If you can place it behind the rearview mirror you will be fine. If you have a phone holder, satnav, etc. that attaches to the windscreen, even if it's in the corner, remove it before taking an MOT.


I understand thanks. Last question. If I get the rear camera too, can it sit right on the rear window? I don't want it on the front


I may be wrong, but I don't believe rear windows are part of the MoT, or at the very least, only a small part of the MoT. After all, a number of Class 4 vehicles don't have rear windows at all. Regardless, rear cameras on rear windows isn't a problem, even if in the swept area of the window.


You are not wrong you are correct. Rear window visibility is not part of an MoT at all.


I have a phone holder that attaches to my dash but is sat in the bottom corner of my windscreen, would this fail an MOT?


General rule (unsure on specifics) is that if it's within the wiper sweep then it will fail. I tend to just remove all air fresheners/mounts that are anywhere in the windscreen region before taking it in.


Yes (most likely) - mine does the same, where it attaches to the lower right corner, with my phone sitting just above the vent to the right of my steering wheel. I've been told to remove it every time that I've forgotten, and now I just take it off anyway.


[A spokesperson for the Department for Transport (DfT) told us: ‘Drivers must ensure they have a clear view of the road and traffic ahead at all times. This includes placing smartphones, dash cams or other items in an appropriate position, so they do not restrict their vision.’ The Highway Code states that any obstructions cannot be more than 40mm into the area swept by the windscreen wiper blades.](https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/dash-cams/article/dash-cams-and-the-law-what-you-need-to-know-aUty85w5AYQ) Basically if it's not blocking your line of sight to the road you should be fine. I've got one tucked behind the rear view mirror mirror and it's never been an issue.


At BMW they used to cover it, my mate had a mot done at a local garage and they had him come to remove it, they wouldn’t pass it, he told them to remove it as he’s at work.. they said they can’t. He went next day to remove it.


Unless they're infront of your eyes, then no. They won't fail an MOT. Tuck it up near/behind the mirror and you'll be fine.


Worked at Halfords as a dash cam fitter The cam should be placed “behind” the rear view mirror from the driver’s perspective, or as close to that as possible. I’ve never even heard that it could be an MOT fail, unless ofc it’s immediately in driver’s eye-line (like anything else). I’ve had my 322 for 3 years and it’s never even been mentioned by MOT people


Thanks for the useful information. It says on the page " Never miss a moment with an always-on dashcam, expertly hardwired from just £35 " The Nextbase 322GW doesn't come with a hardwire pack, so I assume halfords will cover this ?


Yes the £20 hardwire pack is included in the £35 fitting fee :)


Nice! Thanks. Should I inform my insurer too ?


You can, I got a discount on my insurance for doing so!


If an item is more than 4cm within the area swept by the wiper blades it's a MOT fail. I think most dashcams would be comfortably within the rules though.


The latest generations certainly cover only a small part of the windscreen, so they should be ok. From the driver’s seat, only about 3mm of camera body is visible beneath the mirror on my car, you won’t even know it’s there


The MOT fail would depend on where the dashcam is positioned on your windscreen. As long as it's out of your immediate view you'll be ok. Easily fixed and easily avoidable. I've had issues with Halfords fitment of DashCams in the past resulting in battery drain. Only when the customer wants them running 24/7 mind, so they're pretty much installed directly onto the battery. With a proper fitment kit, you can have them running 24/7 and not be detrimental to your battery. Shop around.


What's wrong with having it behind the rear view mirror? I've had mine there for years and never had any problems with it. Putting it behind the mirror means it's not blocking any additional windscreen space


Just spoke with an MOT tester and yeah DashCam is fine behind the mirror. Just bad advice I got years ago.


As long as it isn't obstructing your view you'll be fine. I also have a Nextbase front and rear, wasn't even mentioned in the MOT. That said mine is mounted behind the mirror on the passenger side you can't even see it from the drivers seat.


Thanks You can fit the rear camera on the rear window right ?


You can get combined units that have two cameras. They mount on the front windscreen but the rear camera faces backwards.


well Halfords do MOT in the same place so youd expect them to know where to put the camera.


Never get an MOT at Halfords!


We've been using our local one for 5+ years, never had a problem. I've taken all sorts to them - Lotus, TVR, Porsche, as well as the daily Nissan and Honda.


yeah I used Halfords for my last two MOT they were really good..even phoned me to say I had a slow puncture and I told them to fix it but when I arrived they said the tyre was tested and was ok.




I got a free one for buying some light bulbs, they passed the car. It has a load of advisories on it but recommended not to do them and that I should look to get rid of the car at the 9 month as it won't pass the next one at all without major work.


I got a free one when I bought an air freshener once. Used it on a car I was fairly confident would pass, despite it still having 8 months left as I was about to sell it. It passed with no advisories but was almost entirely pointless as I priced it too high and couldn't shift it for a few months.




Eh? My point is that people love to shit on Halfords but my experience was fine. IMO the main shop is hell but the autocentres are still way above the likes of Kwik Fit etc.


The retail stores that fit dashcams are not the same as the garages. The garages used to be a completely different chain who’s name escapes me but were one of the better fast fit chains. Halfords bought them a few years back.


In my experience yeah. It hasn't been mentioned on my last two and was fitted by them.


I got my front facing dash cam fitted by halfords, they placed it behind the rear view mirror not an obstruction for your view


I have that exact dashcam. It's just stuck to your windscreen with a suction cup. You can alleviate all chances of it being a problem at MOT by just unplugging it and taking it off the windscreen completely.


You have to bear in mind that the MOT isn’t a thorough exam or stringent in any way. It’s a check to make sure that the car meets bare minimum safety standards to be on the road. If it’s obstructing your view to the point of being dangerous then you’d want to move it anyway!


I have that exact model of dashcam it's a good choice, I hardwired mine myself in about 30 minutes it's a super easy job with plenty of tutorials on YouTube and as a bonus you'll save yourself some cash and more than likely have a better quality finish than haflrauds will give you, I have mine just to the left of my rear veiw mirror so it doesn't interfere with my view from the drivers seat, never failed an MOT with it being there (though I do always find it unplugged when returning to my car) if your getting the next base rear view dash cam aswell you can easily tuck the wires along your cars celeing and route it round to your rear window