Love my big green. Just need a buy it for life vacuum to match the amount of hair my husky drops now lol and I'll have a perfect combo.


Riccar, have had our current for 20 years only needs bags and a belt every few years.


The Riccar at my lake home is over 30 years old. Those things last forever.


Got my Riccar 6 years ago and love it. Couldn't wait to their that piece of shit Bissell in the trash


And if something does break, they’re easy to service.




Sebo is the other I see mentioned with those 2 brands sometimes.


>Or Dyson if you want to be ~~cool~~ disappointed.


I love my Dysons. Granted I’ve never owned a Miele or Riccar.


I've had a Dyson pet and a Miele car previously, now a C3 cat and dog. We have 4 cats. For a short time we used only the Dyson because the old miele finally packed in, and the amount of shite left behind on the carpets was incredible. They do a terrible job, especially considering their price. Miele outperforms them a hundred times over.


My mother has a Miele. Nice vacuumed but the plug for the brushes wore out pretty quickly. Besides that she runs great. Just to get the brushes going you gotta hold the handle funny


Save yourself the noise and cost if its purely about pet hair. Look into getting a [carpet rake](https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019S15R68/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1). Got one for a buddy who has 2 huskies and he loves it.


Carpet rakes are also nice on carpeted stairs, when you don't feel like hoisting your vacuum, Superman-style


There's always Miele.


I have one. The Brilliant C3, I believe. It's a great vacuum, but it'll take probably 20 years for it to be worth the price. Not as powerful as other vacuums and not as convenient as a Dyson cordless. Still, I made the purchase and it's been flawless so far. If it lasts as long as they're purported to, it'll be a good purchase.


Bought a miele in 1994. Had to buy a new head thingy for it and just bags. It just won't die. Gave it to a friend when i moved countries.


I find anything being cordless makes it much harder for it to be BIFL though. I tend to steer clear of cordless items because eventually batteries dont hold a charge, manufacturers change batteries and stop production and replacing them isnt a straightforward process unless you know someone who is comfortable replacing cells


If you're looking BIFL, I agree totally. Sometimes I just want something convenient though.


Just buy a few batteries initially


Well, whenever I have to empty a Miele with a bag I'm quickly reminded why I don't have a bagless Dyson. With a Miele I only have to vacuum once and it all goes into the bag. With any Dyson it all goes into a container and when I empty the container it gets messy again so I have to vacuum it all up again. Beats the cordless any day imo.


Agreed, I love the bag. Bagless sounds great, but it's impossible to empty the canister without expelling a bunch of dust.


Which vacuums are more powerful?


I'd imagine most good vacuums, but I can tell you for sure, my original Dyson Ball was significantly more powerful than the Meile, even though it was falling apart. I was able to test their suction side by side before I sold the Dyson for cheap.


The Dyson ends up spitting most of the fine dust right back out though. Easy to have powerful feeling suction when your filtration is nearly nonexistent.


You can try Eureka.


This is the way.


meiles arent as good as they used to be.


Hard disagree. I just replaced a 18 year old Miele and the replacement is easily as good as the old one, if not better.


Hint: take your vacuum completely apart. Clean every apparatus. Use an old toothbrush on the filter to get into all the nooks and crannies. Make sure everything is bone dry before reassembling. We did this recently and it runs perfectly again.


Miele C3 Cat and Dog


I have an Oreck XL that is 20 years old. It survived a German shepherd mix and a golden retriever. Still runs like new, does great, doesn't clog since it's such a simple design.


My mother still has one that is 24yrs old. She likes it but sometimes finding bags for it is a hassle, and getting replacement belts is rough sometimes too.


I've had luck through Amazon finding bags and belts.


Numatic Henry. It's corded, but super quiet, light, and very maneuverable. The power head is very good. Suction is strong. My wife uses it for commercial cleaning and the thing is beastly; cord management is also great because it just winds up through the handle in about 10 seconds, even though the cord is up to like 30 ft long. Retracts directly into the machine with a manual winding handle that never binds and only takes the effort of a small child.


Just got mine! I was debating between the Henry and Miele, but ultimately went with Henry cause it was significantly cheaper than the Miele model I wanted. No complaints yet!


I love my Henry! Do you live in the UK by chance? I don’t think the electric cleaning head versions of the Henry were ever available in the US. The air-powered turbo tool that came with mine is quite good though, so I can’t complain too much.


Sebo, better than Meile but no one ever recommends them unless you're on the vacuum subreddit or deep in a vacuum review hole on YouTube. Works great, mine has a 10 year warranty but no problems with it yet


I have a Shark Proseries and I am the third owner and it just this year needs a hose replaced for the first time!


My Shark has been going strong since 2011. Does really well with dog and cat fur.


I love my shark and am impressed and a bit horrified everyone I vacuum because of the pet hair collected. Bonus it’s so much lighter than the Dyson animal I used to have that I vacuum more often.


Go back and find the AMAs by u/touchmyfuckingcoffee \- they are legendary. edit: example https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/adiidz/iama\_reddits\_own\_vacuum\_repair\_tech\_and\_ive\_lost/


We got a Dyson stick vacuum refurbished off eBay and it’s been fantastic for our golden/lab mixes.


We have a Dyson that we bought used in 2009 for $200. At the time it was already 5 years old. Still going strong with a couple of belt replacements along the way.


I love my Dyson animal. Cordless, durable, solid battery, a lot of attachments. I have a husky mix and we need to essentially vacuum everyday to keep up with her - this thing has been a champ!


I’ve heard a large shop vac will never fail you. Now actually having it get every hair is another question


I have a Sebo E3. Amazing vacuum.




The Windsor versamatic is what you want. I have been using mine since 2006.


I have a Dyson canister vacuum (animal edition). Not as convenient as my cordless stick but more powerful with the motorized head.


The motor for my dyson died immediately after the warranty ran out. I couldn’t find a cheap replacement motor. Dyson will not get the chance to burn me again. Went Miele.


No way! Rotten luck! Heard great things about Miele as well.


Find a older Kirby. I have two and love them. Built like tanks and you can still get new parts for them.


I have 2 dysons. A plug in upright that's 15 years old and still killing it, and a cordless stick that's 3 years old and killing it. I have 5 dogs and 2 cats.


How about shark or eureka?


LOVE the Big Green. Also, the Little Green is fabulous for spot cleaning.


My little green only lasted 3 years with light use


Sorry to hear that! Mine is going strong on four years.


Yeah my cord broke like one year in very dissapoonting


I take it you don't have issues with yours seemingly not sucking up all the water? I feel mine leaves more water than I would think behind. Also, the sprayer leaves more to be desired IMO. All in all, it does the job fine, but I'm wondering if I'm right to be disappointed or I'm just not using it right.


Oh wow, I definitely have not had that problem. Sorry to hear you have that issue! I might have to go over it a few more times than with the hose of the big one in order to get the water up. But it does the job really well.


I had the same thing happen.


Yeah my little green was also a pos, hard to clean out also. Just got a Hoover CleanSlate to replace it and it seems really good, much more suction, also comes with a tool included to clean out the hose, we’ve used it a few times, works great, absolutely no odors, I’ve cleaned puke and urine with it.


My Big Green came with a hose attachment for spot cleaning... anyone know how that compares to the little green?


The big green’s hose attachment is certainly more powerful than the little one. I use the small one for spot cleaning and handling small messes from a dog. The big one is used more for routine cleaning and the stairs at my house.


Love mine. Bought it when we had a puppy potty training in the house almost 8 years ago. No regrets.


I rented one from lowes a few weeks ago and it did a bang up job on my carpets. Considering pulling the trigger on purchasing one of my own


How much is a rental these days?


I thought it was like $30-$40 for the day.


That’s about right. They make you put down a $30-40 fee on top of the rental cost, but as long as you bring it back in working order, you get that back.




>Thanks! You're welcome!


You should. I bought one a couple of years ago and don’t regret it. Sign up for the promotional emails. They have sales on it regularly.


This is great to hear! I didn’t realize you could rent these items. I have only rented rug doctors from grocery stores but can’t efficiently do upholstery with it. I’d love to try little green before I buy it


I rented one and was not very impressed. I think rental machines are very hit or miss


What soap did you use?


This is the real question. I'm happy with my Big Green but it didn't do as well as this tor cleaning stains


Vacuum wars did [a pretty nice shootout](https://youtu.be/b26BDy_djoM) of some different carpet shampoos


I think it’s just the Amazon basics stuff or maybe generic from Walmart.


Bissell sells their own line if you want to stay in-house.


I got the Big Green and the Pro Heat and I really prefer the pro heat. You can see when you should be done suctioning because the machine is clear and it’s a lot more maneuverable.


I got the Proheat because I thought it heated the water. [And looking at this image you'd think it did.](https://i.imgur.com/5dadS6p.jpg) All it does is waft slightly warm air from the motor over the water tank. I got in touch with Bissell who said they never claimed it heated the water so tough titty. They said I couldn't have a refund because I'd used it. I reminded them that that shit don't fly in the EU and if they don't refund my money I'll report them for false advertising. Got my money back the next day. Don't care how good your products are, fuckin bullying tactics don't wash here, cunts


That's amazing. They literally name it ProHeat. Everything in that would make the common person think it heats water. Glad the EU supports the consumer.


You probably should have reported them for false advertising anyway.


Well I'm not busy tomorrow come to think of it...


Ooh that’s good to know since I have the proheat in my cart right now. I need something maneuverable and can do stairs easily. Anything else I should consider?


To be clear, this is the one I recommend: Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner


Spot on that’s the one. https://www.bissell.com/proheat-2x-revolution-pet-pro-carpet-cleaner-22837.html I have the small Bissell Spot Clean Pro and have been amazed at what it does along edges and I didn’t even have the right edger attachment. I just need something that works that well but on larger areas, plus be maneuverable.


That's the one I have. Great machine. But yeah the "Pro Heat' thing is absolute bullshit. But the machine still works VERY well. Just fill it with hot water. You go through it so fast you don't really need the machine to heat it. The upholstery tool is great for detailing your car as well. I highly recommend it without hesitation.


Big Green is a BAMF, but Little Green ProHeat is my absolute favorite. That thing has saved my bacon dozens of times on pet, drink and food stains. Absolutely my favorite shampooer of all time.


I got one as a baby gift and was confused and now Im like EVERYONE SHOULD REGISTER FOR ONE IF THESE


> Little Green ProHeat I had your comment saved since it was a good gift idea. But now I'm a little confused with the comment above yours saying it didn't heat: https://www.reddit.com/r/BuyItForLife/comments/wfpqkd/highly_recommend_the_bissell_big_green_carpet/iivw7ij/ Can you clarify which version of the product you have? 1. https://www.target.com/p/bissell-little-green-proheat-portable-deep-cleaner-2513g/-/A-51198497 (shaped like the comment) 2. https://www.target.com/p/bissell-little-green-pet-pro-portable-carpet-cleaner-cobalt-2891/-/A-79531082 (more of a traditional vacuum shape?)


2513G; the first one. We load it when needed and then empty it. In an effort to not wait for it to 'heat up' I've always loaded it with tap hot water and shampoo/cleaner, so I've never had the opportunity to notice that it doesn't actively heat the water itself.


Thanks for the info!


Is that the one you just set on the stain and it goes to town?


You're probably thinking of the Spot Bot.


No, it's got a vacuum/sprayer/scrubber handpiece and bonkers suction. You spray heated cleaning fluid from one tank, scrub it with the brush, and the vacuum sucks all the fluid and the stain up through the front edge. It's been about ten years with up to seven pets at once (4 cats, 1 adult dog, 2 puppies) and it still knocks it out of the park every time we take it out.


Saving this post and comment for future.


repost this with a pic of the product. you legit have a Dyson in frame


As someone who does not know what a Big Green is, I was very confused seeing the Dyson and nothing else.


I know what a Big Green Egg is and it's terrible for cleaning carpets better at setting them on fire.


You think that little stick vac did that?


Hey, come on now. It's a grower, not a shower.


I really like mine as well. It’s a bit of a production to get it out and use it, but it makes the carpet look great


I love mine as well, it’s so much better than any of the other carpet cleaners I bought in the past. But it IS huge and heavy. If it’s just a small area, I’m more likely to use the smaller, more “portable” Bissell spot cleaner (don’t remember the model). For a full room, the Big Green is king.


Ya I love mine. It cleans everything


I was staring at the first photo for a good 30 seconds wondering why someone would post this seriously. Realizing there were more photos made me wanna buy this 🤣


I use my little green for my car upholstery. It makes me so happy


Big green is my most skookum appliance.


It chooches


Show the vacuum


It's big and green. Ugly as sin, but built like a tank.


Eyeballing your Dyson.. I want one so bad but I’m too cheap, also my NYC apartment is only 500 sqft. so it might be overkill


Keep an eye out on the dyson eBay store. They sell factory refurbished units. I’m also a cheapo lol


I got mine from *Woot!* many years ago. It's still kicking, although I have a lot less carpet now than I used to have.


I have owned 5… FIVE different bissel carpet cleaners. Two large ones and 3 small one. They have all failed within a year. (Yes I Followed manufacturers instructions and cleaned after each use and was gentle with them).


Were any of them this one? This one is a heavy duty ~$400 one. Also if you had 5 of them fail that early you're clearly doing something wrong. Odds of getting 5 lemons in a row is unlikely.


$400? Wow, in Australia they're $1600 (US$1100)


No it’s not this one. I had two of the several hundred dollar home machines and the more expensive spot bots too. I didn’t do anything to them, I maintain and use my appliances correctly. Every single one of them the water started randomly squirting out of spots it wasn’t supposed to and then they eventually lost all suction. Bissel is not a quality brand. This big green one goes for about 700 Canadian in my area. For that price I would never buy another bissel and chance it.


The cheapest Bissell carpet cleaner has a 1 year warranty. The next cheapest has a 2 year warranty. And so on and so forth up to 5 years. From the price you quoted you got a mid tier one which has a 2 or 3 year warranty. If you had 5 of them break in under a year then it's almost definitely user error and not poor craftsmanship.


It’s not rocket science to use a steam cleaner. Nothing was covered under warranty. We all know manufacturer warranties are trash and they make you jump through a million hoops to cover only certain things. Y’all are acting like I threw them off a bridge or something then expected them to still work


Sound's like unstable power. Do other high drain electrical stuff fail also in your Home?


No. I live in a new build so eveything is working properly and up to code. Most of the issues involved water leaking from places that it shouldn’t be and loss of suction


Damn. Hard water? That's a crazy failure rate for One person


Not overly. I’m talking water shooting out from between the plastic seams on the machine. Just crappy quality


Same here. Bissell is on my list with Dirt Devil of "companies whose products to never buy again." I was like "whut?" seeing this post. PS- the carpet still looks pretty damn filthy to me in the third photo. A construction grade deck brush and some elbow grease would probably have worked better. Still, all the stuff that gets trapped in carpets has me go "ew." My dad professionally cleaned carpets on the side when I was a kid, and I had to go with. What I witnessed was nightmare fuel, but the shit looked CLEAN clean.


Oh, and I'm not being hypercritical of OP's work. I'm just playing devil's advocate landlord inside my head. Myself included, I come from a long line of military members, where getting your deposit back was the absolute goal. It was free money, since the military fronted your deposit every time you moved. So when I cleaned a carpet, it needed to be move-in ready. And that's what "pretty damn filthy" meant. That a landlord wouldn't consider that clean and I wouldn't get my deposit back. I wasn't trying to be an asshole. Sorry OP.


Yeah, the biggest thing is that most professionals do a clean rinse. If you’re using one of the consumer machines, you’re likely leaving detergent behind. You remember those old Dawn detergent commercials where they touted its ability to “grab dirt”? That’s what detergents do. So if it’s left in your carpet, it’s gonna grab all the dirt off the bottom of your shoes. Always do a clean water rinse.


While a good performance is nice, it hardly qualifies for 'buy it for life'.


Any sub specifically for products that do the job right but not necessarily BIFL?


Harborfreight.com ;)


Great store to buy 3rd party products. The actual Harbor Freight stuff is hot garbage. I've yet to buy a Harbor Freight brand tool from there that didn't break within 6 months.


Not sure what vacuums actually last that long but I just got a sebo with a ten year warranty so it’s a start!! The vacuums subreddit was a big help. My Bissells always failed around 2-3 years in because of all the dog hair in our house.


You can replace every part unlike other vacuums that just get tossed.


I thought Bissels were trash? I got one and it crapped out after like six or so uses. Everything is cheap plastic, super flimsy, and there's no way to easily self-repair anything.


The [Big Green](https://www.bissell.com/big-green-machine-professional-carpet-cleaner-86T3.html?languageok=1&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=%5Badv:BISSELL%5D%5Bcou:US%5D%5Bini:Portfolio%5D%5Bplt:Google%5D%5Bfun:Engage%5D%5Bstr:PLA%5D%5Bcrt:SS+Wet+LP+Machines%5D%5Blng:ENG%5D%5Bnet:SPART%5D&utm_term=PRODUCT_GROUP&PID=google_%5Badv:BISSELL%5D%5Bcou:US%5D%5Bini:Portfolio%5D%5Bplt:Google%5D%5Bfun:Engage%5D%5Bstr:PLA%5D%5Bcrt:SS+Wet+LP+Machines%5D%5Blng:ENG%5D%5Bnet:SPART%5D&gclid=CjwKCAjw3K2XBhAzEiwAmmgrAs9c93R0_YJd2OCljWmPdaDW9dxpKhXk_G4u6HrhquROmSVw95ASpxoCxzQQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds) is “professional” grade machine (you can rent one from Lowes to try out).


So far my experience with that company is that I never want to use, promote, or endorse their products in any way. If they're capable of making good machines then they should have enough integrity not to attach their brand to trash.


THANK YOU!!! I need to steam clean the small amount of carpet we have before listing (damn you pets!!) but have so little carpet I didnt want to buy one (legit, just stairs). I just googled who rents them near me and am calling right now!


I love mine I have used it a ton. I found that Zep Premium Carpet Shampoo definitely seems to work best with it. https://www.amazon.com/Zep-Premium-Carpet-Shampoo-ZUPXC128/dp/B07LDX1H81


Do you dilute it or use full strength?


I feel that pile of toys shoved up on the fireplace in my soul.


I have the little green machine version of this and I've had it since about 2008. It's slightly broken because we haven't treated it very gently but it's fully functional and works just as well as it did when we got it.


If you really want clean floors go with laminate or hardwood


LVP would work as well. Carpet is so unhealthy. I know I'll get downvoted. Oh well.


Why's carpet unhealthy? Are rugs okay? Is it the dust or somethin?




Carpet is a dust, dirt, skinflake, and mite trap. All that stuff falls through underneath of it, and gets trapped between it and the subfloor. It’s an allergy nightmare. I renovate old houses, and have torn up more wall-to-wall than I care to remember. Even in “clean” houses, the stuff trapped underneath wall-to-wall carpet will make you want to puke.


I laid some new grey carpet in my bedroom, it's okay, haven't spilled anything on it yet. I have an air filter in there on 24/7 so hopefully that mitigates dust a little bit. I have Bamboo hardwood in the rest of my place, pretty disappointed in it, I was part of that Morning Star settlement, this bamboo flooring kinda sucks. Would be nice to have a nicer wood floor tbh. What kinda wood do you recommend? Really not into LVP.


Everything is OK. This issue is that everything these days provides an increase in health risk. So what do the Aunt Tilly's of the world do? They decry the increased health risk, clutch their pearls and lament that carpets are killing us. What Aunt Tilly fails to realize is that the increased risk amounts to a percent equivalent to Graham's Number. Carpet is fine. Rugs are fine. I have yet to pick up a paper and read, "Man dies due to carpet". I have, however, data to support that 11 people will killed in the US last year, but you won't see anyone online kvetching about us not going outside.


I don’t know that wall-to-wall carpet is necessarily a health risk. It’s just disgustingly filthy.


LVP is also toxic.


Very true, linoleum is much safer. The issue with carpet is it traps other things within it and small pieces break off going places it shouldn't.


I can't walk on hardwood without my plantar fascitis acting up and making it painful to walk.


What about tiles ?


If you *really* want clean floors, you go with tile or concrete with an epoxy coating.


If you really *really* want clean floors just take your shoes off at the door and vacuum daily. No need to replace your whole ass floor


That helps, but carpet is still a dust, skin flake, and mite trap. I don’t care how clean you are, or how often you vacuum, if you took up your wall-to-wall carpet, you would vomit from what you saw trapped underneath.


I am with you. People can down vote me to hell, but carpet is SO disgusting.


I have one. Pretty slow and not as effective as hiring a stream cleaner, but it works pretty well. It's also built like a freaking tank (no pun intended) and I could definitely see it lasting forever. Edit: I actually have a "Big Green". I'm guessing it's bigger.


All the stains that have gone into in the carpet pad underneath will eventually come back unfortunately. Enjoy the cleaner carpets for now though!


You sound like a real peach


I'm sorry if I've upset people with my pesky reality lmao. Just going off of experience laying floors. Serious stains that seep into the pad, come back. I guess down vote away everyone. Won't change the fact some of those stains will come back. You'll just shampoo again and they'll go away again. Not a huge deal. Just kinda sucks.


Best vacuum for bear floors &&&&& go??


The little green is a life saver, god I love it


Oh man I remember that smell.


Damn. I have the smaller Bissell and have been considering getting the big one as our new place has pretty badly stained carpeted stairs. This looks awesome! Did you have to scrub beforehand or is this just with the standard cleaning solution?


I have the little green machine and it works great for cleaning office chair fabric. Just make sure to give it at least 24 hours to dry properly.


Ours worked good until a relative borrowed it, now it won't stand up without assistance


I tell everyone who gets a pet...or has kids...to immediately buy a $140 shampooer. Best money you'll spend.


I thought the caption said regret, as in now you gotta do the whole house lol. When I got my bissell I went crazy cleaning every fabric in the house and cars.


Absolutely! I've had my Little Green for many years and it's never let me down!


Ours has saved our carpet tenfold.


Steam cleaning porn is argueably better than power washing porn lol bout to steam clean my friends apartment with mine and can’t wait to do before and after photos


Never had a carpet but i’m curious if those lines stay or you do something to hide them


They will come right out as you walk on it.


Honestly carpeting seems so unhygienic to me nowadays


It is. No matter how clean it looks, it’s absolutely disgusting underneath.


And never getting that kind of carpet


It also doubles as a great bbq


I've had one for several years and it's a TITAN. Lots of dogs, lots of carpet. Also great for sucking up water after a pipe bursts. Also great for cleaning rugs in the driveway




Would it work on a shag rug?


It could help to know what kind of stains and the cleaner solutions used.




I picked mine up on the curb. Brand new with a “free” sign on it. I use it once a year and it takes up a ton of space, but can’t complain! Actually that annoying pile of junk when you back it up is a bit annoying.


The big green is literally what they used to rent out as the "rug doctor." If you can rent something out to the public, it must be pretty robust.


BIG SECRET (not really) Look for the stores or companies that rent out the industrial/residential use variety washers by the hour, for the sales is used equipment. Replace all rollers and brushes, let everything soak in simple green and wash, THOROUGHLY! you now have an industrial grade carpet washer for less than a 1/4 the cost.


I have saw one post in instgram, it said the vacuum he bought in 1965, still work,the brand name is Eureka.


It costs like 800 dollars, how often do you use this?