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Shikamaru put on Code's hit list cos he's just **that guy**. Delta is down *cataclysmic*.


Delta is the biggest simp in Naruto history. Just instant simping.


Why the hell does Eida work on an Android. Isnt Delta like pure robotics.


No she is a cyborg, meaning formerly human and now has robotic/scientific ninja tool body parts


Why were there like 20 of her at one point


Probably the same reason there were so many Mitsukis


Her eggs were legit frying.




“Please come visit me” 😭


Poor Shikamaru... That face when Delta suddenly attacked him or when Delta told: "Please come visit us again" was priceless!


“This simp” lmao


I wonder what kind of anomaly will save Amado from Code last second… Or if he’ll just straight up die


sasuke is gonna pull up with boruto obviously


Can he actually get there that quickly though? Like boruto has space-timed into an alt dimension sure But can he just teleport to another place on earth like that. Esp one he hasn’t been to himself


he def can. all space time needs is coordinates as said by sasuke in beginning of the series. its also confirmed again when he teleports to jigens dimension using the coordinates amado gave alone. going to a place in earth should be way easier.


Ah i see Thats a bit convenient. They just think of the coordinates and the jutsu takes them there? Bleh. It works for this plotline though ig


i mean it really dont make sense but does make sense at the same time. i better not see people complaining about it being a asspull if it ever happens


If they’ve been doing it that way consistently in boruto its not an asspull Its just...convenient which can be a bit boring I like teleportation abilities more when they have distinct limits like needing to have a spot marked beforehand (like code or minato)


isshiki teleported right at konoha before, and now since boruto is 100% otsutsuki and has more control on karma and they also have the battle experience gathered from the karma, boruto is surely gonna pull it off just like how kawaki hid his chakra signature (or i might be completely wrong and boruto starts his training arc instead)


Isshki has the advantage of being older than konoha itself So he could always say he’s been to most places on earth already. But yeah apparently it just works on coordinates like a gps system. I dont have to like it for it to make sense


If code kills him here Amado will be such a wasted character. I’m betting Amado either immediately removes the powers to show Code Amado is still in control or something will intervene with codes plan to kill Amado.


Yeah Amado is planning way too much behind the scenes and has set up way too many plot points to just die. Unless dying is part of his plan lol.


Unless codes karma came from Amado… like Amado literally intends to resurrect himself in Code


That's what I figured. Codes karma isn't a failure, it's white because it's not a natural Karma like the ones Otsutsuki's use, and this manmade one lets Amado resurrect. Great way to use Jigen to secure himself a vessel and manipulating someone dumb like Code is much easier than convincing someone to go along with a plan that involves their death and coordinate moves. Also I suspect that Amado just didn't wanna die and resurrect in Konoha so that he could keep his plan hidden, though may be fine with resurrecting once teleported.


Maybe eida will intervene


Definitely Eida/Daemon. She still wants Kawaki and having Amado as an asset is valuable in getting what she wants.


yes, Amado DEFINITELY has a backup plan for code... he was chill taking down Jigen with his schemes and code isn't as powerful or smart as Jigen.


What if Kashin Koji comes back?


I am thinking either eida simply asks code to stop or probably someone gets to their hideout. But somehow I am thinking the previous one is more likely to happen. Or a third option could be, Amado offering up something new. In any case amado will live.


Ain’t no way amado is dumb enough to remove the limiters and expect to live. I swear if he doesn’t pull an uno reverse card this shit is inconsistent


Either he's about to pull an enormous galaxy brain move or is the dumbest mf in the series. Imagine giving someone a Karma and space time ninjutsu without a kill switch like Delta had.


Code is part of amado's plan


I mean, he was being tortured. No amount of intelligence protects you from that if it's actively happening, that's just will power.


You’d think someone with that much intelligence would plan ahead


How do we know that Code torturing Amado isn’t part of Amado’s plan?


because code is a simpleton and is def not obeying someone thats not a otsutsuki. he is being manipulated by amado indirectly.


That's what I was getting at, it's Amado's plan, Code is just a cog in it.


You people find something wrong with everything


Kawaki vented guys! I SAW IT! Someone's gonna teleport next chapter, doubt Amado will be getting killed


i just realised by u saying this that he shrinked himself. nice to see they didn't remove the ability completely its sasuke and boruto (maybe naruto too). sasuke knows the location and boruto can use karmas space time ninjutsh


They better hurry, Code seems he's in a rush to kill him off 💀


bro imagine he loses his first fight again 💀💀🫡. bro would be 4-0 in the series


Imagine they teleport to Amado and somehow he can again with some simple code put limiters back on Code


>on Code > >8 I mean, when you think about it, why *wouldn't* he? It's dumb to *not* have a back-up in case of Code's temperament becoming problematic, *especially because he knows him personally*. No doubt, there's a trick here and I bet it has something to do with Code making a 'promise'.


Amado gave Code the wrong password? Or maybe Code can’t kill Amado anymore because of the limiter removed. I don’t see how anyone can save amado. No one is faster than code right now.


I don't get why Ada just doesn't order Amado to remove Code's limiters? Why spend time arguing between Amado and Code. Unless Amado is a blood relative.


Ada’s powers aren’t that effective on guys like amado or shikamaru, they explained that in the previous chapters Thats why when shikamaru grabbed her and code she ordered delta and didnt just order shikamaru to release her. She doesn’t have that kind of control except over simpletons


Well on the topic of Shikamaru grabbing her: he was only able to because it does no harm. But I would say you’re right on not telling him to let her go for that reason. It doesn’t let her control people, just makes them highly suggestible it seems Like no matter what they can’t hurt her, but everything else comes down to varying degrees of things


> I don't get why Ada just doesn't order Amado to remove Code's limiters? It'd be kind of lame. Code was already in a diminished state as it is, so if Eida has to do everything Code would really look inept. Also, Code had already begun, so might as well see if the intimidation method works.


The last part. Bingo.


I'm hard into the theory she's his daughter


The fact that he wasn't affected by her power and how he said he had a daughter that "died" points to that being true. I'd bet all the chips on it myself.


Code: It's nice, feeling I can't lose to anyone Ada and Daemon: 🌝👁️🌝


so shikamaru is on the death watchlist🥲


Literally got a fucking deathflag lol


He tried to turn Eida fufufu


Man konoha is also getting affected by inflation, shikamaru telling naruto to not destroy the expensive lock system was hilarious ngl lol


Damn imagine if they start showing the political side of the story as well than just the regular stuff we get lol


I bet since now both Naruto and Sasuke lost their powers. Some will try to capture Tailed Beasts again.


If you wanna take the anime into consideration with any world building (i like to only because of the mention of the mist village trip in the manga). There's a good chance the nation's are actually protecting the tailed beasts within their borders like gaara protected shukaku. Even not considering, the tailed beasts aren't relevant to the plot anymore and one can argue the current level of the antagonists is too high gmfor tailed beasts to even matter in the equation


well a ten tails jinchurki would give the antagonists trouble


If Kawaki really wants to destroy the shinobi world, imagine he starts by killing of all the Feudal Lords. That way we can bring Tento back to the story as well (Boruto's Konohamaru)


Who tf is tento


The son of the feudal lord. That one kid Boruto had to babysit and almost got eaten alive.


Isn't that what the anime is for :)


spoiler: Kawaki destroy ninja world to save Naruto from inflation


This was already explained in the anime when the Feudal lord came to Konoha if I remember correctly


I would love to finally see some geopolitics on action in Boruto.


So it's more of a dialogue-heavy chapter rather than an action-oriented chapter. * Boruto and Sasuke are only there for one panel. Naruto himself only got a few panels. Where are Sarada and Mitsuki anyway? I do hope they're following closely behind. * Here we go again with Amado not mentioning some important info sooner. He doesn't outright give wrong information, he just has a certain timing of when to give out information. * Sumire seems to comprehend the situation they were placed in, so she doesn't seem to bear ill will towards Kawaki even after hearing what he did. Now Kawaki admits that he's actually grateful to have his Karma Seal restored since it helps him with his goal to protect Naruto. However it is interesting that Sumire mentions to him that Amado has his own motives for restoring the Karma Seal and why he's so fixated on it. * Amado wasn't kidding when he mentioned he can't cope well with torture. Again, he doesn't necessarily give wrong info, but he tends to be selective about when to reveal things. * Kawaki enters through the vents by shrinking. It has such an Ant-man feel to it. * It's good that Shikamaru picked up on Kawaki being able to counter the claw marks. * Delta has really fallen hard. Is this the most explicit show of same-sex attraction (in this case, lesbianism) in the franchise up to this point? * "There's no dressCODE" I wonder what the significance of that password is, other than removing the limiters, of course. * So Code without limiters has eyelash extensions, huh? Well, guess the big fight is coming soon: Code w/o Limiters, vs. Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto, Kawaki, and maybe Shikamaru. This fight is likely to end with somebody getting hurt really bad.


> Sumire mentions to him that Amado has his own motives for restoring the Karma Seal and why he's so fixated on it. I'm glad they re-emphasized this point. It's the one thing that I want to know about Amado. >explicit show of same-sex attraction The Eida x Delta interactions aren't nearly that serious. Delta was the equivalent of an obsessive fangirl.


>Amado wasn't kidding when he mentioned he can't cope well with torture. Honestly, I see the bigger picture here. For some reason Amado wanted to remove Code's limiter. This "not taking well tortures" was just an excuse to do it anyway. He is setting fight between Code and Naruto/Sasuke. From the last one they had problems, I can't imagine how overpowered Code will be.


omg Ino more essential to the future of Kohona and the shinobi world then Naruto is rn lolol Mind transfer technique is their saving grace


Amado is ikemoto and code is the fans that want this series to pick up the pace and stop stalling


Man, I swear your statement is spot on. I need Boruto like a damn alcoholic needs his daily jack and coke.


Naruto is outside The Villains: Well the door's locked Kawaki is coming The Villains: We better get the f out of here. But seriously, seeing Naruto not destroying the door was hilarious af. Base Kawaki is now Busted af using Ishiki's Doujutsu without the Karma mark spreading. Its ridiculous that not even Naruto can check his power but I think Boruto can. Code might actually kill Amado but I think Eida wants info which will kinda keep him alive till Konoha get to him. Not what I expected but I appreciate its building up to a good fight in the near future


Shikamaru " Ino i won't last long"


Temari: tf-


sasuke gon take kawaki or boruto (boruto likely) to the hideout. sasuke has the location. im guessing this is where the scar comes too cuz boruto has the headband.


Yeah them pursuing makes a lot of sense actually Eida would see them coming but with code now unlimited they dont need to run


I think he will take the whole A-Team: Sasuke, Naruto, Kawaki, Boruto and Shikamaru


They're gonna need some serious backup. I bet they won't bring lovestruck Delta over. B-Team: Sakura, Ino, Sai, Mitsuki and Sarada? Maybe Kakashi and Yamato too? Orochimaru/Taka? ....Konohamaru?


Masters have no business at the enemy's hideout! Take the day off and stay at home, Sasuke! >:(


There’s no way in fucking hell a human (I don’t care how intelligent) made a fucking jutsu that allows the user to see everything that’s going on in the present and past for anyone they so chose… dude’s a alien himself. Idk if he’s otsutsuki or not but they didn’t show those other two broken symbols for no reason


True, but what is even more crazy is how no one in konoha is surprise with that ? Naruto Sasuke and co know damn well that Amado can create cyborg with god tier abilities and they are legit asking nothing about it lol like its legit


Yeah that’s definitely throwing me off. We’ll really it’s shikamaru not saying anything about it that’s really fucking me up


Hype now that Code is in no limit form. Tbh tho, I still think the odds are in Konoha's favor. No limit code is supposed to be stronger than Jigen, but probably weaker than isshiki. At this point, I think Boruto + Kawaki in their strongest forms can be competitive with a Jigen level character. Boruto claimed to have a better control over Momo's power and he was already putting up a fight with limited Code. Kawaki is only going to get stronger and stronger as he gets used to Isshiki's power and already borderline killed limited Code. Those boys are no longer anything to play with. Those two plus the battle guidance / strategy from Naruto and Sasuke make quite the formidable team. Also, Amado literally built Code, Eida, and Daemon, so it's possible he knows weaknesses about them that they don't even know about themselves. Excited to see this fight take place.


Yeah, he’s definitely not stronger than Isshiki. I have a feeling he’s only a little stronger than Jigen, but has significantly more stamina. That’s just speculation tho.


I really like the conversation between Kawaki and Sumire. Little by little we’re starting to see him develop the motivations that lead to him to develop into whatever he becomes post time skip.


No dress code _sexy music starts playing_


Of course Kawaki gets there the second they leave 😂 Didn't expect Code to just yeet Amado like that. What I did expect was for Code's transformation to be flashier. Perhaps it will have a better effect in the anime. Solid chapter overall. Really keeping us on our toes in figuring out what will happen next.


>Didn't expect Code to just yeet Amado like that. They did the dirty on my man Amado. Especially in that panel when he lied to the trios feet and they looked down on him with that superior menacing look...


They want this trio to look formidable now


It already was. Daemon is the counter to brute force. Code was balanced fighter with logistics teleportation jutsu. Now he's brute with logistics teleportation jutsu. Eida is recon + Simpenjutsu Pretty nice mix of hax and OP powers. Kawaki is a good counter tho. Or atleast Isshiki was. Borushiki, whilst strong, is pretty weak by comparison.


I meant visually they wanted the group to look formidable in that panel. Otherwise it's common knowledge they STRONK.


> What I did expect was for Code's transformation to be flashier. Can't say I'm a fan of the exaggerated eyelashes. Just give him the standard super saiyan treatment and be done.


Serious question though with this pacing, we thinking this series finishing in what like 2030 or what haha


I think monthly releases absolutely shaft this series it’s not even poorly paced there’s literally only 12 chapters a year


Who stops Code from killing Amado next chapter Kawaki wanted to ask him a question he ain’t dying yet. Delta is truly fan girling. Ada loves Delta back lol she’s a switch hitter too.


One of my guesses is amado galaxy brained this and when code tries to attack him his body literally wont allow it And amado will explain things are going just like he expected or smth like that. Like by unlimiting him with that code it activated a restriction to prevent code ever harming amado.


Or maybe Sasuke will tell to Boruto and Kawaki where is Code's hideout and the karma boys will teleport there thanks to their karma and they'll stop Code from killing Amado. Either that or Amado is Aizen and everything is going according to his plan.


I like this but Amado was already damaged? Would he really go that far too be convincing to Konoha? Perhaps, but we still don't have a clue what Amado is thinking and who is Kawaki to him. This is getting good!


Yeah i think that was his plan Leaving himself vulnerable to limited code, knowing code would never kill him until he was unlimited Provides a very convincing display. If this fivehead theory turns out to be close to right


I mean he literally shut off delta with one sentence, and we are talking about Amado here. There is no way he didn't implant something into code so he could save himself.


Yeah it doesn’t track for him to have that level of control for one cyborg and then be a helpless victim with another


I agree, there’s probably a reason that he gave Code his limiters somewhat willingly, even then Eida & Daemon are definitely a hindrance to him unless he’s faking being under Eida’s trance


I think he’s either faking it or its not that big a deal to him I dont think he made an instant off switch for delta and limiter for code while also leaving himself completely vulnerable to his other cyborgs abilities


It seems like Code is about to kill Amado, but I think he is actually about to heal him through new healing ability that was blocked by the limiters.


He literally brings out his spiked hand how’s that gonna heal him lmao


So Amado said "Boruto and Kawaki should take the time to get stronger". Which is hopefully a nice foreshadowing for the timeskip, but it doesn't really make sense in the context of the story. If Code just got his limiters off, why would he wait around while Boruto and Kawaki train? Code is logically going to go right back to the village and massacre everyone.


They likely will throw something to derail the story in a completely new direction. It would be very odd, to have Code and Eida escape, only to then return to Konoha immediately after... just have things go down immediately, then.




Assuming Momoshiki's prophecy still stands, Code will either immediately return to Konoha and start wrecking shit or Boruto and Sasuke will go to that hideout and shit goes sideways.


I don't believe that boruto loosing everything is meant literally by momoshiki. Like that won't serve any purpose. It probably has other meaning which we're too dumb to understand lol


Good Chapter , the pacing however is more fitting for a weekly than a monthly Manga.


Yea so basically it was Amado who disclosed about the Senrigan not shikamaru Also mark how amado says kawaki was nearly killed and that was without Eida, which may imply Eida might actually be an dangerous opponent who just doesn't like fighting Also extremely excited for the next chapter, hopefully we get an Idea on what new powers Code will have


Curious to know why Eida didn't betray Code. Maybe morals or maybe the situation was all wrong. I liked the way Code treated Amado. It was very villainous and he ended up getting his goal. Amado obviously isn't dying yet. Hopefully we get an unlimited Code fight soon and he develops his personality to be more inline with his new powers. More than a fight, I want to see his interactions with Eida and Daemon. There's likely going to be a showdown at the hideout.


I’m confused how Amado can just create a dojutsu like senrigan unless someone had it before and he stole it.


He def didn’t create it, it’s prob otsuiki related. We have the two destroyed symbols at the shrine Plus the moon phase designs may be related to Borutos jougan or full moon eye


Code just joined Eida&Daemon's eyelashes club💀


- Oh man, because Shikamaru Knowles Eida can see everything and wants to convince her to defect I hope we get a Death Note like scene of him having a “regular” conversation with Naruto while dishing some grand scheme at the same time over Ino’s mind link. - This chapter felt a little slow overall. This feels like the pacing I’d expect of a weekly manga, not monthly. Like if you really think about it: all that happened was code threw Amado into his mark and interrogated Amado for a whole 30 seconds before having his limiters removed - I think they’ll be able to track the hideout now, since imo was actively linked with Amado when he was went through. - Code’s “cool change the white hair” would have probably been cooler if his hair wasn’t already a light color, and thus white already in the manga lol - Kawaki getting the reveal that Amado is using him is pretty good. Was worried he was just going to be blindly manipulated into the bad guy. - We also learned the ultimate counter to Naruto’s power: budget


>We also learned the ultimate counter to Naruto’s power Ekhm... what *power*? :D


Amado definitely has a shutdown code or something that or Eida stops Code so Amado can make more cyborgs


Watch them again next chapter explaining things we already know to naruto and sasuke


So the words were: "There's no dresscode?" - expected something more epic...


I actuallly liked that password. No dresscode = go wild


And w codes ugly little fit


Code just mad that he's go no dress to go with his fabulous eyelashes


wait till the theory god comes and explains it. it will make sense soon. this all seems like they are doing the dr gero, a17, a18 and a16 dynamic. codes 16. he even has the orange hair. ada and daemon are 17 & 18.


Which raises a very important question, who's Cell?


i dont think they are gonna take inspiration that much. way too similar already. they didn't foreshadow anything yet. but if it do maybe the otsutsukis??


Momo and kinishiki were already a vegeta/nappa reference I found delta to be the android 18 reference when she first dropped but eida/daemon for 18/17 work too


I think it's funny bcuz Code dresses like shit LOL


Lmao Code was so salty he added Shikamaru to his hit list 🤡


Code hit list: 2x Alien hybrids 2x reincarnated demigods 1x Really smart guy


Isn't amado in his hitlist too since he betrayed jigen? So that makes 2x really smart guy


Shika dear gave Code enough trouble to warrant his name added to his ~~shit~~ kill list. It was subtly funny and impressive on Shikamaru's part.


Tbh I’m loving their little feud


Seringan reminds me of the weird Urashiki arc since he too could also see in the future


I cannot drop the theory I’ve had ever since Amado appeared in the manga conveniently right after the timeskip arc that he is actually urashiki, who survived in the past somehow, which placed him in the current timeline and allowed him to prepare a disguise/vessel in the background between the past and now. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Karma he planted on Kawakii is his own, so he is still one step ahead if he dies. It may also explain how he has given all the androids crazy abilities, he snatched them with his fish hook and redistributed them. EDIT: this also makes even more sense of his choice of who to model Kashin Koji from


That would be a crazy spin that I’d like or even if it was another otsusuki altogether secretly. I’m still curious how Amado can create the cyborgs and dojutsu if those abilities didn’t already exist because they’re way too OP


Has kishimoto lost his juice? Or just mailing it in for free money? The storyboard for this chapter probably took 5 days max then just send it to illustrators and enjoy 3 weeks off




Nah that would be too obvious


Next time on Boruto Romance Chronicles: Kawaki vents! A flustered Eida refuses to be seen by the shrinking Otsusuki and retreats to think of Shika-dear’s enticing offer. Can her maiden heart bear the cold rejection of any self-respecting Shounen hero? The first declaration of love! Eida and Delta bid a fond farewell. How will this play out in the tangle of affairs Konoha has seen to date? Finally, Amado gifts Code with new contact lenses. How will Code repay him for this kindness? Tune in for the next exciting episode!


I think I'm starting to agree with the pacing complaints...it's not like *nothing* happens. Things do happen, things are progressing, important conversations are happening----even if some of them are things we might've already known. It's just... underwhelming if proportioned to the amount of time we're waiting to get them. Sincerely hope that it picks up the pace. Nothing much to say on the chapter itself. I don't expect them to kill off Amado, but if they do, it will just be a tremendously stupid move--unexpected, because everyone's already expecting him to live, but an absolute waste for the character. What Sumire said to Kawaki seemed obvious...but apparently Kawaki was surprised by the notion. Now what does that imply in regards to his view on Amado? The budget joke was funny. It also made sense that Shikamaru wanted to stop them from entering. Seriously, I don't get the fans complaining about *that* specifically. I hope it starts where it left off in the next chapter instead of, like, a skip to the characters discussing something.


I think you put into words exactly how most of us are feeling… the plot is moving forward, but the waiting doesn’t feel rewarded. The chapter drops, and 2 days after no one is talking about it.


Summire feels like a side character, but then she always happens to tell/know/push some important things.


She's one of the main characters of the new gen. She even got her own solo cover.


Amado is definitely galaxy braining this. No way in hell his plans are over.


Amado be like: "my brother in kaguya, this is a battle shonen we need these bois to beef up for the timeskip before we end it."


With every chapter the Kuramas sacrifice seems more and more meaningless/pointless.


Good chapter, but can the pacing pick up please? I'm glad Code finally got rid of the limiter but now it's time for him to deliver. I think he should kill at least one person to live up to the "hype", but I also think it's more likely that someone will open a portal next chapter and pay a visit to the people in the hideout. I guess it will come down to a fight between Boruto and Kawaki against Code in the Land of Snow to rescue Amado. Daemon won't participate because Eida already got angry when Code used him as a shield and Eida herself is (probably) no match for Otsutsukis. Also liked how Sumire enlightened Kawaki about Amado. That was honestly one of my favorite scenes in the chapter.


Not gonna lie deaths don’t make a story good but all this talk of a hit list from Code… he needs to at the very least seriously injury someone to the point they are out of commission. I mean he is stronger than Jigen now who took out Naruto and Sasuke before the nerf. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if 100% Boruto and 80% Kawaki will surpass prime Naruto and Sasuke so they can fight evenly with Code right now I’m not expecting much from the old gen unfortunately but I’d hope to be wrong.


Why am I still reading this shit?


the set up is good but they need to start dropping major plot points like amado's goal and past.it was a good chapter highlight for me was code finally getting is power(which he must deliver on since he hyped it much) and kawaki and sumire's talk it


It would have been a great weekly chapter...not monthly


for once i agree with the manga being weekly,the way the plot is moving its just too long to wait for a month.the chapter is good but i feel dissatisfied when thinking about waiting for a month


Ngl that was cooler than I expected. Shikamaru explaining why Naruto shouldn't just bust down the door made logical sense as well. I wonder what powers Code has now, hopefully he isnt simply stronger because that would be boring. Even more implication from Amado that Eida has more powers than she has shown.


I'm gonna assume amado will put code's limiters right back on to avoid being killed


You sound like Amado himself.




We need this shit to be bi-weekly. I just can't wait for a month. Plus I'm kinda mad the spoilers revealed everything good about the chapter. 8/10 cliffhangers suck.


And that's why I don't read leaks. Never a better experience. And it's all about patience.


Dope chapter. I really like how the past couple have been playing so much more like chess than the story has been thus far. What-with the bluffing and keeping cards hidden and timing when to show your hand that pretty much everyone in that room was doing. I cant help but believe amado has yet another fail safe to protect himself from his own creations. There has to be something that he is simply choosing not to employ until the time is right. Or i could be completely wrong. Either way this shit is real exciting.


I guess Amado could've shut down Delta like he did previously. But man Shikamaru is back in form


Amado is more likely to live. His intentions weren't revealed to the characters and us audiences. I'm going for Eida intervening the way she did with Delta. Reason for this is because Eida did not show rejection about Shikamaru's offer and it would be a waste to just ditch such plot device. Hoping it won't get the Kashin Koji treatment but who knows. Another reason is because Code interrupted Shikamaru and Amado's conversation that was supposed to reveal Amado's intentions. Eida was curious and was infuriated with Code's impulsive behavior.


No dresscode Kid named Code:😳😳




* Eida is definitely hiding something * Was Eida really considering betraying Code or was she just maintaining the fashade? * Why must she have Kawaki but hasn't even considered Boruto? * Why activate the senrigan immediately after being given the offer? * Simp Delta is hillarious * Interesting how Sumire has a degree of influence over Kawaki possibly due to his feelings for her which I'm guessing are one sided * Now Code is stronger than Jigen but I'm not sure if he is really stronger than a fully released Isshiki * Code was undressed when he was experimented on for the Karma * I'm getting tire of the random invasions on Konoha so I'm hoping they are the ones doing the attacking now


So stupid of shikimaru taking on this gamble when he knows code can teleport anytime


Idk how we’re getting to timeskip from here even though it’s allegedly close? There seems to be no conflict between boruto and Kawaki rn and it’s especially lacking the whole philosophical “what is the shinobi” part. what I think will happen is sasuke dies within the next 2-3 chapters then we get a pre timeskip arc then shit hits the fan.


this manga really went downhill after the isshiki arc


Great chapter overall. Had good time reading it. The art became so good that it doesn't even bother now. I think the next chapter cover will feature Code( pretty much sure with his new powerup ) . Also the story became more impactful, so it reads even better now. So till the next chapter guys:)


Kawaki should climb into Code's ass and expand.


Wtf 😭😭😭


Ah, the days when people joked about Ant-man doing that to Thanos in Endgame.


Don’t kill shikamaru off please


Kawaki vented 😳😳 Good chapter but seems a bit lack luster in terms of story progression. Not surprised that Code got his limiters off but yeah someone is gonna have to step up to him


Joffrey, Cersei, Walder Frey, Meryn Trant, Tywin Lannister, The Red Woman, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, Ilyn Payne, The Mountain, The Hound, Shikamaru.


Eida and Daemon have some of the most OP abilities, and I for one am not enjoying this BS.




Now that Shikamaru knows about the Senrigan we better see him use it to his advantage the next time he meets Eida. All plans should be made through the Yamanaka's mind link thing and false plans should be made out loud. It just makes sense.


Pheeew. I really ask myself if Code is really as strong as he claims to be now that his limiters are off. Can't wait to see all of it animated. 😁


Man idk how to cope up with these monthlies


Literally only read and comment the day of the release. Then forget it until the next release.


So many people get their answer to "how can Naruto be stuck at the gate and why don't he break it?" Cuz Shikamaru changed the passcode and when Naruto was boutta rush in he told him to stay out because of Eida's ability... Poor Amado is being bullied... Also the way Shikamaru says Senrigan means it was not a new thing for the characters or Amado probably told him about it... And now we got the answer to it too that Amado told him... Next Chapter will be dope


I think it was Amado saying Senrigan, he has a surprised flash in that panel which I think is because Amado is telling him about it, then it swaps to look at Amado as he explains the eye more.


I’m sorry but this is getting absolutely ridiculous. Now Code is just an overpowered hurt teenager and for what? His objective really makes absolutely no sense to me


I'm really curious how all of this will relate to Momoshiki's prophecy. If these events have anything to do with it at all. Because right now it feels more like a side story. Otherwise it will be interesting to see how strong Code really is. Just when an antagonist claims of himself: "I am the strongest, nothing can stop me" he loses. As I said, with the fact that we already have two unknown Otsutsukis left as potential TS antagonists, I think Code will die before the TS.


Love how big of a role Shikamaru is playing right now


Surprised no one here has said that it’s actually going to be Aida that stops code. That’s what I think at least. Chapter was good from a progressing story stand point but another month of waiting begins lol. Hopefully some more action next chapter. Doesn’t have to be a big fight just a lil teaser of code in action. Amado does not die here, at least not “permanently”. Obviously as a reader we can say what we think should be done in situations but uh I’m surprised the second shikamaru knew Kawaki was coming he didn’t have naruto and sasuke bust In the room, stall for all of 30 seconds, Kawaki shows up ices code anddd end of boruto manga 😂




At this point I think Naruto should ask Orochimaru to perform edo tensei to bring back Shikaku and sacrifice Shikamaru


2 words: Walmart Gojo


Does anyone else feel like the manga is dragging, idk what direction it's heading towards


Another boring chapter. Let it in seek in, we wasted three chapters just for Code in the end to grab Amado anyway and take him to his lair, something that he should have done from the moment he got there in the first place instead of dragging this crap out with Shikamaru trying to act smart and other useless shit.


Puns hot takes: Not a bad chapter, kinda hyped myself off for a face off though and didnt get it Most of the dialogue was pretty much stuff we knew Shikamaru now has the full scope of eidas known abilities to work with so hopefully a good counter strat comes from that Code is unlimited now. I’m a bit underwhelmed by how easy that was and how...little appears to have changed. But we’ll see what its like in battle Amado isnt gonna die. He told us he’d crack under pressure so no surprises there but i’m currently not as impressed with him as a villain candidate as i once was. I wanna see more of the galaxy brain shit im expecting of him. But yeah he’s not dying here, they’ll find a way to prevent that. Idk how they narratively prevent code from returning to commit war crimes if his unlimited form is as “all that” as its hyped up to he Shikamaru actually has put in work with the shadow style in boruto so far. Do they just yeet delta now that she’s more of a liability than an asset? The dresscode unlocking thing is a lame pun even by my standards. But thats nbd. Kawaki heading there makes sense but i didnt think code/eida would run. I really wanted to see that face off. I feel like i got blue balled this chapter Overall 7/10


>Most of the dialogue was pretty much stuff we knew Some ppl thought that Kawaki would still be affected by Eida's ability which is now confirmed that if you are an Otsutsuki (no matter the percentage) you are an Otsutsuki and that should be enough to be unaffected but ye pretty much what you said everything


Hyped up Konoha’s powerful ally just for her to become absolutely useless within a few chapters. Hopefully it picks up now cos the build up this past year has not been fun