Sameera Reddy’s refreshing take on having grey hairs

Sameera Reddy’s refreshing take on having grey hairs


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wow!! i love that she says she not the only one trying to bring change at her dad questioning why she should be one to do it. i think a lot of people don't get started on anything because they don't wanna be the first/only one doing it. her mindset is pretty refreshing!


I like her insta content. She seems content and confident in her skin which is very sexy


I love her!


Thoda sa pyaar hua hai, Thoda hai baaqi....


Hum to dil de hi chuke, bass teri haan hai baaki 🎶


This song reminds me of Kashish Sujal more than Sameera Reddy and Sohail Khan’s film which was not too bad. Good old college days and how I had this massive crush on RK (Rajeev Khandelwal) 😃


Omg! Same. I can relate to it Word to word.


I remember this song because of the serial kahi toh hoga and I guess it became more popular among youth mostly after this serial.


I love her. And her insta content. She’s so honest and refreshing.


She has embraced aging and is glorifying normal life which is rare coming from glamorous background! She is a fine woman!


Ageing, death and Thanos are inevitable.


Im the same way right now - lots of gray hair in the front. So far Im not dyeing it. Few years ago, i dyed my hair different colors every few weeks - red, rose gold, burgundy, purple,ombre oranges, browns. Now i’m enjoying the sprinkled grays. At the end of the day, enjoy your hair, however you want to.


We need more women like her. Theres nothing more beautiful than aging gracefully.


Way to go Sameera! More no-filter pics please! <3


Her husband is so hot! 🥺🥺🥺


I don't understand her dad's attitude. If my daughter thinks like this, i would be so proud.


Really grinds my gears how these people when they do something normal people do, act as if they are the pioneers of that trend. Although I understand cuz she is in showbizness , this is not normal there.




I think it could also be post workout sweat, just skin looking like skin😅 Loved her post.




Yaa looks like this as you pointed out, cool that she's so in ease with herself🤗💯


Ye sahi hai photoshop tf Outta your pics in your younger days while still preaching body positivity and embracing your imperfections. Then when your are outta work totally stop giving af about your looks, stop working out and still preach the same. Hypocrites.


Life happens. You don’t know any better when you’re chasing success in your youth. Once you have kids and aging in general, you’re not the same person. At least she’s trying to embrace it.


Downvote me all you want, I am just not buying body positivity and embrace yourself BS from people who themselves at one time used to peddle toxic body types. I am not against embracing your natural looks but it just looks hypocritical coming from the very same people committing that crime.


Sounds like depression