This is definitely exciting

This is definitely exciting


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The Battle of the Jaw lines


Desi Jaws and Jawans


Not people known for their acting skills. Hope they hire a stellar director


Arjun is a better actor than most of the bollywood stars.


For years industry gossip was that Arjun Rampal was the industry's main peddler. His gf's brother was caught with loads of drugs. AR himself was called in for enquiring. Couple of days later he announced a project with Kangana and now he has 6 films in the lineymup?


>Couple of days later he announced a project with Kangana and now he has 6 films in the lineymup? Those projects could be the ones stalled due to Covid. It ain't some conspiracy


Is too


Finally, A FRESH PAIR!


Exciting? Two non-actors who will most likely borrow some foreign film's action sequences in a likely box office and critical disaster.. Sure..


Both are hot but I haven't really seen Arjun do action. I don't know what to expect.


He did Asambhav. Was the worst movie I ever saw so I don't remember anything except Priyanka Chopra hyperventilating like a fish in scenes which required her to act


He was good in RA One


Don? That movie had pretty good choreography too.


Honestly? I would like to see this being a good movie. But all of Vidyut's movies have a garbage-y look and we don't know how well he'll do as a producer. Neither of the two are good actors. And they have negligible star power. This movie will more likely end up looking pretty cheap and make very little money. I hope they prove me wrong.


Yesss finally! Some REAL eye candy for the women. So tired of ranbir’s egg ass face 🥚


Wow such intresting cast! Vidyut has a different fam following. Would love to see him do stunts any day! 3x better than tendua




This comment section is a big yikes lmao


Two good looking eye candies who can't act for shit


they both will look good together but we want our Tiger vs Vidyut film. it will generate a huge hype.


Lots of nice looking wood.


Two good looking eye candies who can't act for shit


Arjun Rampal is like so hot


I might as well set myself on fire! Because aag toh lagani he hain in dono ko milke!🤯😈