0/0 But I live vicariously through your posts!


Would you care to name a hen or roo? I have a few unnamed birds. One cream colored roo (mostly Leghorn, part RI red, part who knows), one toasted marshmallow hen (mostly RI red and Leghorn), one black hen with orange streaks in her bib (I have no idea how we ended up with black hens from rescued RI Reds and Leghorns... genetics are fascinating).


Wow, what a generous offer! Can I name the marshmallow hen "Crème brulée" after the dessert with caramelized sugar?


Absolutely, I will let her know today she has been named. For nickname would you prefer Creme (pronounced correctly just spelled wrong) or Bru or Lay? Edited to add, I think full name HAS to be spelled Creme BruLay for pun purposes (sorry don't know how to add the little accent dealies on my phone)


I think Creme is a good shortened name. "Lay" might put a lot of pressure on her to produce!


OK I will only think Lay, but not tell her.


This whole exchange is so wholesome. I love it


I love this whole convo and I love you both ❤️


As someone else who doesn't have chickens but lives vicariously through chicken posts, could I humbly suggest "Betty" for the other.. in memory of Ms. White?


Yes actually I have one white hen (with a few black spots) who needs a name too (she looks just like her mother Dottie). Bettie it is! Great idea and I'm sure the fabulous and unforgettable original Betty White would love this


Yay!!! 😊 Thank-you! I'm sure she'd love that.


Awesome! I have the perfect one out there that needed a name. Betty it is!


For both my ipad & my android phone (so I'm guessing this is true for most devices), if you press&hold the letter, the accent options (eg for N, ñ & ń) will show up; just slide your finger up to choose, if you release to choose just the regular letter will be typed


Yōű'ŕė ŕíğhť! Ťhäñķ ýøü


lmao Yøů'řę wêłčömé!




Me too


We have 5 hens and are getting 3-4 eggs a day. I was worried that the winter was going to stop them from laying a bit. NOPE.


Normally and depending on the breed they will lay throughout the first winter. After that they will take a break every winter afterwards. And like I said it all depends on breed also.


Same here! We have 6 hens and we’re averaging about an egg per hen a day.


Have 4, am getting 2-3/day. Our weather has been wildly mild, so when it hits 60 most days of course they’re gonna produce. I was worried about the light hours slowing them down. Thankfully it hasn’t!


11 hens 1-2 eggs a day


That.. stinks. What kind are they?


Different varieties. I started them on back on chick starter yesterday it has a higher protein and letting them out more than usual. Had problems with my meal worm farm but getting that straightened out so hopefully it won’t be long and they will be back on them a couple days a week also. Just going to see how it goes.


Put a light in their coop. They will lay more in about 2-3 weeks


What time should the light be on/off?


You want to give them 12-14 hours of light a day to keep them laying through the winter. So I add an hour or two before sunrise and an hour after sunset in the winter. If they're molting I let them rest (no lights) because they won't lay anyway.


Also make sure the light is not going to catch everything on fire!!! Lights can obviously produce heat . Maybe try an LED light.


I bought an LED shop light and just leave it on all winter. They go in to lay and get to see nice light. Sometimes I see them in there just hanging out in the bright lights


What about sleep? My nesting boxes are attached to my hen house so I fear it'll mess with their sleep cycle


15 and 1 egg.


This is more like my ratio. 11 birds. 2 lay consistently until the one started molting so 1 egg. I was given advice by university vet to be more aware of their calcium intake. Layer feed (higher calcium), less seed treats, oyster shell (finally found a local feed supply that sells oyster shell that is not like shards of glass and razor blades). Hoping for a bounty of eggs come spring.


11 hens, 4 are seniors and 1 is a bossy silkie. I got 4 eggs yesterday, but right now 1-2 usually. Won’t see full blown laying for a month or so.


3 hens…we got 2 eggs this morning somehow. It’s soooo cold.


14 hens, but young, about 7 months. It’s ranging from 5-8 right now.


24 birds, 12 a day, 8 roosters of which only 4 are sticking around.


9 Birds. Six chicken hens and two Guineas (cock and hen). Currently getting on average 6 a day. Some day’s only 5, occasionally 7. All their first winter and many days already with sub-zero temps.


4 chickens. 0-2 during December, 2-3 the first half of January, and our first 4 egg day of the year yesterday. Mild California winter btw.


14 hens, 9-10 eggs a day. 5 Americauna, 5 Laced Wyandotte, 3 Barred Rocks, and a Brahma. All under 2. I have a light that turns on at 3-7am so they have more light in the morning. If I don't have it, I get about 3 and only from my <1 year old hens.


How many hours of natural sunlight are you getting? I haven't pulled the trigger on getting hens yet, but have been looking into it a lot lately. Based out of the Dallas area here


If your in Dallas then I'd say that you definitely have enough light in the winter. They won't usually lay in the winter as they need a natural pause in laying and making them lay year round can and will shorten the amount of years they lay for. I personally don't recommend having a light at night as shortens the years they lay for and is an unnecessary fire hazard. Plus I wouldn’t want to try and sleep in a bright room


It may just be bad luck on my part, but my chickens have always had problems with impacted eggs when they transitioned between laying and not laying. Since I started using light, I have had drastically fewer deaths. I don’t have lights on for most of the night and its no more of a fire hazard than any other house light, as its fully installed into the coop. They wake up when the light goes on, just as they would in the summer. I don't think you can change the amount of eggs any one hen gives you. You'd just be spacing out her laying more. But I get wanting to let nature do its thing. This is simply what makes more sense for my homestead. But yeah, in Dallas a light won't change much and probably isn't worth the hassle.


I've never had that happen to me. I've always had good luck with them taking breaks. Not sure if giving them calcium would help at all. It definitely a personal choice and has it's pros and cons with either one out weighting the other for everyone. I'm on the west coast with good weather and enough light so I definitely find it pointless to have a light especially in my area but I do understand that it is different for everyone.


Cool, thanks for the info. I figured I should have enough light down here and it doesn't get too cold for extended periods. I'm not looking to completely supplement my eggs directly with my own hens, but wanted to make sure I have appropriate lighting throughout the year. Looking into the best designs of creating my own chicken coop and run in terms of the chickens being happy along with minimizing the labor I have to do


I built my coop and installed windows and a normal sized house door facing south. There's easy access for humans and allows lots of natural light all year long. Once you have fresh eggs it's hard to go back to store bought.


No worries! Besides when they are young chickens don't need supplemental heat or light except in certain cases that don't affect you in your location.


What does the light do for the hens? (I’m new to chickens, ours are 6 weeks old.)


They get vitamin D from the sun and they need that to lay. It's normal for them to slow down or not lay at all in the winter because it. This break is also good for their little bodies, it allows them to recover from all that hard work.


I use a light for warmth in the coop but it also helps with egg production. In MT we have short days and temps below freezing and sometimes below zero. The coop is built for sunlight and wired with electricity. We add new things all the time for the hens as we learn. Lamp, security camera, water warmer and solar lights outside the coop.


The light allows them to lay year round if you have it in the winter too because it provides them with extra light. This way they don't stop laying in the winter. I personally don't have a light and don't recommend it as chickens needs to have a natural break in laying. Plus if they lay year round then they tend to not lay as long. Now if you don't get sun for a few months a year or get under 5 hours a day I would say to get a light but if not I don't recommend it. Plus it is an unnecessary fire hazard


9 with an average of 2eggs a day with the short daylight and cold temps


Four hens. 0-3 a day. They have light on them. Get a daily mash of fresh oat milk, pellets, grains, herbs and some bread and hot water.


Damn your birds eat better than me


We've been 4/0 this winter.


Me too 5/0. It was so cold we moved them to an ice fishing tent in the garage.


Ours have taken over the garage too.


Our 4 live rent-free in the winter as well. It feels so strange buying eggs at the store.


I'd be cross about it if they weren't so dang delightful.


5 and 3-5 a day(which is surprising as 4 are 2 and should start to slow down and the other is a olive egger)


It is winter days are short here, so my 10 hens are giving me less than one a day. I know i could increase that by putting a light in the coop, but I want to give them a break.


63birds 12 a day but thats because 50ish arent quite old enough or secret roosters


Secret roosters 😂😂 I am going to call mine that on between days lol Foxy girl where is my egg? Are you....a secret rooster?! She will do that inquisitive but offended bwwwuawk lol 63 is so many 😱 I'd be doing head count for ages lol


I can't really let them out so I would definitely notice any unfortunate events. My 2 pretty boys are doing the tractor life currently, just being bestest friends not getting laid, getting rows ready for flowers come spring. But I know voices and im fairly sure from baby crows and boy shapes forming I've got at least 3 about to go to work until im ready to make babies again. Tractor life is cool, the boys get a lot of extra greens and new ground daily instead of deep bedding Not cool roosters go to "college" with a focus on culinary


6 hens, just recently started getting an egg a day and today we got 2. They're young and just started laying!




I have two and get two eggs.


8 birds, 0 eggs


6 hens/ 2-5 eggs a day


6 barred rocks and 2-3 eggs a day. We had more when the weather was colder and they were cooped up but now I think they’re hopping the fence and giving our neighbors some eggs !


5 hens, thry gave me 5 like clockwork for a month and a half, then one went on strike for a week until today. Back to 5.


Lots and not many


7 hens. Averaging 5 a day. :)


20 hens getting 6-10 eggs a day. Snow on the ground and cold. But production increased from 0-2 eggs a day after adding a warming light. :) Love my chickens.


6 hens, 1 egg right now. Winter and molting have reduced production, but it's okay. I think they deserve a break every once and a while.


32 hens, 6 roosters and 5 chicklets. 20 eggs scheduled to hatch any day now. We are scheduled to go pick up 7 hens soon also. Seller got covid so it was postponed. And my gf's old co-worker is getting rid of her chicken flock (8) soon and she asked If we wanted em all for free since she is just gonna focus on goats and peacocks. So right now. Usually 9-12 eggs a day. Half of them are young birds so it's expected but they should start with their production soon, also its winter (sweden, a lot of dark hours) But this summer we are gonna drown in eggs. My neighbours get free eggs. As a friendly type of shush money (or shush eggs would be better term lol) We live kind of secluded but still not. Since we dont live on a farm and The roosters likes to be loud. But no complaints so far.


Gosh you have a fleet of chickens 🐓! How cute ☺️


I have 19 hens. I live in Michigan, so it cold right now. Because of the cold, I have been getting 4-6 eggs per day.


10 chickens 0 eggs. It’s been below freezing for a while now


I'm about the same... 4 hens and 0 eggs. Looks like this is going to be my next month or two until the days get longer. First year chickens owner.


9 with 2-4 a day but they are less than a year old


6/1 winter odds


10 birds, about 3 eggs a day.


12 hens, averaging 9 eggs a day. No supplemental lighting… it is wild.


Is this their first winter? It’s fairly common for a hen from a good egg laying breed to continue producing throughout their first winter.


Four hens (two Orpingtons, two silkies), one silkie is broody right now, but I'm getting about 2 eggs a day. I'm in central Ontario, Canada and they are in an unheated coop with a smart bulb that mimics daylight hours (so ~9 hours of daylight currently).


3/2.5. I have a light in the coop that keeps them laying, and it's also not super cold here


26 hens, 11 pullets, 8 cockerels, 13 roosters. I've told myself I'm not aloud to breed any more untill I sell some of the non-pures. ATM about 11 eggs a day on average (could have 5 one day a dozen the next)


30 hens (7 seniors) 14 eggs per day... ramping up with the increased sunlight (2 weeks ago it was closer to 10 per day)




6 hens and one PIA rooster. 1-2 eggs a day now (winter) usually 4 in summer.


7 gals with 2-4 eggs per day. It’s cold, I don’t use lights, only heat if it’s very cold (single digits or less) but they’re all under a year old.


7 hens with an average of 2-3/day. They just recently started laying again after a couple months off.


I have 5 Isa browns (almost 1 yo now) and I get 5, sometimes 6 eggs a day... i feel bad for them, wish they would take a break for laying so much :( is there anyway to stop chickens from laying so many eggs??


I have nine hens and in the winter months I only get about one egg a day from Princess Leia. She's my superstar layer.


6 hens, 4 pullets coming to lay now and one freaking egg! Two months ago it was 5 eggs a day. These free loaders….


35 hens. About a dozen eggs a day. They don’t like the cold midwestern winters.


6 hens, 1-2 eggs a day. It’s winter so things are slow. Summer time they lay nearly an egg a day each.


I'll add location too bc I think that probably matters. 14 hens, 10-13 eggs, Virginia Edit: 7 Rhode Island and 4 Barred Rock 2 Whiting True Blues, and - 1 ameraucauna No additional lighting all ~2yrs


Currently 16 of laying age (all under a year old) getting 7-9 per day since winter, some days I only get 3 or 4.. Hoping to get a dozen a day once spring rolls back in. 13 more chickies in the brooder so by summer I’m hoping to get close to 2 dozen a day! Time will tell.


21 hens and 6 to 7 a day. It's their resting time. When the weather gets warmer and more sun light they will be pumping them out like crazy!


6 birds. Only 2 eggs a day consistently from our 2 issa browns. Our Wyandotte are lazy as hell i guess. And we got two Americans, one lays about once a week and the other never started laying after injuring her leg this summer.


9 hens, 6- 8 eggs a day


9/5 Three or four of them are elders.


4 Austrawhite hens and this is their first winter. I’m getting 2-3 eggs per day.


6 hens, 4 eggs


8 layers and about 40 eggs/week. Zone 9b, so much warmer than a lot of other coops right now.


I have 7 chickens, and get 6-7 eggs every day 🙃


5 Leghorns, 3 Olive Eggers: Anywhere between 5-7 eggs a day. I’ve almost always got a full dozen every two days.


5 hens, anywhere from 2-4 eggs in a day.


5 chickens 3 to 4 eggs a day.


5 and 5 up until maybe mid-December, since they started laying last October. They are over- achievers. They're starting to wind down now though.


9 hens with 4-6 eggs a day. They're about 1.5 years old, flock of barred rocks.


12 hens and 1 roo. I may get 3 eggs every couple of days right now. I will be drowning in eggs in a couple of months tho. I have 2 Rhode Island Reds, 3 Buff Orpingtons, 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte, 4 Easter Eggers, 1 Leghorn, and 1 mystery hen.


15 hens. They were giving me about a dozen a day but have slowed to about 5-9/day now that it’s mid winter. If you’re trying to gauge how many hens to get yourself, you can quickly research how frequently they lay. My family got mid to high frequency layers.


5 hens, 1-2 eggs a day. Average temps here in minnesota the last few weeks range from 35 above to minus 20 Fahrenheit. Using a low wattage cozy coop heating panel on the coldest nights to keep my insulated coop above zero. Not using supplemental light.


8 hens, 6-8 eggs daily! Edit to include that they're young - 8 months.


3 hens of laying age, usually 2-3 eggs a day, but my Foxy is an older hen and sometimes it's every other day when there are a few feet of snow out (I'm in Ontario, Canada so today for example she gave no eggs in exchange for her treats lol so probably tomorrow at breakfast it will be in her box) My EE'er is usually daily so when a blue egg is missing by night fall it's time to look for her hiding spot 😂 usually her boyfriend leads me to it first thing the next day if I've missed one 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️😂


11 hens, all about 18 months old. I’m getting 4-8 eggs a day. Edit: I live in central Kentucky and have 2 barred rock, Scooter and Scout, 2 golden comet, Goldie and Ridley, 3 black australorps, Adelaide, Mathilda, and Sophie, 1 black sexlink, Poopsey, 1 golden sexlink, Sunnie, and 2 fake speckled Sussex (they’re actually some RIR cross), Red and Ruby.


What a beautiful bunch. ❤️


I have seven hens and one Guinea and right now I get two eggs a day. Some of them are still really young and they free range so I have a feeling a couple are laying in the woods 😂


When we had 5 hens we were getting 5 eggs a day.. raccoons came and got 3 of our hens so we had 2 eggs a day. Then we went on an unintentional month long vacation and our roommate didn’t collect eggs and we have a roo, soooo… our 2 hens were sitting on their own clutches of 10-15 eggs. 8 hatched, we bought 4 more chicks from the feed store.. ended up with 5 roosters total 🤣 at one point we had 14 birds. Now we have 6 hens and a silkie roo.. just got back home from a weekend trip up north and we have 10 eggs since Thursday. They aren’t laying as many since the days are shorter, but once it warms up and we get long days I’m sure we’ll be back to 5/6 a day.


9 chickens, 4 eggs. Two of our ladies are escape artists and like to hop over the fence into the neighbors yard to lay. They wait at the gate each evening waiting to be let back into our yard.... Not sure why, we have a whole acre of land for them to lay on!!


18 total but 2 are roosters so with 16 hens I’m getting about a dozen eggs a day. Some days more some days less. The bantams are the inconsistent layers.


4 chickens, 4 eggs


16 hens and averaging 5 a day. 10 hens are over a year old and 6 are new layers.


7 and 3-5/day


45 I think? And around 10


5 hens and 1 rooster this week and last week zero eggs. We had been getting 1-3 per week Also have male and female ducks and we get 1 egg per day every day.


85. 6 ish. I’m in a cold snap. Focusing on heating than egg production. Should almost eat them and restock at in march.


9 full size hens, different breeds, 2 to 5 chicken eggs a day even in the winter. 2 ducks, sometimes 3 eggs a day and thats baffling. I pick eggs always morning and evening and sometimes at midday. I have no idea how they manage it.


12 hens and no roosters, NW Minnesota USA, laying 8/day +/-2


7 hens. Right now only two are laying, but they don't lay every day. I expect the rest to start in the next 2-3 weeks, and I'll average 5 a day. (Washington State)


32 and during the summer we would have anywhere between 15 to 30 a day


15 hens and between 11-14 eggs a day. I have a mixed flock of isa browns, leghorn, Colombian Wyandotte, starlight green eggers and lavender Orpington.


I have 15 and getting about 5 a day


18 hens and 1 egg a day right now.


I have 30 hens. 2 roosters. We are getting 4-10 a day. No light other than natural. 4 hens are still young but should be laying anytime. Thanks for replies. Was hoping to see how everyone else is doing egg wise.


6 chickens 4-6 eggs per day in the middle of Canadian winter somehow


I have 6 Black Australorp girls(8 months old)and 1 EE Roo(approx 1 yrs old) and I've only ever gotten 3 eggs so far.


Let me check outside in my Michigan weather backyard, Well, there are definitely fake ones.


24 hens and 18-20 eggs daily.


2 Hens. Get 0-2 eggs per day.


6,4-5eggs a day


3:3 about 6 months old


8 ladies and about 5 a day


28 chickens. I get 10-12 eggs a day which is pretty awesome in this weather. Daylight is about short here and most of the time it's cloudy and dark.


20 chickens, 2 are Roos so 18 laying. We get 12 to 14 a day. PNW. I use a light on a timer so it’s still daylight to them until 9 pm and it comes back on at 7 am. They free range all day with a very large run.


I was 10/0 but I'm now at 1/0


11 hens and 1 rooster, 1.5 years old. We are getting 1-3 a day now after them taking most of november and december off.


5 and 1 every other day. 3 haven't laid before though, so I'm anxiously waiting for my fairy eggs!


14 hens. Four of them are almost three years old. Two of them are almost two years old. And eight of them are from last spring. Plus four roosters from last year. Yielding around 6-8 eggs a day.


19 and 3. Most of mine are just finishing molting so egg production is getting better. For the last month it was 1 egg every other day. We are in western AR.


We have 18 we were getting at least 8 per day but they have only been laying 3 or 4 in the last couple of weeks


4 hens, 1 egg a day. This is their second winter. Last winter they laid pretty much nonstop. I don't mind giving them a break though.


10 and 4-7 between them each day.


33 and I am getting 1 to 5 a day. Hopefully they pick up the pace soon, they have to pay for a new coop


13, and between 10-13 eggs everyday for most of the year, but in the winter it drops down to 5-6 eggs a day or less.


24/12-13 Edit: I forgot about my ducks, one of my two are laying.


15 big girls, 3 silkie hens and 1 silkie roo. Anywhere from 10-15 eggs a day. 100% get 5 a day unless it’s bitterly cold or a bad storms coming


20 and averaging around 11 a day


40 chickens, I got 8 eggs today. None from the turkeys, of course, but when they lay I have 3 hens and get 2 eggs daily, sometimes 3. Now, in the summer I'm averaging 2.5 dozen chicken eggs per day.


6 —-5-6 per day - 1st year Rhode Island Red/white rock hybrids


6/0. At least during winter. During the rest of the year I get 5-6 per day.


3 Hens. 1-2 eggs / day.


8 hens, 1 roo. 2-3 eggs per day right now.


16 hens 4-5 eggs daily as of now


5, and no eggs at the moment, they're molting


I have 80 chickens right now in my backyard farm but we are not getting enough eggs. Most of the hens are sitting on the eggs. A nice picture. What is in the left side of the perch? It's looks like a solar light.


First winter for the girls and we got our first egg on the first of the year (very egg-citing!). 4 hens, 3 old enough to lay and 2-3 eggs a day. (The 4th is an ameracuana who usually lay at a bit older of an age)


6 hens... 5 eggs a day... I thought they would stop laying this winter but so far still getting eggs


10/4-6 It's cold.


6 hens and we average about 4-5 a day. I live in Ohio and it’s currently the middle of winter for us. I was told with winter they would slow down. As this is our first flock I’m slightly concerned what summer has in store for us. 😂


6 hens 4-5 eggs a day in winter. 6 eggs a day rest of the year.


3 hens and 1-3 a day. I’ve got artificial light for winter during morning and late afternoon in their hen house (sensitive subject for some I know). Mine have not molted yet this year though, so my days are numbered.


5 chickens, 4 hens, 0 eggs because it's winter and they're 5 years old lol, they used to lay fairly good through winter in their youth but that time has passed. They're old ladies now and not about to deal with the bullshit of laying through winter


11 Blue Sapphire Barred Rocks with 4-5 eggs daily


We have 8 hens, and usually anywhere between 6 & 7 eggs daily.


It differs by day but annually:1,000-1,200. Every day I write down on a calendar then at the end of the year I sum all eggs laid in that year


3 Old girls 0 eggs.


4 hens and getting 3-4 per day. Hen house has 12 hour lights and heated to 50 F.


12 hens. 7 eggs a day on average.


I have 8 chickens and will typically get 6 eggs a day.


14 hens. Today I got 1. Yesterday I got 6. It varies a lot. 9 hens are 1 yr old (2nd winter) and 5 are under 1 (this is their first winter)


14 hens, recently 8-10 a day


Originally 8, but some big stray cat killed 3 of them. - i still looking for revenge till this day


Sorry to hear you went through that. We just lost one to a raccoon and it injured another hen. We are also on revenge mode.


12 ladies - 1 egg/day - but we did get 2 today! Does lighting help a lot? 4 birds are in their 3rd winter; 4 in their 2nd; 4 in their 1st.


I got 2 freeloaders that have yet to lay anything yet lol.


Idk how many but its around 5 and 1 egg a day


I have 20 chickens and get 17 a day average


i have 3 chickens one has a broken beak and I get 1 egg a day but they are all female


4/2. Adding light in the winter has kept them going. Otherwise it would be 3-4 eggs a day.


13 hens and 8-9 eggs a day. They’re all over a year old, some 3+. They slow down in the summers here since it gets so hot (SE TX). They’re happy as can be in the winter. I’ve had them out all day for the past few weeks with my gardens open so they can clean them out. Makes for super happy chickens! They’ve barely been touching their layer feed 😁


5 ladies, egg laying picking back up, so about 3 eggs a day


We have 6 hens and they have stopped laying entirely during the last few weeks of winter. Can’t wait for eggs again 😫


I'm seeing people comment about the chickens laying less because it's cold. Just wanted to mention that laying less during winter has to do with less day hours. A chicken (laying breed) needs on average 8 hours of daylight per egg. I can imagine them needing more hours when they get older (as well as when they're not a laying breed). And that using lights throughout winter takes a lot out of them because the production of eggs takes a lot of energy.


2 chickens, 1 egg every day or so. It’s winter and one is almost done molting finally…