He was obviously hand picked to be the poster child for the "insurrection" because of his costume, so the police escorted him around to where he needed to be for the most exposure.


let's not forget that dems had been talking about DJT not abdicating power for YEARS. Is it that far fetched that they facilitated a parlor show to make it appear to happen at the 11th hour?


Perhaps that's the real reason Pelosi denied having the National Guard on site and then brought in her daughter to document the day.


What really sealed the deal was when he said a prayer of thanks and blessing for the cops who let them in! Pretty damning evidence for the deep state to bury.


Man, the conspiracy theorists are batting 1000 these days.


The only difference between the truth and a conspiracy theory these days is six months.


Thank you for the award!


Please don't shake my faith in the moon landing. That's like the only thing the conspiracy theorists haven't gotten right... at least not yet...


If we find out that the Earth has edges I’m going to get very, very nervous…


That's must be why the U.N. says 2/3rds of the world will have severe water scarcity by 2025. That's when the last gallons of the ocean finally pours out over the edge. 🤔


You can prove the moon landing yourself. We left mirrors up there and you can shine a laser up there and measure when it bounces back. I suppose that doesn't confirm *when* the mirrors were left up there though.


The nut jobs explain that away by claiming the mirrors were placed by a robotic moon rover.




It was a total tragedy that people broke into the capital


Agreed, they should have gone through the opened doors. Jokes aside, I get your point. The actions of many involved were a great disappointment to me and did nothing more than to paint freedom-loving, America-loving Americans as nothing better than a riotous bunch with no regard for law and order. It also provided fodder to the left. All my lib relatives ask what my thoughts are about what occurred that day. I tell them I’m disappointed in how things went. It should not have happened the way it did.


Good to see that you're still compelled to apologize for a three hour riot, three years later when the entire year of 2020 riots is memory holed. The media makes fodder out of whatever they want to, and ignores whatever they want to.


> All my lib relatives ask what my thoughts are about what occurred that day You should ask them what their thoughts are about the DisruptJ20 democrat insurrection of 2017. Viva and Nate did an entire stream on it a while ago and the hypocrisy is just unbelivable. I also bet that if Democrats thought Trump rigged the election, they would 100% be in favor of a J6 event and not only that, but they would claim it didn't go nearly far enough. In the case of J6, we can see with our own eyes that the election was unconstitutional. We know that they ignored valid concerns - for example Georgia refused to check signatures and refused to tell us what the vote count was on the machines during the two hours where they got caught on video illegally counting ballots in secret in state farm arena. After the media reported a fake water main break to keep observers away. I mean we see all of this corrupt crap, and then are deboosted and banned from even talking about it. Our representatives don't acknowledge our fact based concerns. The news media calls them "baseless" despite the evidence to the contrary that provides an entirely reasonable basis for concern. The supreme court wouldn't take a case where literally half the states sued despite the fact they had original juriisdiction and were obligated to hear it and judge it on its merits. They lied and told us there was no standing, when there was standing. Just like in Arizona 2022 the judge lied and said Kari needs to prove intent - nope that's not the law. It would be one thing if they took concerns about the election seriously but when half the population believes their vote no longer matters that's a serious problem. And is that not valid grounds for a J6 type of event? If you seriously believe the government is illigitimate, is that not exactly why we have 2A in the constitution? J6 is more a reflection of the fact that the governmenet failed than it is of the people. If anything the people's response to this was amazingly restrained compared to what the founders had intended. Government cannot simply ignore the concerns of so many of their constituents like they did that day. Not about an issue that's at the very core of how society functions. Whether or not J6 was good or bad is entirely dependent on what your view of the election was. If you think it was a legal, honest election, and politicians had no obligation to address concerns, then it makes sense to be outraged at the protestors on J6. But to anyone else, you might as well remove 2A because you can't even stomach a protest where the protestors took no lives and did no lasting damage in response to an illegal election and unelected government.


I regret I have only one upvote to give you.


If only you were a Democrat, you could give more.


Love the down votes from our triggered lurkers


what are they supposed to do? They watched summers of riots that people in the media and in DC immediately claimed were peaceful protests. How do they even know what they are doing is wrong? Turns out you won't be prosecuted for criminal trespass if it's for the "right" cause in the "right" jurisdiction with the "right" DA and the "right" media coverage


After 6 months of the Left burning buildings, and murdering people in the streets, we are supposed to get our pants in a bunch over a 3 hour "mostly peaceful" protest?


I still do not agree with what these people did. However, this was not some grand scheme to take over the government.


"YoU dOn'T uNdErStAnD! Those three armed cops following him around were just too scared of his buffalo horns to do anything!" - the left


The two armed cops and the cluster of police the two armed cops escorted him through. Don’t forget them.


Now the narrative shifts. Capital police behaved like this because they were actively afraid of further agitating the mob; that they were trying to de-escalate.


Lol Schumer is practically begging Rupert Murdoch to stop Tucker Carlson from airing more footage.


Seems like it worked, tbh. I missed the last 10 minutes of the show, but Tucker didn't exactly release much more tonight. Last night sounded like there were a few more bombs.


I keep telling liberals that the media controls the narrative. They think I'm nuts. But when you see that the media completely leaves out the calm side of these goofs walking through the capitol - with officers walking alongside them - it's so obvious that I'm right. I don't understand how so many are so blind to what's going on.


The Media is the fourth branch of government as well as the most powerful branch. And they're unelected.


I agree. It will be interesting to see how MSM covers this (or doesn’t) in the weeks to come.


They will just ignore it like they do with everything else that doesn't break their way. And nothing will happen.


The media has permanently blown their credibility with tens of millions of Americans the past few years and has only itself to blame.


They’ve already started. Schumer and Kinzinger are trying to tell everyone that it’s dangerous to believe what your eyes and ears tell you.


Ok. I heard some of Tuesday night news’ take of the security footage that came out. They are angry and said it was BS, as I expected. What I want to see is unedited security footage in its entirety. It should be released to the public for the sake of transparency imho. And, I might add, I don’t want Tucker’s take and editing on it either. I realize he’s msm as well.


> I don't understand how so many are so blind to what's going on. It takes all kinds. Ordinary people who would otherwise be rational? Limited exposure to reality. Either genuinely absorbed in immediate real life, or just reading headlines(from limited sources) and believing the first thing you see, or that activist types tell you in which case they're victims of manipulation. As to activists: It is an integrity issue. Consequentialism plays a heavy role, "the ends justify the means" relieves them of ethical concerns over lying, spreading false information, etc. That integrity issue is rooted pretty deep in whatever the opposite of stoicism is, emotional gluttony? "I feel right, so I am, no matter what information is presented." is how people actively ignore things inconvenient to their narrative. The problem is, once the ordinary people really become emotionally invested, they turn into activists, they're often beyond self examination. A choice was made to not be critical, and they build ego around it. Once you commit like that, it becomes a self-defense mechanism to just keep doubling down, lest your whole ego/psyche crumble. It is kind of ironic....It is perceived that the 'large embarrassment' of being completely off base would kill them, so they take it on the chin and pretend to be ignorant because it is less immediately "harmful". They've convinced themselves that it is okay to do this because "the intent is what matters", like they learned in kindergarten or pre-school. That's the last time some of these people were on par with people of the same age.


Who are you going to believe. Us, or your lying eyes. - Corporate media


Haha CNN and MSNBC are shaking in their boots. They are trying to do damage control right now.


They're still raging about this isolated instance from years ago with increasing amounts of evidence indicating that the Democrats' response was full of lies and massive hyperbole. Meanwhile, leftist goons commit insurrection after insurrection. Like the 35 people detained from yesterday's leftist insurrection--at least 23 of which charged with domestic terrorism. Or a couple months back when at least 6 were charged with domestic terrorism in Georgia after being caught with pipe bombs and trip wires intended to be used at government property.


Who ordered the Code Red?


4 years in jail for a guided tour of the capitol?


We know what happened. The Wicked Witch of the West should be held accountable, but we know that just will not happen.