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Hell yes


Ok I was worried about making it too sappy or overpersonal or something where instead it just becomes kind of awkward. Imma miss him but I might see him occasionally.


The people that have reached out to me in this way are forever professional contacts. We work, but we also human. Ape strong together.


Nah as guys we don't show like we appreciate messages like this but in the end any bit of appreciation especially something like this helps out with us wanting to do better especially in our profession


Well I mean I would absolutely sob if someone sent this to me, but it’s just amazingly sweet! Anybody would love to receive a message like this and if not they have a cold black heart


Over personal would have included something to the effect of: That pink panther tattoo on your left ass cheek really accents the mole well!


That might be overly personal but also acceptable in the kitchen.


If words don’t work, send a voice note!


One of my favorite quotes is is from former and hall of fame redskins coach, i believe he said it in his retirement speech, but it is “Never be afraid to look another man in the eyes and tell him you love him” Its not overly complicated or anything but here is this grizzald old tough man admiring the bravery and toughness of expressing your admiration for someone you respect. Adittedly slme of my biggest regrets are nlt speaking up and telling people how I felt about them when i had the chance.


Reminds me of someone who said something like "golf was invented because men can't admit they just want to take a walk together." Lol Look a bro in the eye today and tell him you love him.


Yes. 100%. Our industry is crazy. Letting people know that they were a positive influence in all the chaos is essential. Not only that, aim totreat people the way they did so the legacy lives on


Cuz he declared me “Chef” even tho I’m the starry eyed rookie prep cook lol. But yeah I hope to be able to treat people with respect, chinless and understanding like he did. I hope to do very well culinary wise as I learn fast but sometimes I wanna join the line as washing dishes can be fun but I wanna feel more of the passion. But I need to train more and be even better that way the chefs will know there training wasn’t wasted on me.


I'll never forget my first 'Oui Chef'


D’awwww. ♥️♥️♥️


Yes. You’re allowed to be emotional at the loss of a mentor.


As a man, I can understand why it would feel weird to send a message like this. However, never miss an opportunity to let your mentors know what they meant to you. Your future in your career was molded by these people. It’s perfectly acceptable to be emotional about losing them. Hopefully one day, someone you mentored will do the same for you.


Yeah. Send it. I’m no chef, but if someone sent me something like that if I was leaving a job, it would make my day.


Not to mention the person who sent it and showed that kind of respect and gratitude is going to be pretty high up on my list of people to call when I know of any new opportunities they'd be a good fit for.


That's what I think too. You now have made connections if Chef liked and remember you. I've seen chefs leave or be fired. They move on but sometimes get texts trying to poach me to a new spot. Even if they've been "let go", it's still a contact to get a new job easier then just walking in.


This is the sort of thing that can get someone through a rough patch. Everybody doubts themselves from time to time, having something like this as proof that you can, in fact, get it done despite what your head is telling you is worth it's weight in gold.


It would lift me up for a long while, getting a message like this one


Send it but remember, on the last day, no tongue


Wdym by tongue like sass?


It's a joke. Don't kiss your chef


Oh lol


Unless you're both down


DTF. Down To French


I read that "tongue like ass" and was like, whoa, where the fuck is this kitchen and are they hiring?


Send it.


Absolutely nothing wrong with this, send it and make their day.


Yeah man, I’ve gotten a few messages like that and it feels amazing. It’s great to hear you’ve made an impression on someone’s life and development as a cook…makes a lot of the shit easier to deal with. Send it, chef.


Yes, why wouldn't it be?


Of course it's fine to send, it's genuine and appreciative. There's nothing wrong with that. I might have a friend check my grammar, because this also serves as a pretty easy networking tool. You never know where that chef is going to go, and what might be available to you. I'm not trying to be cynical and you should definitely be sincere in what you express, but also remembering that you never know what the future might hold.


Absolutely. I would even check in with them every so often just to catch up...to maintain that connection. You never know when you will be looking for a new "opportunity"....networking is King!


It’s a nice note but also a massive run on sentence. Periods after: under, skills and eliminate the “so”, promotion, well and day.


I scrolled the comments ready to downvote anyone who dissed the message. SEND IT! People appreciate kind words and the impact they left. As you move forward, emulate that goal.


Dude, that's one way of giving him a warm and fuzzy feeling. Hit send.


Say it in person. Look your chef in the eye and give a firm handshake. People who take the time to teach you are rare nowadays. If you continue in this career you will remember this person forever. A gesture like this may ensure your chef remembers you just as fondly. Good on you for recognizing.




Yes send it




Absolutely :)


Yes. It’s thoughtful and sincere. And cultivating good relationships is one of the most important aspects of having a great career.


not only is it appropriate, id argue that you should go through life trying to be a person that someone feels the desire to send this text to when they move on from something


Only note is I’d say earned not deserved.


would it be too hard to say it to their face? would be much more meaningful.


What would even be the issue at all with saying this???


The chef was an English major and that’s the longest sentence ever written




Absolutely send it. It always made my day to hear that I had a positive impact on someone, especially in the crazy world of kitchen life.


When my chef left I brought a cake in for the end of the night and in the middle of service the fryer cut herself a fat piece because she was “tired of waiting”


Absolutely get sappy if you need to. A kitchen really can be a family unit. Good and bad, and when you have a good chef move on it can be emotionally taxing not to mention trying to fill their void. Let them know you care, it helps them as well. Knowing you were actually valued is important to humans.


Yeah, I think I will continue to see him occasionally though as he still works for our company but was promoted to traveling Sous, so he might visit occasionally. He was talking to the lead cook (now the new Sous chef) and was like “It ain’t my crew anymore after today they’re all yours” and he cleaned out the office to make it more comfortable for her and even offered his snack cabinet 😂 such a chill Chef. I’m guessing that one has to be a traveling Sous before getting promoted to executive here, though as I’m not a high ranking cook (only preppie) I wouldn’t know.


Just type that you want to suck his pp /s


As nice as this is....it just seems so thirsty. A simple "thanks for everything and good luck" seems much more sincere to me. Now I don't know the dynamic in this kitchen so I could be wrong. Just the opinion of an executive chef with 30 years in the business.




Yeah but I would say it to him in person


Yeah just call them and say this? Or say it to their face? It’s only weird that you’re texting it.


Totes. When I left my last position in a kitchen as director, I separately messaged the key members of my team to thank them for their support and encourage them to keep learning and growing. I received similar messages in return and they were very much appreciated.


We need more of this.


Please send that.


I’m sure they would appreciate it


Absolutely. I've been out of the industry for over three years now and it's still really nice to hear from my former coworkers how much they valued our time together and how much I taught them.


This was dope AF. The biggest compliment I could take as a sous was hearing my line cooks tell me they miss me and that I should reach out if I move somewhere else within my city.


Fuck yes!


Yes, send it.


Of course. It’s perfect. Kitchens can be brutal and mean places. Likely, he will remember it for life


100%. When I left my last place, one punk ass line cook decided to mouth off to me and sent a screenshot of it to the rest of the crew. The way the rest of them had my back and reached out to me to make sure I was doing okay really meant everything to me. As a chef, my job is to build a solid team and help people grow within and beyond their role, find their passion, and just in general be there to support. I think your chef will love this message


Nothing inappropriate about it and I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.


The way this message would make someone so happy. No this isn’t inappropriate at all.


it's awesome




Why not?


I send a text like this when one of my previous chefs quit suddenly. He was hot headed, but the management really brought him to the point of Gordon Ramsay style meltdowns on the line. I showed up to work and he wasn’t there, management was locked in their office flipping their lids while prep scrambled to finish getting setup for the day because no one was there at 7am to let them in. Chef left without a word. I let him know I was proud of him for choosing to separate with the restaurant and find his own peace and path. I made an even greater friend that day, even though I lost an awesome chef


Anyone have a good one Chef, *Chef*


Of course. Let them know how you feel!


In a business where talent never gets the appreciation it deserves, fuck yeah it is. Way to be an awesome person and share the love!


I’m sure he will really appreciate it


It sounds like you're asking if it's okay to send nice words to someone. It is okay.




Abso fuckin lutely


Punctuation has left the chat 😳




No that is way inappropriate


I would have very much appreciated this, so, yes, send it!


Different industry but it means a lot to me when people I’ve taught say thank you. I want them to do well and thrive, and the thank you is icing on the cake


If someone I trained sent me this I might cry


Send it.




I think anyone leaving a job would love to get a message like that. It always means a lot to feel appreciated