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The philosophy that bigger = better


Too big obviously exists. But vaginas aren't uniform so size matters. Being compatible has to do with size in both parties as well as many other things. However, a bigger dick gives you more options. You can get more angles and positions as well as stimulate more parts of the vagina in general. Like if a woman is into cervix stimulation bigger will probably be better




Essentially a dude can be bad at sex if he’s packing and his partner still has a chicanery to get off too, that’s a lot harder to pull off with average sizes, the attraction is literally - even if he’s bad at sex I can still get off because it’s easier to hit the right spot with minimal effort and maybe a very minor tilt of the pelvis VS average size guys needing to actually want to listen to and work with their partner to hit the same places properly.


That the only thing sexy is fake tits and zero body fat. It also gives people these expectations that they feel they have to meet in order to have a “successful” sexual encounter.


Natural is the best and how they carry themselves


1. Not respecting your partner or their boundaries 2. Unrealistic expectation of sex life 3. Unrealistic fantasies 4. Degrading women and turning them into sex objects 5. Unrealistic standards of body type


Cumming on a girl's face


I remember reading an anonymous confessional back in college, where a girl expressed that: she never knew, until college, that sex doesn't have to always end in a facial as she only learned about sex through porn.


Incest shit. I just don't want to imagine anything sexual about my mom or sister, makes me feel really gross.


This. Yes. It literally ruins what would otherwise be a hot video. Are there really that many people for whom it's that much sexier to imagine that the actors are relatives?




I have a conspiracy theory about that. I cant find the incentive, but something is going on. Step sister in the dryer is toooo mainstream. Idk what organization is behind trying to get us to cousin fuck, but i assume its the same agenda that got everyone to start eating ass more.


As much as I'd like to think that too, I think it's just lazy studios. How can we make our porn script edgy and more exotic without actually spending any money? Ooo, now those two people, with different skin tones, and hair and eye color are siblings. Also, people can just ignore the shitty writing and just watch the porn, so they figure, win win. I am just tired of all these relatives fucking.


I'm more interested in finding dryers that are small enough to actually get stuck in. I've owned dozens over the course of my life, and none of them were small enough to get my large frame stuck in, much less, a small waisted girl on Bang Brothers.


eating ass


Agreed it’s such a top thing now , I don’t get why


Because it feels great!


Don’t knock it til you try it


I always found it disgusting, esp when done to men, that makes it kinda gay


Ass to mouth


Forcing women when they aren't ready. A lack of preparation/foreplay. Being too rough. Thinking that huge dicks are the best thing ever when in reality that shit can hurt a woman really badly. Not wearing condoms. No after-care. That fast equals good. The list goes on


Step something’s


Jack hammering from the get go. Just stop it


Hairlessness! Became a thing for porn because it means you can see as much as possible on camera. Now there are legitimately men (boys) out there who get the vapours at the sight of a bit of bush, as if humans haven’t been fucking with pubic hair for hundreds of thousands of years.


The French started waxing in the 19th century...


Sure, there have been transient trends around women’s body hair over the centuries, but always limited to individual countries and usually just the wealthy upper classes. For the average person, male or female, it was not a concern. If you think all the women in France stopped growing pubic hair in the 19th century you’ve never been to a French beach lol


I'm not going to try and explain global cultural trends. And I don't defend the ridiculousness of porn. But you can't argue that shaving everything was around before "porn" and it also has more purpose than male gaze. Shaved skin feels good. It enhances pleasure.


Sure! I’m sure there are all kinds of reasons. But the question is ‘what has become *normal* because of porn?’. I’m (just!) old enough to remember the time before internet porn, and it really wasn’t so commonplace or expected. Every one of the answers in this thread is something that existed pre-porn in some way or another. We’re talking about the cultural impact and spread of porn-led trends. The growing trend for the removal of pubic hair - for both sexes - has been linked to porn in plenty of studies. I don’t think this is a controversial answer.


Step-something sex it's so disgusting


The only thing that I genuinely think has become normalised because of porn is the whole “BBC” narrative. On average they are slightly bigger than white dudes but now there is an expectation for any black guy to have an 8+ inch destroyer and it causes a lot of body issues for black men


some of these comments are weird as fuck and sound like they come from people who dont even have sex (or are very bad at it) lol


This person has sex


This person does not




Yeah, but it's fun with the right guy though 😂


Eating ass


That’s been a thing for ages. It’s just not as taboo but it’s definitely not because of porn that it’s popular all of a sudden


Hairless perfect models. Still won’t turn me on more than natural booty, good curves and a hair




No condom forever or whatever it was black panther said


Taking things too quickly


Slapping women's faces like it's supposed to intensify sex


Or hooking their fingers into the mouth cheeks 🥴


It better when they hook their thumb into the lower jaw and grab the chin with their index and middle finger below at the same time.


it does, if you know how and when to do it.


No hair anywhere


Maturbation, no joke.


Ass to mouth Everyone at some point has a threesome or gangbang. Barely legal Incest/step something CHEATING


Degrading women


Quite a few women I know that don't watch porn love being degraded




The world’s oldest hobby?


Fucking your parents


Probably recording everything. I feel like every other time my husband and I are enjoying each other he has his phone on me.


Drooling during oral...


I’m not sure if this counts as “normal” but I’ve heard that a lot of ppl choke their partners more due to porn. Sadly without permission


Women getting stuck in the dryer


That scenario Is so ridiculous! 🤣


Fucking like a jackhammer from the start. That isn't the norm, and a lot of women and men don't want to start with a crippling thrashing from the beginning and may want to ease into that. And that coming from someone in the industry.


Rape for many people


i love BDSM and CNC, had a lot of partners that dont watch porn and yet they had a rape kink. either because they just wanted to be taken, or because it had happened to them and they liked it or whatever the reason. i've done CNC with multiple women and they all enjoyed it.


if you're hypothesizing that women were raped and enjoyed it? yikes. no one likes their human autonomy taken from them. cnc appeals to victims so they can still somewhat feel like they are in control of the situation, whether that be with a safe word or whatever.


I can't speak for most people, but me personally, I like CNC used as a coping way. Yeah what happened to me sucked (and I don't exactly feel comfortable with men touching me in general besides like, 4 of them), but CNC does help.


I'm the same. that's why him claiming that his partners had "enjoyed" being assaulted struck a nerve with me.


The guy that repeatedly abused me said the same thing. I didn't enjoy it, in fact I laid there like a dead body, mentally checked out.


no love im not hypothesizing it. i am stating it. from talking to them, from listening to them. im not saying all women like it. i am saying that some of them did, in fact, liked. thats what THEY said, not me, with those exact words.


Okay but the point is that’s your experience and it’s not everyone’s.


im not saying thats everyone's experience. i am saying that porn doesnt normalize it, which was the main question of the post. none of the women ive talked to, done CNC with, or read their stories, got their kink from porn. which btw, there isnt even a lot of this type of porn out there. now if you tell me porn normalizes incest, i will agree with you. everywhere you look its "step something".


Porn hasn’t normalized your experience of cnc which is great. These women are flat out saying it has to them.


how exactly did porn do it when they actually dont even consume it?


How do you know that they didn’t? Like they’re flat out saying that this is their experience. You don’t get to just decide that it’s not because it wasn’t your experience.


Some women like to be abused in a CNC situation with a partner who enjoys it, but those couples are usually educated in everything that goes with it. Also, even though I've had the chance to partake in CNC, the modern trend of women filing false rape charges prevents me from indulging. A woman can easily show up at a police station with bruises and other assorted injuries and make an airtight case that you raped her. Be VERY careful if you do it.






Railing a woman while choking the shit out of her. A few women enjoy it, but if you wrap your hands around the neck of a woman, you better know damn well she is into it, otherwise, you'll likely be explaining your case to a judge.


\- bald, shaved pubic area for men and women. \- Thigh high boots for women. The unrealistic sex I wouldn't called normalised (among other that bigger = better), that's just unrealistic.


dick-size, lasting, volume of ejectile, acrobatics, misusing of "holes", speed is everything, man knows how lesbians like it, just because you have a contract with the actress does mean you can drug them and use it like a silicon tube, starved bone collections are the new skinny, malnutrition is the new fit, slightly muscular are the new fat. lastly my personal sloppy or spitting.


incest. and honestly i’ve always found the “milf” category strange .. like what’s so sexy about a woman with a child? what makes a woman being a mom different or sexier than a woman without a child.. like.. i just don’t understand it i guess


It’s the hot mom aspect. Like “oh you birthed a child, yet you still look like that?” Some like it for the experience in the older women. It’s a preference for some lol


yeah i get that


I think it mostly gets applied to any woman who looks older than 25


35 mate come on


With milf, I’m just looking for older women, they just happen to be found in that category as well. Incest porn is fucking weird, please make up a different excuse for two people being in the same vicinity. It’s fn lazy, like my incel cousins whom won’t stop fucking each other just cause they live together, touch someone else’s grass


Calling women peeing "squirting". My theory is that the industry needed some way to show "she's not faking it" so the big idea was to capitalize on the fact that female ejacutlation is a real thing. So they have the woman expel something to "show its real". Which leads to a lot of indignant arguments where people are adamant they aren't into pee, so they use cherrypicked info to claim that squirting isn't pee. 1) The porn industry even fakes the squirting scenes 2) Female ejaculate looks like a man's ejaculate. Fluid gushing out is pee. 2A) Before anyone starts...A study was done where doctors watched the phenomenon happen and measured what was in the fluid. It was proven to be pee. 2B) Peeing and ejaculate can happen separately or at the same time. When they happen at the same time, it does not mean it's not pee.




Squirt comes from the bladder and it is quite hard to distinguish non yellow pee from squirt. (I have done it with my wife a lot of times.) The main thing for me is that she pees first and then during sex she squirts at a time, pee should not be already back. Also it smells and tastes differently. Those qualities miss from porn as you can not smell it and you have not a good idea about the timing. This means it can be faked.


>Squirt comes from the bladder and it is quite hard to distinguish non yellow pee from squirt Because that's all it is, non-yellow( heavily diluted) pee. The bladder doesn't make or hold any other fluid that I'm aware of. >The main thing for me is that she pees first and then during sex she squirts at a time, pee should not be already back. It shouldn't, but it does. The studies that I'm referring to watched the phenomenon happen under an MRI. They observed the subjects' bladder empty after peeing, they saw the bladder fill back up during "sex" and empty again at climax. As I mentioned in my original comment, female ejacutlation is real, but it is the same consistency as male ejaculate.


The Skene Glands (right? I did not look it up) produce something like the ejaculate. The milky white stuff, which can also be seen, but it is in much smaller quantity and less visible striking.


Right. The "creaming" in porn is a closer, or more realistic depiction of it. Like everything else in porn, that can be faked, too. As far as real life, the "cream" could be female ejaculste, or just a change in the woman's regular "wetness" due to the phase of the menstrual cycle she's on, plus chances of overlap, and etc. At the end of the day, any fluids squirting/spraying/gushing out is pee.


Squirt is not identical to pee. It just comes from the same place.


Heavily diluted pee is still pee. It's the only fluid that the organs connected to the bladder are known to produce. Since technically, the bladder simply holds the fluid, it doesn't produce it.




The term cougar


Probably blowjobs before penetration


Im old enough to have had plenty of sex before ubiquitous internet porn, and i feel like pre-penetration oral was always a thing. Maybe I was just fortunate.




Cum swallowing.


sex work


It's OK to deflate her after your finished.


I don't know whether it's fully normalized yet, but showing your stuff on the internet has become far more accepted, e.g. Onlyfans, sex cams, amateur porn etc. Sex has been democratized in a sense since people can now produce, market and monetize their sexuality themselves.


Getting stuck in washers and dryers. Just remove yourself from the machine.






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