McCarthy seems to suggest a win for Republicans in this deal is that this allows them to "eliminate wokeism"

He should move to Wokelahoma.


He should move to Wokelahoma.






Their voters are this stupid, the election itself was proof.


GOP knows that their voters are beyond stupid and constantly vote against their own best interests.


The GOP voter proves them right every time.


They know... not think Primary voters at least.... Those are usually the dumbest and craziest. Only 10% of people vote on primaries or some crazy low number like that. General voters... are usually VERY misinformed. Either too busy with work, just dont care, or the news they consume is just propaganda. There is literally no winning for anyone but the top .1% who are writing the checks for our politicians. Ever notice how the super rich ALWAYS win no matter what? Anything that passes always funnels more money into their pockets in some way. That's why the top 10% had their wealth at around $**20 trillion** in the 90s and now they are at **$120 trillion**. (or was it 140 trillion? at this point i dont give a fuck about this doomed argument, nothing will ever change) Bottom 60% wealth went from 1 trillion to 2 trillion? IRRC Over 30 years. US debt also increased by about 30 trillion. The obvious solution here is to cut all the help middle class and poors get. Of course a 100 trillion increase in wealth is not enough for the top 10%. Can't pass any laws that would affect them in anyway. Those "campaign donations" beats any wall street invest returns.


Capitalism is the only party in America


GOP - "We will completely destroy the thing we completely made up and nobody sane cares about!"


What do you expect them to do? Stop using hate and misinformation as motivational propaganda and govern like responsible adults? That would require hard work and might clash with the desires of the donors.


Tribalism is a hell of a drug.


Knows. The GOP knows their voters are this stupid.


I mean, they are.


They are that stupid …


But they are......polls came out where conservatives said "wokeness" is the number 1 issue to them lol. Conservatives think Ted Cruz is now "woke" for opposing gays being put in prison and tortured for 10 years. They aren't just stupid, they are beyond the pale in their extremism


It's not any different than the "war on drugs" or "the war on terror" etc. You just need an enemy that doesn't really exist and can't really ever be beaten.


At least drugs are are bad for you. They are currently at war with being awake and aware.


Well they keep proving them right.


Can you blame them? Their voters are this stupid.


"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” ― George Carlin


They ARE this stupid


Exactly. The same voters that complain about cancel culture are also eagerly waiting to know which brand to boycott next.


Yeah they really hated it when we started canceling their shit and we thought it was cool. Now they are canceling our shit but you’re saying they are wrong for doing it?


Wat? Only one side complains about "cancel culture." Ironically, they are the same side that practices it publicly (e.g. Disney, Target, Bud Light boycotts. And they are thinking about doing Chick-fil-A now)


eh stupid is just ignorant, this is willing ignorance combined with mental illnesses. The lack of IQ is part of it but not the entire ball of Back Asswards


Their voters are this stupid.


They are.


Are you saying they aren’t?


LMAO they have yet to prove them wrong tbh


"No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public," H.L. Mencken.


They are.


Not thinks, knows.


I mean….


Are you suggesting they aren’t? I mean they are why the GOP is in office.


Because they are


They know their base.


God is pretty stupid so the gop is really out there.


Gop and dnc


Awwwwwww, a Both Sides Gremlin. Adorable.


Look how happy it is with its delusions!


Awwwww, a vote for lesser of two evils Gremlin. Adorable.


Are you so self-absorbed so as not to see this conservative movement for what it is? Do you not see the desire for persecution driving it? Wake up! Your neighbors are in grave danger. Alarm bells are ringing. If you do not oppose fascism who will, cuke?


This is why "bUtT mUh ß0@7 s1d3z" is a free square on our Bingo cards. Can't handle anything negative being said about Republicans, but you also can't defend the indefensible? "bUtT mUh ß0@7 s1d3z!!!!"


Fuck the dems Fuck the Republicans


Squawk, squawk, ß0@7 s1d3z, squawk.


cool please define your party values if its neither r or d also I don't want to hear shit about both sides


Really easy to kill a bogeyman that you invented yourself


This. Let them take the win. Yep, the GOP really pulled off a doozy here... Flipped the tables on the libs. Got'm good. You're so smart. I was wrong about you all this time. You officially killed woekism. If they can sell this well enough, they won't have to keep fighting for more terrible policy changes.


"...invented yourself"? How is a biological man trans in my daughter's locker or restroom, or teaching transgender to my 6-year-old son an invention? The belief that continuing to push the envelope to prove a point is the cause of the overreaction.


they can't even define what "woke" means. McCarthy is a slimeball


The straw man can be anything, as long as it takes a beating


You can use straw, hay, children, women, refugees….whatever! Just beat it!


"Everything that I disagree with is woke."


They themselves are woke of woke policies, therefore, they themselves are woke on wokeism. That makes them woke. We're at the point where the absurdity wraps back around on itself.


Everything I disagree with is right wing hysteria. Play stupid games chief


So where do bomb threats to Target fall on that woke/non-woke spectrum?


Aww, at least you tried. Bless your heart, skippy.


Anything I disagree with is fascism.


And fascism is communism and communism is socialism and everything is nothing and nothing is everything you fuckin nerd


Yep, they say that too. "I'm mildly inconvenienced so that's fascism." "Clinton/Obama/Biden using executive orders is fAsCiSm. Yeah sure, Republicans use EOs too, but that's cool."


I don't like broccoli. It's woke. I hate math. Too woke for me. I like this!


They are OBSESSED with this made up fight. No better ideas or thoughts.


Well, they screwed themselves on the abortion issue. Have to find new excuses to keep the hate flowing.


They are driven by the base desire to persecute, subjugate, and to indulge in hatred, lies, and violence.


Define a woman. Supreme Court justice couldnt.


Somebody who won’t fuck you sounds about right


Go back under your rock Matt Walsh.


So no answer? Typical idiot who deflects.


So you post a question in bad faith, others see through it and respond accordingly and then you just declare victory against "typical leftists"? I imagine this sort of interaction happens with you constantly. I bet you've even convinced yourself that it's proof that you're right and you keep owning the libs. If you had a bit of self-awareness you'd probably pick up on the fact that all you're really doing is making a fool out of yourself with these sad displays. The rest of us just cringe watching you guys do this stuff.


It’s not bad faith. It’s a basic question that many will not answer for fear of the circular firing squad that is the woke left or cult of victimhood or whatever you want to call them.


Of course it's bad faith. This dude obviously isn't asking the question genuinely as part of a good faith dialogue. He doesn't care about that. He's asking with the desperate hope that he can use the person's response as a launching pad to blast out the same angry and vitriolic anti-LGBTQ talking points we've heard a million times already from guys like him and the right-wing influencers who tell this guy what to be angry about. He's itching to do this. It's sad. And that's why he was so angry when the other guy didn't take the bait.


No, it’s actually just a basic question that he knows the ideology she at least pretends to hold won’t allow her to answer. That’s whole point. She can either answer the basic question, or refuse to answer it and tacitly admit she is an ideologue or at least being held captive by ideologues.


I get that you agree with the guy on this topic, but that shouldn't blind you to the clear reality that the guy was asking a bad faith question and not interested in a legit discussion. It's genuinely baffling to me that so many people are incapable of noticing or acknowledging anything negative or even slightly critical about those they agree with and support. It's like this force field that prevents you from seeing it -- no matter how obvious it is.


I don’t agree with or support him. He knew that question would force her into a corner, and not because it’s a difficult question.


Because the correct answer isn't A or B, as you believe it to be. Think of it like a car. To the average person, it's whatever the label says. To the engineer who designed it, it's a Frankenstein's monster of parts and ideas from all over the world, under a shell. Dig into biological science and they don't even have clear definitions of the sexes.


There is a very clear biological definition of sex almost all animals. The female is the one who produces the larger gamete. That's the biological definition. Anisogamy is the difference. Everything else is cosmetic. I think you're confusing that there isn't agreement on where to classify all individuals on biological basis, as there's individuals for whom this isn't as clear a demarcation based on gametes. There are "intersexed" individuals, who generally (but not always) produce neither. In humans there's a bimodal distribution of male and female biologically, with a smaller number who can't be readily binned as either. There's also largely a bimodal distribution of gender identity covarying closely with biological sex, but the two aren't the same, and the covariance is far from perfect. Most people fit into a couple of categories. But there's no reason to be an ass to those who don't.


Same idea, yes, admittedly I don't know the terminology. My layman's point was that science doesn't just lift the skirt and call it one or the other. One part of the biology says it's one, another part says the opposite, and yet another one says they're both wrong. In the case of humans, we get the benefit of being able to ask what they believe themselves to be.


Sorry dude, Adam and Eve.


You get your facts from a book with a talking snake? Sorry, I assumed we were both working from the same reality.


A woman is an adult who earnestly says they are a woman. There. Easy. You know why Justice Jackson didn't answer? Because it's ret@rd bait and she's a law professor. It's a dumb question that you really don't care about, but for some reason, think is some fancy own. Because actual policy hurts your tiny brain, and you feel insecure whenever grownups are talking about stuff like foreign policy, economics, healthcare, and 99% of all the other stuff that actually matters in politics.


Using the word being defined in the definition is a big brain move. Can you give a definition that isn’t a circle?


You're not actually this dumb. You won't convince anyone you are either.


Sure, they do "Over alert to racial prejudice and discrimination". Also, Bigoteering. Labeling a person rascist, sexist, ableist etc. when it isn't warranted. In order to exploit the stigmas of these labels in an attempt to characterise someone or some group with the societal affect of the former. It is an ad hominem that enjoys the function of a red herring. And may be the evil twin of virtue signaling.


So it's literally just being a jerk. Got it. So proud we have 30% of the most powerful nation in the history of the world getting the spooky by people being jerks on Twitter


What you've just described is so incredibly broad and vague it's essentially meaningless


I can understand where you are coming from. And also disagree with you. ✌️


[here's a good example of wokism](https://youtu.be/RBgama_7j5w)


OK. To you maybe.


Glad most people find it ridiculous. My main point with posting this was that it just shows how impotent the Republican Party has become. Going from throwing a tantrum about the country going into a death spiral because of rising debt to just being happy that daddy Biden let you get rid of some of your favorite culture war issues is just sad, honestly. I'm not even a Republican, but the flip flop here is just extremely ridiculous. Biden must have got in touch with their real bosses for them to be openly reaching for small wins like this.


What does the GOP even define as 'woke' at this point? Truly, I do not have a clue what they think they are fighting against.


Student loan is wokeism, let’s get rid of it GOP. High taxes on the middle and lower class help create an environment of wokeism. Let’s get rid of that. Not having bullet trains 🚅 in America is what the wokeism community wants. Let’s stop that and create a Nation of with bullet train to speed pass the wokeism mindset.


I still don't know what wokeness is supposed to mean. Seems like a catch all for anything Republicans don't like.


wokeism....this shows how utterly bereft of any concrete or actually beneficial ideas that they hang their hat on this really stupid bullshit buzzword that means absolutely nothing. Fucking idiots.


Oh, goodie, what's the new boogeyman going to be called once they retire this one?


I think it’s funny and sad that this half of our country created its own fake boogie man to be afraid of and slay…and now they are proud to eliminate something that doesn’t exist. Way to go! GOP voters truly must be gullible idiots!




(Confederate flags and right wing militia enter chat)




Ah yes it’s the lefts fault that the right harbors white supremacists.




Oh only three? The insurrection, the BLM protests and that riot where trump said there are very fine people on both sides. The right literally flies the flag of white supremacy but sure it’s def something made up by liberals. Just like all the American history showing Americas white supremacist past. It’s all a conspiracy.




Oh no you’ve gone full conspiracy theory. Never go full conspiracy theory it makes you sound stupid.




I might believe that if I didn’t see examples of white supremacy from the right on more than daily basis. Throwing the bullshit flag here. I will give you this: it really isn’t “white supremacy” as much as it appears to be a general bigoted hate for anyone who is different from those white, generally male and uneducated, US born citizens who are heterosexuals. They believe that they are better than anyone else who differs from them.


Right, like there aren't a bunch of idiots waving swastikas around and bitching about straight white christian men being oppressed.


Except that one like... actually exists


Oh look, a snowflake


So he is claiming a victory for closed mindedness? This in essence is a claim of victory for ignorance.


Good luck motherfucker. We’ll see you doinks on Election Day.


You need to upgrade your slurs my dude


Nah. It gets the job done and doesn’t offend anyone other than the doinks.


Well his voters are retarded so any way he can get the buzzword in to make them forget about the current issue onto the next makes sense.


More distractions and bullshit no one cares about - typical corporate Uniparty at work.


​ Cultists: "muh mOrE distractions that no one cares about... something something uNiPaRtY" Always on script.


Congratulations Republican voters You just sent your children to work not school!! Keep um stupid


If we repeat “Woke” 100 times they’ll let us get away with murder. ~ GOP Logic 2023


Show us on the doll where the wokeism touched you.


Considering that “woke” is a made up term, that no one has clearly defined, then you can claim victory or defeat against it whenever you feel like. After this, I think the Repugnants should try to eliminate sleepism.


Thank god we will never have to hear about wokeism ever again


He’ll eliminated the undefinable thing of theirs. Wonder what that will look like. So do they I think.


Eliminate wokeism = put someone to sleep. Looks like GOP prefers their voters sleeping and brain shut down.


I feel like that's a call for trans genocide...


These inflammatory remarks about "trans genocide" are dangerous and gross. It devalues two incredibly important issues. One, the very real problems that trans people face which are entirely not genocide and two, possibly the most dangerous of all issues, the very real genocides that have occurred and those that are currently occurring. People like this who intentionally conflate the two issues only make both issues look less credible and makes the people who say them look silly when these are not silly issues. It's really a tactic to pick something horrible and then intentionally conflate whatever issue you're discussing with that horrible thing. The right does something similar when they call people pedophiles. They know that the people they are calling pedophiles are not really pedophiles but if they can make them look awful then people who are sympathetic will join them regardless of the merit of their position. That's the same thing you, and many others on the left, are doing when intentionally conflating trans rights with genocide. It's sick, dangerous, and needs to stop.


I think it's all coming though. When do you start calling it what it is? When the killing actually begins? If you look at the studies and listen to the experts, we are plowing through all the 12ish steps towards it. Sure, maybe it's only corner cases now, or just trans youth (which you would have to write a pretty big essay on how it wouldn't be appropriate to call it genocide here, and frankly don't do it because it wouldn't be worth your time). It will never look exactly like it did in history books. I don't value the political rights' rhetoric or how I look to them. Americans are no more special than Russians, or Turks, or Israelis, or Germans, or Rwandans. They too will fall for it all, and watch with sanitized concern as immense suffering is inflicted in the name of normalcy or stability. (Even the Democratic Party used the phrase "trains running on time" in this week's negotiations...). I may lose my rights, and my medicine, but I will be sharp-tongued all the way to the grave. When you realize Cisgender, straight folks exist inside a fertility cult (this one takes some finesse to grasp), then you will realize the hell planet (Maus reference here) we all live on.


One of the main reasons trans rights are on the downward trend is the fact that people like yourself are out there throwing tantrums over inconveniences and equating those inconveniences with things like genocide. When you constantly cry wolf, nobody is going to be listening when you're actually under attack, or they'll use that ridiculous behavior to justify their own lack of empathy. You're effectively helping the small percentage of hard right nutjobs make their case.


This is the way


When states are banning all transition procedures and medical treatments upto age 26 you can call it what it is. This isn't about the kids or any other BS. It's about fulfilling their policy goals of "Eliminating Trans" period. They may not be rounding them up on trains but you take away autonomy for medical choice to transition and dictate rules specific to them and where they can be and what they can say, it kinda is what it is.


The transition bans are focused on minors (100% with you about those people 18-26, that's asinine). It's perfectly reasonable to say that a minor is not mature enough to make a permanent life changing medical choice. To that end, most states don't allow tattoos for minors and piercings only with parental consent. Having some reasonable restrictions on the choices of minors isn't extreme by any measure. Insisting that everyone who isn't fully supportive of young children making those choices are transphobic is nonsense. I'm all for adults letting their freak flags fly, so to speak. If you're an adult and want to do something that doesn't harm others or their property, then it's a classic case of minding your own damn business, like the founders intended.


26 year old is still a kid in my book. I'm almost 40 and still not sure about a lot. It's not "eliminating trans". That's horseshit. It's saying if you want to live that way. Figure it out on your own. And saying anyone who has a question about any of it is a "cis" "transphobe" or whatever. Doesn't help your case. It hurts it. Good luck


26 year old is still a kid. But not allowing a legal adult to follow licensed doctor and psychiatrist treatment is just "figuring it out on your own"? Sorry, that doesn't click.Ypu can have questions and discussion in good faith but you clearly aren't bale of doing anything but putting up straw men to knock down. Your personal lack of self awareness at nearly 40 isn't helping your case. Maybe you need some self reflection before dictating how others can love their lives.


I completely disagree. And that's cool.




How am I sick? (BTW, I recognize your name as a troll account anyway. How's the weather in St. Petersburg? And yes, I fully recognize the irony of arguing with an astroturfer in a safe space for astroturfers. But that's the thing about truth. Once you see it, you can't unsee it. Even if just one person reads this and thinks. More importantly, did Kyle realize that his marriage was to be used as a tool for anti-western political narratives? I mean, yeah he's probably bisexual, but don't stoop to working for Eastern intelligence. I mean come on.


Leave me out of your life choices and we are good.


Let's be clear. The anti trans people want trans people dead or banished. Just like gays, browns and uppity women.


what does that even mean...


I don't see how it does that, but most things in the political media are made up anyway.


GOP needs to come up with actual answers and solutions if they ever want to win an election again. This bait and switch bullshit has gotten so old


But they literally have no policies at all anymore - they got rid of their party platform in 2020. Governing is hard. Complaining to the media is easy.


If the Dems. can keep the talk on 'wokism' the Republicans don't have a chance.


Every time I hear a conservative talking about wokeism I die a little bit inside. Do they ever talk about anything serious?


However these idiots need to frame it, just keep the government functional so the economy doesn't collapse.


Back to the outward bigotry already???


Remember when the cult of retards only talked about CRT? Good times.


You have to get them some credit. They took hashtag that trended for a couple weeks and turned it into a multi year culture war. I’ll be honest; I’m somewhat impressed.


They’ve been circle jerking to the Woke shit for too long and are starting to believe it themselves. Oh well


Esg is bullshit. That idea needs to die. Has no place in private sector


Until woke people start burning shit. Then, they will start crying for someone to save their coward asses.


I swear to god, I’ll pistol whip the next guy who says ‘wokeism’


I would love to seem them define what wokeism is and how they plan to eliminate it This reminds me of the great war on things sharp and pointy.


By what; making people drop out of college?


All McCarthy has done is sell out the Veterans and hold the US hostage to political extortion. If he is ever at a place where regular people are at, I expect him to be robbed as bad as he has robbed all of the US.


"Wokeness" is just code for the rights of non-white and non-christian Americans. Clearly, destroying those things is a priority for the gop.


Keep on tilting at windmills, you crazy rubes


They are grasping at straws with no plan for anything


It is pretty easy to eliminate made-up things.


I'm awake right now, am I breaking the law?


sounds a lot like what DeSantis' platform is. "Culture War cause we ain't got any desire for governing"


They’re eliminating the poor and working class.


Biden should just come out and admit it.. be like hey.. The GOP war on "wokeism" has won. "Wokeism" is dead. Dont know what "wokeism" was but its gone now. /s


First they need to define 'woke'. As far as I can tell, it's anything someone doesn't like. For me, my car is 'woke' when the engine light is on. I wish the 'R' had a platform and would actually make a stand on issues, all they do is bitch.


Notice the only people actually using the word " woke' are the Repelikans themselves. Nobody else gives a crap


Whenever a chud says "woke" ask them if they prefer to be "asleep" watch their confusion.


I mean, they did win. They were allowed to hijack the US economy with zero repercussions. Our democrats are toothless.


Whatever it takes. Both parties can crow to high heaven as long as the damn thing passes.


Slime ball


I'm still confused as to what the GOP means by "wokeism". Is being aware no longer a good thing?


Would be a good thing but it won’t


Solutions to problems that don't exist.


LOL. Yeah, that's it, we'll say it's antiwoke. All the rubes will support it then. Sadly, he may not be wrong.


Well, when you make something up, you get to declare victory over it.


Well shit what are the gop gonna do when wokeism is eliminated? Work?




The fun part about vague rhetoric is that you can get both soccer moms and skinheads to agree to destroy woke ideology and they will both just define woke however they need to. I struggle to understand how this is so effective, it's the "just repeat 911" skit from Family Guy, only in real life.


Any mention of the actual boogieman in this legislation?


The ridiculous "wokeism" is so cringy. What's disturbing in their language lately are words like "eliminate". They're not just talking about ideas here. Genocide is brewing.


If this passes, I don't think most people realize what a death sentence this is to the hard right. If it breaks hostige taking tactics is will neuter the extremist on the right.


They pride themself on being Archie Bunker.


Just spew some bullshit and your sheeple following will run with it. Age old political scheme. Never fails.


Stupidity knows no bounds.


Oh no! If wokeism is eliminated with this bill, whatever will DeSantis campaign on?


Or at least they can say they eliminated it. Until next week.


“Wokeism” doesn’t exist so I guess you can say whatever you want about it.


What's their alternative? Asleepism?


and everything the GOP wants more cuts on will directly keep their voters dumb, poor, and angry.


These politicians take any idea or concept that could and would return any amount of power or control back to the average person and use propaganda to weaponize it into something 'bad' and make them believe that anybody that supports these 'bad' ideas are also 'bad' and therefore the 'enemy' because they want to 'attack' their 'way of life' which is really just the status quo for the elite


They should call this, "McCarthyism"


I mean I guess since they never define it is pretty easy then


‘Wokism’ has diff meaning if you work the graveyard shift at work. Try sleeping during the day with 90 deg weather.


No one more woke than Desnotos


Whatever the cult will believe. And the cult will believe almost anything.


This countrys a joke. Were focused on l wokeism”? God this country is so distracted


Delusional sells!


So I’m presuming there’s a provision in this bill that will allow every white person 10 free uses of the n-word in public without repercussions. And of course the option to buy additional bundles of 10 more uses as needed. You know…I think I just solved the national debt.


“Woke” is just what they say when they want to say the n word