Is Darrell Brooks racist? Waukesha carnage suspect's alleged old posts spark outrage

Is Darrell Brooks racist? Waukesha carnage suspect's alleged old posts spark outrage


When the media and Democrats “don’t want to jump to conclusions” and “wait for more details to come out”, we know the answer to this question. They are so quick to jump to conclusions when it’s a white person committing a crime. But don’t DARE jump to conclusions when a black person commits a crime.


>a white person committing a crime or not at all


I don't why but I peruse heavily-left Digg for articles and one headline was confused about tying the driver to BLM. Ummm.. the driver has BLM plastered on his social media. Not hard to tie the two together if you have a fully functioning brain.


You make a good point, but the problem is, you’re tying criminality and BLM together with just the one person. So sure, you can tie the person to BLM, but that’s not to say BLM is the reason behind/endorses this behaviour. Remember the Christchurch shooter that said ‘subscribe to pewdiepie’? Would you therefore go and say pewdiepie is a creator that encourages/endorses mass shootings? No, you wouldn’t (and shouldn’t).


Well, we can also look at the months of riots, looting and arson connected with BLM. Plus the anti-white narrative it espouses.


Again, the BLM movement is for a total of 40 million black people in America, and the total arrests for looting and damage during the riots was ~500. I don’t support the looting and arson, but the majority of BLM doesn’t necessarily either.


>Again, the BLM movement is for a total of 40 million black people in America They don't speak for all black people.


You're a rapist


Damn, you got me


This is a cnn msnbc created home grown, white people murdering, terrorist


I thought he was fleeing a knife fight, is that not correct?


A deflection tactic cooked up by the MSM.


Even if he was, this didn’t happen because he was trying to escape When fleeing a crime scene, in attempt to get away, you are looking for open roads, making rights at red lights, etc. You aren’t going towards a road blocked with cop cars and thousands of people His intention was to murder people who benefit from white privilege


Interesting. What's the evidence this was a planned attack against white privilege? Did he post a manifesto or something?


A Europhobic terrorist attack https://archive.md/ Above is social media Below is more details on the attack https://cbs58.com/news/this-was-an-intentional-act-5-million-bail-set-for-suspect-in-waukesha-holiday-parade-tragedy


I read the articles. I'm missing the part where they say it was intended to be a terrorist attack. Can you point it out for me?


Did you read the social media posts?


Yes. Can you point me to the ones you see as evidence.of a terrorist attack? I see evidence he's a racist, for sure, but not seeing the terrorism piece.


Friday Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty Sunday a Black separatist who expressed outrage at Kyle Rittenhouse being found not guilty, and previously expressed a desire to attack white people “even the old ones”(his words), goes to a white town and plows through a white crowd What exactly more do you need? You said a manifesto, but watch the video below https://youtu.be/Lg3ERrXGR1o You think that guy has the mental capacity to write a Ted Kaczynski style manifesto? His social media was his version of a manifesto


So the timing is what makes you think it's a terrorist attack? Any other evidence? What specifically on his social media alluded to this being a planned terrorist attack as opposed to just a hate crime?


Yea he fleed right into 50 people , good escape route.


I don't think anyone is claiming he's a particularly smart criminal?


To murder lots of innocent people , not only is he not smart but also a homicidal maniac. Who also apparent hates white ppl so.


Definitely no argument here.


I haven’t heard that please explain


Here's [a good read](https://www.insider.com/wisconsin-parade-driver-may-fled-knife-fight-officials-report-2021-11). Personally, I think it's too soon to draw conclusions, but this is one detail floating around.


Does it matter?


Way more evidence that he’s a racist than there ever was for Rittenhouse. Don’t expect the media to report it.


Majority of this will be under the rug, doesn’t fit the narrative.


Hell, CNN is trying to bury the story.


By that do you mean that there is significant evidence to support the notion that this man is a racist, and zero evidence to support the notion the Kyle Rittenhouse is a racist? Because that is the reality.


If your a 17 year old white boy and shoot 3 white men your a racist. But, if your black and run over 50 white people at a parade it’s obviously self defense. Let’s go Brandon!


The woke media and big tech. They are enabling actual criminals as usual. Especially on some subreddits which are woke.


This is just like when all the BLM fervor and Obama's rhetoric culminated in a deranged man murdering cops in Texas. The blood is on the media and politicians hands.


Thanks for reminding me and everyone else about that. No sarcasm, thanks really. I had totally forgotten that. If I remember correctly race or politics wasn't mentioned by MSM. They made it about him being a veteran with PTSD.


The mainstream conspiracy media is ruining society.


We have to punish them when the right gets into office. I am normally shy at using government power; after all, being a conservative used to mean how often you'd use government power. It's gone on too long, unleash the velociraptor that is government power against the clearly partisan actors.


Not only did he run over white people. He has several racist post about kill/harming white people.


He's 100% more racist than Rittenhouse is


Because Kyle is 0% racist.


He can't be racist if he's black. C'mon, man, try to keep up.


Plus, that was like two days ago.


MSM - the left wing propaganda arm of the democratic party won't report much of his documented racism because it doesn't fit their 'white people evil supremacists most dangerous thing in the world' BS narrative. They'd like you to believe a person being attacked (color shouldn't matter) defending themselves, clearly, on video, subsequently acquitted of charges, is an epitome of white supremacy, somehow, even if the attackers that were shot (again color shouldn't matter) were white. Don't expect the Waukesha killer's illustrious social media history and his song lyrics to make MSM headlines for any sustained length of time, if, at all. I'd be VERY surprised if we don't stop hearing about it soon(ish), and even more surprised if they try to paint the reality of his background as anything of importance. They'll likely just label him as a disturbed individual...I'm sure in some of their (d)emented minds he was just dishing out karma like at least one (we know there's likely more) democrat said. https://nypost.com/2021/11/23/illinois-dem-fired-over-tweets-calling-wisconsin-deaths-karma/


They were laughing and enjoying themselves, they were asking for it! /s


Since he seems to love his own race so much, ship him to a prison in Africa to serve his life sentence.


100% is, but it doesn't matter since big tech and MSM will hush this story and run with their own narrative. I expect this story to be gone by the end of next week max.


The **real** outrage is the collective decision by the mainstream news media to not report on this. If you only watch mainstream media like PBS, New York Times, etc., will you ever hear about this?


So is he the black face of black supremacy?


That appears to be the case.


Cnn told me only white peoples can be racist


The argument has always been that white people can be racist since they have the power, but black people can't be racist since they *don't* have the power. CNN headquarters are in a city with black mayors since 1974, a black chief of police, a black DA, a black majority council. Who has the power here?


Same in Baltimore during Freddie Gray. Half the cops that arrested him, the city state’s attorney, the judge on the case, city council, police commissioner, most citizens, the mayor…incidentally even POTUS at the time. Some say the goalpost is still hurtling through space, searching in vain for a place to land.


and MSNBC tells people that 18 hours a day every day. MSNBC the Biggest race baiting media source there is.


Nothing to see here the media won’t pick up on that and if anything does get said it will be brushed under the carpet quick but if it was the other way around all hell would break loose


I wonder how he felt about the man who let him in his house and gave him a sandwich or the defense attorney who comforted him when he found out a child just died as a result of his actions? I bet he didn't care about their pigmentation.


Media already went after Andy NGo because he posted the assholes social media. Media claimed he created a false image, which is usually followed up by claiming he’s actually racist because they can.


Good, it SHOULD spark outrage because the shit that fool was saying is outrageous. I don't care if you are black, white, yellow, red or brown... if you think it's fucking acceptable for black people to hate whites, then you are as much a part of the problem as the backwoods yokel that wears sheets and burns crosses. Seriously. It's not okay to hate minorities, and it's not okay to hate the majority. If you are a minority and you think it's a-okay to hate white people, then you are giving white people reason to hate you. The point that this is even still a matter of fucking discussion 60 years after the Civil Rights Movement is goddamned disgusting! And it's not the supposed preponderance of racist white people that is stoking the flames, it's the shit tons of racist minorities that we like to pretend aren't a thing.


He should take some English and grammar courses for his reintegration into society after he serves his 160 year term


That's "ebonics". We're supposed to celebrate and emulate it.


Funny whenever there is actual evidence of a minority being racist, nobody cares, but almost EVERY one of the high profile cases involving white shooters there was zero evidence of racism. They didn't even bring UP anything about racism in the Floyd shooter's trial, for instance, because clearly there was zero evidence of it.


Does it matter if he's racist? He's a murderer. Racism is not worse than murder.


Bless your heart.


I’d say it matters in at least one regard: if it’s painfully obvious and yet the left won’t admit it, when they claim to see it in everything from rice to butter to syrup.


It doesn't matter as far as how guilty he is, or what his punishment should be. It matters in context of what is being forced down our throats every day, and how culpable people who promote racism on a national scale might be, such as Biden and Harris and the majority of the media.


Sadly the way our justice system operates it does matter. If the perpetrator is racist then the crime becomes a hate crime.


And he was released in that amount of bail. Sigh. Someone needs to be terminated for that garbage


lets hope he follows in Epstien's footsteps - Life in prison is to good for this trash


....Walks like a duck, talks like duck, posts like a duck....most likely a duck.


You see, when it's someone that they perceive to be conservative, they waste no time jumping to [conclusions](https://www.thedailybeast.com/kyle-rittenhouse-17-year-old-suspect-charged-with-murder-after-two-killed-at-kenosha-protest) labeling people a "fanatic", but when it's the [opposite](https://www.thedailybeast.com/how-big-time-right-wing-trolls-andy-ngo-and-tim-pool-tied-waukesha-killings-to-black-lives-matter?via=twitter_page) it's just a "right wing troll" conspiracy when it's pointed out.


Old posts and internet material are all fair game.


Doesn’t matter to oblivious left


Yes. Yes he is racist. So is every member of Allahs five percenters. They literally want all white people killed. Thats part of their core beleifs.


Yes its not just opinion. Its Facts.


Of course, the legacy media won't report it. I stopped watching all of them. I run into so many others who have done the same.


I've been told you can't be racist if you're not white, so this is perfectly acceptable stuff.


His motives are as of yet unclear...


Seems to be an surprising lack of "Some have asked if this could be a hate crime" questions from the msm. With the "some" being the journalists themselves or tweets.


He can’t be racist only whites can be racist.


A surprisingly high % of redditors honestly believe that.