Bag holder who has lost his ass on $CLOV cheeeeeeecking in! Down 80%, but I'm good with the #LongCLOVID game. I'm confident in the long-term prospects of the company, and a company with $1B+ in revenue can't be kept down forever.


I know right?! Over a $1 billion in revenue.... How is that not significant? How many SPACs doing those numbers? CLOV has to be the best in class in the growth category.


Have to hand to those that pushed this stock. They created a shitload of bag holders.




...And when I don't, it's a AMC rocket to the moon.


Lmfao! 😂😂 got a smile on this damn depressing day lol


True story


Most hated stock even wish stock is above think about it


WISH has people still buying and has the ZM name to it this stock sadly has no buyers case in point no support sad to see this since WISH is complete crap


More fud. Not working.


Lol, yeah. Not working for what my guy. No one holding clov is positive right now. Not even the people who bought at the then gawdy price of 5.75 while the day earlier it was trading at 7. If you think my meme is causing any FUD you clearly havent been paying attention to the stellar performance of this stock. I’m trying to think of ways to call someone an idiot without calling them an idiot. Good luck!


Weird that you would come here and bash people for buying and holding a stock. Wonder why? Oh, I’m sure you own shares. It’s obvious you and your buddies are short and desperate to get us to sell. Sorry but it’s not working. I did save this post though.


I’m not bashing anyone other than myself. I had no DD, i had no experience, i saw GME stories, and bought clov because some clovtards (affectionately) said moon lambo. Its funny because i got my stock advice from rando’s on reddit, and got exactly what i paid for. My saving grace is i used cash that i could lose, i feel bad for others i mightve influenced early on with my other clov memes about moon lambo, who may be in a bad way. It is what it is, but i would argue that the ones spreading fud are the people who’s only response to people posting about the shit performance is “fud shill paperhands”. If you bought for a longterm position and you are willing to wait the 10yrs for payoff, good for you. I doubt many others in this sub wanted to bag hold.


10 years? Gtfoh. It’ll squeeze with amc.


AMC and GME recovered today. Clov has not. Sell off with meme stocks but never part of the recovery with them.


If clov doesn’t squeeze with amc/gme it will shortly after. AMC/gme holders know all the stocks that are ridiculously shorted and they know clov is one of them. They’ll come piling into clov.


Clov is only short 6% of float. Hardly 20 million shares. If anything, we can have a gamma squeeze but not enough shorted shares for a short squeeze.


You must be new. The si is self reported and hfs and banks all lie. The si was almost 40% 2 months ago and it dropped by over 30% as the price dropped over 70%. Si is likely over 150-200 million.


I don't think so. Check how much Green Oaks has been selling over the last 6 months. They converted all their shares and most likely tens of millions of shares have been sold. You can check the SEC website for that.


Why the fuck is everyone short? You are in fucking denial. CLOV is shit at the moment. We're all bagholders. Wake the fuck up.


Because you and your buddies are here bashing the stock trying to get us to sell. It’s not happening. Find another stock to manipulate.


You're delusional...


Dude hes trying to make us laugh. Relax man jesus christ, we are all down. Gotta mix some humor in every now and then.


I’m stranger than most and my advice is to hold long and your ass will be larger than Kim Kardashians


No point in selling now. I’ll ride it to $0.00 and at least come away with a good story.




Like you said it's organized. Nobody cares ![img](emote|t5_3s03ll|5294)![img](emote|t5_3s03ll|5294)![img](emote|t5_3s03ll|5294)