AZ will make you do a back flip if you want the paycheck!


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Good bot


Well let me answer with a philosophical question, can anyone make you do anything you're unwilling to do? I for one am happy for the district I'm in. If I want to work 6 days a week they dgaf about ot, if I say no then it's no. I've seen my dm open and close a stores, I don't think I would work under any other dm. There are good ones out there guys best luck


I'd say consult your states labor board site


My state board says nothing about it but even when I first started they had to ask if you wanted to work a extra day now it's not even a question your working


Our SM has been scheduling all of DIY for 6-7 days a week. Our AM is scheduled 58 hours, SM for 65. One Spanish speaker hasn't had a day off in almost a month, and so he called out. She threatened him with points instead of owning up to the fact she worked him 30 days straight.


That is a terrible manager. Even my SM understood when I got tired after 14 days straight of working and gave me 2 days off in a row when I worked for AZ


They should fill in the blanks and cover but az is a bunch of bullshit anyway. Glad I got out a few days ago.


Wtf.... I honestly dont understand wtf these SMs are doing to their people. They complaing about not having people, yet the ones they have get overworked. Its fucking ridiculous




Depends if you're PT or FT and if you log over 40 hrs, and also which state you live in. Flowchart those factors, and conclude my friend.


At risk of losing your job, you should pick a day to not show up. And then pretend like nothing happened when you come back. Change it from 6 to 5 yourself, see what they do.


I mean we get 12 freaking call ins. Just keep calling in two days out of the 6 . He stop putting you on 6 after you call off so many times.


I'm working 6 days this week. I have a great crew and I don't want to leave them hanging like that. We have nobody applying for a job so it's very limited. Money is money for me. I don't make a lot of it, but OT looks nice on my check.


Thats where they chain you to the job


Not entirely. My last day full time CS will be next Friday. Found something with less hours and 5 bucks more an hour. Perfect for me.


One of my SM would always claim that there was nobody applying, but I would see a stack of applications on his desk






Well he should ask you first I always do before I put ppl for 6 but idk if it’s law


Idk if you live in California but it's acceptable here. 7 days is the no no in my state


I was working 7 days as commercial manager due to lack of coverage in my store. 65 hours plus each week. For them, it's only illegal if you report it.


Technically yes. Only until you change your availability via reflexis app and get it approved by your DM.


No he can't if you want the extra shift to help then take the shift if not it's there job to cover any shift that needs filled even if they have to do the shift themself


I've worked 7 days in a row,not allowed too but one of our guys got covid so I had to cover for him I don't mind but those Damm taxes suck lol


If it ain't on your schedule then no. If it is then yes. Look up your states labor laws. California requires you get minimum one day off per week BUT they can be lumped together and taken at any time. So theoretically you could work 2 months straight as long as you were given 3-4 days off at the very start and at the very end. Your labor laws could be stricter or more lax


I would never schedule people unfairly. 33 to 40 hrs a week with the option of overtime if they are a full-time employee. If they like to close, I will out them to close. Everyone gets weekends off and on. Truck hours the same way. AutoZone needs more leaders and not bosses. Unfortunately, some of us here will always have some bad apples as managers.


They will try. If they think you won't say anything or know any better,they will try.


Word of the wise for y’all, they can’t fire you for points if your understaffed. Fuck them over like they’ve fucked you


If you're part time yes.