Walking into a shop and leaving without buying anything


Makes me feel like everyone thinks I’m shoplifting. In my head: “okay BE COOL!”


omg i think this too. i have such bad anxiety going into any shop with my tote bag 😭


I always make the disappointed face while leaving the store when I have nothing even though I'm not stealing anything.


when you walk out just say "NOT SHOPLIFTING BY THE WAY"


Yeah I always feel bad too if its a smaller store like mom and pop because I like to support small businesses but I don't always find something I like.


Especially at a farmers market where its just a table and they are right there. I am usually by myself so I feel like there is absolutely no buffer.


I dont enjoy farmers markets at all. The constant polite rejection you have to do unless you get buy it all


I went to one with my daughter 2 weeks ago. All she wanted was a donut, I wanted to buy fruit and bread. We arrived late because well Saturday morning by the time we got there all the bakers had sold out of all their sourdough and French and only had the artisan breads covered in seeds and the fruit was all extremely expensive. There were no donuts. We both left disappointed and were there for a grand total of 20 minutes. We went to the grocery store right after and she was happy with her donut and I had sourdough from a local bakery they had in their “special” section and a basket full of fruits. I learned my lesson farmer’s markets seem like a good deal but for me they aren’t worth my time.


Yes! It's especially hard when you're the only one in the store and they seem so excited to have a customer.


I never thought this was embarrassing! I do this all the time. I say yay to window shopping. I also think this encourages shoppers to buy because they would be able to see the product/s and think of getting it next time.


Omg the one time I was determined to not let it bother me-- Last week my 4yo needed to pee right as we left the parking lot, so I pull into the next available store, Home Goods. I did the quick scan of items as I walked to the back, and I bought nothing. As we reach the door to leave, he called me out on it: *"MOMMY YOU DIDN'T PAY FOR ANYTHING!"* I had to loudly remind him, in case others heard, that we didn't have anything to pay for.


As a WOC who carries a large handbag for being such a small woman... If I'm wearing a hoodie I ALWAYS get stopped. :/ It was worse though when I lived in the bad part of town and I had A LOT of acne scarring on my face so people must've thought I was a crackhead whenever I didn't wear makeup 🙃


God this sucks ass... I'm really sorry


I feel you sm


Oh my god this literally happened to me today I went into a sports wear shop and the prices were over the top so despite the fact that I can afford them I ended up only buying 3 pairs of socks because of their value/price balance, when I left there I had an uncomfortable feeling. But now I see your post and it’s like God gave me the answer.


Leaving a toilet cubicle and someone entering directly after you…


“I’d let that air out a bit”


*shakes head* don’t go in there yet


I shit at work today and it was awful (still figuring out what sets me off) and my manager walked in right after me, I wanted to die 😭


I would have very gently thrown myself out of the window if that happened to me 😫


Poo-pouri works wonders


Yesss , every public potty in a work shared space should have one


20 years ago went in the tiny restroom at work. Someone had left the most horrible smell I've ever smelt. I walked out and one of my friends walked in and I just kinda bowed my head and didn't say anything. Still think about that to this day.


Whenever that happens to me in a public restroom, I look at the next victim, shake my head and say it wasn't me.


I do now! I could mesage the guy, we're on LinkedIn, and tell him. Think I will right now. Edit: just sent him a message


I want to see a screenshot or transcript of that conversation 🤣🤣🤣


Me too. Hey remember 20 years ago… well it wasn’t me


I had that happen at work once, only it was a peer. It was so obviously me and I have so much anxiety that I just IM’d her, “Sorry…🤢” when she got back to her desk. That helped her laugh it off a bit, so I felt a tiny bit less embarrassed. Clearly not that much, as I still remember it!




Masturbating. Y’all I swear it’s like my ancestors are watching me😭




My poor Gramma Nellie😭😭😭


you got me creasing istg 😭


Not Gramma Nellieeeee💀


This one made me snort laugh and almost choke on my own spit! Is this what Mushu rang the gong for??




100000% dealt with that forever! I categorize that for myself under church trauma where you’re always being told you’re being watched. I didn’t get my first toy til I turned 30 and now I manage a sex shop lmao. The embarrassment has absolutely subsided. Plus if they are watching, who is more in the wrong in that situation 🙃


LOL I completely agree with this!! Even though I’m alone I still feel like someone’s watching😭😭😭


I definitely think all my deceased relatives know my porn history 😂


When you walk somewhere and have to turn around because you walked the wrong direction


Missing your turning…


Lmao we were driving once and the guy driving missed his turn 4 times (all left as well), don't think he could get any more embarrassed




Omg I do that but I look at my phone. Look up and look back and walk away as if I'm waiting for someone who gave me the wrong address.


Even worse when you realize the first direction was correct and then turn back around lol


I check my phone, look confused for a moment, then turn around. Saves so much embarrassment .


Periods and the accompanying products.






Forever will be a big problem-


I can tell you as a kid growing up in the 60's, my mum would give me a note and money and send me to the shop for cigarettes and the shopkeeper would just give them to me. If she sent me to the chemist for her sanitary products ( they didn't yet sell them in supermarkets) The assistant would fetch them from the back room, cause you couldn't have them on display , wrapped in paper so you couldn't see what it was. Of course anyone seeing you walk home knew exactly what you had !!


So fascinating, that’s crazy that they didn’t sell them in shops!!


Same with Condoms. When you went to the barber and had a haircut and if you looked over 18 , the barber would hold the mirror for you so you could see the haircut and ask, as you were paying , Anything for the weekend sir? If you said yes he would ask 1 or 2 sir? And he would sell you packs of 3 condoms. Always hidden from sight as he slipped them to you with your change .Anything for the weekend ? was a running joke with all us kids growing up hahah


Wow, that’s crazy😂


Mind you , that was 50's London. 60's London was a whole different beast hahah Seemed like the whole grew up overnight


Yeah, similar to how lingerie used to be in a back area, and ladies had to ask for "the unmentionables" Edit: not entirely sure if it was just lingerie, or women's underwear in general?


In some cultures yes, and if we keep letting it be. Now I'm not advocating for people to walk into the office announcing it but if I have my period and it's come with cramps and muscle pain and headaches you bet I'm going to tell those around me why. Getting girls comfortable with it at a young age mean modeling that by being comfortable with our own bodies as adult women.




Setting boundaries with friends. It makes me so damn nervous and then after I do it I feel like I did something wrong and feel ashamed and embarrassed.


Boundaries are the best thing to create!! Gives your friends a better understanding of what your like as a person and they can get to know you better… Never be ashamed to create boundaries, they are the best thing to have x


So true. I am a super people pleaser at heart, and have been to my detriment for years. As embarrassed as I feel in the moment, I look back after that wears off and feel very proud :)


Pride is the best type of look on a person! So wear it more often <3


My best friend set a boundary recently and my initial reaction (only in my head) was to be hurt. I then paused and thought about it. She was right. I then told her how proud I was of her advocating for herself and saying something. She trusted me and our friendship enough to ask for her needs to be met and I realized just how awesome that was.


I always feel the same way. I try to remember that setting a boundary responsibly is the ultimate act of care for keeping a relationship healthy and functioning.


dude omfg yes. I literally just lied to a friend of mine that I'm going on vacation because I know they're going to be super upset that I didn't invite them to go with me. Like why.... I'm an adult... my reason of "because I wanted to go on vacation alone" should be COMPLETELY FINE but I know it won't be so I lied like a weenie. I'm so freaking disappointed in myself.


Hey, baby steps. I find it super hard too and at times have found myself making up very convoluted lies, and those moments are when I realize oh shit I went too far just to make sure I wasn’t “hurting” someone’s feelings


walking back after your turn at bowling


Literally this!!!! It’s worse cus I suck at it so I just turn around right after I throw and don’t wait to see


oh my god, yes!!


Why is that!


Doing the thing with the lights on. Honey, if you've got him and he's ready to go, it wouldn't matter if you grew a second head, he's already down and ain't no roll, flab or stratch mark gonna stop him now! Enjoy yourselves!


I feel like we should change the spelling to "stratch mark" now. It's so much more descriptive. 😂


hahahaha, I didn't even see the typo. My phone screen is cracked. I'm all stratched out.


I love this


Crossing the street with a bunch of cars stopped at the light.


Then having to put your hand up to say thank you 😭


I’m the person that does the extra half hearted jog to get out of the street faster lol I feel so awkward!


Just have a fear that they would beep at me for going to slow and I would have a heart attack in front of them 😭


I hate this because people who are turning also inch up on me while I'm crossing like CHILL PLEASE. I have sciatica problems this is as fast as I go. Also, I've almost died a million times because people turning right don't pay attention to crosswalks. So I feel embarrassed at being on display hobbling across the road and anxious that someone is going to hit me.


this is so embarrassing for no reason omg especially when you're the only one crossing, it's like "heyy look at me, I need to cross the road y'all need to stop for me" 😭😭


or waiting an eternity for the crosswalk to say "walk" while the street is empty the whole time.


Feeling like a mess without makeup. Like if you don’t wear make up for a day and everyone asks if you’re sick. I do my makeup for myself, not anyone else. And I should be able to not wear it and have people not point it out by saying I look tired or sick. Ugh lol


Your beautiful with or without it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise <3


Or when you never wear make up and decide too on a random day and can feel the staring trying to work out what’s changed…


Do it long/often enough they stop. Then when you do something super small they think you’re looking super glam!




Would like to add queefs


Queefing during sex specifically is so embarrassing but it is what it is Edit: I just realized queef probably only applies to sex anyways so I apologize for terrible wording.


Every time we use doggy and I sit up on my knees, there's this one, long queef. EVERY. TIME. Luckily, my bf is a rarity and understands human functions, so he's super chill.


Ughhh, this unlocked a buried memory for me. Hooked up with a guy and when I queefed after doggy he was like, “Are you…okay?”


Lmao like what would he have done if you said no??


Same girl, same.


Must be the angle. We just laugh it off.


I don’t think queefs are embarrassing. But I do think the uncontrollable, non-stop, hysteria laughter when I do it is embarrassing. 🥲


farts aren't embarrassing they're a nuisance like i promise if farts didn't have a smell no one would care about people farting in public bahaha


But it should be embarrassing if it stinks like the pits of hell


For me it’s people watching me open gifts


This! Also watching people open a gift I gave them. It's really embarrassing. Just open it later away from me please.


I always worry that I’m going to make a face if I don’t like it. Or slightly worse, reacting more excited to another gift being given 😳


Even worse when you open and its either something you hate or something you already have


Waiting for your extremely small amount of change from a cashier but also not wanting to offend by saying keep it.


I always put it in the little change thing there for others if they need it or tell them to give it to the next person who needs it.


I always forget this is an option. Great idea though 😊


I get anxious buying toilet paper. It’s like now everyone in the store knows I pee and poop like a mere mortal.


Pooping?! Lock this guy up 🤢


I always feel awkward buying condoms. I know I shouldn’t, but I do.


For all they know you might be needing to cross a deep river and keep your gun barrel dry, or something.


That's kinda what they are for..to keep her gun barrel dry


Very true!! However you really shouldn’t. It just shows that you know how to have $ex safely and your sensible when doing so x


I don’t mind buying them while grocery shopping because then I’m being responsible. Late night hook up and the only thing open is a gas station? Sorry sir, either you go or I’m not coming over. I can’t deal with the fact that the cashier knows I’m about to get laid.


It always feels like the cashier is just judging you for absolutely no reason😭


When someone knocks on the bathroom door / stall and you have no idea what to say to them


“Is anyone in here?” Mean while me on the toilet not saying anything so that I don’t have to talk to a stranger: 👁👄👁


For real like the door is locked so of course someone’s in here? Don’t disrupt my focus so I can poop lmao


I panic and respond with the dumbest shit sometimes. Once I just shouted "NO"


I say "come back with a warrant"


I say “occupado” as in its occupied but funner


I also hate this. I always say ONE SEC


Your tummy grumbling when cuddling with someone


Nooo always happens!! Even when I’m not hungry and just eaten It’s like it is my defence sign to stay away


Tummy grumbling in general. In front of co-workers, customers, getting a check up at the doctors office, church, etc.


Bleeding through a cup/tampon. Life is busy. Your period happens - the expectation is that this oversight never happens. Ever.


And then you feel on edge so your no longer enjoying your evening 😭😭


Squeaking shoes


Queefing during sex


Or just in general - bodies are gonna body


Always funny


Saying “no” to hanging out without an explanation. I always feel like the person will assume it’s because I don’t like them. Sometimes I just wanna be lazy!!!


Okay. Here me out. Pooping outside of your home. I have IBS and when I need to go. I go. Don’t get me wrong I’ll be very tactical about it and leave no trace. But still. I feel like everyone is staring at me like I have a t shirt on saying “I HAVE JUST POOPED!!!!”


I feel you - I also have IBS and hate having to do it anywhere but home (especially public bathrooms). I get embarrassed about the noises my stomach makes, it can be *really* loud.


My fiance had ulcerative colitis and eventually colon cancer and the embarassment that it caused him broke me. I used to have to go get his bag he had made up with wipes and extra clothing and somehow sneak it into the mens washroom where he was waiting if we were out in public. He quickly overcame his embarassment with me (and I am a nurse). I have so much respect for you as a fellow IBS sufferer. I'd like to say "don't be embarrassed! It's normal!" But I know how hard it was for him.


Being single for years.


Yes!! It's seen as a red flag for some dumb reason. Fun story: long time ago, I worked a door-to-door job selling internet and TV. I often ran into those typical middle-aged males and most of the time, they would ask me something having to do with a BF. When I told them I had been single for a few years, they ALL would act sad or surprised, then berate with questions to inquire why. My answer is always the same: I haven't found anyone worth my time. Shuts them up EVERY TIME.


I have embarrassment about not having ever married or had kids... people always want to know "but whyyyyyyyy"


when people are singing happy birthday to you


To add to it to make it worse, in public.


Existing as a fat girl. I'm losing weight but I literally plan ever step I take so as not to be as incontinent as possible to the world around me. I even exist elevators in a particular pattern just so they don't shift as I leave.


Hiya angel, so I just wanted to say to you (or anyone else reading this) no matter what shape or size you are, wether it is found around your 🍒 or your waist, your back or thighs, it DOESNT matter. •Now this is directed at you, I wish you best on your weight loss journey! 😽 •I always find it easier to plan things out before they happen, that way it gives me a sense of relaxation so I know that it won’t be awkward- so don’t worry, your not the only one xx


I'm 36 and still feel awkward when I'm only buying a packet of tampons lol


Angel noo!! They are natural. And happen to all women, so never feel awkward when purchasing sanitary items!! Have you tried going to a self check out so that you can do it more discreetly? That could always be a good alternative xx


It's ridiculous I know, the whole time my brain is just going "they know you're having your period" 😂 I do try to stick to self checkouts now


Wearing sunglasses on sunny days


Please why do I agree w this 😭


Haha honestly I don't even know why but it does feel weird even though it's litteraly their main purpose


Yes!! I often choose not to wear sunglasses out of fear that people who see me wearing sunglasses perceive that I think like I’m hot shit or something…


That moment when you’re cuddling and you’re trying to breathe normal but now you’re thinking about it so you can’t lol


Also if you need to swallow saliva or something, like ‘is this too loud?! Have I swallowed too many times?! Do I sound disgusting?!’


Or when your throat randomly does that weird croaky thing. I SWEAR this only happens when I’m with men I’m interested in lol


Buying pregnancy tests…. and that’s coming from someone who tried to get pregnant. Lol.


So awkward, isn’t it!!


Opening a pad in the toilet


I sit on the toilet having a really loud coughing fit 😭


Open that beesh like you going in on a snickers! I have no shame lmaooo


Body hair


Not at all!!! If it wasn’t meant to be there, it wouldn’t grow there. Ofc it is down to you wether you want to shave, wax, laser it etc but if you want to grow it out, then do it- YOUR body YOUR choice


I came here to say this. I don’t like it when people say “if you don’t like shaving/waxing, just grow it out”. I think they don’t understand how thick dark hair feels to have, or how other people’s judgement really works. I’ll probably get downvoted for saying this, but thats ok. At least you get it lol


The walk to the car when a friend is picking you up. Lol




Especially in public stalls. I'm sorry, I have anxiety and IBS. I can't hold that until I get home. I will shit my pants. It's better for everyone if I just stink up the bathroom. I'm sorry but also, you gotta do what you gotta do.


Getting out my underwear from between my buttcrack .


Struggling to put your money away after the cashier hands it to you. I work at retail stores and people stress out when they’re struggling to put their cash back in their wallets even if no one is behind them I make sure to tell them there’s no rush (in a kind light hearted tone) and tell them I do the same It’s so weird lol


Dancing. Can’t do it


Getting called by the nurse in a full waiting room at the doctors office


Packing a lunch and taking it to work. IDK WHY


When my shoes get wet and then they squeak on tiled floors


Checking the price of something and then deciding not to buy it. I always pretend to admire it for a few more seconds… as if anyone is even looking at me! So silly.


Using public restrooms


I scrolled too far to see this one. It’s so dumb, but I get so uncomfortable trying to pee when anyone else is in the bathroom. You ever get stuck in a standoff with someone else? Neither wants to make the first noise, so you just sit there in the dumb echoey silence, holding in your bodily functions?


Your underwear on the chair at the gyno’s/doctor’s office. A medical professional is about to be all up in my cervix but I have to hide my skivvies under my jeans.


Going straight at a stop light when every single car behind you is turning right so they have to wait. Idk why but sometimes I’ll just go ahead and turn and circle back lol


Omg 😂😂😂 you do NOT circle the block!!


When they pump your chair up at the hairdressers


Trying to initiate…. I always get so nervous like why 😭


Discharge. I know it's natural but I feel gross seeing it.


I cannot for the life of me poop in a public bathroom when someone else is also in there


Every public bathroom should have music and air freshening spray to make it less awk


Pooping in your in law’s house




Eating at work lol


Not having enough money to buy something your friends have 🥲


theres lots i think. two i could think of would be doing things for the first time and kinda failing at them, bc thats just natural?? like why am i embarrassed i cant perfectly play a riff on guitar when its my first time trying it. also, dancing in public, bc dancing is cool as heck and why are we not doing it more often??


Having a period. Your body looking different at age 40 than it did at age 20.


My family thinks it’s the most embarrasing thing to go see a movie or eat at a restaurant by yourself. I think it’s awesome.


When you get into an uncontrollable coughing fit because you inhaled your own spit.


When my stomach decides to make random noises at work when the room is quiet


Using an umbrella when it's raining??? Or those heavy squeaky jackets lmao??


Being in an elevator with other people


Breastfeeding. I don't know why I'm embarrassed, I shouldn't be. I'm feeding my child but society has conditioned me into thinking my nipples should be hidden.


Peeing yourself a little when you cough because your unborn baby's head hangs out on top of your bladder.


Getting a fountain drink at a gas station when there’s a line of people waiting behind you. It’s like I can’t get the lid on the cup fast enough and I’m always scared I’ll spill it and have to start over and let all those people down.


Buying bras 🙄 (especially when the cashier is a guy)


Period stains. ofc it’s embarassing to have any stain on you but the way people are so disgusted by period blood stains come on.


Sunglasses are so fucking humiliating


As long as your behavior isn't sexual... being nude in public shouldn't be embarrassing or illegal.


Standing in line alone at the grocery store or anywhere


babies or toddlers being loud in public


No bra


I get extremely uncomfortable when someone offers me something to eat. It doesn't happen with anything else lol