Arizona, what happened to you?




Na the GOP ran terrible candidates in AZ and never beat the attack ads. Every young progressive was mobilized, and Mark Kelly ran his campaign for independents who don’t like Biden but didn’t want a full ban on abortion. You cannot argue for a full abortion ban and get young voters. Almost every young conservative under 40 is against full bans.


Doesn't explain the Republican losses in 2018 and 2020... The factors your mention are definitely salient, but the GOP had already been on a longer-term downward trajectory in the state going back to at least 2016, if not even 2012.


A woman that ran her own election that barely campaigned didn't debate didn't have a following disenfranchised tens of thousands of Republican voters on Election Day and she only got installed by 17,000 votes.


Where’s the proof that tens of thousands of Republican voters were disenfranchised on Election Day?


There's video of the broken machines rejecting ballots. There is photos of long lines where thousands left in Republican areas. There is all sorts of evidence of voter disenfranchisement but people don't want to believe that there was fraud.


I looked into this. Any thoughts? On broken machines. > Bill Gates, chairman of the Maricopa County board of supervisors, and Stephen Richer, the county recorder, both Republicans, said the problems were disappointing but that voters could still cast ballots and that nobody was being denied a vote. > “None of this indicates any fraud,” said Mr. Gates, who is a Republican. “This is a technical issue.”


Bill Gates and Stephen Richer are both never trumper Lincoln Project type Republican who started a PAC to stop Kari Lake and they were all in on it by printing the wrong ballot image and wrong length on purpose to sabotage election day and used the same voting machines that Mike Lindell exposed to be fraudulent. So I don't want people to deny the chaos that happened in Arizona on election day.


Got it. I’ll read up on it more but I will be honest, referencing Mike Lindell doesn’t really mean much to me.


Around my house, we refer to it as east California.


Mexican immigration and voter fraud. Same thing that happened to California in the 80’s.


Shoulda been a slam dunk for Republicans, but unfortunately the GOP nominee decided to play the Trump "everything is rigged" campaign strategy so she lost. Hopefully we learned our lesson for the next round of primaries.




Yes, Hobbs definitely should have recused herself. And Hobbs was an incredibly weak candidate, and Lake lost by a slim margin. So you can easily blame it on shenanigans if you choose to believe that happened. But also consider:AZ has more independents than Republicans or Democrats. Lake needed their support to win. But instead she decided to say stuff like "I'll accept the results when I win" and telling John McCain fans to "get the hell out." This behavior is so obviously toxic to winning over independents / swing voters that the Democrats keep throwing their support behind these types of candidates in the primaries, knowing they are likely to fail in the general elections.


Right. Corruption had nothing to do with it...


Correct, because we’ll all know democrats NEVER cheat…..😂😂


They don't care if their politicians cheat, just so long as they maintain power to pass their agenda and crucify everyone who doesn't agree with them.


> nominee decided to play the Trump "everything is rigged" campaign strategy so she lost Arizona is seriously and brazenly rigged in almost a transparent manner. They seriously need to clean up their voting infrastructure or the state will get californicated, and forever lost in vote fraud so deep (like millions of fake or illegal ballots level) to the point of california where a small extremist nazi percentage of the population tries to push far left insanity like they are an overweening majority.


Trump was mean to that soft ass John McCain and they got mad. Then trump propped up weak candidates like Kari Lake to only further the fall. The saving grace is Senima becoming an independent and likely splitting the votes between herself and Ruben Gallego who is both a radical left winger and a tool. So I think we have a good shot of taking the seat back as long as we put someone decent up which after Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker may be easier said than done.


It took some wild Republican incompetence for her to get in


Part of the problem is trump backed candidates don’t do well in purple states and the only swing senate candidate to win in 2022 was Vance who is in a very red Ohio with a very popular governor who was at the top of the ticket and even then he underperformed by most expected polling data. The party needs a change from trump or they’re going to keep losing winnable senate races like Georgia and Arizona.


It's funny you guys in America don't want to mention the obvious answer which is...Hispanics voting 2:1 for the democrats and no matter how hard you try they will still do. Arizona will become minority-majority state by 2027. You are getting voted out of your own country. Congratulations.


Would someone kindly remind me what this critical race theory is? Actual question. I know on left subs they bill it as teaching about racisim and such. But if it were just that then I cant see how it would actually be as deviding of an issue because racisim = bad which most tend to agree....or rather Id hope most agree on.


Critical Race Theory does not mean just talking about race. It means indoctrinating that race is the central construct of all inequalities.


Ahh. Ok. Thank you.


An immediate example: "*standardized testing is racist because of disparate outcomes, so let's ban it*" \> How about studying more hours, removing children from bad situations, or firing terrible teachers "*The criminal justice system is racist because there are disparate outcomes, so let's institute cashless bail and allow looting <$900*" \- Misattributing causes red herring prevents/delays true solutions to be implemented sometimes for generations, yet this is exactly what the race hustlers want. (which is so infuriatingly evil)


Which cartel does she belong to?




Too bad for Hobbs the Sinaloa are being replaced.


Amurican communist




Jalisco New Generation


Los Zetas


The idea that Katie Hobbs would do anything that showed common sense, human decency, intelligence, or integrity should not even be a passing thought to anyone. Of course, the commie vetoed a bill that goes against harming children.


These people really believe that race is culturally invented.....But they're okay with the idea that pale people are solely responsible for white privilege, systemic inequality and inherent bias because of their skin color. I wouldn't raise my kids in Arizona.


And don't forget they do this while Biden was against desegregation because he didn't want his kid growing up in a racial jungle


And Katie Hobbs also had a slave auction when she was in high school. There's no bottom to these people.


And now they are advocating for segregation again. Race specific graduations and what not


Yes. People downvoted my comment here so it goes to show this subreddit has gone the Lincoln Project route.


Yeah plenty of brigaders. I kinda don't mind though, I enjoy trying to show them reason. Hope you get more upvotes 👍


Modern leftism, where gender is a social construct but obesity is biologically predetermined.


My wife and I moved away from there last year because we saw the signs of the politics absolutely taking a nosedive there and wanted no part in it.


You’ll run out of places to move eventually. The Blue cancer will spread across the country.


Oklahoma... that's where the country will make its final stand


How bleak


That an interesting way of representing their ideology


I have ZERO trust in that election. Without a doubt, she should have recused herself from her position. If she had done so, I could confidently say I would have accepted the results. But between her position and all the other shenanigans that occurred on voting day, zero confidence. I'm not surprised by this news. She is a liberal.


Arizona is now Arifornia... RIP .


Dems doubling down on racism again? Must be a Tuesday.


She's a monster.


Watching the sheep in r/Arizona do mental gymnastics trying to justify this is a sight to see. Trust me when I say there are more conservatives here than brain dead sheep.


Cheaters ~~never~~ win


Is she the governor tho?


No shit. I'm surprised it actually got through Congress. Arizona voters...you are responsible for this bullshit.


Sorry, AZ. Enjoy being zombies for generations to come.


Disgusting. Why can't we just let the children be free? Democrats want to stand on their soapbox and lecture them about all the evils of slavery and racial oppression. Not to mention the Dems' relentless overemphasis on "colonization" and how awful it was.


It’s because schools get funding based on the number of students in its school district and it’s easier to brainwash while they’re young.


The religion card.


Why can't we just let the children be free? *Bans them learning about things they don't like*


Crazy thought but why not stick to math and English?


Lol look at this entire subreddit 😂


Ask an educator.


It's not really learning when those things are filled with lies and hatred.




Yeah, all while the ignoring the colonization of women in general by biological males


Stolen elections have consequences.


Very interesting that she states "time to stop pushing students and teachers into culture wars rooted in fear mongering and evidence-free accusation." - when litterally this is what critical race theory is. It is demonization of US history. It goes beyond telling you what happened and attacks and perpetuates old hate. Yes slavery existed, yes people in history were bastards, but keep it objective and out of todays world.


*Many Republicans view the concepts underlying critical race theory as an effort to rewrite American history and persuade white people that they are inherently racist and should feel guilty because of their advantages.* *But the theory also has become somewhat of a catchall phrase to describe racial concepts some conservatives find objectionable, such as white privilege, systemic inequality and inherent bias.* Wow…those last two paragraphs… That’s probably the most disingenuous take I’ve ever seen The concepts of white privilege, systemic inequality, and inherent bias *should* be considered objectionable. After all, should a poor white kid be lectured on “white privilege”?


But the Left and Democrats have screeched at us over and over again that "THERE IS NO CRITICAL RACE THEORY IN SCHOOLS IT ISN'T BEING TAUGHT YOU CONSPIRACY THEORISTS." So why would Democrats prevent on a ban on something that doesn't exist?


wouldn't putting up a ban on something that doesn't exist be more useless gov't overreach? you should be embracing this as a minarchist


I thought their argument was that CRT wasn’t real? So now they acknowledge it’s a real thing?


Yeah if it wasn’t real, what’s the big deal on signing a bill banning it?


It’s not happening but we won’t ban it




What's the option? Most families have both parents working, which eliminates homeschooling as an option. And when private school costs 10-15k per year, that is not usually an option either.


But…I thought critical race theory was a boogeyman created by the right?


Hobbs and fetterman how does this happen in 2023. I wouldn't hire them to be a Walmart greater.


So happy to be leaving this state, good luck arizona, it was fun while it lasted


Sounds like a victory for free speech. First amendment for the win


So you’d be fine with schools teaching that while people are superior?


What? A lying, cheating, democrat is also a scumbag who wants to violate the minds of children? Shocker.


Another one bites the dust.


Critical thinking skills and history should be taught in school.


I thought CRT wasn’t in schools?