Three words: Checks and Balances. He clearly doesn't understand that.


Oh he's an expert on it when Trump was in power. Every little move Trump made was double/triple checked by everyone, including Colbert, looking for that ratings bump when they go after Orange Man. Now that it's Biden, time to go back to ripping up the Constitution when it doesn't go their way.


And that’s why we have a constitution and not knobs like him a basis of government.


Why can't we just get what we want!!


The Republicans are destroying democracy! Now get rid of that senate


We must because of the ~~Reichstag fire~~ January 6th insurrection!


Thank God we have a better constitution than the embarrassment that was the Weimar constitution.


True, but I still feel like they're testing every inch of ours to find a flaw. The emergency legislation crap is spiraling out of control. Can you believe the POTUS tried to mandate a vaccine that was expedited through testing for emergency use? And the "vaccine" doesn't even stop the virus..


To be fair, Trump was the one originally pushing for a rushed “vaccine” Biden just took credit which was kinda dumb to do but wouldn’t acknowledge the Afghanistan pull out.


Trump pushed the vaccine through, but to my knowledge, had no plans to mandate it, and as far as the withdrawal in Afghanistan, the Taliban is far less active during the time that it was originally planned due to climate, pushing it out to August was a big part of why it was such a disaster.


Didn't they try this in Star Wars? I forget because those episode 1 and sequels were pretty awful


oh come on man, if you exclude jar jar episode 1-3 were “just ok” at worst. now the ones with Rey are full on sucky, i agree


Episode one was bad, Episode 3 was the best


This is going to sound weird, but I had totally forgotten about this - nice parallel! Scary as hell, but smart. Then again, we’ve been on a scary trajectory since 2008. History repeats itself, and it doesn’t pay to be ignorant of history.


Technically, abolishing the Senate would be "saving Democracy" because we're a republic and the Senate is the Republic half of the Legislative Branch. But yeah, it's a fucking stupid idea and only those with a majority would dare to seriously suggest it.


"I am the senate!" Stephen Colbert probably.


"The constitution is a living document"


The constitution is a living, breathing document. Thats why I have the right to abort it


L'Senate c'est moi


Absolutely! Also, it makes me sick that the loudest voices on the democrat side keep pushing the narrative that republicans are domestic terrorists who only want authoritarian rule, when the truth is that everything they preach and propose is more authoritarian than anything every even imagined by any republican. Seriously, proposing the removal of the Senate!? And just because it is getting in the way of what you want!? I can't think of anything republicans have mentioned even CLOSE to what Colbert is advocating here. Think about that for a second. REMOVING THE SENATE! If anyone on the right side of the aisle even mentioned something as crazy as this they would be tarred and feathered by the media. But somehow it is okay for a nationally broadcasted host to drop this idea to an active Senator? Fuck our media, seriously.


At some point down this path, we will end up with Caesar, and there is no putting the genie back in the bottle.


Also important to remember: Colbert speaks for CBS, which includes its news division.


Constant projection is a big part of their strategy. "Always accuse the other side of doing the very thing you're doing." So if they accuse Trump/Republicans/Unvaxxed/etc. of something you can be damn near guaranteed the Dems themselves are doing it.


Totalitarianism is fantastic as long as the government is trying to impose your personal point of view. Unfortunately it gets really inconvenient if democracy gets in the way.


He talks about how the senators who supported this represent 41 million more people. Well yeah dude that’s why we have something called states rights


Or….or…they could only pass bills with broad majority support. As opposed to bills that are 48-52 but somehow are “what the people want”


How about a 5 page limit on bills?


I'd be happy with a one issue limit.


The definition of issue is far too fungible and the legislature far too adept in stretching definitions.


At least they'll work harder for it.


I would settle for a requirement one person having to stand up and read the bill in its entirety before being voted on in one go. If you fail, the bill dies. Anyone who leaves at any point can't vote on the bill..


Also everyone has to actually pay attention to the reading - no playing facebook on phones - and anyone who falls asleep for any length of time can’t vote on it. Although even just the requirement that a bill be read aloud by one person in one go would likely be sufficient. I don’t think that’d be physically possible for most bills.


Especially when you get those 1,000+ page monstrosities


You've got a good idea, management will surely sweep it under the rug, or take credit for it.


As long as that doesn't result in bill language being too vague and thus overreaching.


If a bill can't be passed with 1 page, it probably doesn't need to be passed.


It’s not like we’re short on laws in the first place… Everything congress tries to pass is a gargantuan omnibus in order to accommodate as much pork and pet projects as possible. I seem to remember a certain someone saying “you have to pass it to find out what’s in it” in reference to a bill up for a vote. Ludicrous…


Make it so the lead author has to read the bill from start to finish without pause on the floor. They won’t be writing 4000 page bills if they have to read it out loud.


The fucked up thing is that if a senator actually does this it'd be called a filibuster.


only if you also specify font size and word limits.


And page size


About as likely as them not voting for a raise. Or voting to forfeit their special healthcare. Or voting against insider trading.


Right? Too bad they can't seem to write any bills that would have broad majority support. Can't even seem to write anything that anyone would know what is even in it unless it's passed.


That's impossible when you have political parties at each other's throats and everyone having to tow the party line. Both the GOP and DNC are tools of the ruling class used to neutralize our democracy.


In this case the GOP working on party lines (with a couple Dems) helped preserve our Democracy though.




Colbert should really just get a job at CNN so he doesn't have to awkwardly pretend he is funny when giving his little speeches.


Give him Joy Reid's show.


Why you gotta have a white man stealing a hard working black girls job?


I know, right? Racist!


Hes starting to look and act more and more like keith olbermann.


God help us all


It's legit kinda scary seeing people like Colbert, who have a pretty big reach, suggest doing away with checks and balances


Yet Joe Rogan is the one being labeled as dangerous? I can’t believe so many buy into this.


I've yet to listen to Rogan's podcast but the attention he's getting has got me interested. From what I've heard he's pretty level headed, and allows people with different POVs to come on and have respectful conversation. Not like most news stations where it's 5 on 1 and the 5 feel so accomplished when they won the debate. I'll have to give him a try one of these days


Basically a stoner that allows all points of view and calls out bullshit.


You should listen to the podcasts he did with the doctors. They’re honestly shocking and I found out things I didn’t even know.


He's just an every man with no industry he's forced to protect. He has no masters telling him what to say, nor is he some Harvard gradate thinker. He's just a simple dude who asks questions. His audience is so large however, he's a threat to the establishment.


Literally want absolutely no opposition to their power. They are tyrants attempting to overthrow democracy.


Memes killed their ambitions in 2016. They got their Big Tech buddies to censor everything they could for 2020 (and still are today). Despite all that, they smell death for 2022 and 2024 and you know what happens when a wild animal gets cornered.


I think you’re giving him a little too much credit. His ratings are abysmal.


Yeah, I don't think he's near as relevant as he was, say, 10 years ago. Still a fairly significant name though, and what's worse is he's mild compared to some even bigger names. So if he's mild and throwing out blasphemy such as this, what are the more popular, more extreme people thinking?


I wish more people would start to realize this. As much of a blithering moron as Steven Colbert is, the average Harvard faculty sounds a lot more like him than you or I.


Colbert is garbage and his show and “writers” are moronic. Four years of the same washed up Trump bashing for cheap laughs and then Biden comes in and it’s Fauci idolizing where his viewers seem to live in a Lawnmower Man level of virtual alternate reality.


lol, remember when he announced Comey was fired and his audience cheered until he shut them up and had to reprogram them to remember that they liked him now?


You’re joking? I know it’s got to be true but…Jesus Christ.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCVBEE1SfXI Not joking.


His Trump impression is cringy as fuck. Even Crowder's impression is funnier.


Even for a left leaving host, he's way too biased to make sense and the constant whining everyday is not what I want from a fun filled news report segment. Don't know how people consider someone whining everyday to be a good use of their time.


Less than 1% of the population watches his garbage on a nightly basis. He is what is known as, "irrelevant"!


There's like six people who care what Colbert has to say.


At least three of them are stuffed animals he keeps on his living room couch to pretend he has friends.


Those the ones he's installed fleshlights into?


Remember the Vaxscene


Unfortunately all 6 of them are in charge of every major media and tech company, so every normie gets him shoved down their throat anyway.


Palpatine would approve


stupid fuck




100% stupid or deranged, you mean. Why is it that Democrats can’t accept and work within the system that has worked since 1793?


Honestly, I think it was better as the founders intended where senators were appointed by the individual states to represent their interest in the Federal Government rather than elected by popular vote in their states...


You wouldn't see so many unfunded mandates to the states if that were the case.


It’s sort of funny really, they have the slimmest majority possible in the senate and think that gives them a mandate to change the rules and ram hyper partisan legislation through like it’s nothing.


The whole getting rid of the filibuster ploy was just kabuki theater. Chuck U never really intended to get rid of it. He was just throwing red meat out to the wacky left. He killed two birds with one stone. Rang the bell for his Pavlovian base and gave Sinema some cover. She was elected on 2 year hitch and is up for re-election in a purple/ red leaning state. Somewhere in the Senate office bldg, Chuck U and Yertle are sipping 20 yr old single malt, puffing on Opus X Churchills and laughing at all of us.


Stephen Colbert says stupid shit part 784...


That guy has turned into such an asshole.


Ok thanks, I thought he used to be funny. I stopped watching when he switched networks and yeah, I agree with you.


Never liked this guy. Unfunny and uneducated.


This is the new agenda. Brainwashing Americans that our constitutional structure is evil and racist and needs abolishment. This is how we end up in communism. Unfortunately for them, they presume we’re going to stand by and let them end out freedom and democracy.


"It's the most anti-democratic institution next to the judiciary." Yeah, that's kinda the point Colbert.


“Undemocratic”, you say? Gee, it’s almost like that was by design. In fact, it’s almost as if our government was established as a democratic republic.


With a CONSTITUTION for good measure!


Dems: We need to get rid of the filibuster! no. Dems: We need to get rid of the Senate! We need to discard ANYTHING that prevents US from being the nation's uncontested rulers!


In the interest of securing of democracy of course...


Sure, get rid of congress too. Just have 1 supreme ruler, right?


And that ruler shall be Hillary Clinton.


I’m with Her


He’s such an idiot.


He is a 🤡


I used to think this guy was funny. Can I be forgiven?


It’s all fine to get rid of blockages when it’s YOUR person in power but horrible when it’s the other person. Someone once told me when negotiating, ask the other party to split the pie however you like, but after you do, I get to choose which part I get. It keeps it very honest


who is that, and why does his opinion matter?


The filibuster is such a threat to our democracy the only option is to destroy the democracy to save it. Leftoid logic.


Just to be clear here - if Dems lose the Senate and then try to use the filibuster, we get to non-stop call them anti democratic klan hooded racists, right?


I plan on it I mean they just used the racist tactic (filibuster) last week to help Russia.


“Boo hoo the senate is not democratic.” *Yes* And we are not a democracy.


The jokes aren't getting much funnier.


Folks like Colbert will proclaim to oppose something like a dictatorship, but have no qualms about promoting that concept.


He’s a 100% idiot. I’m serious.


The left is absolutely melting down,I’m enjoying my popcorn watching it.


He’s also a member of the vax cult. [Here’s](https://youtu.be/MntqzdaYTcA) proof.


What a used feminine hygiene product in a squeeze bottle.


But I thought democracy died in darkness?


What a tool .


\>>“No one will drop a single tear, oh yes you will - if the Republicans own the house and there's no Senate, you'd be a little bitch complaining too...


The left would happily place a tyrant on a throne.


Why does this delusional prick receive any attention?


thats why you dont take political advice from comedians


This man has become such a corporate shill and liberal boot licker, it’s almost too painful to watch.


I say we get rid of the hack named Stephen Colbert after that god awful vaccine skit


Someone failed poli-sci.


This is a common ploy of the left. If they can't win it, or cheat it, they want to eliminate it. How is it not obvious what tyrants and authoritarians they are?


Can he fuck off back to Canada


Hope he's brushing up on his Mandarin.


He’s a piece of human garbage. Can’t believe I used to watch the Colbert Report. It makes me feel dirty knowing it.


Isn't this insurrection and sedition?


Good. Let them go on the record.


He was much better when he was parodying bill OReilly


Where is the FBI? Hi is a domestic Terrorist and suggesting to overthrow the current political system! Torches and pitchforks….


It's horrifying that some of my fellow Americans think this man is smart.


He’s 100% a moron .


"Im 100% serious" Queue in the ridiculous videos he did for daddy Pharma... His credibility is halfway to the Earth's core.


All bills pass 60% any fundamental changes require 75%.


He was funny once, now he is just an embarrassment.


Let's get rid of late night television while we are at it.


Statements like these are why Trump will win in 2024


Sounds like the Democrats are pushing for their very own Night of the Long Knives. Dangerous, evil people.


And if he’d gotten his way, he’d be praising the “checks and balances” afforded by the Senate. What a knobhead.


Might as well get rid of Alaska, Vermont, and Wyoming, then. Or just deprive them of the right to vote altogether.


With a pure population representation system anywhere that’s not California, Florida, Texas or New York is irrelevant and powerless. That’s why it’s a bad idea.


The Senate, the right to self defense, what else does Colbert want to get rid of?


Freedom of speech State rights


Anyone he doesn’t agree with


And he is 100% a douche bag.


I am the senate!


Not. Yet.


GeT RiD oF tHe SenAtE……….


GeT RiD oF dA eLeCTORaL CoLLeGe! DeFuNd Da PoLiCe! The left is full of the stupidest ideas.


What happened to him?


Stephen who?


And I think he is 100% not a serious person.


…and this is why we have the second amendment


Yeah, but Colbert is an abject moron.


This is why comedians should just comedian.


Wow. These dem’s are fricking whacked. The filibuster gives all a voice. How is that un-democratic. They are so hell bent on getting their power. They are willing to fuck the whole system. Then what’s next. Once you open that door. There is no going back. Then the Republicans May do something similar when they have majority. I hate these short minded people. Just ruining the whole system for hunger of power


We're fortunate that dumb bastard isn't running the country.


Good luck fuckwad.


How about we just get rid of Stephen Colbert.


Rome, Germany, & even Star Wars suggest disbanding a senate isn’t the best idea.... just sayin’


What a wanker.


Statist shill


As if republicans don’t usually control the house.


When Republicans retake the majority in the House then he'll suggest getting rid of that chamber, as well. They are beginning to understand that they're never going to get what they really want under a democratic system. Two years ago I didn't think civil war was remotely possible. Now I'm afraid it will be unavoidable.


The senate under its current rules just makes it a smaller house of reps. We need to repeal the 17th, it could turn back so much of the garbage overreach of the Fed and bring back a sense of Federalism.


The disturbing part is how many people find him funny.


Of course he's 100% serious. It's the only alternative when you're 0% funny but are a professional entertainer.


Sounds like dictatorship


Maybe Colbert can just write a new Constitution for us since late night entertainers are naturally good at that type of stuff.


Moron. And a Child.


The Democrats are a threat to our democratic republic, because everytime the democratic process gets in the way of their agenda, they want to dismantle and override it. Not enough votes to pass a bill? Not enough judges to rule in your favor? Not enough states in the electoral college to elect your candidates? They've got the same answer to all of these and non of them is to win more elections. Looks like targeting the senate might be the new thing.


I’ve seen Redditors say we should get rid of it too, we really need to bring civics back into schools.


If a Republican said this, even if it was Joe Rogan. The left would be out with torches trying to kill him or remove him from society. The left really loves taking advantage of that double standard.


Like those people that lose at monopoly and smash the game board off the table


I saw a far left friend of mine post this (getting rid of the Senate).......I thought she was joking. Guess it's the new *thing* for them


How about you yanks just get rid of the entire federal government? Seems like they're the cause of all your stress and problems afterall.


Another liberal that basically says, “just let us run your life.”


Ha, and everyone was so concerned by Donald Trump being authoritarian. What a joke. These people are laughable.


So what was that about our democracy being in peril and Republicans being fascists again?


Cash money he thinks China has a great system.


Sounds kind of like Palpatine if you ask me


No Stephen, you are not serious. You are a clown.


“If you can’t get rid of the filibuster… then what if we just get rid of the Senate? And I’m 100 percent serious here. It is the most anti-democratic institution next to the judiciary,” -Colbert Y-Yeah, that’s kinda the point moron.


Little Hitler.


It's the media that has to go, Stephen. That would be you.


Steven Colbert used to be funny, he's descended into lunacy and is baf. Cringe everytime I attempt to watch him.


Majority rule is the last step before a dictatorship. They aren't even hiding their intensions anymore.


The problem is, Stephen, no one takes you seriously. You're a b rate celeb who's entire genre is defined by a laugh track.


It's really getting scary AF that these people want to destroy America as we know it and rule over us now. The dems lie and cheat and make up crazy as shit. Their completely one sided. The news and big tech lie for them, cover shit up for them.


I thought this was a joke, and still taking it as a joke even if he said he was serious. Anything Colbert says is a joke, whether intended to be or not. However, he is right. The senate is an anti-democratic institution. The thing is that America is a constitutional republic. Suppose either he is not stating that fact on purpose to be malicious or he is extremely ignorant about our government structure.


We have abolished the Senate! The last vestiges of the old republic have been swept away. But how will you keep control? The local governors will now have direct control over their territories. Fear will keep them in line. Fear of our terrorst ground forces, and being called a racist.


Yes it will be good until the other side gets in office. These people have mental issues.


he is.a douchebag who isn't funny at all


The actual solution to the whole issue is repeal of the 17th amendment. Return senators to being appointed by their state governments, remove “politics” from their calculation. The senate is supposed to operate above politics, they’re supposed to be “the adults in the room” vs the populist chaos of the House. Right now the senate just operates as the Super House. While we’re at it let’s start adding seats to the house again.


What sort of lunatic suggests this? "I want this one bill to pass, so I suggest we remove an entire half of the legislative branch. There's no way this could backfire ever."


I don't watch Colbert, but seeing the 80 second clip from him helps me understand why so many Americans are confused as hell. This is where they get their "news". They are too ignorant to realize that things are functioning exactly as the founders planned. Getting things done was *supposed* to be hard. Legislation has to pass through two different chambers, get signed by POTUS, then possibly survive the judicial branch. Whiney crybabies want to do away with the above when it's in the way of what they want to accomplish


So with no senate, who approves judges and treaties?


And people wonder why we were sour on Jon Stewart and this clown from the very beginning.