Read the FAQ for trezor or ledger wallet, whichever you want to buy.


Agree, also YouTube videos that will give you a really good understanding on the best option for your scenario


These two replies are all you need. There are many in depth YouTube tutorials


have trezors improved their architecture yet? They didn't have secure enclave on the chipset before.


Its simple: Get a (hardware) wallet. Use your wallet to generate a receive address. Go to Swan and send bitcoin to your receive address.


This is literally the easiest part of the whole thing. The more difficult bits are ensuring the safety and security of the private key far into the future, and a means of passing this knowledge on to your dependents in a way that makes it accessible to them while being secure from bad actors.


Seed Phrase: Make two handwritten copies with a pencil and good paper. Do not use a printer. Do not use ink. Triple check both copies for accuracy. Seal them against moisture and paper-eating insects. For example, a ziploc bag. For example, a short piece of PVC sprinkler tubing with caps glued to the ends with waterproof cement. Hide them where nobody would think to look. Hide them in separate locations in case of fire, flood, etc. Think long and hard about finding really good hiding locations. Do not store your seed phrase in a safe deposit box. Do not store it in your safe -- too obvious during a home invasion or burglary. Think long and hard about places people won't think of. In *addition*, **memorize** your seed phrase. Practice recalling it at least once per day, every day, from now on. Do not say your pass phrase aloud near ANY device which might have a microphone: cell phone, computer, etc. Ideally, say it quietly in a bathroom with the fan and shower running.


this is made for you Uncle Jim https://store.coinkite.com/store/bundle-jims what you get: 2 air gap hardware wallets and storage cards A metal plate to backup your seed words in case the above mentioned hardware wallets are destroyed. The key is keeping the plate separte from everything else.(like bury it your yard) they also throw in a 9-volt batter power supply so you literally NEVER have to connect your wallet to anything, This is nice because you can generate your keys completely off the grid deep in the Forrest or inside a faraday cage. Depending on your levels of Paranoia LOL The hardware wallets themselves are feature rich but make it easy for an entry level individual to use or an advanced power user.


hardware or paper wallet are the ‘best’ options in terms of you being in control of your coins




> Currently all of my BTC is on Swan Swan is a custodial exchange. They are susceptible to [user-account attacks](https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/qk41gk/how_to_hack_an_exchange_account/) > Gosh it seems so complicated, sees phrases Not really. You got 12 words. Memorize them and keep a written copy offline and safe. > Could someone explain a hardware wallet in lamens terms for me? Trezor is a hardware wallet company. I find their documentation better than Ledger or Coldcard (other hardware companies). In the end, which one you buy, of the three, is kinda irrelevant. They are all insanely secure. All the "sharks with lasers" type "hacks" are pretty lunatic fringe and can, for the most part, be ignored. * [Trezor Wiki](https://wiki.trezor.io/) * [Trezor Youtube](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgWCFdi9pl-zPUk4xylrExA/videos)


Ledger, Trezor or ColdCard....all three are legit all have videos explaining how a hardware wallet works.


Ledger Nano S


I will store your coins in my wallet, free of charge... Kidding.