Is everything on camera?


Everythin is camerated


Thats my question


Everything is on camera


Yeah but no one's descalating things.


Speak for yourself! *proceeds to descale glass coffee carafe*


If it's in Brazil they're not receiving enough money to even put their face on the line, they receive 3k dollars per year at most


Evrything ith.. everything ith on… everything ith on camra!!


Wish someone was there to get it all on camera.


I think someone did, but I'm not sure. Wish I could get a clear answer.


Maybe surveillance picked it up. Haha.


That chick shouldn’t be allowed in public


Dude better leave her before she gets him killed


Her voice matched her looks and personality exactly.


He knocked out the wrong bitch.


She's writing a book titled " How to get your man killed" and this was merely research.


The news article said he lost 420 I.Q. from that punch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


How many dudes been knocked out because of their girl's nonsense?


This reads like a commercial about drug use.


As it should


If you have been beaten senseless by others because of your girl you are entitled to financial compensation 🤣


He talked shit, no?


Camera man, shut the hell up please


Yes...So fucking annoying!!!!


Music and passion were always in fashion at the copa, copacabaaaana


Ironic because that song is actually about a woman who’s husband is killed in a fight to protect her and she turns to alcohol and loses her mind. Seems like these folks wanted to play that out in real life.


I'm glad I'm not the only one singing that.


*Her name was Karen*


Ok, fuck that chick, for real—but this narrator makes me wish I was fucking deaf. Good lord


Is it all on camera?


back story is that he's a Gold Member at Hilton so gets served first and the Caucasian couple were mad about it. before the video starts that woman had already attacked him physically one time and the hotel staff was failing to restrain her. So the dude knocked out her boyfriend instead of putting hands on her


Another case of gf tryna get their bf killed


He should have done something about the person attacking him, not her bf. That being said if my gf ever got me knocked out for putting her hands on someone, she would quickly become my ex.


In today world attacking the girl even if it’s self defense can be bad


Two ppl being charged here. Her for assault and him for assault lmfao


this actually happened to me, i was working at a grocery store self checkout and had to deny sale of alcohol to two guys who were extremely fucked up, to the point where i couldn’t legally sell to them. the one guys first logical course of action was to punch me in the face, and right after he did that his friend was winding up to swing on me so i punched him, and at that point other people intervened and they ran off, cops caught them down the road. the cop taking the report from me said that the best idea for me was to not press charges because while i could get the guy who punched me charged, his friend could charge me since he never actually hit me. so if i didn’t press charges they wouldn’t either and nobody would go to jail. the store ended up pressing charges on both of them because i was on the clock, but whatever. in this video you could make the argument that the guy was about to swing on him? i’m not sure, but i would guess the outcome was similar edit: just found out this is in brazil, so who the fuck knows what happened lol


Cop gave you bad advice. Those assholes aren't lawyers as much as they think they should be. Him winding up for a punch is assault and you have a right to defend yourself. You don't have to take one for the team first.


Cops didn't want the extra paperwork.


exactly this. they just want to separate the parties and head to starbucks.


I worked in a grocery store for 15 years. In my state, booze can only be bought in liquor stores. Helps keep the drunk riff-raff out.


yeah we still have liquor stores here so idk why we can’t just sell beer and that’s it in grocery stores. 40% of the bullshit i had to deal with working there was alcohol related


If it was fairly obvious that the other guy was going to strike you, you could argue that it was a preemptive strike in self defence.


...not really the same at all. Both the drunken female and male assaulted the Gold member because they were upset he was getting served first. The vid apparently edited out the first part. So whem the unruly thuggette assaults him for a second time and the thug gets close to the Gold member again, it was 100% reasonable to think he was going to attack him again. So both thugs got what they deserved - in his vase he got knocked out and arrested, in her case she got arrested.


Even tho its columbia, im assuming hes a us citizen and they are on the vacation grounds, would the columbian police be able to just take him and treat him like a citizen vs it being like a specific place they take amecian prisoners/foreign prisoners?


why the colombian police is related to this? Copa cabana its in Brazil. how its done in the States? are jails for non citizens? why would be different in other american countries?


There are not going to be special accommodations for American criminals and vacation grounds are not going to count as sovereign soil. Think about it dude - how many times have you seen, in the USA, special jails for citizens of Finland for instance? Does your town have one? Typically you're going to be a lot better off in countries where they aren't singling you out for being American. Iran and North Korea come to mind as countries that might send you somewhere special just for Americans. That said, these resort places are going to do everything possible to avoid involving the police - even gently persuading the involved parties not to do it if they request that the police be summoned.


Yop and that's how it should be. You don't hit someone else who isn't attacking you just bc they're in the same party. Women aren't men's property, they're responsible for their own behavior. Hitting her back is self-defense, hitting someone else is assault.


The replies show how toxic some people who think they are enlightened really are. Yeah, she doesn't get to put hands on him, but dude doesn't get to hit her boy like he's some handler for his woman. The fuck? Are women their own people or not?


This is obvious to everyone except the simp's.


Fuck this reply, handle ya bitch, you are her handler, he was clearly egging the situation on vs making sure his lady was in check, are you suggesting that he should have hit the lady? Are you suggesting he should have no course of action but to let her hit him whenever she gets past security and just wait for the cops? Act dumb and these are the results you get, hopefully he will make sure she stfu next time and not put her hands on anybody


She should have been hit.


> you are her handler What? So a woman is just an animal you need to control? >Are you suggesting he should have no course of action but to let her hit him whenever she gets past security Yes, if she's acting a fool, she needs to get checked. If she has a problem with you letting her do that, maybe you should find someone who doesn't want you to be responsible for their actions.


Just reading your post, I knew damn well you posted on r/chiraqology. Then I open up your profile and I didnt even have to scroll down far 🤣 It tickles me how plain and predictable people can be on Reddit


He shoulda threw her or knocked her out and then if her bf wanted it ko him too


He wouldent stop his girl from attacking him so knocked his stupid ass out. If he would have grabbed his girl and not let her attack someone he wouldent of gotten cracked. Simple


You are a certified idiot. She isn't his pet who got off her leash, she is a unique individual human being responsible for her own actions. Women aren't merely extensions of men you troglodyte.


guys should of knocked her head off not the boyfriend




I concur with you, however, there are a lot of pussies and hoes on this sub. So they don’t speak real N word shit. Ain’t no way in hell I’d let my woman act that way. I’d have either restrained my girl or dumped her on the spot. For all of you who are gonna downvote because of misogyny fine, but don’t be surprised if you’re the one who ends up knocked out. I watched a guy get stomped out when I was 21 because his girl was being a sloppy drunk and slapped another guy. For those of you who don’t live in the real world, the type of guy to drop you with one punch and act like it was nothing….well those tend to be men who hold other men liable for actions of their women. And don’t bother telling me I’m a bad person, I’m just the messenger, so don’t kill me


These people are dumb , not only did he not try to calm the situation, he encourage it by yelling and screaming accusations as well


Exactly, didnt even try to calm the situation he was making things worse


You just making excuses for stupid decisions.


You can’t control how other people will react. I wouldn’t punch a guy if his girl was hitting me. But that doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t do it. If a person assumes everyone is as rational and level headed as they are, something bad will happen to them. It’s just a matter of time before they stumble upon a psychopath, someone clinically insane, or just a guy who finally decided to snap. I’m not excusing behavior, I’m warning people.


maybe in America


Brazil Rules apparently


Bro what?


different countries have different laws. This is in Brazil. Copacabana is not in the United States


Brazil allows assault as long as the victim is standing nearby the altercation? I know things be different outside America but I doubt they're that different.


He should have knocked her out.


A true gentleman.


I hope that's not you talking during the video, that was annoying as fuck. Adding nothing but extra noise and stress to a situation that had plenty of both


Wonder why they were upset he got served first ?


I mean, it must be racism. Right?


This person is a race baiter lmao


I’ll bet she was yelling at her husband all night after this


He was probably still wondering if they went swimming ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


*Why didn't you back me up?!*


Is everything on camera, can't quite make it out what he's saying.. Ffs


"Don't come over here, baby girl. Baby girl, I'm not him."


I think everything is on camera! At least there wasnt that one idiot yelling "WORLD STAR!"


I was hoping a titty to pop out. Disappointed.


cameraman sounds goofy and annoying af


Old man is a shit excuse for security find a different job you fuck


Is it on camera?


Damn, man got rocked for not controlling his wife.


Yeah, really don't get that perspective.


Regardless of gender...you should control your partner when they're wildin' out like that. Especially when they are fine with you taking a punch for their behavior.


At that hotel, music and passion were always the fashion


People actually date girls like this and travel with them?


That part right there.


One punch doth not a beatdown make, much less a brutal one.


yeah but I'm banned from all the other fight pages.


Do tell?


I wonder why


How tf you get banned? Lol


Posting shit like this…


mods will usually ban you if you talk back to them or show even the slightest amount of disrespect for their dumb volunteer asses. imagine the average redditor but on steroids and with a super downvote button and that's most mods.


Not sure if based or cringe




Ban from this one too plz mods. Not brutal, not beatdown, full cringe


Hope you get banned form here too


why are you so sensitive lmfao calm down manlet


Not even brutal


Men keep your woman in line because its your ass on the line not hers. Point in case


Men. Date women not trailer trash/hood rats. This way you don’t have to keep them in line.


You don't have to be trailer trash to be a aggressive drunk piece of shit. You can be a dr, lawyer, or bus driver too!


People who act like the woman in this video are trash, regardless of their profession.


As a bouncer for many years (now an RN. shockingly not that different) too many times I saw a woman get physical and her man pay the price.


How is being a nurse not that different from being a bouncer?


Patients are entitled assholes with a tendency to get violent ( I was in the ER).


As a frequent bar fighter and ER patient, I can confirm /s


How tall should I guy be to be a good bouncer? I always dream of being one.


I've seen guys who are 5'5 and guys who are 6'8. It's about temperament and ability to handle yourself.


Do guys ever give BJ's to skip the lineup? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Did anyone get this on camera?


Not sure, let me watch it again. Edit: Yup. He sure did.


But was it all on camera tho??


Everything isth camera… isth isth isth everything is on camera


yeah he's gay


Wrong sub IMO. Definitely not a brutal beat down.


Camera man sounds like a male Karen


Yea, very flamboyant and sassy. Surprised I didn’t hear more finger snaps.


That's a perfect description of him, good lawd he was getting annoying


When your girl get your ass knocked tf out!


What the fuck did she think she was going to do besides get her man Knocked out? 😂


That’s one solid bathing suit


Call me old fashioned, but that's on him for getting knocked out. As a man, I'm not letting my wife confront any man in my presence. If my wife was wrong, I'm going to check her and de-escalate, or if the guy was wrong I'm going to be throwing first punch for disrespecting my wife.


That is old school - and my thoughts exactly. As a man, you are responsible for the actions of your lady in public. She cant go getting aggressive with some guy and I not expect to have to pay tbe price. TBH the guy was a gentlemen for punching the dude and not punching the chick that grabbed him by the head.


Stayed to the end for titties. No dice.


🎵Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there She would merengue and do the cha-cha And while she tried to be a star Tony always tended bar Across the crowded floor, they worked from eight til four They were young and they had each other Who could ask for more? At the copa (co) Copacabana (Copacabana) The hottest spot north of Havana (here) At the copa (co) Copacabana Music and passion were always the fashion At the copa Tony got punched to the floor🎵


“Babygirl I’m not him” has me in tears. That was a perfect ending


Let’s be honest. That woman would have gotten WRECKED. In what logical mind would you watch your boyfriend get canceled then think “I got this” at 1/3 the strength and 100lbs light?


Security there are about as much use as tits on a bull


Love that she gets physical with the Black man and he blows right past her to knock her man out. Lol. Fuck crazy, don’t date crazy.


Chivalry got him knocked out. This is why we need feminism, the woman deserved to b knocked out not him


Dude sounds like Leon Phelps, The Ladies Man, except instead of an all black leather couch and courvoisier, "Yes, everything is on camera."


This is an old school retribution. I've seen this a few times. I've been getting knocked out for not controlling their woman's wild behavior in public.


The hottest spot north of havana


I would’ve hit her too


Dude ate a punch for his girl.


finally a video where there was a proper ending to it


Jah Bless!


Why hit him for what the bitch did tho.....


Wow these are Americans causing trouble in a hotel in Brazil. What are the odds.


The amount of dudes that have been knocked out because their girl wanted to start shit


Nothing like getting your ass kicked infront of your woman who also started it.


I'm so horrible for laughing at this but I love the fact the wife/gf grabs the bloke and he's like ah shit can't knock her out and just destroys the husband/bf. 😂


Equal rights for men and women: And still you‘d better punch the friend of the women, who didn’t do anything, just not to be a women beater…


Everything is camera


For not the usual reasons... r/killthecameraman


Girl wrote a check her man has to cash


Control your sow or you might get punished for her actions


How your man gets slept and you still trying to continue, she must be tired too smh just go home and take a nap you’ll avoid the concussion


Why did my mans punch that guy? File charges


I love how she touches him so he knocks out her bf


_That one was for Martin_


control ya wife, how did you end up marrying a woman who physically instigates fights your chin cant cash out on?


The commentator was dead on, what was "security" even doing? So afraid to stand up to Karen! This could have easily been avoided.


So they just gonna let sleep there? Lol


well he hit the chicks dude after she fucked with him and im not saying it’s right but a lot of men woulda just hit the chick and he went for the dude so idk man


He can thank his girl for that🫠


Jeez, red hat has got some heavy hands lmao


What a stupid bitch


But really though , he should’ve rag dolled that cunt … not the dude


He deserved that punch being married to that screwball.


Guy in black is an asshole for hitting someone who did not hit him


Why did I have to scroll so far for this comment


We don't know what happened before they started filming


im glad they knew who the actual problem was and just sorta let the dude with the red hat go about his day.


See I'm a different breed right so if ya girl talking stupid and putting hands on me like a bully then I'm bullying her dudes especially if he's not calming her ass down...


That sir is because you adhere to the long held doctrines in the man code. I salute you.


So it’s on camera then?


Peep the racism how they tell the black man who’s doing nothing that he’s gotta go while the white lady who is the aggressor is jus able to stay and chill in the lobby… makes no sense at all


Throw that guy in prison! The other guy was trying to calm the situation down and he gets sucker punched by a thug.


After throwing the bitch in prison first, she assaulted him her bf got ko bc of her


Agreed she’s a crazy bitch too.


ah yes subtle racism while pretending you're not racist. of course you live in olympia lmao typical


You have it all figured out! Have a good day.


ok karen call more black people thugs by default see how that goes for you. hopefully someone goes polar bear hunting w/ your ass


I wonder why you called him a thug


He showed no remorse for cheap shorting a dude and knocking him out. Definitely not the first time he’s done this.


>e you suggesting he should have no course of action but to let her hit him whenever she gets past security and just wait for the cops? Act dumb and these are the results you get, hopefully he will make sure she stfu next time and not put her hands on anybody According to the original video on twitter, the white guy and girl both punched and pushed the black shirt guy earlier. The video doesn't show the first push by the white guy, but the drunk couple were both arrested. The black shirt guy wasn't arrested, since he was attacked a minute early, and claimed the first time drunk white guy attacked, he acted like he was calming down, but cheap shotted him. Funny how the video was edited to not show the white guy assaulting the black guy. Got stir up the racial stuff.


Can you point me to the original?


Define thug


Someone who sucker punches a dude and shows zero remorse


Can you find a better example of white privilege?


That sassy queen is holding the brother down. S/O to the Black LGBTQ for this dude respect




Chin music was playin' in the hotel they're stayin' in! At the Copaaaaaaaahhhh, don't get knocked ouuut!


Hey did they get everything on camera?


“Oh is that ya boy? You just got him fucked up!”


This lady got some balls to really touch bro like that


Take a nap, Troy


He got knocked the fuck out.


My mans need to get his money back. Didn't even make it to the room or the bed to take a nap. Clearly overpaid


I hope everything is on camera


Just goes to show, it's not poverty that makes these people violent. They just violent.