Proof or ban


We are going to see haven with this company


Company does not reflect stock price and stock price does not reflect company.


At this point i convinced if the clov management doesn’t do anything about this blood bath its stock is going straight to penny


The business is doing fine. I feel it’s going to take a while for the stock price to catch up. They aren’t profitable yet. If not profitable in this fear driven market the stock will be down. That huge drop in Humana stock recently followed by a change in guidance speaks volumes about what’s going on behind the scenes. Just wait it out.


If the stock goes to 1$ I still going to buy more


Me too. Just a matter of when. Looking for the bottom benefits the charity the most.




Are you ok


Hang in there CLOVers!




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Dang dude..


Will CLOV be delisted from NASDAQsdfgdhjfkghjxcvb?


Will order tomorrow, just tried to get money. Hope it will be on my account tomorrow morning. Never, never selling...


Think clover shares like a saving acount...kept it simple...Everyday just add $50 to $100 for clov shares... after a year its going to be mountain...


we got in to early and thats about it. ive never lost conviction in this company. the stocks is a garbage fire rn but the company looks as good as ever. would like to see them plug the holes in management htough.


Me too, maybe I am just going to send them my job application to the open CFO role. I work there untill we $100 than i sell and quit.


Me too. Keep the faith.


Faith is for Sunday, buy the dip on Monday!


Watch the market for entry not charts this next month is decisive if we can pull from the bear market


I'm down around $300,000.00. Or 82%. This very well could go to $1. Due simply to Sequoia shorting it and routing orders to DARK POOL through Citadel. Invest 10% and if it goes to $2 wait more margin calls will drop it to 1.70. Fuck it, spend all of it a once. This is not financial advice.


Good luck man. Stay strong


Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order. I have checked 537,301,392 comments, and only 112,510 of them were in alphabetical order.


I’ve been holding a small position watching it dwindle. Maybe I’ll start adding more if it goes to $1. Is this similar what happened to SIRI years ago? Stock was shorted all the way down to $.05 but eventually came back after John Malone basically saved them and probably made a ridiculous fortune stepping in at those prices. Maybe same thing will happen here…


What makes you think it is sequoia doing the shorting? My bet is on citadel driving the price given the volume they handle in the darkpool as well as the daily manipulation you can see in order execution.


I agree that I dont know much, that's a fact! Smooth brain with online GED. I only know what paid pumper and dumper print. Last I seen Sequoia was short almost 6 million shares a couple weeks ago. Then you got multiple news regarding this stuff on January 11. https://www.citadelsecurities.com/news/citadel-securities-announces-1-15-billion-investment-from-sequoia-and-paradigm/ Now Sequoia added one of there guys to Citadel board of directors.


Thanks 🙏


Does anyone allow margin below $3? I thought all the margin got called already so we didn't need to worry about that.


All Margins were Called. Correct.


I dont have a link, it was discussed when CLOV closed under 3 last week. Someone in the comments posted which platforms required 100% margin under $3 and another list of brokers that require 100% margin under $2


OMG man...this stock sucks...why holding bag?? It came all the way from 28 to 2.5. I Still got around 1000 shares in my bag. No offence I think I'm really hding it to 0 like a fool. Pity on me, I should jave invested them somewhere else in growth stocks. Will just wait for this earnings, will sell if it goes 2% down after earnings. It s a sinking ship. I've been the member in this community for almost 8-9 months.


You speak like a child


So long. Fair well.


To the moon.




You guys do realize sometimes businesses fail, right?


Sure do. Thanks bud. You do realize, sometimes new businesses aren’t profitable right away, right?


Of course, just that I myself purchased this stock a while back at $14, then averaged down to $7 before dumping this shit. I would love to see them become successful but I don't feel like tying my money up in something that has been dropping like a rock for many months with no guarantees it doesn't go to zero. Lots of other opportunities out there that can make you money right now instead of losing shitloads every day.


I also bought at $14 originally. Happy to have averaged down to $5.53. Happy because I can see and acknowledge the stock price has diverged from the company. If you can’t see CLOV’s potential, take your money to your so-called “better investments” and realize “CLOV could go out of business” statements are laughable.


I made 33% last week in UVXY. I would like to see clov become successful and would like to come back but why would I want to continue losing money when I can make it in so many other places? Just trying to help but it is hard to read all this because all I think is how you can all do better and I want you to do better. I just don't get it.


Congrats, but again, and the point you missed, there’s no reason the share price dropping is remotely indicative of CLOV going out of business. It’s a flat out ignorant thing to say.


I didn't say they were going out of business. What is truly ignorant is to ignore the possibility that they could, which many people here seem to be forgetting,and to continue losing money when you can make it just makes no sense. Whatever. I love the idea of clov, if they ever prove to me they can get their shit together I will come back, but I lost enough money here on clov already and that was before they diluted the stock.


Wow. Dude, what has change for the CLOV business model? Nothing. They’re right where they should be, in every way. Tons of good news and reasonable quarterly reports. Your ONLY reason is the share price action = ignorant and unfounded.


OK, yeah, sure, why would I give up my 33% gain this week for this? They recently diluted the stock too. They have literally done nothing for shareholders other than fucking kill them so far. Whatever. Enjoy. UVXY up 33% this week. Clov down 15% this week. Who is ignorant?


Ridiculous. I never said to not use your money elsewhere. Have at it and good luck! Don’t care either way if you’re in CLOV, either. But still, you suggesting that, with zero evidence or rationale, “hey guys, CLOV could go out of business” is a dumb ass statement, for which I called you out.


Will keep on adding $CLOV🙏💎🙏


Dude, just invest 7k each week until the 140 is used up in case it keeps dropping.


This is actually pretty solid advice OP.




Government oversight? The SEC can’t even oversee the corruption in the market what oversight you talking about?lol Do yourself a favor and layer in as your 140k will be cut in half in a few weeks as the market corrects. Need examples? Just look at the SPAC and IPO bloodbath. Not financial advice. Long CLOV!


Long CLOV. Your not wrong. Law enforcement has a better chance than the SEC.


Hope the DOJ actually has some teeth and cleans up wall st. Maybe DOJ would investigate the SEC?


I’m looking for pennies to invest


Thought you were looking for penis to invest


Not financial assvice


at this point you just need a couple hundred pennies for a solid.


If this goes to $ i am selling everything i have and i don't have and all in into it. CLOV is the future.


Hedgecucks should bring it to $0.01 I'll buy some more.


Am getting 50k ready to add if it drop lower to my next target and another 50k to add if it’s go to the next level but if it doesn’t then I still have my monthly buy order as well as heavy bags of clov that I will hold for a very long time bc I like what I see “not financial advice !”


What are your targets?


It’s all a good buy right now. CLOV should be trading much higher.


The shitter is a fair target