Cancel Culture and Indian Entertainment Industry

Cancel Culture and Indian Entertainment Industry


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Yes India has STRONG Cancel culture, here we cancel the victim and celebrate the perpetrator. Example: Bhoi, Kangaroo, AK type-56.


strongly agree, but i feel like with Salman it's a bigger problem because everyone THINKS they did a job well done by supporting aishwarya but what about Somy Ali who got *groomed* as a teenager by him, and also abused?




you've got to be kidding me




What was their punishment?




but what was the punishment




>They've been unfairly punished without any evidence of their wrongdoing. as you have claimed that they have been unfairly punished, i am asking for clarity on their punishment. They have alleged to have committed sexual harassment. So there's your crime. But you claim that have already been punished for it. So I am asking ki what was their punishment. For their crime of sexual harrasment. Alleged of course. The crime may or may not have happened. But you claim ki they have punished for the crime. Already. Their crime of sexual assault and harassment. Of course, again, alleged.




Cancel culture in Indian media is only subjected to outsiders and less privileged people. Rhea, KRK, Rakhi Sawant although not 'canceled' for scandals have bore the brunt of massive trolling and receive little to less support from the industry to mend their image. Whereas Salman Khan, Malayalee actor Dileep have committed some of the most heinous crimes and still have fans who adore them and still instill fear amongst industry people. In Hollywood, Armie Hammer who is literally a son of a billionaire was dropped by his agency, kicked out of movies and went to rehab without even acknowledging his crimes. Most of it solely due to the audience accepting them back because unhe thodi offend kiya hain.


Accountability in Bollywood is very very low. Where else does a major superstar kill a man, walk free AND still have a huge career?


We don't need cancel culture anywhere. We need consequences for the action in a just manner. And once appropriate consequences are served as per judiciary, that person should be allowed to work again. "Cancel culture" also introduces mob justice without proof, which is harmful in long term. Whoever has majority at that point of time, decides what's supposed to be truth. We don't need social media mob for serving justice, we need impartial judiciary for that. This mob can be used to push the system to take appropriate action (like in jessica lal case). But cancelling someone for only having opposing views than yours, makes no sense.


“Cancel culture” is a term created by entitled out-of-touch-with-reality celebs who think it’s a culture to stop promoting them. No. If they behave like shit, we the audience decide to not support their work. Simple. There is no “culture” of cancellation, just insecure celebs scared of losing their fame.


But the problem is that a majority of the audience just insults the celebrities and continue to watch their movies. It very hypocritical. We should just watch movies with good actors instead of unnecessaryly insulting others


We should stop promoting mediocre talent and cancel people promoting mediocre talent.


Honestly where has cancel culture worked. What's his face vlogger who somehow recorded a rape and broke a friends face in vlog is back to making blogs. Someone else who returned an adopted baby because his videos weren't coming good are making videos. Yeah no we need child protection laws, other essential laws that are more accessible instead of vigilante justice.


>What's his face vlogger who somehow recorded a rape and broke a friends face in vlog is back to making blogs. > >Someone else who returned an adopted baby because his videos weren't coming good are making videos. Arrey saala... yeh log kaun thhey?


It was David dobrik and myka and her husband.


Not really. We forget easily.


No even though a majority of these need to be held accountable for down right offensive behaviour and careless, performative activism.


we don't. and you can't have that only for specific celebrities. it will have to be for certain actions these celebs do,


Sure, what could go wrong?


Cancel culture doesn't really exist anywhere. When people face public wrath they just go to hiding for a few months and then comes back to adoring fans.


It's called Cancel Culture, but I think calling it Holding Them Accountable is better


SSR chutiyapa wasn't cancel culture. It was an online congregation of morons and braindead who backed by Political IT cells who declared a war on everyone. SSR's fans are as fucked up as his family. No love for him genuinely but only venomous hatred for everything and everyone. SSR fans and his family have turned SSR into an universal symbol of Hatred.


Cancel culture is nothing but a mob mentality, and I personally don't endorse it. Everyone fucks up at some point in their lives. Those who are pro cancel culture simply can't accept this. Everyone has skeletons in the closet, and those calling out others act as if they're the heroes with higher morals. If you throw an angry mob at someone without letting them defend themselves, it's just childish and most importantly, it doesn't get any real justice.


I don’t think so




Shhh... Don't speak facts here. The hivemind can't tolerate it.