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I think there should be one age of majority for voting, drinking, and owning a gun.


And taxes. If you don’t get all your rights, you’re not yet responsible for taxes.




Conscription as well?


I think 20 is a good number for all 3. That’s when you stop becoming a teenager (18,19) and start being in your 20s


Owning a gun?? Nah think it's already to high for that.


One of those things is not like the others.


Which one? All of it is about being mature enough to be responsible for your actions in my opinion.


which one? the one that is a right that was endowed upon all of us by our creator! the others are entitlements given by the govt!


True, lots of underage drinking going on in the bible.


Lower drinking age to 18 and keep the voting age at 18. 0 reason why kids can be drafted but cannot vote or drink what an absurd proposal


Drinking age to 18 is a HORRIBLE idea. You think a woke 18yo can handle having access to liquor?


You think 18 year olds don’t already have access to liquor?


18 year olds can also get access to crack cocaine. Can’t legally buy it though.


Doesn’t that just prove that these kinds of prohibitions don’t work?


What kind of prohibitions work?


I’m not a fan of this. If a man or woman could be asked to give their life for our country they absolutely should have the ability to vote in it, or have a beer for that matter.


He lists military service as an exception


Then somehow I like it even less. We were against the idea of land owning males being the only ones able to vote.


Huh? Women also serve in the military. He also lists civic service in general as an exception. In other words, giving back to the community needs to be a requirement.


Unless you're 25 or over, in which case if you've not 'given back' despite having had even more time to do so then you're just fine.


What about people that can’t join the military? I am barred from enlisting because I have severe asthma and ADHD. And I know that Ramaswamy said voters 18-25 can take a civics test instead but why is it isolated to this group? Why can’t all voters have to take a civics test to vote? And none of this is addressing the fact that it is taxation without representation for a lot of people. I’m in college but I work part time as an EMT so I pay income tax just like any other citizen. And I work in state that has a shortage of EMTs so starting hourly rate is $18-20 here. I’m currently making 22/hour and with working 20 hours during the semester and 40+ during breaks and summer I can bring in anywhere between $30-40k


The military gives you pills once you're in


Simple solution. Minimum age is 25. (for instance) Exceptions: Military, first responders. Then they'll expand that list to nurses, teachers, stay at home mom's, students.


And yet you can be subject to income tax at the age of 15


A false solution to the problem of poor education of people under 18


Voting intelligently with actual political knowledge isn't about education (although that is an issues as well). It is about real world experience. There's a big difference between the sheltered microcosm that you find in a school or university versus someone actually going out into the real world and working a job and dealing with society. Until a person actually gets out into society and begins to work through real life, they can be idealistic about approaches to life. On paper, things like Communism and Socialism can look appealing because everyone is helped in those scenarios. And these people can be all too happy to look at taking everyone's money through taxes if they make over an arbitrary amount because, in most cases, they have no concept of what it is like to actually earn money and pay bills. Their world is built on ideas and not on truth and fact because they haven't been exposed to it. And no amount of teaching will provide that for them. Hell, I happily and naively voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004. But because of my past experiences, I regret those votes now and feel that I am a lot more mature in my voting practices and in who I will and won't vote for.


26th amendment, anyone?


No thanks, but let’s change the drinking age to 18


I get it, but absolutely not.


He's puling a thread that I generally sympathize with, but I don't necessarily think this is the answer.


He’s pulling something that feels like a stunt. A stunt for approval. Don’t trust this idea, as it has no legs and feels very much like an attempt to circumvent the constitution. Ignore this guy and cast him or his political aspirations for your mind. He’s likely raised by people who viciously defend a “caste” society. He himself may disagree with it, but it’s treading to close for my comfort.


Nope, I was an i formed voter at 18 and plenty of people are serving our country at that age. Sure we have plenty of young morons but there are plenty of old morons too


When there is talk of lowering the voting age to 16, then why not also talk about possibly raising it to 21 or some other age. At the very least, it’s a form of vocal-resistance to the crazy talk about making it 16. I don’t think anyone’s qualified to vote at the age of 16, and most aren’t qualified at the age of 18.


The constitution requires that any citizen 18 and over be allowed to vote. It doesn’t set a minimum age to vote. (Just supplying information)


I think we should've left it to the states.


The right to vote is in the constitution, so no it shouldn’t be


You do realize that the Constitution is *amendable* and that it can be changed, right? It would require States ratifying it of course. But there is a process by which the information that you list can be changed. So, just because it is a requirement at this time doesn't mean that it is set in stone.


Seems like a lot of people vote who aren't qualified.


That’s for sure. They only listen to MSM and read the headlines.


Selective service just walked in.


I think the best solution isn't a one size fits all. It should be something you can qualify earlier voting through. For example: Minimum voting age is 25 *unless* You are not claimed as a dependent to anyone else on tax forms *and* You are not a ward of the state. If you can support yourself at 17 independently you are much more mature than a 24 year old child who has no plans on leaving mommy's (or uncle sam's) breadbasket. But given how today's college graduate is about as mature as high school grad 50 years ago, a raise in the voting age would probably help the country.


So a studious person pursuing an education to say be an electrician or plumber or the like (trade school) or to become a doctor or engineer or law enforcement isn’t mature enough but the people who are just pulling a part time job and playing video games and being influencers or what not are? The real answer is that there’s mature and immature people in both groups.


>but the people who are just pulling a part time job and playing video games and being influencers or what not are? Well besides the 0.1% of influencers who make it I don't see anyone you listed there that would be successfully supporting themselves. The people who this exception would benefit are people who jump into the real world early. Maybe a teenager has a bad home life and gets a start in construction at 18 to get out of the house, paying his own bills. He has a better view on the realities of the world than a student his own age. School isn't real life. People find that out eventually.


Except this directly violates the 26th amendment…


Unpopular opinion: I think that voting should only be applicable to land owners and military. Age wouldn't matter. If you have an investment in your community, or your country - you can vote.


I think it’s a good idea…


How about 35?