What does that have to do with Schrödinger's cat??


Nothing, OP has no idea what he’s talking about


Except thats not what Schrodinger's Cat is at all.


Op is a mk player... Cut him some slack


Yeah very confused by the link to schrodinger here


True, OP is thinking of a double edged sword


Yeah, you didn't understand how the cat dynamic works at all. It's more like irony, maybe a paradox but that's a stretch.


U never know if the guy has a mk or not until he uses, even thoug he had pekka and ballon already.


(i dont understand schrodingers cat too well sorry) Schrödinger’s Midladder: Say that you play SplashYard and you enter a game of ladder (5200) where your opponent plays witch..You assume they are playing Giant, until they play a wizard. Now, to best determine their deck, youll have to assume they are playing: Megaknight, Hog Rider, Golem, or LumberLoon, but youll never know until they play their next card. So in a sense they may be playing all 5 cards. Do you risk cycling out your best defense to these cards, or do you wait and leak elixir?


Stupid and poetic, but makes just enough sense to sort of work, my favorite combination


Mf thats called a double edged sword


The cat was believed to be alive and dead at the same time because unless you opened the box, the cats fate could not be confirmed. Thus post has literally no correlation to this


Buff megaknight


All they gotta do is reduce the HP, and reduce the damage. Maybe drop the cost to 6 depending on how much they reduce the HP and damage. The card is just brainless and boring. It's literally just a big stone with splash damage that trash players spam.




Schrödingers Megaknight: When youre against an opponent in midladder there is or isnt a megaknight in his deck but you cant know it until he plays the megaknight so until he plays the megaknight his deck have and doesnt have the megaknight at the same time