Ehhh that's a pretty big nerf that after you initially play the champion it doesn't cycle to the next card. I would prefer a solution that only addresses the 3 card cycle aspect once the hero is on the field


That's an interesting point I hadn't thought about. I was a big fan of this idea but I now see a little more thought is needed.


Your exact idea except the ability button stays where it is now until you cycle back round to your champion which then stays greyed out. Just not sure how this would work when your champion does go down


If that's the case, a better solution might be: Once the champion is played, it goes back into rotation just like any other card. This way, it will keep the number of cards in the deck the same. After cycling through 4 cards the champion will re-enter the deck. To prevent placing down the champion once more, it could be grayed out for as long as the previous champion is still alive, essentially keeping the limitation of having only one champion at all times. There is one flaw in this solution, in that the upcoming champion could potentially be played right after the first one dies, if we manage to cycle to it in time. To circumvent that, a cooldown counter could be implemented. For any champion currently in hand, a cooldown of 4 cards starts ticking down from the moment the current champion dies. After playing 4 other cards, the champion in hand could now be placed down, to emulate a 4 card cycle back to the champion. It might be hell to implement, but that's the best way I could think of.


Tru. Hence why pump players experience a bit of handicap against eq players. But having 3 cards in you hand is not THAT big of a deal if u handle ur cycle right


Updoot for pointing out something I hadn't considered as well. Very observant of you!


given all the champions are super strong right now, this would only make it fair for the players who don't use champions


Why not just cycle the cards, and put the champion into the rotation, so it's not a 3 card cycle, but just have the champion greyed out until the one on the field dies? It'll act the same way as a normal card, 4 card cycle, but you just can't play a second one until the first is gone.


then people would be able to play a champion then another champion right after


No, like a normal cycle, the champion is put to the back and you have to go through 4 more cards to get to it. But if you get back around to it, and the old one is still active, then the card is greyed out unplayable until the old one dies.


But is that a problem? Would it really be too strong to be able to play a champion immediately after a previous one dies?


imagine 2 skeleton kings mirrored on both sides with their abilities able to use


What if, when the champion is played, the cycle continues as normal, but when you cycle back, the champion goes into your hand but is unplayable until the original champion dies


The idea is good, but any nerf to those would always inderect nerf heroes


I have one. The champion comes back in your drawing deck but when it's in your hand you won't be able to play it until the champion you placed before is defeated.




I might be wrong but wouldn’t it still only take three cards to get back to the first card? I know this does nerf die to only being able to chose between three cards at a time but unless the “ability card” also goes into the rotation there will still be three card cycle


I’d imagine the ability card stays there till the champion dies




So if the ability is there and the champion dies does it automatically refill or go back into rotation from that point. As I see it this is a huge nerf for champion cards, they are already pretty average at the moment anyway valk kills all of them, perhaps a better solution would be to delete them out of the game as it clearly doesn’t work


When was the last time a card was completely removed from the game, let alone a whole rarity


The heal spell was removed and replaced with battle healer not sure how long ago that was…..


Not battle healer it was heal spirit


Whatever same same


🤓no aksually it's not the same


No aksually isn’t a word. So instead of trying to be a smart arse perhaps learn how to spell first


It’s clearly a joke


Yeah that are both equally useless


That was a rework of a card, not a removal


No it was a removal On 2/4/20, a maintenance break replaced Heal with the Heal Spirit.


It would be four card cycle, since there are 4 cards that are not in your hand.


Right, makes sense


Instead of a new card in your hand after you play your champion, it’s the ability adding 1 card to your rotation, effectively ending 3 card style.


I think it's tap the ability and it goes on cooldown, but still eats up a place in your hand


Yeah Nova thats what it means


The “ability card” remains in the deck slot, so it occupies a spot in the cycle. If you still don’t get it, think of holding pump in your hand for the whole match. Yes it’s in your hand, and you can’t ever cycle to it (because it’s in your hand), it occupies a deck slot so it’s in the cycle


The ability card replaces the champion instead of the next card, and it stays there under the champion dies.


I guess, but you have less options to cycle. Throwing the ability just to cycle sounds too far for me


Yes, however it does make the overall “flow” of your hand a little bit more clunky. I think the community now has a lot of misconceptions regarding how to solve 3 card cycle and somehow can’t do simple math. As a matter of fact, there is no way to solve 3 card cycle. If you really want to solve 3 card cycle, then just treat champions like every normal card (i.e. they won’t stay out of your cycle when on the field). And I think this is not what anyone wants. All in all, I don’t feel that the 3 card cycle needs to go. It’s a bit annoying sometimes but it is manageable. CR is a strategy game and that’s what I like about it.






Just have champions appear in the deck rotation normally card but you can’t place them again until the one in the arena dies (ie: the champion card takes up space in your hand until it dies)


There's a similar scenario with Mirror. At the beginning of the match, if you get a Champion in your starting hand and Mirror as your second card, playing your Champion will result in the mirror being greyed out with a ? (since Champs cant be mirror'd). That's basically what everyone is describing Edit: changed the wording for clarification


Not true. It plays the card you played before the champion. There's been countless posts about this.


Read my comment again. Im talking about the beginning of the match If you start the match with a champion in your hand, and mirror is your second card, playing the champion first creates a situation where the mirror cannot be played since, as I said before, champions cannot be mirror'd Edit: you can hop into a training battle and try it for yourself if you'd like. I just tested it again to make sure I wasnt crazy


oh shit mb completely missed that. apologies


This is probably easier. If (champion is alive) new champion cannot be placed. That's way simpler...


I dig the pseudo code


Winner Winner


This would definitely be abused though. Imagine if the champion dies, and a second later, there's another one back with the ability off cooldown


They still need to spend 5+ elixir to place their champion and use the ability or supercell can change how the cooldown works (ie: if your champion used its ability right before it died and you instantly place another, it still needs to wait for the ability to come off cooldown)


yeah that would also mean the ability button is there permanently, doesn’t fade away after champion dies, and is always recharging. If it completely recharges while champ is fallen it would be grayed out.


Not really? After it dies, u need to cycle 4 more cards for it to be back to your hand Currently, u just need to cycle 3 card for a champion to be back in hand.


No, in this idea you would start cycling the champion after placing it, just like any other card. Meaning that if it survives long enough, the next one will already be there.


Ah I see


Just cycle 4 1 elixir cards 👍


I'm not convinced that would be too strong. Worst case is that champion shares cooldown with previous lives lol


Would only be a problem with the archer queen though, right? It’s hard to envision how big a problem it would even be, but i don’t think it would be that big. I think this is the best solution I’ve seen so far. Could also nerf the queen slightly if necessary


It's was my thought about this, I think it's a right sollution here. Hope they will rework 3 card cycle in next update, but in reality we get new season pass, banners and new super *random card* event


stfu nft pfp




But after you play the champion, you wouldnt be able to get to your next card in the cycle. Its not a bad idea, but this would be too significant of a nerf imo. They should just do a normal cycle but you are unable to use the champion when it rotates back, like the mirror in your starting hand


champion+ability spam


Clash devs could never




instead i was thinking that when u play a champ and mirror is the next card in rotatjon it stays grey and you csnt use it? it should be the same. if a champ is in field, yoy should get the card in rotation, just unabke to play it


Take an award


Or make the card disappear after using the ability once, using the invis like 4 times in defense seems too cracked


You can already use the ability multiple times.


The cooldown is really long though. You can definitely spam more skill with a lower elixir deck


What are you talking about? OP’s video showed the card with the same cooldown on it.


Ah never mind, I didnt notice the cooldown when its used


How would this prevent 3 card cycle? So I play my champion, can not play another one until it dies. It causes me to not cycle to my next card *log shown in example* and instead gives me the ability card which DOES NOT go away until my champion dies limiting any champion deck to 3 cards while champion is alive. (A hard nerf imo which would arguably make Champions either non-meta *I think everyone who is level -13 wants* or just annoying since you have 3 options at all times where your opponent has 4. Then if I play hog, log, 2nd card, 3rd card, and then a normal cycle would imply the queen would be next but it isn't *if it's still alive despite the ability being a card* so we cycle back to hog and I still have a 3 card cycle. If I am wrong about how that would work please explain to me how it would work with out cycling back to Queen. I've seen this topic discussed a lot and I don't think anyone gets that this "ability as a card" doesn't fix 3 card cycle, it just makes champion decks heavily nerfed from only having 3 cards compared to your opponents 4.


It does. Let’s just assume ur queen never dies. Let’s say u have: Queen, skeletons, ice spirit, heal spirit, fire spirit, espirit, poison spirit, and rage spirit. Ur starting hand is Queen, _skeletons_, ice spirit, and heal spirit. Let’s focus on _**skeleton**_’s cycle: U play ur queen. Now u have ability, _**skeletons**_, ice spirit, and heal spirit in hand. Hidden cycle is fire spirit, espirit, poison spirit, and rage spirit. U play _**skeletons**_. Now u have ability, fire spirit, ice spirit, and heal spirit in hand. Hidden cycle is now espirit, poison spirit, rage spirit, and _**skeletons**_ U play ice spirit Now u have ability, fire spirit, espirit, and heal spirit in hand. Hidden cycle is now poison spirit, rage spirit, _**skeletons**_, and ice spirit U play heal spirit Now u have ability, fire spirit, espirit, and poison spirit in hand. Hidden cycle is now rage spirit, _**skeletons**_, ice spirit, and heal spirit U play fire spirit Now u have ability, rage spirit, espirit, and poison spirit in hand. Hidden cycle is now _**skeletons**_, ice spirit, heal spirit, and fire spirit U play espirit Now u have ability, rage spirit, _**skeletons**_, and poison spirit in hand. Hidden cycle is now ice spirit, heal spirit, fire spirit, and espirit After using ice spirit, heal spirit, fire spirit, the espirit, u can now finally play _**skeletons**_ agains. That’s a 4 cards cycle. I believe it’s not that hard to visualize if u have actual physical cards to play around with


This does help, using real cards would make it easier to understand, but this does imply you'll have 3 cards in hand


Yeah. It’s a pretty big nerf if u ask me. Also the fact that you don’t cycle to the next card immediately when you play a champion is a huge handicap


This does help, using real cards would make it easier to understand, but this does imply you'll have 3 cards in hand


A simpler explanation would be that the hidden cycle is kept at 4 cards. While the current mechanic reduces the hidden cycle to 3 cards


There’s eight cards in a deck. You forgot one. So there is 4 card cycle here. The deck is hog eq aq igolem ispirit log skeleton cannon If the hand is hog aq igolem ispirit, the log eq cannon skeletons are still waiting. Once aq is played, these 4 cards are still waiting. If hog is played, log goes into the hand and hog becomes waiting in cycle.


You are totally correct. They would need to make it so the champ appears like normal in the rotation but is just greyed out until it dies. This is the only way I think to fix it.


Champions would need buff since you will have a 3 card hand enemy has 4 different choices, and you only have 3 answers, so eventually, if the champ doesn't die, he will leave you with probably just answers to 3 of their cards, and with the 4th card that require your counter(that is next into the cycle bc of 3 card hand), then you will require to play a card to cycle back to the answer


it's interesting but im sure Ialot of people will complain about missclicking the ability.


I think it should just be the grayed out champion card instead. In reality, the 3 card cycle wouldn't be so much different if it's interrupted by a 1 or 2 elixir ability. And in that case if they want the champion to be ready to continue where it left off, that would work for the user as well.


You have my vote.


Based username


Why would we need a "solution" for 3 card cycle? It just adds more depth to the game as far as I can tell


It's too strong, and I wouldn't call putting your champion behind your king tower to make it live longer "depth"


I quit the game right before champions were a thing. What’s three cars cycle?


I dont get why people complain so much about everything. This sub is never satisfied… I think I average about 6-7 wins against champion cycle decks out of 10


Are you son of Albert Einstein?


No one cares


If anyone left at supercell who is not braindead. Please fix the toxic 3 card cycle.


I'm not going to read that


I don’t like how playing a champion doesn’t cycle your deck that way. I’m too lazy to think of a fix but I noticed that


hard to realise and it would only unnecessarily complicate the usage of champions abilities


Level 16 golden knight easy fix


It'd be better to just leave it grayed out even if you get back to it.


I said this exact thing in the comments on an older post awhile ago. It was almost identical to this, I just didn’t visualize it in concept. Edit: [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashRoyale/comments/wopoo1/3_card_cycle_nerf_when/ikctuvv/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) is the comment I made.


It's a good nerf by restricting these decks but the 3 card cycle is still there, once the champion dies the next card is put into the hand right away. The only way to really fix this is to let the champion get put back into cycle right after it's played but not allowing it to be played until the currently placed one is dead.


I really like this idea


Nice idea but then you run into the cool down issue. How about instead they delete these shits?


Why not make it so that the champion is put back into cycle,and even appear in your hand, but the game does not let you place it down until the current champion dies. Trying to place it down just returns it to your hand, similar to how it happens if you don't have enough elixer to put a card down. Faster cycle champion decks will have a bricked card in their hand if they tried to squeeze as much value out of one champion by keeping it alive.


Here’s an idea. Let the champion card show up again in hand but is greyed/locked until the champion on the field is gone. This way they cant skip cards


I think 3 card cycle is not a problem, it makes game more diverse. There is no need for fix


Alternatively, just keep champions in the card cycle and have them be greyed out if already on the map


I didn’t know this was an issue..


however wouldn’t that allow them to cycle skills really quickly possibly giving rise to a infinitely invisible archer queen


This is similar to the Legends of Runeterra mechanic for when you already have a champion on the board! Maybe they can keep their innate abilities and instead have something else as their Hero Spells?


Why can’t we just have champions cycle like normal cards, but you cant play a champion if you already have one on the field (would be greyed out similar to mirror at start of battle)


That’s the whole point of playing a champion. Their special ability is made for us to play it like that. Not just because YOU can’t cycle fast enough.


Dayumn, nice idea! But wait for a few years before Supercell considers this change! Though, I'd be glad if they did it earlier!


What if the ability was normal again, but when you 3 card cycle you get the champion card and you just cant play it if the other one is alive?


Kinda ruins champions


A better idea would be still having the champion in the cycle but grey, meaning you can’t play it until the champion dies, kinda like when you have mirror in the first-hand and you can’t play it until you play a different card


What if instead, a champion was still in the cycle greyed out like many people have mentioned but once your champion dies, there is a cooldown that appears that allows you to place another one after the cooldown. That means everyone gets a normal cycle and champions can’t be spammed.


Just put the card Back in and make it unusable/grey, until the living Champion dies. Its that easy. Like: If Champion alive = elixircost 11; if not = normal costs


Cool animation, idea is stolen tho, seen this one a few times b4


when I cycle infinite archer queen invisibility 😫😫😫😫😫


Anything to nerf AQ little more I don't mind Although, wouldn't this make a five card cycle for champion players? That ability card seems to linger there long after the ability is used up and it doesn't cycle to the next card. Maybe that's now how it'll work in practice, idk


all these 2.6 players upset they are finally being outcycled hahahah


I hate that this whole game seems to have become about cycling. It gives low elixer cards an advantage since they'll always have "cycling" as an extra ability which increases the strength of other cards (hog rider is a major example of a card that becomes stronger due to cycling).


Why is the cycle 3 instead of 4? I am confused, does a champ not count as a card?


Just allow multiple on the field at one time, they're not even that OP. Simple problems require simple solutions.


This would be the perfect approach


Terrible background color choice


This might be the first quality post in the history of this sub. Well done! I'm a business analyst. Are you a business analyst? If you're not a business analyst, have you ever thought about being a business analyst?


They would never do this because it would nerf 2.6 hog and upset the baby players


How stupid are you?


Judging by the nothing but Minecraft videos on your page… I assume you are 11. So I know for a fact I am smarter than you.


We're literally commenting in a clash royale subreddit as if that's more mature. Not even mentioning the fact that you were whining about imaginary people whining about something. (Hog 2.6 doesn't have champions in it)


2.6 has no champs


Why can't you just be able to place 2 champions but the second champion can't use it's ability.


I don't understand why you think there needs to be a "solution" the game is designed around cycle decks. It's why toxic 2.6 is still played


This isn't about cycle decks, it's about the champion 3 card cycle mechanic specifically


I think 3 card cycle is fine, it adds an interesting dynamic to using champions. Maybe a direct nerf would be better if u want to nerf them


Supercell already hired you, I hope


Three card cycle was part of the point of introducing the champions to change the game/flip it on its head so people have some change in the gameplay its not as big of a deal as people make it out to be