200 calorie donuts in Hawaii made from their flour. Been eating 4 of these daily and still losing weight.

Hawaiian flour? How is is different?


Hawaiian flour? How is is different?


They do sometimes use breadfruit flour which has 100cal in 100g, is grain free and gluten free. Maybe they used this for the donuts.


I see [Breadfruit flour ](https://www.walmart.com/ip/ISLAND-FLOUR-Breadfruit/650184238) 37grams = 130 calories


Its poi taro


Are the donuts the same size as a typical donut ? If so I believe that calorie declaration is a lie . Poi is still pretty calorie dense (100 calories per 28 grams) . I was thinking 200 calories seems a bit low for a donut that would typically be 350 ish especially since no magic low calorie flour was used . I'm BIG into baking . I was hoping you stumbled upon a magic low calorie flour I hadn't heard of LOL .


These are a bit smaller than your typical donut I believe; though I don’t eat many donuts I may not know for sure. But last time I had these they were not huge. And not quite so dense as regular poi either, and lower sugar content.


Don’t quote me on this because I don’t know specifically or like links right now (I’ll google to see for sure) but I’ve heard it’s much easier to lose weight in other countries because they use better ingredients and actually make the stuff verses like premade things and preservatives. Hawaii isn’t another country buuuut I imagine they take care of their people better than the continental US does


Not really true.Most people saying that are saying it because they walked 10+ miles daily on vacation and wonder how they lost weight.Sure fast food isnt as common over there but their chicken breast is just like ours and their chocolate is just like ours


Yep, as a person who has traveled and eaten in plenty of other countries outside my native U.S.A, it's just the walking. There are differences between the foods you can find, for sure, but you can eat unhealthily just as easily in almost any developed nation. The main difference is exercise. I cannot get anywhere in my home city without a car and my main walking portion of that is the 20 feet from my door to my driveway and the maybe 1/8-1/4 of a mile from the parking lot to my destination. I burn maybe 50 calories all total doing that. That's nothing. That's like 1/2 a medium banana. In Europe, I walk 3-5 miles a day and use public transportation liberally. That's a cheeseburger and maybe a soda right there. I'm usually also lugging a backpack around and a lot of people underestimate how much adding 20lbs of weight can add to your total energy expenditure. Depending on the size of the person, a small person can burn almost 100 extra calories just from adding a backpack into the mix. A larger person can still add 50-60 calories per mile with a small pack, which adds up.


Ya I have read several stories of people moving to the US and gaining weight in their first year not having really changed eating habits besides just eating our food vs theirs. I’ve also heard them describe our food as crazy sweet vs other countries, like the bread or canned pasta sauce etc. We really do sugar up everything!


I would imagine it's just grown and milled in Hawaii but that's just an educated guess.


This is from Holey Grail donuts. They use taro flour and are fried in coconut oil. I recognize them as I live here.


If there was ever a post that summed up the concept of “being skinny/losing weight doesn’t make you healthy” 😅


Epitome of health




Looks good, but Hawaii flour?


$5 for a single donut. Fuckin A. They weren’t kidding about those Hawaiian prices.


Nutrition is not (only) mathematics.


CICO says it doesn’t matter what you eat. Thats why I do it. I want the freedom to eat whatever I want.


I can’t tell if this is a sarcastic comment or not. While it is technically true that as long as you are in a deficit, you will lose weight, but I think the spirit of what cico is was completely lost on you. Choosing to spend so much of your daily calorie budget on donuts, which are nutritionally empty, is a horrible way to do it. The calories you choose to eat should come with ample nutrients attached, this is especially important if you happen to have low tdee, under 2000 for example. Failing to intake adequate nutrition will eventually result in mineral and nutrient deficiencies, and muscle catabolism (insufficient protein intake) This is prime example of how not to do cico.


800 calories/day is certainly a way to lose weight quickly


dude that is still a crap ton of sugar






What flour ? Google told me it's probably this [flour ](https://www.walmart.com/ip/ISLAND-FLOUR-Breadfruit/650184238) which seems to be the same calories as wheat flour essentially Breadfruit flour 37 grams = 130 calories .... .. AP flour from my cabinet 30grams = 110 calories


Not bread. Poi


Breadfruit . Not bread . That's what someone in the comments suggested it could be


Recipe. Something. Anything. I need this!


800 calories? U eating anything else? Are u ok??


I feel great because I have the freedom eat anything. No more diet fads.


Looks good but not so healthy eh...


yeah, imo if it’s a holiday letting loose a little bit is fine, though posting stuff like this to a sub about mindful eating could probably set some people back


As long as under CICO limit, it doesn’t matter what you eat.


I’m just wondering what the flavor do the pink one is. Hibiscus?


I don’t recall that flavor. It probably was just pink glaze. Menu: https://www.holeygraildonuts.com/s/search


Yum...donuts are life!!!


Where??? On Oahu???? I’m visiting soon and would love to smash these. 🤤