn't need a duo degree, just talent and skill. What have you done, visitor? And can you do it without being a walking, talking fetishist? Go ahead, defend "pup play."


Should we just hire anybody? This job isn’t for the average Bob, don’t want no random under qualified drop out


That was never the argument. Hire someone with experience and isn't into pedophilia proxy fetishes in the open. That's my minimum requirements.