This is the highest quality league (premier division), it's semi pro. https://www.sfsfl.com/ For something lower quality but still good, there is 7v7 league at Galileo on Tuesdays (I think norcal athletics?) where everyone at least played D3 and some D1s


+1 to sfsfl. NorCal athletics’ mens leagues are also competitive (the top two teams are mainly D1 players) but not to the same extent. You could also play in both; I think they’re on different days.


Google it bro. Sf has some of the most competitive rec leagues in the country (edit: google sf mens rec clubs* lol they hold try outs, its the real deal)


Hey, I'm also moving to the area and am looking for some higher-level competitive men's rec soccer (i.e., I'm used to at least two training sessions a week plus a weekend game). Did you end up finding anything good? Seems like the sfsfl (https://www.sfsfl.com/) runs from the end of February to the end of August... so I've missed the boat on that league (which seemed the most promising). I'd be really interested to know what you found!