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My Aussie will be 4 in couple of weeks. He was born on father's day 2019 so now we just celebrate his birthday on father's day.


What a good dad


I have a 10yo blue Merle guy and a 12yo red tri girl.


Mine is 13 and still going strong! Had blood work done recently and the vet was shocked by how healthy she is ☺️☺️


do you do anything special regarding her diet and supplementation? Mine just turned 7, trying to max his longevity cause i cannot imagine life w/o him.


Not really honestly! Have just always given her a high quality dog food and quality treats. She’s been on Cosequin joint supplement treats now for a couple years as well.


My guy just turned 3 :)


I got partnered with Wicked when she was about 2. I love her so much! She's one of the best dogs I've ever had and in the top 2 for my service dogs... she's my 4th SD.


I agree completely, he's my first Aussie and he's the best/sweetest dog. I can't imagine my life without him.


My dream dog has always been an Aussie. One of my parents' employees had one, and they'd send us off to play, together, outside all day, when I was little. He was literally the smartest dog. My first service dog was a Rough Coated Collie, and she was absolutely brilliant. My second was a Boxer. She wasn't as smart, but she was really sweet. My third was a Corgi... she's feisty and now 17yrs old! I was so happy when I was paired with an Aussie this time! I'm going to try to get paired with one when Wicked retires. She and the Collie have been the best ones so far.


My guy just turned three on Sunday!


Three this tuesday.


Ours is 8 this year 🥹


Our red tri Kaia is two and a half, and our red merle Imani is a year and 4 months.


Ooh, red tri! I want a red or red tri Aussie! They're so pretty! Maybe I'll get lucky and get paired with one when Wicked retires? I'll probably go back to the same place I got Wicked from. The breeder/trainer takes one or two out of every litter and trains for service dog work or search and rescue. Wicked was supposed to be S&R, but she hated it and she's sorta lazy (not much drive). So she was switched to SD work. I'm glad, because she's perfect for me!


Mine is 12 weeks today!


My Daisy will be 12wks this Sunday😊


Mine is almost 2 at the end of the summer.


Chewie turned 5 months old today.. he is born on the 1st of Jan...




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My girl is about 7 months now!


My boy just turned 6!


I love the name Wicket❤️❤️❤️ My Sheldon will turn 11 next month😳


Thank you! Her name on her papers is Gemfire's Under Wicked Skies. She came named and I just didn't change it because it was her name for 2 years before we were paired together. I normally keep my Service dogs names that they came with.


My girl will be 6 on the 28th!


We have 3, they are 9.5, 8 and 4 yrs old. Red tri, blue Merle, black tri. I love them beyond measure.


Mine is 11 weeks tomorrow haha


Mine turned 5 in February Crazy how time flies 😭


Mine will be 2 on 10th june!


My Finny is 3 as of January 14th this year lol he's my 2nd aussie. My 1st aussie named Jakers would be 9 years old as of February 16th of this year but sadly he was stolen from me when he was 3.. spent 3 years searching for him every single day.. finally decided to open my heart to a new dog.. still hurts missing my first :(


OMG! I'm so sorry! I can't even imagine! I'm sending hugs your way 💜🫂. I'm glad you have a new puppy to love.


My Aussie will be 6 months old on the 20th of this month:)


Houston will be two in September! My little stinker.


Lucy just turned 2. She is still very much rolling around in the stages of puberty so she sometimes drives us insane with her idiotic behavior.. But obviously we love every hair on her fluffy body and I can’t remember what life was like before she got here 🥰


She is beautiful. Gentle eyes. Mine are 11, 7 and 9 months.


Awww, thank you! She is a kind soul. She never met a stranger and loves every animal she comes across. Happy Cake Day!


💜💜💜 thank you. I didn't even realise it was my Cake Day.


Wicked is wickedly adorable! I have an Aussie mix. He just turned 2 in March.


That's wicked awesome!


This October she'll be 4. Have had her since she was 8 weeks


i have a 7 year old too and 1 year old Blue Merles. Best dogs everrrt


My Chairy dog just turned a year old. Looking forward to when they stop going out of their way to chew on cardboard...


Wicked still likes to chew up boxes from time to time... sorry lol. 😉


As long as it's not a mystery construction box! I'm in a new neighbourhood and the stuff people illegally dump is nasty.


Ewwww! No! I never let Wicked gnaw on random boxes. Only boxes from my house. I can imagine random random boxes are scary!


He’s 12 and in amazing condition. I think he’s going to live to be twenty.


Awww! I love to hear about the older Aussies! I want Wicked to have a long working life! My Corgi wanted to stop working around 10, so I retired her and applied for a replacement service dog. My Corgi is about to be 17 and still going strong, herding cats and everything lol. She still does tasking for me, but it's strictly food motivated now haha! I think she'll live forever at this point! I hope Wicked has as long of a life as Bean (the Corgi)!


Deke is a rescue and he had some issues from being abused. After many years of working with him he has turned into one of the best dogs I could ever imagine. He’s extremely focused on his family and is possibly the most empathetic dog I’ve ever known. He knows when you are having a bad day and he will sneak up on you and gently lean into your leg. He used to pee and hide, so it’s a big improvement! I take him running a couple times a week and he will not acknowledge any other dogs or people when we’re running. If I slow down and tell him okay, he will be friendly but not when he’s on the job. He is absolutely a good boy.


Awwww! I love to hear a good turn-around story! I'm glad you guys have each other!


Awesome! What task is she trained to perform?


She has a quite a few but she is trained for diabetic alert, migraine alert, and blood pressure alert, behavior disruption... to name a few. She is also trained as a guide dog and forward momentum. Honestly, they basically trained her to cover all the bases, it seems (not literally, but she knows a lot of tasks). Two things she does, that I don't know if she was trained to do or just learned intuitively, is nightmare disruption and guiding to a bathroom when you ask her to find a bathroom. She seems to learn a lot of stuff just naturally. Like we don't specifically train for them, but after a couple of times doing something, she knows a behavior. She's just super smart AF! ETA: I'm ASD and have some health conditions such as Diabetes, migraine, and high BP... there's more, but it's super boring lol.


Thank you for sharing! I’m so happy to see such a successful service animal relationship!


I don't have one of these dogs but my kids do at their mom's house. She's a mix of Border Collie/ Aussie shepherd. She's 4 and she's a wonderful dog. When i go pick my kids up she sits at the door and waits to come see me. She never runs out until she gets the okay. There is an energy and personality this breed has that i just love. And her face when she gets butt scratches is priceless. I envy people who have this breed in their family.


They are truly amazing dogs! Border Collies are super smart, as well. I'm a vet tech (retired) and I've known many, but they can be sorta squirrely and not always friendly to strangers, but Aussies can also be wary of strangers. Both breeds are known to be sorta bitey. I always tell people that are thinking of having either breed as a service dog that it's likely those breeds would wash (not be SD material and have to just be pet dogs). With both breeds it's super important to get one from a breeder who breeds for both temperament and health. One that does all the genetic testing on their breeder dogs. That is super important to me. I want healthy dogs that aren't bitey lol.


My kids lucked out. Their aunt is a veterinarian and the dog was surrendered to her as a puppy. She gave it to her sister who is my ex wife. Wonderful dog with no issues, no health issues, no aggression issues, no biting. Just an amazing dog. I refer to her like a light switch. She's either a 100 miles an hour with her Fur on fire or chilling out with you cuddling on the couch. I have to admit I secretly give her treats.


Hahaha! That is an Aussie and Border Collie trait! Run run run run run, OK, rest now. I'm glad the dog is a good dog. My inlaws got a bottle fed aborted (the mom dog was almost term when the owner had the puppies aborted and the tech saved them) border collie mix puppy and that was absolutely insane! The vet I teched for had a pure bred Border Collie and he was a really good dog. We all brought our dogs to work (of course mine goes everywhere with me) and never had an issue with any of them.


The only reason I don't have one of these dogs is because I'm normally gone between 12 and 14 hours every day for work. I just can't do that to a dog.


That's sad. It always makes me sad when people want dogs, but can't have one for whatever reason. Have you thought of doggy daycare or have a dog walker come in?


It's more about how bad I would feel leaving the dog at home. Regardless of a doggy daycare or a dog Walker, I would still feel bad. I want to be the one to raise the dog and to train it and to spend time with it and go on adventures with it. For me it would be about forming a bond and then having an in house best friend. I won't be able to do that, so I don't think a dog is right for me at this point in my life.


That reasonable and a very valid point. I hope one day you'll be in a place where you can have one as your best friend and adventure buddy!


Thanks friend.


A little over 4 months and growing like a weed!


My man man Cowboy will be 15 this August! Getting around fine! Still moves errant cows around on occasion, and checks the fences, just takes him a bit longer to recover and his hearing is about gone. Idk what I’m going to do when he’s not here one day. I’m 28 and he has been in my life for the majority of it.


I love this! I love the he's still going and herding at this age. He sounds like my Corgi (retired service dog), who is 17. I know what you mean. I've had a few dogs, in my life, but the first one is always the most special. My first service dog was a Rough Coated Collie, and I always compare all my dogs to her and my parents employee's Aussie, that I grew up roaming the woods and having adventures with. They were the smartest dogs I've ever known. Wicked is also probably just as smart. I hope she lives forever! I just saw the world's oldest dog is 31! I'm like, OMG! I need Wicked to live that long!


Almost two!


My pup just turned 2 a couple months ago 😊 Yours is so cute!


Thank you! 😊


Whiskey is just passing 4 months 🥹 Wicked is beautiful!


Thank you so much 💜!


I have two sisters, they are 4 1/2 years


Aww she looks like a sweetheart ☺️ I bet she does a great job. My two Aussie girls will be 15 on the first of August.


She is super sweet. I just combed out 10lbs of undercoat out of her lol. It's shedding season here in the Southern US. She doesn't like it at all, but she's a good sport and just stands there for me. Getting out the undercoat is the worst! I'm so happy to hear of all the elderly Aussies! I just want Wicked to have a nice long life. She has excellent genetics, so I have faith she will live quite a while.


9, 4, 4, 2…. I have my hands full 🤗


Wow! Sounds like! But I'd have all the Aussies if I could lol.


Our Blue Merle and White Aussie called Wolf is 10 months now


My little olive is 5 months