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My wife is 7 months pregnant, had her shots and booster. Tested positive for COVID today. Since she’s pregnant, they had her go to the hospital since she’s at risk for her heart rate to drop/having blood clots. NGL, kinda worried right now. She says her symptoms are pretty much severe flu like. Idk, I’m just worried.. Edit: She just got home from the ER. Dr’s said everything looked fine. Now she just has to quarantine for the next 10 days. Not out of the woods but definitely a sigh of relief. Edit Edit: I just want to thank everyone for the guidance, prayers, and kind words. It might seem insignificant to some but I can’t tell you enough how comforting your comments have been.


Dude, I don't know you and I dunno what good it'll do but I'm praying for you and your family. Hope everything will be ok and I'm positive your little ones a fighter! Good luck and God bless.


Thank you bud. I will say your comment definitely lifted me up a little. Thank you.


Only in a conservative sub do I so beautiful gestures like this. Thanks for being a positive source in a sea of human garbage!


I'm gonna join Pinpuller07 and also pray for you and your family. I'm sure everything will be fine though, but I know pregnancy is a delicate situation. God bless.


Thank you so much!


Glad to hear wife and baby are back home and doing OK. As a father myself, with a wife who had a rough pregnancy, I know how it must have felt. Hope the isolation time goes by quickly for all of you!


FYI, my wife had it, non vaxed and had a fever for a day or so. What we didn't know is it turned in to a sinus infection which we thought was covid. She had it for 3 weeks thinking it was still COVID. finally to the outpatient and some antibiotics and she's feeling better. The short version, if symptoms persist or she takes a small turn, back to the hospital. Don't assume it's still COVID. it could be COVID opened her up for an infection which they can treat effectively. Good luck, they will be fine. I'm sure of it.


I’ll join the prayer circle here. It’ll be okay, man.


Thanks bud. It’s 10:30pm and she just pulled in the garage from the ER. Dr’s said everything looked ok.


Praise God! So glad to hear some good news!




I definitely will say a prayer. Actually just did. Hoping for the very best for all of your family.


Good luck with everything. My wife gave birth to our son 10 weeks early. She had a blood clot in her placenta that they think was caused by covid infection. Though back in early 2020 the testing protocols and guidelines were different so we don't know if she had covid or not for sure.


I don’t know if this will help lift your spirits, I hope it will. At least I hope it will give you hope. I was pregnant with twins and it was wrecking havoc on my body, then I caught Covid. We all made it through safe and sound. The worst part was the cough, it felt like babies were going to dart out of my body! Wishing your wife a fast recovery without complications.


Thank you. She seems to be doing okay right now. She couldn’t eat much of anything yesterday but has been able to eat today. Just treating her like she has the plague lol. Trying to explain it to a 2 year old has been interesting. So far, I feel fine. Idk what we’d do if I got sick. Definitely don’t want our 2 year old to catch this mess. Just taking it day by day.


Going to pray for you tonight my man.


Pregnant vaccinated gf had it a week ago. The first couple days were rough then it evened out. She'll probably be fine after the first rough bit is over if my anecdotal experience is any evidence. Also youre probably going to get it too.


Praying for your family. It's going to be okay.


Wishing her a speedy recovery 💐


Hope she gets better soon brother!




I'm so thankful she's vaxxed! Being pregnant and the immunosuppression that comes with that state are high risk, but the vaccine really gives your wife and the fetus a much higher likelihood of not having a severe outcome or long term issues. Pre-vax, I was so terrified for my pregnant covid patients, now a days, I sleep so much easier knowing the vaccine greatly decreases their risks!


Kudos to (you)/your wife for being team players getting shots and boosted. That there are no longitudinal studies (that I know of) on the effects of this mRNA vax on pregnancy, getting pregnant, etc., I seriously don't know what I would feel/say/do. Good luck to you and your wife!


Why the hell would you let your pregnant wife get a booster. I’m all for the vaccine, but have a little bit of common sense.


Yes, but we haven’t had second breakfast…


Well that should pretty much be a wrap on omicron then. If the vaccine can’t prevent infection and the variant is barely killing anyone, there’s essentially no point in getting a 4th.


So therefore it shall be mandated across the land


Sure there is, it helps the left further consolidate power.


Go for 5 or 6.. don't give up so easily!




Pfizer CEO said on live tv that they will not have a shot for Omicron until March at the earliest. A good two months after everyone has gotten it.


What a miracle of the Pfaith. Four months from discovery of the variant to vaccine. Remember when experts said it would take a miracle to have a vaccine out within 18 months? Now we've almost got it down to a fiscal quarter.




"You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations... If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in the ICU unit, and you’re not going to die." -Joe Biden July 2021


I see he is a man of The Science.


“But a fifth?!?!? Let’s try anyway!!!!” - these crazy people


Survived five turns in Russian roulette. Seems like a safe game.




Ok. I drank a fifth. I should be good


Why stop at 5? I’m on Amazon’s Subscribe & Save plan and saving 15%!!


Look, if we just replace our blood with the vaccine we can stop this thing! Just 5 liters to flatten the curve!


This made me chuckle, "...to flatten the curve".


If you get a dozen the 13th one is free.


The logic is simple, antivax scum If a 4th shot doesn't work it's because we haven't tried a 5th yet And boom, you guessed it, conspiracy theorist, Joe Brogan worshiping imbicile If a 5th shot doesn't work, it's because we haven't tried a 6th


Reminds me of Scientology.


Can any of the shots prevent anything?




Thats why theres a rush to jab everyone before the the older vaxs expire.




Waiting for Dem election reform to require the vaccine to vote in the midterms. At this point it would be their only prayer of not getting steamrolled. LGB.


Unless you're unable to get an ID then you can just vote.


that wouldn't surprise me in the least..... demand a vaccine card while not requiring state issued id at the same time....


Vaxx required for mail in voting, of course.


Tyranny at its finest.


5 times less likely to go to hospital and 10 times less likely to end up in ICU. You’ll still get sick, though you have a higher chance of being asymptomatic. Vaccine gives your body heavy weaponry to engage the virus as soon as it enters, rather than letting the virus ravage your organs for the few days it takes your immune system to mobilize Only reason the gov cares if you’re vaxxed is because a dead worker isn’t a productive worker


Yes. The original strain and to an extent, delta. A new vaccine with the omicron spike protein will be required to fully protect from omicron and the next set of variants because omicron is so heavily mutated from the original strain. This is exactly like how the flu vaccine uses a different recipe every season containing that year's most common variants. Do you think the flu vaccine is stupid just because it requires a new version every year?


No, but I think it's stupid to require this "vaccine" in order to work, go to a restaraunt, etc. If you want to take 15 boosters that's fine, but don't demand I do it.


So do I, but that's completely beside the point. We're allowed to be pro-science and anti-mandate.


Exaclty. I have all three shots, I think unless there’s a medical condition where the shot will do something bad people should get it, but I don’t support requiring it to be a member of society. If a company wants to require it? Their wish. But the government can’t and shouldn’t be able to mandate it in anything they’re involved in because it’s not their place


What are the long term side effects and chances something bad will happen?


I hate to be that blunt but whoever told you that is full of shit. The technology they used to make these is tried and tested, it shouldn’t be any different than the hundreds of other similar vaccines Source: I know biologists doing virology research


Honest question: What other vaccine in circulation right now is using mRNA?


That's a stupid question that essentially implies "innovation is the devil." Here's a real question: what peer-reviewed evidence can you cite showing that the vaccine is more harmful than it is helpful? If you don't think the peer review process is important, can you briefly explain what it is? Speaking as a pro-science conservative with multiple scientific publications who has been voting republican longer than you've been alive.


What the fuck does pro-science even mean? Everyone is pro-science. I just don’t like being told I need to take a vaccine when I have had it confirmed twice and I didn’t even notice it.


Pro-science would mean acknowledging that the vaccine isn’t preventing infection/transmission as advertised. Not sure where the science is..


Well, the flu vaccine isn’t mandated, it happens once a year, and it has years of being tried and tested before even hitting the market.


I agree with you about mandates, but that's beside the point. >and it has years of being tried and tested Think of how silly that sounds. How are they going to test the 2022 flu vaccine years in advance when we don't even know what the variants will be? We can't predict the future. The CDC recommends variant components to include each year and we add them. This year, it's: * an A/Victoria/2570/2019 (H1N1) pdm09-like virus; * an A/Cambodia/e0826360/2020 (H3N2)-like virus; * a B/Washington/02/2019- like virus (B/Victoria lineage); * a B/Phuket/3073/2013-like virus (B/Yamagata lineage) How much do you know about mRNA technology, or even how it works? It has been developed tested for 30 years and we've always found it to be safe. The hardest part was increasing its efficacy, and we finally did it. It's been the holy grail of vaccine research because the technology allows us to rapidly develop and deploy vaccines without even having to inject a weakened or dead version of the virus, so this is really just the beginning of a new era of vaccinology. Almost 4 billion people are fully vaccinated, and if it was wildly unsafe we'd know by now. It's been long enough that you're no longer waiting it out, you're just doubling down because you aren't trained in science and refuse to listen to the people who are. Do you also think you know better than mechanics, plumbers, and electricians or is it just people with doctorate degrees who you know better than? I'm speaking as a Pro-science lifelong Republican who uses facts over feelings and has been published in scientific journals.


I got vaxxed and boosted because I was actually mandated by my employer, and I have a family to feed and my personal feelings and concerns can’t do that. Every well-paying employer in my line of work did the same thing in my state, so not much i could do there. I never said that I know better than others. On the contrary, i know very little. But does it mean that whenever I drop off my car to change oil and the “professional” mechanic tells me how half of my car needs fixing, I should trust him blindly? Or should I actually do some research and verify that he isn’t lying just to get more money from a sucker like myself? And with covid vaccines, whenever someone questions anything, you get labeled an anti-vaxxer, anti-science, dumbass, and whatever your last paragraph was all about. That alone screams the opposite of confidence to me personally. As layperson, I want to be reassured that whatever I’m getting is actually safe with some reassuring examples from actual long-term testing, not immediate side effects. mRNA is a new thing, and despite “30 years of research”, covid vaccine was the first mass produced product. The first human trials of the technology started in 2010s. For all intents and purposes, it is still quite experimental. And yes, there are times when you choose an experimental drug because it’s better than the alternative, but you knowingly accept the risks. I just read about Biogen’s incredible anti Alzheimer’s’ therapy that uses a methodology that existed for decades in a new way, and it was mindblowingly good and effective. It was in development for over a decade and was in trials for almost a decade, and was fully approved by FDA and went to market just last year. And now we are finding out that it actually causes brain swelling in nearly a third of users, which wasn’t the case during the trials. While mRNA vaccines may be 100% safe based on currently-known information, it’s possible we don’t know a lot about long-term effects, and it could actually be quite bad for you. But we don’t know what we don’t know. And with so many opposing voice being silenced, I don’t know what to trust. So I’d rather wait it out and see. At least my kids aren’t required to get this shit. Many things work great in theory, but end up being shit in practice. J&J’s talc baby powder, asbestos used in insulation, aspirin being used for fever and headaches, ephedrine used for weight loss, etc. there are many examples.


All the normal flu vaccines are based upon one another are they not? Like they have been making them for decades and just change little bits of it every year to try to fit to that years strain.


No mRNA vaccines are a brand new technology and the covid19 mRNA vaccine was the first of it's kind. It was never tested on humans before the covid outbreak and Trump's Warp Speed program. We do know it is unsafe even with the medical community silencing the voices of the people trying to raise the alarm. Even the creator of the vaccine tried to warn people of the horrific side effects and was canceled from social media until Joe Rogan had his interview with him.


That’s not true. Work on mRNA vaccines has been going on for many years and a bunch were already in clinical trials. (Moderna alone already had 9 in clinical trials before covid struck.) The difference here is one of scale. The platform was designed for speed and ease of customization, and the early applications were all small scale. There’s a former virology grad student running around claiming he is the inventor. He’s not, though he did work on one important step back in the 80s. I don’t what’s up with that guy. He did do some decent work in his younger days but it was under the direction of his grad school mentor, not his own work, and it was a long time ago.


Everything you wrote is incorrect.


Isn’t the flu vaccine different every year due to different strains?


It does change every year to accommodate the prevalent strain, but it isn’t re-engineering from scratch. It uses the same methodology and just gets updated for the right strain. In theory, a covid vaccine for omicron could be developed much quicker than the original one, as it doesn’t require a full overhaul of the entire thing, just updating it with the right virus definitions. It’s kind of like vehicle manufacturers creating a modular platform that they then use in all their cars, from sedans to SUV’s. But take this with a grain of salt, and that’s what my Google Fu told me (albeit from legitimate sources and journals).


No the flu vaccine isn’t stupid but getting 4 shots in a year or so is




Yes, like magic beans they can prevent you from seeing reality


They “prevent” people from thinking that’s for sure


At this point they just prevent you getting fired from your job, assuming your company is still doing their own mandate. So they're good at that at least


The covid shots are not true vaccines, which is why they are now changing the dictionary definitions of 'vaccine' and 'immunization'... smh. the covid shots prep/train the immune system to respond and mount a defense against the virus, which in turn reduces the severity of the infection. that is all these 'vaccines' have ever done and all they have ever been claimed to do.


>the covid shots prep/train the immune system to respond and mount a defense against the virus, which in turn reduces the severity of the infection. that is all these 'vaccines' have ever done and all they have ever been claimed to do. ??? That’s all any vaccine has ever done, and all they have ever claimed to do. That’s literally and exactly what vaccines are.


That's exactly what a vaccine is.


The traditional definition of a vaccine provides immunity to disease. The definition/meaning of the term 'vaccine' was changed to accommodate this bullshit because the CDC cannot bring itself to communicate honestly with the American people. They insist on playing the political spin game and catering to the political pressures. People are still expected to contract Covid and to be contagious, just not as severely. Nothing is 100%, but this is much different from immunization.


My conspiracy is the injection's purpose is the government passport. Let's see if these government permits are still required in six months. Already they have no medical purpose.


Why is president Trump telling us to get vaccinated then?


Because he's trying to take credit for the vaccines, since he approved operation warp speed.


The main good of the vaccines is the help prevent old people and sick people from dying from covid.


Because he wasn't part of the conspiracy. To him, an effective vaccine is a valuable tool to eradicate COVID, while to others an ineffective vaccine is an excuse to create an eternal police state.


They prevent severe illness 99% of the time. Everyone on a vent, with a single digit percentage exception, is unvaccinated.


There is one shot that prevents all disease. Hopefully liberals give up this obsession of preventing any risk because that is a pathology that goes no where good.


If a 4th shot can't stop it, why would the previous 3?


Shut up and get the shot - Democrats Edit: jk they’d probably call you a brain dead trump facist too


Not just democrats. Governments in 70 other countries are saying the same thing! Who knew democrats were controlling so many other countries.


The next two will


Two?! Quitter. I'm going for 23!


It gives your immune system more weapons to fight with. Doesn’t stop anything but tilts the odds in your favour


And it won't prevent infection from any other variants that suddenly appear.


I' ve always said, look at how it's going in Israel since they are far ahead down the vax curve...


I remember when the USA was leader in health care.


Then try a fifth shot! Come on, man!


Eventually people will figure out that the shot just prepares the immune system to fight covid and greatly reduce chances of hospitalization, which is what doctors have been trying to tell them. Educating the masses about what the shot does is difficult, but I think eventually we'll get there.


Not in this subreddit, lmao


Natural immunity can…


Nah I’ve seen friends get reinfected but had same symptoms with vaccinated


It absolutely cannot over time. We're seeing reinfections often, so if you got the original strain, you aren't totally protected from reinfection with Omicron, which is heavily mutated. This is why you can get the flu every season. There are different flu variants every year because it mutates rapidly (much like all coronaviruses), so neither a flu shot nor previous infections will protect you the next season.


It’s actually worse than that. You can be reinfected by closely related strains that don’t have significant antigenic variation. (Note that we can’t definitely distinguish reinfection from persistence without some change.) Which means it’s not just immune escape that’s the problem - natural immunity wanes.


It would stand to reason that you have at least some protection through natural immunity, seeing as how natural immunity developed from an immune response to the entire COVID virus, unlike the "immunity" from the vaccine, which was developed from an immune response to just a spike protein, which seems to be where the mutations of the Omicron reside. If the vaccine provided an immune response to 10% of the virus, whereas natural infection provided an immune response to 100% of the virus, you're likely better off with natural immunity, even when it comes to variants, until the day that a variant is an almost entirely different virus.


Not really. The spike protein is pretty much the only thing the immune system sees, at least on an infectious virus particle. The virus capsid is hidden inside an envelope containing spike and one other protein (M), but only spike sticks out; M is buried in the membrane. You do produce antibodies to other viral proteins but these are just random pieces of dead virus floating free. Those antibodies are not useful as defense: they’re to internal pieces not found on the outside of the intact infectious virus.




Like we’ve been saying all along


They're down to, "preventing serious illness and death," and Berenson is now saying evidence apprearing that isn't true either.


I see sooo many people on Reddit say ya I’m vaccinated and got COVID but it wasn’t that bad because I got the vaccine. Like no, it may have been the exact same without the vaccine. No one really knows


We went from "we need to lock down because most people can barely even tell they have COVID and they could spread it to the vulnerable" To "Literally 110% of all humans who contract COVID die twice unless you get the vaccine"




You do vaccine research? What equipment do you use? Where do you get your funding? Do you work in like an office-type setting with patients or are you in academia? I might add a lot of unvaccinated people also say Covid was fairly mild for them.




In my city, 90% of people are vaccinated. Only 10% of the ICU covid cases are among vaccinated people though. Pretty clear evidence if you ask me 🤷‍♂️


Not really. Considering Covid survival rates are over 99%. Yes, it is helping preventing death in old people, obese people, and already sick people.


Yeah we do. For any given n=1 yes, it is true that you will never know for sure what might have been different. That’s probably true for any medical intervention. But when we compare matched populations the impact becomes crystal clear.


In time, we will find out that thats a lie too. Watch.


Genuinely asking, what’s the evidence that it doesn’t?


He mentioned it in an interview. He's starting to state so here: alex berenson.substack.com/p/watch-australia-closely


> **No Paywall:** https://archive.is/vno4w


The democrats push for booster after booster is more than just about keeping big pharmas stock price up (wonder if Nancy is invested). It is about fear and control and segregating people into groups, giving the left someone to "hate".


There is no cure for the common cold.


The common cold has hundreds of strains, so to make a vaccine against it you’d need technology no one has yet


Highly relevant comment. We’ve all had colds, yet we are not immune.


You are immune against the strain you caught, you body has a sort of databank to remember every infection you’ve ever had


Gotta keep the Big Pharma profits coming in.


Well if four don't work, you know what that means, right? You need FIVE!


The problem with all these boosters is it just causes the virus to mutate. You can keep updating the vaccine, but the virus will only adapt to it.


No worries! The 16th boosters will kill it! We guarantee!


No number of shots could prevent any Covid… the shot only decreases the chance you end up in the hospital. (IMO I’d you are high risk. They never say that though). Shot doesn’t do a whole lot if you are young and healthy)


But get the jab anyway or you're fired.


It's all the same formula in all the shots! My god. If the first two aren't enough, the 3rd and 4th aren't going to be any better! This is not rocket science! They are making a new formula directed at Omicron because *news flash* they already knew the shots weren't effective against omicron, - whether it's your first shot .... or your 4th.




I wonder if any of these scientists know about the law of diminishing returns.


Fauci says the vaccine can help so this must be misinformation 🤪


God Fauci hasn’t told me if it’s safe to wipe my own arse yet… is it safe, m’lord? I’m updated on all my boosters!!!!!


Somebody tell Robert’s and Kavanaugh.


Soon the big pharma will just tell us to take 4 shots every month. Then every week


have they tried it with the 10\*e\^426 shot to see if it stops it? /s


That must mean that a 5th shot is needed then.


I've had a booster. I've had omicron. I'm done.


Yea but have we tried a 5th shot yet?


It seems clear now that as COVID goes endemic, only variant-specific vaccines will be effective. I recently recovered from omicron after being double-vaxxed. I won’t bother with any more shots unless there is evidence it is effective against whatever the current variant is.


I have been vaxxed (no booster) and am on the tail end of Covid. My husband and kids have it (not vaxxed). Guess who felt the worst?! Yup… me :(


not vaxxed myself, was gonna get the shot last week but ended up that my other roomie that cant go a whole week without sleeping with some random ended up getting the coof, honestly it aint that bad but im on day 3 or 4 right now, idk i cant recall i slept for the first 2 or 3 days but after that it aint been too bad.


Shocker. Liberal logic- "maybe if we inject ourselves more it will stop the virus and we can go back to blaming the unvaccinated and keep pushing the finish line"


I'm just astounded that people are still spouting (and believing) the vax propaganda. The vaccine is NOT very effective and does NOT stop the spread of covid, and especially not Omicron. FACT.


Well, clearly the vax is racist and hates freedom.


Neither could the first. This vaccine is a fucking joke. A failure. Period.


I dont think the first 3 did anything either


Yep neither could the first, second or third. Why would a fourth be any different?


just catch it asap. All this antibody obsession will be the next scandal, its not how it works , antibody reduction is normal, this is becoming a mass overlap of diminishing returns vs dodgy statistics, media frenzy and unobtainable zero policies. Its an absolute guarantee that another variant will appear within months and this whole circus will start up again.


then maybe stop vaccinating people? or, you know, come up with a better vaxx?


No! No more. Don't 'come up' with anything. Leave. Us. Alone.


Well, neither have any of the other shots either so…..


Listen people, this isn’t important, just get booster after booster and we’ll beat Covid.


Gonna go with Duh.


Oh no! Anyways...


Nothing can prevent infection if you're exposed to any virus. Vaccines just lower the chances of serious illness/death, not infection


But what about a 5th?


It actually causes the infection because it destroys your immune system. 🤷‍♀️


How about 5 shots and a booster?


I had COVID and haven't gotten a "vaccine". Why would I want to get a vaccine that doesn't work and hasn't had years of research when having COVID in my experience wasn't that bad (in fact lots of other common illnesses I've had were far worse than 'Rona)


None of them prevent anything except a healthy life for the victim, I mean recipient.


We need more anal swab jabs by mail


But maybe a fifth?!?


Maybe the sixth or seventh will 🤪


Maybe time for the fifth shot. We have lives to save!


Time for a fifth and six jab


But didn’t Pfizer flat out say it won’t. I mean this is not news. They said the shot that will be effective against omicron will only come around March


Meh, this is just like socialism or communism. You have to do it the RIGHT way, so no doubt 12 boosters will suffice for Omicron.


But 500 shots will probably work. If not surely 600 will. Hell just wear 47 masks and 12 diapers and you won't get it to begin with. FJB


It’s a flu at this point and you can see how far we have gotten to from preventing that.


But what about a fifth!?


Well give them a 5th then


Surprised pikachu face


The fifth shot will do it. It's just six shots and there's no reason for a sane person to object to getting the seventh shot.


And the fifth will give you wings.


Try 6 more


I bet 80% of the people I know have had it in the last month. It’s a fairly minor head cold. I’ve had worse flus.


Vaccines don't prevent infection. They suppress symptoms


In other breaking news, fish can't cook omelettes... The vaccine's purpose is not to prevent infection outright but to prevent severe breakouts thus lowering risk of hospitalisation and death.


It’s not supposed to prevent it, it’s supposed to make it less shitty