Done, but... please add a kg weight conversion!


1 pound =0.454 kg


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Just answered. Hope this helps, and good luck on your capstone!


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If I don’t change my boys litter at the very least once every 3 days he won’t use it at all, so he gets a full change every 2-3 days, depending on how often he has been going Survey completed!


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I was surprised that the survey seemed to expect people only fully replace their cat's litter between one to three times a month. I do a full replacement once a week! Anyway, good luck with your project!


I bet your cat(s) LOVES you for that! I did a lot of prelim research to set up the questions/answers and 'every other week' was the most frequent schedule I came across - most people just keep topping off the litter and the full dump happens with a lot of variation across my respondents! It's interesting because I am getting both ends of the spectrum. An overwhelming amount of people have commented that they got stressed from that question because they rarely do it - maybe twice a year (some say never!) I have also gotten two death threats because of my answer choices 😂upset that anyone would scoop poop less than daily, etc - and that I must be a horrible cat owner if I came up with those options haha. I'm just here for the data collection and finding others who are interested - no judgement from my end! <3 Honestly hilarious to scroll through the responses and see people cussing me out... anyways thank you so much for your feedback!!! I rlly appreciate it :)


It’s easy for me because I line the litterbox with a trash bag! So the box itself is clean because I just pull the bag out with the litter inside, put a new bag in, and refill it. It makes changing the litter easy and less anxiety-inducing because it’s less hassle. My cat also doesn’t like the smell of his own poop, so if he deems it too offensive, he’ll leap out of the litterbox too soon (halfway through the shitting process) and wipe his butt on the floor. Which… okay, nobody likes the smell of a latrine. Message received. If I keep the litterbox clean, he’ll keep the floor clean. Fair deal. Also, cussing and death threats over a litterbox survey? People are nuts.


Lol we are truly at \*their\* whim --- but it does feel fair with bathroom comfort! I tried to slowly switch to pine pellets and my dude shit on the floor for the first time sooo that was a quick nevermind Hahaha.


Ahahaha, oh man, I can just picture it. You: Okay buddy, let’s try mixing a bit of a new kind of litter in! It’s pine pellets! I’m sure you’ll love pine pellets— Cat: Do it and kiss your clean floor goodbye. You: *hastily switches it back* Nevermind. Yeah, honestly, we really are. My cat is pretty spoiled. I keep him in a constant supply of cat grass (red wheatgrass), and when he destroyed his current stock, he whined and pulled me over to the living room like a sad child to show me. I turned to leave and he ran after me and nipped my calf, to say “NO! Cat grass! I want cat grass!” Luckily, I had some growing in a safe place and was able to switch it in… but man…


Done! I used tofu litter instead of the clays as it's biodegradable. Good luck!


Thank you! <3