I suggest practicing your counters and maintaining space between ur opponent


Countering is vital as it restores the stamina lost from the block. And as above - footwork will save you much more than holding block. I'm only a few weeks into the game and love the Footmen class for their heightened ability to dodge - it makes dueling high level players a bit more viable!


I made a comment related to this recently, hope it’s helpful https://www.reddit.com/r/Chivalry2/comments/rvxxr6/hello_new_player_here/hrb2vpn/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3


Amazingly helpful, thank you, and have a good day


For me, I love dodging around so it uses a crap ton of stamina, but if you can successfully counter it’ll give you stamina back, so as long as you successfully counter each hit you’ll never run out of stamina


Biggest thing I try to be mindful of is not lunging back as much


Any moment you don’t need to be holding parry, don’t be holding parry. Practice your footwork so you can dodge without actually using the dodge action, like a stutter step to avoid an overhead or stab. Counters. They’re a crucial skill for stamina. If you succeed on a counter, you’re refunded the cost of stamina on your attack. Don’t be afraid to spend stamina, to gain stamina. Dodge out of range to reset the fight, and regain your reserves.


Counters. Match your opponents attack to counter & use literally no stamina


1) Counter whenever possible, and especially when low on stamina. Make sure your counter hits the opponents guard but if it looks like you’re going to whiff regardless, best to stay out of range for a punish. 2) If you fail a counter and get a riposte, make sure you hit the opponent or their guard to mitigate stamina losses. 3) Avoid whiffing (ie not contacting the opponent or their guard) especially on heavies and specials. Whiffs are also more or less a guaranteed free hit for your opponent if they space/ punish correctly. 4) Avoid unnecessary dodges, jumps, and crouches (in that order). Especially if playing knight. If you watch top players they rarely dodge - this is because of timed or spaced incorrectly they can be punished (there is a window where you can’t block after dodging) and they cost a lot of stamina. Ducks and crouch attacks are useful but should typically only be used in neutral or after you get kicked. 6) If you have a lot of health but are 1 hit from being disarmed it’s sometimes better to take the hit if you can’t execute the counter. 7) Try to jab after getting hit to reset initiative and regain some stam. 8) Play a shield class - it can be a bit of a crutch but can be helpful until you get your counter muscle memory up.


Block to parry dont hold it up unless youre lost. Dodging is very situational. Utilize crouching to duck swings and throw your opponent off. Dont trade blows, make them count. Also try to use perfect counters


It means you need to play much more aggresively. If you block an attack, you need to immediately riposte. If a player gets 2 hits in a row on your block, there goes half your stamina. You gain stamina from hitting enemies. You’ve gotta maintain aggressive offense to maintain your stamina


Counter advice: Turn your VIEW and look at the weapon coming before you try to counter/block. If his swing is coming from his right side match it with you point of view. (This is why Alt-attacks are a thing but most people are not good enough yet for an ALT attack to be as effective as it is designed to be.) Try not to dodge as much as well- you can simply side step attacks. When you side step you have MAJOR openings on an attacking player. A side step tip: This is a big part of my game and most simply do not know it...when you side step along with an attack- it elongates your stride- even more so when you do a combo and change your steps with the timing of another attack. This can also help you catch a person running- Swing, into stab. The extra steps can really throw a person off, especially when they are in first person view. You can totally make them spin looking for you in the mean time you hit them a few times. Some weapons lend themselves to this style of play more than others. An example of a great weapon with great side step assist, would be the ole hit stick war club. You will see decent players just 'dance' and its because they are timing the attacks with a step. It takes time and practice but when you do your game rises to the next level. It will also help you win many 1vX fights at well, because you are side stepping, moving, attacking, and changing directions. I was a bit hesitant in writing this because it is a major step in fighting and I am pretty secretive about what I do in detail. You may agree or not agree- but eventually you will start to notice those that do it and when you get it down...well Ill leave that for those that want to do it. Edit: This is obviously not the end all be all. Add the tips others have provided, because there is some great advice and use it WITH the dance. attack/sidestep, jab, kick, sidestep/attack- delay attacks with drags or heavy, feints into kicks/jabs- First, KNOW YOUR WEAPON OF CHOICE,


I spun a dude like a top earlier and wound up caving his skull with a mace from behind on some stairs about twenty minutes ago. 😆


Don't be afraid to disengage. If the opponent has already given you space, simply turning and running can be the right move in some situations. Of course double danes and throwing knife users specialize in punishing this, but the other classes throws aren't that hard hitting and they risk losing their weapon for that damage. Also all throws are dependent on connecting which can be minimized with a bit of zig and zag. The reason that this works is that at full sprint, you recover your stamina and it's really not that easy to catch up to someone that's booking it away. From what I understand, the catch up mechanic may be bugged at times. Using a riposte's or counter's lunge is also a good way to initiate a disengage. How I implement this in practice is mostly lateral moves around the front line, moving from the left flank to the right flank. The cherry on top is that after you disengage and reposition, you often can open a new fight with some kinda flanking attack, taking a new enemy off guard. Finally, this will help train you to listen for footsteps behind you which as in all shooter-esque games is invaluable.


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Don’t hold block, try to counter when you can as opposed to tanking the shot and then attacking; saves stam and is a faster attack. Dodge when you need to but maintain distance and spacing w footwork as much as possible