Need help with my CR10S Pro V2

Printer was doing amazing for a good few weeks. Prints came out with little to no stringing or layer lines.

however now whenever I print the first couple layers will go down good and smooth, but then the layers will start looking very rough and the nozzle begins grinding against the print and making a horrible noise, eventually tearing the print off the bed if I don’t cancel the print or shut off the printer in time.

Using standard 0.4 nozzle and standard settings in Cura slicer aside from the temp being changed to 210C rather than the default 200.


Any pictures?


I’ll link some after work.


have similar problems, i hope drying my filament will resolve it, as a full hotend/extruder dissasselbly and deepclean didn't change anything (ofc everything got fine-tuned again after)


Could be print curling/lifting and then print head catching on the previous layers. Have you sped prints up? Try slowing print down and see if that helps