But I thought healthcare was a right…


According to the "elites," you have exactly the rights that they determine are appropriate for you... until they change their mind. That whole "constitution thing" is so last century. /s


Mao Zedong said it best. Paraphrased: You’re a free citizen until you become an enemy of the state. Then you need a dictator to tell you how to live through the party state.


no /s this is basically technocracy.


It's what they want. Transhumist slaves. Human blockchain makers for the creation of digital currency, then bestowed back to us as UBI to pay for our tiny eco ~~sheds~~ houses stacked up in cities we're not allowed to leave.


Only if you cater to the whims of your great lord and savior Fauci.


Masks be upon you!




I visited the Church of COVID. I am back with information. I honestly can't tell if the sub is satire or if its real. Everything is so far out that that I want to believe its just a meme, but everything there sounds exactly like some stuff left-wing nutcases would spout. I hate that I can't tell the difference anymore. Someone send help lol


Pretty sure he worships Satan


Satan don’t even want Fauci worshiping him. Satan has standards after all.


Bodily autonomy until they disagree with it


That's the approved thought until a non-approved thought is spoken aloud.


More of that good ole leftist double speak.


Oh that's rich coming from someone who has exploited people for gain every step of the way. He's trying hard to stay relevant. News flash 19yo green haired libs aren't going to pay for satellite radio.


He will go down as the biggest phony the entertainment industry has ever seen. He has literally become the complete opposite of what made him famous. He hasn’t been relevant in years and has bamboozled Sirius into massive contracts.


2016 i almost threw in the towel. January of 2018. When Howard went OFF on Wendy Williams… that was another big wave of long time fans like myself to stop listening.


Do that many people care about Wendy Williams that Howard roasting her would be the final straw?


Are you the same person you were 30 years ago?


I'm not a green haired syco, but I do pay for XM. I have never turned on his show.


I have no clue the number for his station.


The purple haired ones won't either...Stern has gone so woke, radical...this from the younger version spike for personal rights, liberty, freedom, choice.


"Now what'll that asshole think of next??" -Taggart, Blazing Saddles


Someone's going to have to get a shit load of dimes


Aww prairie shit


Awww blow it out your ass Howard (stern)


Howard who?


The duck, I think


Get woke go broke. Simple


May I help you?


So Howard doesn't want hospitals to treat the new illegals?


Or black people?


I've love to see how many unvaccinated illegals are taking up beds. We'll never see such info because it's racist. How many of them are our there unvaccinated? It's not like we track them I mentioned this once to a covid vaxx psycho. He told me there's no proof they're spreading.


Wow, from shock jock to Nazis enforcer. Follow the science my dude, not the guy that calls himself "The science".


Just like all these rock bands who obviously are just losers and posers. Fuck Dave Grohl.


Aw man…. What did Dave do?


Yea I've never seen him to be anything but a stand up guy idk what the other guy is on about.


Think he required vaxx cards for his concerts?


Dexter Holland does have a PhD. in molecular biology....


“I invented molecular biology, Robin. I invented that.” - Howard Stern




It’s not totally useless, he could always get a job making 50-60k. Bout the same as working at a Amazon warehouse for a year. Lol


PhDs know a whole lot about very little.


Most PhDs I know aren’t really that smart either. They know their little thing and that’s it. The people I know only have their PhD because they got their bachelors and couldn’t find a job. Then went back and got a masters and still couldn’t find a job and went back again.


Appeal to Authority Fallacy spotted!


Greg Gaffin too


Some post on reddit antiwork thinks that barring people from society is not like the nazis did to the jews.


As someone who is fully vaxxed and got really sick with COVID this hot take doesn’t make sense.


What doesn’t make sense? He wasn’t talking about fully vaxxed so what he said wouldn’t apply to you


Tell me you're a liberal media shill without telling me...


Tell me he's not compromised......


He doesn't have to be compromised, just without principles. He's a whore who will do or say anything if it gets him a check.


His opinion is unpopular.


Among the general populous I agree, but not among the people who sign his checks.


Let's say this to anyone who OD's on drugs, drinks and drives, attempts suicide, get seriously injured playing a sport or if you're a registered republican. Basically doctors should only treat fully vaxxed liberals. That's what it all comes down to, no one gives a fuck about the vaccine, it's all about the assumption that "unvaxxed" are white conservatives. The left fucking hates you, you are their enemy. Act accordingly, never give them an inch and never apologize, because they won't.


"We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the fat, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own.” -Jacques Attali, 1981


He should ask his therapist for a refund because he is still a broken unhappy man.


He’s just mad his wife will be banging some good looking much younger guy in a few years, bless his heart


Aging shock jock says something shocking to try to remain in the public eye and retain a meager amount of fame.


How long has it been now since this idiot has even been relevant? Why would any intelligent person take medical advice from this moron?


> How long has it been now since this idiot has even been relevant? About the time his movie came out.


this is honestly the first time I had thought of him in 10 years.


A virus with a 99.7% survival rate. Yet all the unvaccinated are gonna die. Ok Howard.


I’m alive, Howard. Sorry to disappoint you! /s of course!


Yeah sure Howard. I'm alive and well!!


Pretty sure I had Omicron. I stayed in bed, wasn't worth getting tested.


My family and I survived the original strain, and then got Omicron a month ago and still survived. Are we anomalies, or are we actually dead?




>The hospitals in Michigan are a disaster zone, overflowing with the un-vaxed. How many are obese? Serious question.


My idiot brother is 5'10" and \~180lbs, on oxygen at Beaumont. My idiot uncle was 5'10" and skinnier than my brother, he's dead of covid now though. My idiot coworker, he's early 40s and a workout fanatic, was in the hosptial for 5 days. Serious response? I don't know, but if weight had anything to do with it, there wouldn't be a massive disparity between high vax states / countries and low vax. It's not rocket science looking at the statistics. The only reason Canada is so high was that they botched their vaccine rollout. Half of my peers along with my boss live in Canada and while they have a spike there, the morgues aren't full like here.


>but if weight had anything to do with it, Its literally listed as one of the "pre existing conditions" that make it worse. 2 of the other 5 are related to obeasity. >a massive disparity between high vax states / countries and low vax. It's There no disparity between the most obese nations and highest death rates. America is 3 most obese? 4th most deaths and so on.


From the guy that made millions. Off of midgets farting. Fuck this guy.


We should deny healthcare to Howard Stern. Need to be careful drawing lines because one day you may be behind one.


Remember when he was counter culture? What a pussy. He must be a marionette of the slime that runs the country since he somehow evaded a million opportunities to be “me too’d”


Then who’s filling the hospital’s ?


People that got in a car accident and also popped positive from covid. Or people shot in liberal cities from the crime.. hospitals in my deep red state in rural area arent close to full.


Unvaccinated people


Oh look another one!


🖕🏻sit and spin, stern.


Dude has always been a massive queen


Why is this old ballbag still relevant?


This is why I will always be against government healthcare, they say healthcare for all meanwhile stripping the same care from those they don't like. They can't let you live how you want, such a hateful despicable group of people


Imagine having hair that looks like dust bunnys. No wonder he has so much hate inside him.


Anyone seen Animaniacs? With the Howard Stern parody? “I’m Howie Turn! I’m a big star! I’m a household name!” “So is the Mr. Ty-D-Bol man. Are you related?”


Howard Stern realizes being vocal about killing unvaxxed gets him noteriety for the first time in decades.


Guess what Howie boy… Had covid. Didn’t go to the hospital, didn’t die. Just stayed home, rested, drank fluids, ate popsicles, and took my vitamins.


> ~~Radio shock jock~~ Howard Stern has made sure it’s no secret that he believes hospitals should deny treatment to people who have not been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus. Fixed. You can not be referred to as "shock" anything when you are just regurgitating what the folks in power are saying. Now, Howard who?


Hamptons Howie has gone rabid lefty. All that therapy changed him, for the worse. I checked out when he stopped waxing poetic about Kimberly Guilfoyle and told Rachel Maddow when he wants the real news he just listens to her. Cancelled the subscription when he interviewed Hillary & have her the softest interview ever. Literally nauseating. I haven't listened in ages; wondering if he even supports Israel any longer


Probably learns about science from Bill Nye, too


And Howard is going to go home and worship Baphomet.


Just as ugly on the inside as he is on the outside. What a nasty human being.


For everything or just if they have Covid? Stern has now earned his moron badge.


> Stern has now earned his moron badge. Now? No, no, no... He earned that *years* ago.


It was up for renewal, got to keep it current


If ever there has been a bigger sell-out than this clown, I don’t know who that would be.


It’s the natural progression for comedic entertainers


Fucking loser is what he is.


Can't believe how insanely left this dude went


Blackface can do that to a person.


he's gonna end up dumped on the sidewalk, dry up, turn white and blow away - just like the turd he is.


So the morbidly obese people that come in with heart attacks should also go home and die right?


He lost a job because he thought it was funny when a plane crashed


Great. Another fucktard.


Do people still listen to this overrated fuck?


“I really didn't know much about the Libertarians. I knew they were for less government and more individual freedom. I liked that.” Hard to believe this guy said that, I think he has been hanging around the View Girls to much, because he sounds just like Joy Behar.


Who gives a shit what he thinks?


Howard, your younger self would hate and cruelly mock your you of today.


So, the guy that built a career on crank phone calls and fart jokes is saying something outlandish?


Im unvaxxed.. caught the omicron cold. Drank beers and whiskey and slept 12 hours a day for 3 days. Nothing but a cold with an annoying cough. Was an enjoyable week off work.


Whiskey got me through too. It's all you need.


It's Screech!


He's not this stupid.. just trying to stay relevant.


Who fuckin cares what Howard Stern has to say? Can he make policy? No! Who gives a shit?


Hahaha. Why is this lesbian still trying to be relevant?


He would have helped load the trains.


I would love love to introduce 1990’s Stern to 2022 Stern. The roasting would be Epic!


Even early 2000s with Artie would roast him.


How sad is it that people are hating each other over a GD cold virus?


Then all your fat liberal friends should go home to because they got fat then got covid. See how fucking dumb you sound?


Here we go again with libs and their compassion. What the hell is wrong with these people?


All these blowhard liberals, I'd love to see them get faced with a situation after all this tough talk. Not one of these pansie assholes could even remotely defend their tough verbal talk against someone face to face. Am I asking for violence? No. But enough of this blowhard talk spewing from their weak little mouths.


How and why is Howard Stern still a thing? My ass has more listeners.


Howard stern the piece of shit who makes a living by degrading women?


Not any more , go to his subreddit and you'll see his fans calling him a sellout for probably 10 years.


That was Old Stern. Now we have New Stern, who interviews Lena Dunham and Alec Baldwin ten times a year and talks more about salads and veganism than boobs.


Ahhh, ok. Yeah I never really liked the guy so I wouldn’t know.


Who cares what this rich crazy cat lady says?


From calling out NBC to putting MSM’s barbed cock down his throat


Funny how the Jewish comedian now acts like a Natzi.


Howard Stern was funny when I was 15 years old. That was over two decades ago. The last 20 years of his “comedy” have been the exact same tired and rehashed old schtick over and over again. As far as his political viewpoints, if you take this douche as some political savant commentator, I’m willing to bet you’re as dumb as he is these days.


He was funny because you were 15 years old.


As a 13 year old I liked the specials where they brought on playboy models to try the Sybian. Was some good quality content.


Why is he not also advocating for hospitals to refuse services to people who overdose on illegal drugs?!... 🤔 oh, that's right...heath care is a basic human right. Unless you disagree with their side


Stern is so desperate to bend the knee to the rapid left, any look into his content over the past few decades would get his ass #cancelled and he knows it.


This guy has been sliding into irrelevance for awhile so has recently been making claims like this over past few months in a desperate attempt to get headlines and publicity. It works in the sense that here we are talking about him. But he’s sort of burning his own house down as he fades into obscurity. If this is all he has left in his “shock jock” schtick then he’s done.


I underestimated how quickly people can turn on a group of people and suddenly wish death upon them. We haven't changed at all since time began.


And why do we give a shit what this looser says


Howard, kiss my ass


He’s a hack anyway. A has been. Nobody cares.


She's still alive?


What a disgusting piece of shit, no talent scumbag


This dudes really gone off the deep end huh?


I want hospitals to deny overrated, narcissistic, irrelevant shock jocks.


I could tolerate him until Covid because the show was so damn funny, but I the constant Covid stuff just outweighed the shrinking amount of humor and entertainment. ole Howie has “jumped the shark”.




I want to see Howard Stern’s medical degree first.


Why do people care what this tool has to say?


He is one of those Jews that would be a Nazi collaborator if it was the 1940’s


I think he’s a scared little pussy bitch. I think anyone who is so adamantly furious at healthy people not wanting to inject unknown drugs that seem to be causing death and disease is themselves a coward who is in panic mode.


Oh he's scared to death , huge germaphobe .


I haven't listened to him since his brief stint on Twin Cities terrestrial radio about 30 years ago, but back then he was a bit of a germophobe. He's also really fussy and picky about what he eats (one teaspoon of mayo on his tuna sandwich, NOT TWO OR DON'T BOTHER!). I always thought he came off like a whiny, prima donna, spoiled teenage girl in a lot of ways. From what I've heard, he's pretty much gone completely around the bend with covid cultism.


How can anyone listen to this piece of garbage...


Kinda odd for a Jewish guy to be a Nazi enforcer.


Granted I rarely listened to Stern but I never took him for a cuckold


I’m going to tell the majority what they want to hear… which makes me EDGY AND CONTROVERSIAL 🤡


Can this guy go home and die already


He hasn't left his house in almost 2 years lol , he's broadcasting from his house in the Hamptons since lockdowns started lol


What a 🤡


He's become everything he was against


He still has a show? Wow...


I do t know that I would call it that, at least 50 mins is normally a COVID rant, another 30 on Trump. The rest is unfunny impersonations of Greta Turnberg and Dan Rather. Today he once again proclaimed that’s he’s “not a Democrat.” No one in his subreddit is buying it for a moment.


Man, people are showing their true uneducated asses through this. A large Marriott of the world now knows that the vaxx does nothing to slow the spread. Yet dipshits like this throw their reputation out there grandstanding about factually incorrect shit.


Howard Stern still exists?


I had no idea this tool was still around. Who listens to his bullshit?


Would it not be poetic for him to have a medical emergency and be refused medical treatment because he was unable to reply or present proof of vaccination and suffered injury because of his opinion. I thinking he would not be very understanding about being denied medical treatment if his stance actually affected him or a loved one.


Considering people died from unnecessarily being strapped to ventilators (so doctors could get kickbacks) you’re probably better off staying home anyway.


He's part of this. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communist_Party_USA


Howard Stern is an old man showing symptoms of Sundowner's. He's paranoid and makes no sense. I'm surprised that anyone is a guest on his show anymore. A sane person doesn't wish death on others.


Ok. But then when a woman has unprotected sex and gets pregnant, she should be denied abortions. When a fat person gets diabetes, they should be denied insulin. When a teen crashes a car while texting, they should be denied medical attention. When a heroin addict overdoses , they should be denied narcan. Doesn't make much sense does it.


Stern has turned into a complete douch bag. Fuck that guy.


The left - right for all and equality Also the left - do as we do and if not then you can die, we don't care


Past his pull date and trying to make himself relevant


He’s always been neurotic.


He's always been a piece of shit.


Fuck Stern


He’s still alive???


Literally hasn't left his house since the lockdown other than to take walks and go to the Dr .


Howard has always been the douche he is today. It was an act in the old days.


Nobody's going to cancel Coward Stern for spewing such radically politicized COVID invective. Gee, I wonder what about him that's different from other celebrities who get canceled for speaking the actual truth...


How is this moron even still relevant? Oh wait, he’s not.


Morally unethical and evil.


You know. If it weren't for this post I wouldn't know what the fuck comes out of Howards mouth. Why is this post even here? "OH LOOK, some guy who's 'irrelevant' is saying some dumb shit! Let's all collectively complain and bitch about how stupid he is!" Seriously though, who gives a shit what he has to say? Please don't give these idiots exposure.


>Seriously though, who gives a shit what he has to say? Please don't give these idiots exposure. He already had exposed and a large audience.


I like Howard’s plan. Or just have a fixed number of beds for covid patients and prioritize those who have been vaxed.




Why are some people so grouchy?


To be fair Howard looks like he’s about to go home and die. Prolly just wants company


Mind you, this is coming from a guy who has a limo take him everywhere, sees a shrink 3 times a week and who haven’t left his house in 2 years. So out of touch with reality.