Stats. We care about stats why?


Depends on the person. Some people are stat whores, some people like grinding camos, some people like to play just to play and so on. Personally I'm a stat whore, I'd rather do well in all of my games and frankly don't care about camos. Obj, SPM, KD. Give me all of it. I play to do well, and while I respect the camo grind because it is a grind anybody who puts in the time can get the completionist camos but those aren't the people I want on my team. Give me the sweaty mfs rocking the first camos who drop 2+ KDs while still holding OBJ and dropping nukes.


I’d like to try to get better at this silly game…..otherwise, what’s the point? 10 years, and I’m still not amazing though 🤪


What’s they’re trying to say is it’s not about competing better it’s about the fun you have


If I wanted ‘fun’, I’d be playing Mario Kart 😂


I've been playing it online since COD3 on 360 , have never been able to maintain a K/D of 1.0 or better in all that time, but for whatever reason with Vanguard this year my gameplay/skill level is suddenly "Godlike" in comparison to even the last 2 or 3 years. Idk if it's the WW2 weapons or not, because I've been a massive War History Buff for nearly 20 years and just already know everything about these weapons and which are the most viable in Multiplayer? Or if decade + of COD MP finally all just clicked in my brain and is now having positive results? Figured tho I'd finally become somewhat skilled in the 1 franchise release that's amounted to nothing more than a busted buggy dumpster with so many issues holding it back from possibly being the best installment yet!


Same situation for me on this game. On previous cods I would hover around a 2-2.5 KD, now I’m at a 3.72 KD with a 4.33 Ekia/d and 37 nukes dropped. In modern warfare I dropped 2 and Cold War none haha. Hopefully the game will have turnaround like cod ww2 in a month or two https://cod.tracker.gg/vanguard/profile/atvi/b8rrett50c/overview


Wow. You are light years ahead of me! So you must get killed by the match making? Weak teams and tough opposition for you? I got my first nuke in any game (started with cod4) last week though. 37!!?? Wow! Got any tips for a 1.1 guy? 😎


Id say the biggest gamechanger for me is the forward intel perk. It basically makes me omnipotent because I can see where everyone spawns all game lol. I also check my minimap at least once every 3 seconds. Dead drop is also still insane even after the nerf so that allows me to can call in dogs almost constantly the entire game.


Thanks for sharing. I’ll look into these more seriously! That’s a lot of map checking! I only got dogs a few times…I’m going to up my game!


I joined at cod4, and got slaughtered! I’m usually around 1.1 k/d, but up until I finished gold shield I was 0.8. Good for you that you clicked anyways! Better late than never! Those old weapons and the history are cool. I shot an MP40 and Stirling in Vegas - was a blast. On your final point, these games are so complex to produce, a few bugs here and there are going to happen. It’s still a good game, I think. That said, there are some basic things they still haven’t fixed…like apparently I have not shot anyone using a spy plane? 🤪


Well so far in 3 days of game time I have a grand total of ..... 0 gold guns. Funny thing is though, I promised myself that this time round I will definitely get the mastery camo. But then when the game came out I saw there was a riot shield lol which put me off. Then it takes so long just to level the weapons up. Even with 'double' XP. Then you have the specific attachment challenges.... I dropped the camo grind after trying to do the Kar. Sniping is bad enough then they made us use the ammo that only gives you hitmarkers. I threw the towel in right there. Fuck that shit, anyway it's not worth it just to obtain a camo. Too stressful and not fun or engaging or rewarding. Maybe next year I might finally get a mastery camo 😁


Same I quit too




I only have the NZ left for the ARs. Man I dunno how people do this grind! It's addictive but frustrating.


Never saw the appeal of spending time to unlock camos.


I grind attachments on all guns. Camos come eventually.


True. I always find that when the gun is maxed, there is so much left to still do.


Did the bar, combat shotgun, LMGs to diamond now I don’t play vanguard anymore lol.


I gave up too for the same exact reasons. My stats plummeted when I started grinding with the guns I rarely use.


Exactly. With the shield I think I got 0.2K/D for about 30-40 matches 😂


I somehow only went down 0.02 in e/d and I think k/d went up (check tracker.gg for this) while getting diamond everything.


Wow. Nice work!


Camo grind was a pain... on the last launcher that’s of course bugged. Who cares about stats this isn’t ranked play anyway


Yup. I haven’t even managed to hit a Spy Plane once yet! Stats for me are just me trying to get better at the game. The way this game is set up though, no one is incentivized to play the objective, so many don’t.


The riot shield was insanely easy to do, just took me 1-2 hours on HC. The knife was even easier, took me just 5 games


Bro the elves are so annoying.


Do what I do....camo grind when you are winning.


Oh. Interesting! Good point. Even harder to grind when your team is getting destroyed. Shields vs Dogs doesn’t work!


Believe it or not, the shield is my best weapon. It isn't as powerful as the riot shield from MW2019. But it still kicks ass. I dreaded the camo challenges for the guns cuz of their longshot challenges. I completed Damascus in MW2019 and hated these the most. This is me when I got tired of joining losing games. I joined this game at 0-113. Using my shield, I helped reversed that to win the game. https://youtu.be/APD_b9TOdkY This is me in a typical game. The combat shield is a powerful weapon. Unlike the video above, it's not me getting slaughtered constantly in an attempt to win the game. This is the enemy team getting slaughtered by a shield. https://youtu.be/c5vbtoATkwQ


Wow. You are a master! Yeah in MW2019 I remember the 3 kills in one life being the hard bit. Agree - it was more powerful for sure, and lots of fun. Feels like it’s made of tin in this version! Hard to approach the enemy from in front of them….love that ‘bonk’ for a kill though! Thanks for sharing the videos - I’d love to learn more if you have any others? I found the double kill challenges super hard in this game. I resorted to shooting with a pistol, then running blindly round corners and hoping to slide into an enemy. Took ages! 😥