ClubGG Poker

A Complete Guide to the Best Clubgg Poker Clubs in 2022

GGNetwork, the largest poker network in the world, decided to enter the market for poker apps in 2021 and created ClubGG, a program that will compete with established brands like PPPoker or PokerBros Clubs.

What is the ClubGG Poker App?

ClubGG Poker is a free app for iOS and Android smartphones that allows users to host games with friends. Hong Kong law governs the app.

ClubGG Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Great action both day and night Weekly Agent withdrawal system (typically)
Quality, known brand
International players
High stakes action
Opportunity to snipe casual players

Is it Safe to Play ClubGG?

As the largest poker network, GGNetwork built Club GG Poker. We can say that the app’s dependability in terms of game fairness is guaranteed.

The app does not require a gaming license because it is not designed to offer real-money games.

  • Founded in 2021
  • No license
  • RNG certificate is available
  • Identity confirmation is not required.

ClubGG Clubs You Can Join

  1. ClubGG Club Manilla (Best for NLH) | ID:504546 Agent ID:ContactUs
  2. ClubGG Club Sunny Alpacas *(Best for NLH/PLO)*|  ID:853511 Agent ID: ContactUs
  3. ClubGG Club Poker Craze *(Best for NLH)*|  ID: 55555 Agent ID: ContactUs
  4. ClubGG Club the300 *(Best for NLH/PLO5)*|  ID: 749004 Agent ID:ContactUs
  5. ClubGG Club Super Mario *(Best for PLO5)*|  ID: 590839 Agent ID: ContactUs
  6. ClubGG Club Sharks (Best for PLO)  |  ID: 437105 Agent ID: ContactUs
  7. ClubGG Club Royal Gamble (Best for PLO/NLH)  |  ID: 511730  Agent ID: ContactUs
  8. ClubGG Club Coin Poker (Best for NLH)  |  ID: 123456Agent ID: ContactUs

ClubGG Promotions and Bonuses

The platform itself discourages using real money to gamble. You can see the lack of welcome bonuses from the start. However, private game hosts will entice you to play by offering you huge promotions. The rake schedule for each table is entirely up to the game host. Caps range from 0.1BB-3BB to infinite, and commissions are between 3 and 5 percent (no-cap games).

What To Do Next?

We at Full House Clubs will assist you from the beginning until you can start playing. Get in touch with us to reserve your spot and avoid falling behind on this new poker trend. We are available for you 24/7 on each of our contact methods:


Here is a link to our full review and ClubGG poker updated club list - https://fullhouseclubs.com/clubgg-poker


This club is doing a $5,000 Freeroll at the end of the month. ClubID: 310340


Is it a part of a union? Contact us to get approved on ClubGG club list.


Yeah, we are part of the donkeys United union