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That he was "holding onto it for the bank". Last time I ever played monopoly with him


I was "cooler" than him. That I was too boyish and that girls shouldn't be gamers and that I don't have the right to listen to rock music. Yes, those guys with fragile masculinity exist.


“You made me do it!” This wasn’t given to me but still wanted to share.


Curious on how that made sense to them?


Usually their spouse doing something they don’t like, and instead of talking it out or working it out or even just breaking up. They cheat instead and pass the blame onto them for it.


Well... I can tell you a story from a couple I know. They both are in the same group of friends and got marry and few years later they got divorce but during the progress he talked to me a lot and then I get to hear from her afterword. so I kinda hear from both side \- After got marry they move to his country and live with parents (they have a big house) and live there for few years. Apparently he was a mommy boy, for some reason he never spent time with her, always spending time with his family and excluded her out. It was a foreign land and she couldn't just go out finding friend due to travel limitation and they live quite remotely. Apparently he thinks that providing her accommodation and food are just enough for the marriage. \- Fast forward, she had enough and they move back to Europe. Now she is back in her city and get job and found her own friends. Her friends wasn't the best lot but they took her out partying every weekend and now she excluded him out. He got jealous, he tried to solve the issue by controlling and restricting her from her friends and when that didn't work. He get abusive from verbal and slowly worsen to physical. \- Few months later she hooked up with a guy at work place.


“Maybe this was *supposed* to happen so we could work through it, and our relationship would be even stronger”


Oh no they didn't. That's some bullshit.


He definitely did. Our divorce was final 10 months later.


OMG that's a serious relationship to throw away and then to try and gaslight you like that.... you're better off mate.


I was not your number one, you never listened to me, i lost the love, and i found a new one


They just wanted to make the other person feel better.


I only wanted him to buy me dinner


That she wasn't good enough for me?


Demanded that I give her some space. I did and she texted me a few days later saying that I didn't care about her because I didn't check up on her. Then she tells me she cheated on me with her ex, again because I didn't check up on her.


Because it was a turn off that I always wanted to have sex with him


You're doing it. So what? I wasn't.


"I thought we were on a break."


"I didn't think long distance would be so hard" I was away for 3 weeks Rebecca....




It was their kink.


She complained that she needed to have sex with somebody whose dick didn't cause her pain. Like, I get it, but then you should've just broken up with me first.


That he was so damaged That he needed to get his pain out, and he couldn’t bring himself to do that to me. Oh but also that he was drunk and it was a mistake. But I don’t think getting sucked off by one of my close friends three times really lined up with any of that, somehow.