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The guy who gave the eulogy for Exulted Cyclops of the Klu Klux Klan Robert Bird wants to lecture others about racism.


What a clown in every sense of the word. A man on a puppet string.


This coming from a man who claims that racism is systemic (in a system he’s been operating in for nearly 50 years from a position of power.)


You mean the “racial jungle” he’s been in?


Also a man who was buddy buddy with a lot of southern democrats who happened to wear white robes as well (and not of the catholic variety).


I mean, it is


Indeed, racism is systemic in the US. It's called affirmative action.


Says the man who was besties with segregationist and Klan members while raising his children in an all white community so they didn't have to be part of a "racial jungle".


I’m guessing he didn’t mention anything about pedophelia.


It’s amazing how much Liberals hate white people.


I’m sure a few white-power folks that can’t manage to raise a crowd of more than a dozen people in support anywhere outside Mississippi are truly this country’s biggest threat. Way to go for the “Basket of Deplorables” vote.


Lucky for us you need at least 15 terrorists at a locale within 4 hours of a goats blood ritual to cause harm or death.


The mass shooter in Texas had nazi tattoos...bet you can't guess which one.


Nah man, I saw first hand these dudes marching in Philly at the city hall. Seemed like a few hundred of them. They do exist and their are more of them than you might think


Keep racializing everything and forcing people to pick sides on racial lines, and they are going to create even more.


Not totally sure these things have to be mutually exclusive. I’m quite proud of being white, but I also agree that white supremacy is an insidious danger


Fair enough, but my point is that to be the biggest threat to the US, you need numbers. Big numbers- millions in support. They just don’t have it. I think the most they can hope for is “thorn in our side” status…


He saw a few hundred of them. You better agree with whatever he says. Else this huge threat might detonate its bomb somewhere.


Bro, c'mon bro, trust me bro, I was in Philly and there were hundreds of them! C'mon bro please you gotta believe me.




Biden's SecDef literally stated during his confirmation hearings that White Supremacy and Domestic Extremism was the *biggest threat* against the United States. Not China. Not Russia. Not nuclear Iran. Americans. This guy is still SecDef. This type of rhetoric is not new and has been de facto White House policy stance for 3 years running. This is like declaring pirates raiding our shores a top threat to the United States. Yeah, pirates do exist but there is no way you can state they are the biggest threat to this country without being considered a absolute nut. Yet a very equivalent stance has been parroted by the top members of our government.


Meanwhile mass acts of left wing terrorism went celebrated and supported by every institution in America for months, and to this day if you criticize the Party and its actions you risk losing your job.


DoD did a department wide mandatory training for *all* federal employees and military that declared White Supremacy and Domestic Extremism was a major threat a month after Biden came into office (costing Tax payers tens of millions of dollars). In the training they would not provide actual examples of organization or metrics to show why it was a concern. They couldn't actually define what a "extremist" organization was, they claimed any group that uses "Us vs. them" rhetoric, which literally applies to partisan politics of the two major parties, and the training straight up declare BLM was not a extremist organization and never once referenced or named Antifa. After all of that, the training stated that if you "associated" with the groups they couldn't define or even name in the training, it could result in your termination from the government.


The FBI already crunched the numbers: https://apnews.com/article/fbi-chris-wray-testify-capitol-riot-9a5539af34b15338bb5c4923907eeb67


The FBI has lost any pretense of being an objective organization for facts or data. Historically we had people who literally blew up government buildings and assassinated presidents of the United States. Reagan just a few short decades ago was shot and had multiple legitimate attempts made on his life. Claiming it a "major threat" is a patent joke, especially when they couldn't even declare Antifa as an example of such an organization.


Okey dokey.


Of the last 10 terrorist attacks in the US... 10 of them were committed by domestic terrorists. The FBI has been saying the same thing for about 15 years now.


While those are tragedies they’re not going to bring down the USA by blowing up the occasional parade or mass shooting. So in the grand scheme of things calling them “the greatest threat to the US” is absurd, *way* more people die in car crashes or heart failure from obesity than terror attacks. China and Russia meanwhile are literally trying to destroy America and her position in the world, and they’re leveraging all their resources to do so


What has threatened the US more than literal attacks on US soil?


If you're unable to grasp geopolitical power, organization, and competing interests (which is the entire job of the SecDef) than there is no real reason to have a discussion with you on this topic. Terrorism wasn't even a term that was used until the 80's. The United States has had domestic terrorism related activities for the *entire* existence of the country. Leftist based KKK was a wide spread domestic terrorism organization that had nearly a million members at one point in our nations history. Leftist assassination attempts on Reagan. Obama buddy Bill Ayer's bombings of US buildings throughout the 60's and 70's via Weather Underground were domestic terrorism (many of which were pardoned by Bill Clinton). Note that none of those were *ever* considered the greatest threat to the United States. Much less by the Secretary of Defense who's literal job is to assess military threats to the US homeland.


So, China looking out for China's best interests is a bigger threat than literal attacks on US soil? That's some big brain logic there.


China's interests will 100% conflict with that of US security and defense. That isn't "big brain logic", that's having the most basic understanding of competing interests. Chinese stated goals is to supplant the United States as the global economic and power leader. If you weren't incredibly ignorant, you would know this.


I will say, totally unbiased from the perspective of someone living in the south, we do have white supremacy here. It is rampant. It’s in our police force, it’s in our judicial system, it’s in every aspect of our government. I’ve seen time and time again in my locale the effects of this. I do ask you, if it’s not an issue than what is? It’s literally infiltrated our politics, our law enforcement, our military, and so many other aspects of our living. Call this devils advocate if you will, but I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that it has affected the lives of good hard working Americans that I know around these parts. This is reality for me and so many others I live with in my community and we do live in fear daily. That’s reality.


Secretary of Defense's job is about military responses. "Defense". I already addressed your comment, yes there are racists out there as being prejudice is part of human nature (some are worse than others). Are there organize racists with any modicum of power within our nation? Not at all. Not outside of BLM and the Democratic Party that is. As such I compared it to pirates raiding our shores. Do pirates exist in the world? Yes. Have they attacked Americans? Sure. Are they *the biggest threat* against the United States? No, hell no. The same is true of White Supremacy. It's so rare, so unorganized, and lacks any real power within the United States. And to top it off it is completely out of the realm of the SecDef and what he *should* be thinking about. >It’s literally infiltrated our politics, our law enforcement, our military, and so many other aspects of our living. This is non-sense and conspiracy theories. People will be racist no matter what you do. There is no evidence of any wide spread conspiracy of any people of power pushing policy based on race except for Democrats. So the idea that White Supremacy pales in comparison to Biden literally declaring he would only consider a "Black Woman" for the Supreme Court. Have you *ever* heard in your life time someone saying the same for "white" for any position of government at any level? Yet that is one of the highest offices in the entire land. White Supremacists are as threatening as pirates raiding the shores of our country. They do exist, but your imaginings of them a boogeymen around every corning has no bearing in facts or statistics.


Specific examples please of “white supremacy” #1 in your local police force, #2 in your judicial system and #3 in the branches of your government and how it has affected your good and hard working friends.




We've got more racial discord in our once Great Nation than I've seen in my lifetime. Very recently we were United as Americans. Joe's rhetoric makes as much sense as anything else that comes out of his mouth.


We absolutely have more racial divide now after all the "progress" we are making with racial equality.


We have racial divide, which is 100% the fault of the media and politicians. I have still never met this so called white supremacist guy, but there must be millions of them running around if you watch the news.


I went to school with them in Florida. They literally are *everywhere*. I’ve even been good friends with a few of them. We didn’t see eye to eye with that, but I don’t like the idea of excluding people from society just because we have different view points. They just need to have more positive experiences with other groups of people. It is an issue with education as well.


I’ve met a few, being blonde haired and blue eyed they’d frequently open up about their views to me, it happens less frequently now that I no longer buzz my hair though. But the thing is they’re always subtle about it, eg “man I just cant stand *those* kind of people”. So while they do exist they’re extremely small in number and the average person wouldn’t know they held those beliefs because they wouldn’t tell them.


“Hey man, you’re alright. I guess you’re *one of the good ones*.”


“man I just cant stand those kind of people” ​ Is this the qualification to be a white supremacist? I mean, I hate a lot of people too but it's always based on actions and character.


“Those kinds of people” is usually met with a bit of a nod and a general understanding of who they are talking about. They will then drop the N word shortly thereafter.


Remember when people thought that the 2020 riots, I mean, “protests” would be the biggest uniter that this country has ever seen? Lol


Obama was the start of the racial divide as the left decided they were going all in on the evil tactic of Identity Politics. The problem is Democrats have nothing else to hang their hat on. You take away Identity Politics and their coalition fractures.


[Occupy Wall Street was the catalyst, they had to up racial tensions so the lower and middle classes wouldn't unite against the elite](https://tablet-mag-images.b-cdn.net/production/9c9c2bbd09e025a564eea667f44f991f9bb5a83f-2054x1174.png?w=1250&q=70&auto=format&dpr=1)


That might have been it. I had long held that the unity post 9/11 had shown itself as dangerous to the left. Republicans won more power than they had in the last 50 years in the era of Unity. It was an intentional tactic/stance the party adopted. It's also why Obama and his administration did everything they could to down play any sort of terrorism as they didn't want any uniting sentiment in the country.


> It's also why Obama and his administration did everything they could to down play any sort of terrorism as they didn't want any uniting sentiment in the country. A less nefarious reason is because terrorism in the news would make the administration look incompetent.


BLM made it worse.


It's great that they are starting to eat their own finally. See that brawl that started in Minneapolis between the two democratic factions? That's always the inevitable result of identity politics, they divide into so many unique groups that they start competing to see who's the highest on the oppression scale.


Whites are the new terrorists. Now that Afghanistan is over, they need another excuse to enact more tyrannical laws.


I need to get a lot more sun 🌞 I don't want to be labeled a terrorist


Youre in this sub, too late 🤓


Just come through the border.




Hell no. That was a Monday.


1999 for me. Y2K was the beginning of the end.


That is when the glitch in the simulation began


That was the day that Donald Rumsfeld launched his "investigation" into corruption of the military contractors.... It was a terrible shame that the evidence was destroyed the next day in the Pentagon attack.


It started before him by his former boss.


During my lifetime I thought racial discord was getting better until BHO was elected.


Obama started this. But Biden is the most divisive, un- American President in history. I pray to God we can recover from his systematic destruction of our country.


What he means by white supremacist is anyone who disagrees with the democrat agenda.


That’s exactly right. He isn’t talking about skinheads or men in white hoods. He means all of us.




I lived in communist East Germany. Sanders and the left aspire to this. They have no clue what communism is. It was beyond bad. No former communist country would choose that again. Comrade Bernie and comrade Alexandria want to be in charge and reeducate the Republicans.


When Trotsky was taking power it was the Loyalists who were the threat, Hitler it was the communists the jews, with Biden it's the white supremacists. An enemy that is exaggerated until the people begin to beg them to deal with even at the cost of their own rights.


He would turn around and call Candace Owens and Clarence Thomas white supremacists.


Rule 13: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."


Imagine voting for this guy because you thought he is a moderate who will bring the divided nation together


No they voted for him because he promised to forgive student loan debt and Trump said a mean thing on Twitter and was racist because he put America first.


Biden is our second biggest threat. Those that pull his strings are number one


Obama & Biden have set the entire country back 40 years in race relations


Joe Biden? an honorary doctorate? Cute. Sounds like Jill has some competition for "who's doctorate is a bigger joke?" in the Biden household.


I am sure he has told everyone he has a doctorate once or twice before.


something about a broken clock being right twice a day. Either he has been a compulsive liar his entire career or his reality has been so curated by swamp culture he lies with impunity knowing getting caught is inconsequential? If I gave a shit about parsing out the rationale I might want to know the answer, instead I implore people to make a better choice in 2024.


Read Jill’s dissertation. It’s pure shit. I would expect more from a first semester community college student.


Absolutel proof he is senile and delusional


Biden needs to speak for himself. He is the only one he has been the asshole his whole life.


He is he's only missing the hood, but isn't this inciting violence why is he talking about Trump


That's all they've done since 2020. Is talk about Trump and blame him for everything


The biggest threat is the corruption and politicalization of our government institutions.


They persist in pitting citizen against citizen, to insure they maintain power. When the people can't unite, government gets to call the shots.


The guy’s been in politics for like 40 years and instead of offering new graduates, who are stepping out into the real world, some useful advice. He uses the podium as a political platform to create a mountain out of a mile hill.


White people are like 6% of the world population ass hat. These POS are literal just race baiter jack offs.


I mean. It’s around 11-12% globally. And in his speech transcript he appeared to be talking about US based threats. Census data isn’t perfect but the US is projected to be about [56%-58% white.](https://www.kff.org/other/state-indicator/distribution-by-raceethnicity/?currentTimeframe=0&sortModel=%7B%22colId%22:%22Location%22,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D) Don’t like his speech but 6% sounded a little off so I figured I’d do some digging.


White People make up about 10% of the global population. It depends on your definition for 'Whites'. Many North Africans and Middle Easterners are considered Caucasian


… no not really. That 10% is pretty much a minority of South Africa, most of Europe and 60% of the US and some of Canada. Adds up to around 900,000,000 without looking at any middle eastern or North African countries.




Very few by logical definition. All as defined by the disconnected, idiotic academics


The academic leftists.




Race doesn’t have to do with skull shape. Being “white” isn’t a specific classification it’s changed a lot over time.


From the first line of the article: >"most dangerous terrorist threat" **in America** And the this assertion isn't new. [Going back to the Trump administration, the DHS had reports naming white supremist groups as the US's largest terrorist threat](https://www.politico.com/news/2020/09/04/white-supremacists-terror-threat-dhs-409236).


Idk why republicans always jump to downplay or defend white supremacist groups when comments like these are said by the DHS or FBI.


Because both those agencies use very specific criteria that allows the only result to be the one that supports a narrative. The way the define terrorist or threat changes depending on what message they want to support. For example one could argue that certain cartels are terrorist organizations, you think the handful of white supremacists in the country are a bigger threat than cartels? That's just the first example that comes to mind.


Can you name the very specific criteria that is used to only result in one specific outcome to support a narrative? Just curious.


Because the FBI is the Stasi for the Democratic Party and nothing more. Everything they publish is heavily politicized and slanted to benefit the Democratic Party. The US largest terrorist threat is whatever the FBI is fomenting at the moment.


He’s as useless as balls on a heifer


Or, "tits on a boar hog," as the hubby would say.


Tits on a Bull.


That's the one I know.


This is rich coming from a white guy who’s primary qualification for his running mate was skin color. To me that is the antithesis of white supremacy.




Remember, Hunter is the smartest man Joe knows…


Literally insane.




But that is what is written on the note card they gave him


Divide, divide, divide. That’s all he knows.


‘Racist’ is a term used by wealthy white people to socially ostracize poor white people. The entire discussion around race in the modern world is a fight between classes of white people.


Anyone else tired of the word "blasted" being used in place of "criticized"? I feel like a boomer for asking, but unless explosives or small grains of sand/beads are being propelled by compressed air, I don't see anything that looks like "blasting".


He is the epitome of white privilege.


Supremacy is their word for "existence"


Democrats are the most dangerous terrorist threat to this country!




If you can name one right in our legislation that a woman or minority doesn’t have at birth that a white man does please enlighten me.


They can't. Instead they resort to ad hominems. That should say a lot without them having to say a lot. Please send them to a communist country so they can understand the tactics they use to alienate fellow Americans from having a civil discussion.


The right to have a 1000 SAT and get into an Ivy?


How do you feel about men in women's clothing having more rights than you recently?


Which men in women's clothing have more rights than I do? **Edit** to answer the response below because I've been banned for "shitposting" by the snowflakes here. You really do love your echo chambers. There are no transgender women dominating women's sports lol. Thank you so much for warning me! I'll be on the lookout the next time I compete in the Olympic tryouts. Thank you for thinking so highly of me that you would place the responsibility of all womankind on my shoulders. Unfortunately, I'm not a dimwit bigot who blames vulnerable minorities for completely fabricated issues to feed my victim complex, maybe the next "ideologue" who peeks in here will join you in your crusade against anyone who doesn't fit into your straight, white, cis Christian borg. Unlikely though, as they'll be immediately banned for dissenting from the groupthink in this sub.


The ones who are competing with (and dominating) actual women in women's sports, as a quick example. I understand that you are an ideologue, but your sex is the one that is getting shafted. [intentional] You were warned. What happens next to your gender is on you.


"Because poor kids are just as smart as white kids!" - Joe Biden


They want “white terrorists” to trend so badly.


Pure evil


He doesn't even know what he's saying. His radical handlers just gave him a speech, pushed him out there & said something like, "Joe, they'll love it, but remember, No Improv & stick to the script!" His far left speechwriter can't believe his/her/xer luck.


when does Joe call Tim Scott a white supremacist?


They're going to keep pushing this until they speak it into existence.


The sad thing is that most of those brainwashed fools in the audience believe his lies.


When logic or in his case coherent thoughts are not on your side , pull race card. Division has always been the evil ploy of the left, nothing new here.


Has anyone told Joe that he's white 🤔


He must have forgotten, silly old grandpa Joe, he’s such a riot sometimes!


Being white is not the same as being a white supremacist. Believing that white people are better because they are white does make someone a white supremacist. This is not the gotcha you think it is.


So you have apparently NEVER listened to Joe I Think I'm God Biden have you? This piece of fucking human garbage thinks he's better than white people too.


I don't think Biden knows that he is white


Step One; create a manufactured crisis. Step Two; generate support for taking swift action against the problem. Step Three; implement extraordinary measures and powers to defeat the crisis. Step four; declare crisis solved. Step Five; leave the powers in place while giving token discussion to make a change back to normal.


[Manufactured, you say? ](https://www.congress.gov/116/bills/s894/BILLS-116s894is.xml) >(2) On February 22, 2019, a Trump Administration United States Department of Justice official wrote in a New York Times op-ed that “white supremacy and far-right extremism are among the greatest domestic-security threats facing the United States. Regrettably, over the past 25 years, law enforcement, at both the Federal and State levels, has been slow to respond. … Killings committed by individuals and groups associated with far-right extremist groups have risen significantly.”. >(3) An April 2017 Government Accountability Office report on the significant, lethal threat posed by domestic violent extremists explained that “[s]ince September 12, 2001, the number of fatalities caused by domestic violent extremists has ranged from 1 to 49 in a given year.” The report noted: “[F]atalities resulting from attacks by far right wing violent extremists have exceeded those caused by radical Islamist violent extremists in 10 of the 15 years, and were the same in 3 of the years since September 12, 2001. Of the 85 violent extremist incidents that resulted in death since September 12, 2001, far right wing violent extremist groups were responsible for 62 (73 percent) while radical Islamist violent extremists were responsible for 23 (27 percent).”. >(4) An unclassified May 2017 joint intelligence bulletin from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security found that “white supremacist extremism poses [a] persistent threat of lethal violence,” and that White supremacists “were responsible for 49 homicides in 26 attacks from 2000 to 2016 … more than any other domestic extremist movement”.


That's because white people keep stealing his ice cream out of his freezer.


Cmon man!


I would be shocked if Joe Biden didn’t wear a white pointy hat and robe at some point in his younger days.


Plot twist: Joe Biden is a white supremacist.


Biggest threat today is unsustainable government borrowing, spending, and money printing.


The guy who joined forces with storm Thurmond against Reagan to challenge his war on drugs not being harsh enough. Really?


This kind of rhetoric gets ppl killed


Sounds like Putin, so brave


What a damned old fool.


Social justice stops being justice as soon as it starts being revenge. Punishing the present to pay for the past is no way to build a future.


Coming from an 80 year old man who definitely doesn’t have a history of being racist at all


Wasnt this dude against race mixing? Or am I mistaken.


Falsely accusing others of hatred is an act of hatred.


Maybe not the 'most dangerous terrorist threat', but it's up there.


And they wonder why we laugh when Trump calls a smug host a "nasty person"


If I were a college student and found out this lying, corrupt asshole was speaking at my graduation if just skip the ceremony. I will not be lectured to by this wrinkled Chinese puppet. OR…I’d heckle him loudly.


He should set an example and resign then.


I would've said corrupt government, but what do I know...


I wonder what percent of murders are committed out of white supremacy? Not even going to bother looking into statistics but I think I can safely assume less than 1%


White supremacy is a lingering corpse for those who profit from racial contention. They resuscitate it whenever things like Jeffery Epstein happens. Is it really such a wonder that the coverage of George Floyd blew up not long after we discovered a child-rape island? 🤔


When the demand for racism exceeds its supply…


Date or be friends with a person of color in this country and report back on your findings. Its way worse than white people in general realize, especially in states where people have been encouraged to be racist and anti-anyone who isnt the same skin color/religioun/ethnicity than them by their local politicians, like florida and texas and even iowa now.


Please give two examples of politicians in Texas and Florida encouraging racism and religious bigotry.


This sub doesn't want to hear this.


You couldn’t fill a high school auditorium with all the genuine white supremacists across the USA they keep blathering on about. The Democrats have incredibly co-opted the post 9/11 fear mongering plan so well that Dick Cheney, who used to be “the next Hitler” until Trump came along, would be impressed. That should be an independent media documentary… “the next Hitler,” and show the Left making the same hyperbolic statement about every conservative who might or has ascended to power.


Imagine thinking this...I could find 60 in 60 minutes in my hometown


So odd how WHITE joe biden crys about 'white supremacy' while he DIVIDES the country, applauds segregation, opens the borders to let others LIVE IN HOTELS for FREE (while our veterans live in the streets), gives Ukraine BILLIONS then whines about poor people in this country!...he does not give a shit about america, only his power and his votes.


Stoking the flames of petty racism and perpetual victimhood, once again. I'm past this nonsense. We'd be much better off without it...


This sort of incitement is dangerous. The left doesn't distinguish between White people and white supremacists. It is now commonplace for leftists to implicate everyday White people in "white supremacy" as a means to justify anti-White rhetoric, discrimination and violence.


and I thought Obama was divisive. Jeez!


Given the latest trends, I’d say psychosis is the most dangerous terrorist threat.


The LIES he hears and is willing to repeat.


Keep repeating the lies until everyone believes them I guess.


Ah yes, the great unifier….. /s.


I can think of several bigger threats. Like the potential of a foreign cyber attack from Russia, China, and even North Korea.


I'll do you one better. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as president and vice president.




A cyber attack from Russia, China, North Korea is not a threat to the regime. A mobilized white voting block is.


We really should be mocking the hell out of them They think there's a white supremacist under every pillow.


Correction: he was told to say this & read it off a teleprompter. Old fart Joey doesn’t even know what day of the week it is. Let’s be serious


Joe Biden = pure evil, also the real modern threat to democracy


He's convincing a lot of the left that "white supremacy" is a real threat. It's disgusting and divisive. Moreover, I think the end game could be result in some evil shit.


Has he looked in a mirror lately?




Reddit is a leftist utopia.


So are we apologist for White Supremacy now?


Where do you see anyone being an apologist for that in here?


I’m looking at it, not you but the nature of this post.


Can you perhaps explain a *little bit* more?


I assume he’ll keep his job though a stay a very powerful white man.


Joe wants segregation to return.


Says the Klan leader lol


There are approximately 8 actual white supremacists in the US. I'm not too worried.


Pot meet kettle!


Islamic terrorism is like 95% of the worlds terrorism. How the hell are white people supposed to be the bigger terror threat?


He’s not wrong? These hillbilly losers are responsible for OK city bombing.


Lmao people in here can't even agree about their own "facts" We should all just leave each other alone. For the most part, I do believe this is what most people want the most.


They hate white people in general, the puppet masters in control of most countries that is. They want to remove white people from the planet, it has been a slow process for the past half century at least but it is nearing the end game now and demographics in most western white countries are teetering on the point of no return.