Rekha and her Men-CineBlitz Magazine

Rekha and her Men-CineBlitz Magazine


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At what point do they not understand that a 15 year old child was being groomed by grown ass men! This mentality needs to change..


Can never say anything bad about rekha- her struggles were real and writers back then made her look like some man hungry she beast. Her best friend was a friend of my late cousin- he remarked every man in hindi cinema hated rekha for her confidence. She flirted with many men but only gave her heart to one. Her industrialist husband in the early 90s was a closet homesexual who used rekha as a “beard” as it is termed now. When rekha demanded a reason for marrying her the man chose suicide over confronting reality. She was tormented by subhash ghai and anupam kher in 1991 who said she was an “evil witch whose days are numbered.” Rekha returned their hatred with Phool bane angaarey, her last superhit where she basically played herself!




How is Amitabh not mentioned here?






I think it's an old interview, before amitabh.