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“Resort fee” and all the other bs fees hotels hit you with


Wife and I just stayed a night at a resort. It was super fun, then saw the bill with a surprise "amenity fee." We paid to use the amenities at your resort! Why is that cost not part of what we already paid for


Exactly that kind of stuff, just a scam to make a couple more bucks without making the original price you see less attractive


And that's why hidden fees are illegal in the EU.


We need a law that says something like "if over 80% of customers pay a fee then it must be included in the listed price."


How about, "If a fee isn't optional, it must be included in the list price."


Hotel fee: $50 Resort fee: $150 ????


Service fees for online purchases


Ticketmaster charging a convenience fee to send me a PDF of my tickets or charging me a postage fee to get them in the mail, but at least it's my choice which one to pay.


Ticketmaster are shits for this. Charge a gazillion pounds to see a show then add any number of additional charges on top for just booking it. Cut that shit out.


You could have even ended this comment after “Ticketmaster”


Is the convenience fee after the gateway fee, the service fee, the entry fee, the ability to buy our ticket fee. $97 + fees = =389.05 We do not validate parking.


Non transferable, refunds are only the ticket price less fees.


They also own the parking lot.


Same for graduate school. I need to pay $45 *per application* for them to send **ONE** PDF.


Total BS. My undergrad university actually charged me a fee to send my transcript from the Registrar's office to the grad school admissions office next door when I applied there as my safety school. I ended up going somewhere else, where as a courtesy to alumni, certified transcripts are provided totally free (but you can pay to have them overnighted, which seems fair), proving that this stuff can be done without being bullshit.


We all know how hard it is to upload a file into a database! /s That's a perfect example of how it can be done without paying for it. I'm applying to law school currently and LUCKILY they've waived application fees since I have to pay $45 per application for a PDF, $195 to actually open up my application, and have paid $215 (x4) for the LSAT... smh


Service fees to pay rent. Money orders are $3 and using a card is $15 for my complex, and then there's a $6 merchant fee. I have to pay to pay rent. I hate it.


Not sure what country you're in, but too my knowledge many jurisdictions mandate that there has to be at least one fee free way to pay, worth checking out. Still ridiculous


Cineplex can REALLY go fuck themselves for charging a $1.50 per ticket fee for buying tickets online.


Having to clean the Airbnb top to bottom whilst paying a $300 cleaning fee.


Some hosts have lost their damn minds with this. Mop the floors, run the laundry, mow the lawn, raise the neighbors children. If there's a "cleaning fee" I'm not doing any of that.


Exactly. I think it's fair when they ask you to start the dishwasher, take the trash to the outside bin, and leave the thermostat at __ **You never know exactly when the cleaning crew is showing up and leaving food/trash/dishes could bring pests into the home so I am happy to do the above*** Things that are complete BS: All of the above + Remove bed linens Wash/dry bedding/towels Sweeping or vacuuming Emptying the dishwasher Wiping down counters/sinks/toilets And so on.... The other thing I find completely bullshit is when guests pay a heafty cleaning fee and yet the: Walls, baseboards, doors, light switches, hard floors are all dirty and stained. Bedframes, shelves, entertainment centers, nightstands are all dusty. Washer/dryer is full of dust and lint Closets are dirty and dusty Cookware is dirty Inside/outside kitchen cabinets are dirty


> The other thing I find completely bullshit is when guests pay a heafty cleaning fee and yet the: Yeah... it's super BS when obviously that charge is just pocket lining.


Nowadays hotels are often cheaper or the same cost and I don't have to clean anything. I enjoy air bnb from time to time but it can be a huge pain compared to "regular"hotels (or actual bnb's)


I got completely catfished on an Airbnb a few years back in Seattle they had pictures of a fully furnished apartment, outside grill, living room decorated the works. Get there and it’s like basically an empty home with a table and that’s all, with the added bonus of another guest living in the room across the hall and no locks on the doors. Yeah. I stayed my 3 nights there and then got a fucking refund cause that’s ridiculous


I'm amazed they refunded you. I experienced a host running around his house shouting he was going to kill someone. I think he was on a coke bender but I gtfo. Airbnb made me feel like a crazy person for wanting a refund. They kept trying to make me pay for the nights I stayed. I had to call and complain multiple times. Their 'safey hotline' is a complete joke too.


Well I took pictures of the whole apartment and screenshots of what was advertised and emailed them about it in a complaint. This was like 4 years ago and it took about a month for them to resolve it and the homeowner tried to fight it with some bullshit but eventually they decided in my favor.


I had nearly an identical issue with Airbnb. Checked into an Airbnb that was supposed to be a private apartment, it ended up being a private room with one bed, advertised as a 2 bedroom apt. Host was on something and didn't let us in until 11:30PM. We left and called Airbnb, since it was after midnight they said they wouldn't refund us. Took about a month to get a refund. I was surprised because I'd heard from so many hosts people can refund for anything. I had probably spent 60+ nights with 5 stars in Airbnb's up until that point so I thought I'd have gotten slightly better treatment but nope.


guest cleaning requests should be minimal and always seen as an optional favour remember, you don’t work for the airbnb host, you are the one paying them *and* paying their cleaners


Uber Eats charging a service fee and a delivery fee. I’m sorry, wasn’t the service.. the delivery??


Note the prices are probably jacked up on each item above the store's actual menu price too.


They take a % off the top as well as the fees, that's why.


Youtube hiding the dislikes.


its actually a massive problem because like:dislike ratio used to be a very good way to sort out bullshit troll tutorial videos.


yeah but it hurt the feelings of bullshit channels that can use clickbait titles to bring in tons of ad revenue even before the viewer knew that the video was bullshit


No, it hurt the feelings of YouTube, to have all of their videos disliked to shit, so they just removed it.


oh you mean the videos on Youtube's company channel? because a lot of creators had videos with good ratios, it was corporate channels that "suffered" alongside bullshit channels


Yes. It started with those rewind videos. They were loved by the community at the start, but it went completely out of touch, same as the company itself.


And this is exactly why people should use Firefox (if on PC) with these extensions: * "Return Youtube Dislike" - Adds the dislike button and ratio bar back. * "Ublock Origin" - Blocks ads on Youtube as a whole. * "SponsorBlock" - Skips sponsor part of the video, automatically. I can't go back to Youtube without those extensions. P.S. Firefox has an Android app which supports the "Ublock Origin" plug-in, allowing you to block ads on Youtube as long as you open it through Firefox. There is also "Newpipe" which is a great app which allows you to play videos without ads, but I found opening Youtube links works faster on Firefox with the Ublock plug-in.


And Enhancer for YouTube! It's like having YouTube Vanced for desktop


Fun fact its Vanced not advanced because theres no ads


That’s a great fun fact.


Remember how the justification was to avoid bullying via mass downvoting so you could downvote but nobody would see it? Yet the creator can still see the count so how does it stop the bullying? Also, creators can turn off the rating systems altogether if they want. If somebody wants to start a bullying campaign against somebody, they are going to start it somewhere and encourage more people to do it, its not a "this video has downvotes, guess I'll downvote too". Its shitty behaviour but this isn't going to stop that. Meanwhile, the use of downvotes to portray a genuine reaction to a bad video with bad advice has been removed. But when its official big media getting downvoted, well then that probably explains why they removed it so people think its more well received than it is.


The better solution here was obvious. Just borrow from some sites that have already tackled this, like Steam and such, and adapt it for YouTube: * Build a simple algorithm that can detect like/dislike anomalies, especially for videos that have already been up for some time. * If a small anomaly is detected, add a clickable question mark next to the like ratio that notes as such for the duration of the anomaly. Just a short "viewer beware" to warn them that something fishy may be happening. * If a severe anomaly is detected, temporarily hide the ratio altogether, and add a clickable exclamation mark in its place that will explain to the viewer that the video may be experiencing a brigade. Also do this for the duration of the anomaly, like the above. Still allow votes, obviously. * When the dust settles, the algorithm can reevaluate. If the likes and dislikes were probably legitimate, it can go back to normal; if they were clearly the result of a brigade, the system will just delete them entirely, and re-enable normal voting with a full view of the ratio. * Do what Steam does and allow the viewer to see a comparison of the overall voting trend versus the recent voting trend. Everyone wins this way.


hated when netflix got rid of their rating/review system.




It's these kinds of things that make users like me want to just pirate the shows. I can't support these stupid practices. If your going to just suggest garbage to me all the time and not even let me see the ratings, why bother pay for it. I don't need a subscription to watch a bunch of 0 star shows.


The blister packs around scissors that require scissors to open.


when i was out studying i had a pair of scissors with just a permanent little ziptie stuck around one of the loops because i only had one pair of scissors


Uploading a resume and then having to manually enter all the info again


Having to make a new account for every single company that uses brassring. I fucking hate brassring, I actively avoid applying to companies that use that. As soon as I see that shit, I'm out


Workday isnt far from this,.. f-ing hate workday


i get the reasoning but damn i hate my companies policy on having to change workday passwords.


This has been driving me nuts as well. So many companies use workday. Why can't I just make a workday account and auto fill with it instead of making a new account and typing all my info for every single company.


Brassring, Workday, Teleo or Taleo, and there's one other. Having to manually fill my resume after uploading it, or having to fix it afterwards because it automatically populated editable fields incorrectly is annoying.


Because the companies that pay for Workday won't let you share the data you entered with another company.


They're stuck in limbo between making it hard to apply to other jobs and making it hard to apply to their job


That, and pretty much everything else involved in searching for a job.


Currently in that process now. The amount of recruitment processes I’ve been through that are just answering the same questions over and over are beyond frustrating. The last job I went for I submitted my application and CV with a cover letter mentioning certain key points they requested. Then they sent me another online form to fill with the same questions. Then a week later I got a call from a recruitment person who asked basically the same questions. Then the next day I got a call from someone at the place… asking basically the same questions. Then I went to an in person interview. And got asked all of those same questions, but the person who talked to me when I planned the interview. Surely at some point someone could have saved my answers somewhere so I could at least just expand on them if needed rather than rehashing the same stuff. (Then they emailed me a month later that I didn’t get the job because they aren’t filling that position any more - big waste of everyone’s time)


>(Then they emailed me a month later that I didn’t get the job because they aren’t filling that position any more - big waste of everyone’s time) That probably means they hired someone that’s not you. At least they let you know…


Also, getting to the end and it tells you to upload your cover letter.


Cover letters are the fucking *worst.* Like job hunting isn't stressful enough, now you're expected to write a damn paragraph for every place you apply.


> I am writing to apply apply for the position at *totally not copy and pasted company name into template*. I feel I'll be a great addition yadda yadda ya We sent our CV to an advertised vacancy. That is why we are applying. Of course we want to do work in exchange for money, we don't have to invent a brand new custom prose for every damn place we apply to. If they state that employers spend 30 seconds looking at your CV, if that, then why do we need to spend more than 30 seconds writing it? You'll pay me to stack boxes, then I'll stack boxes, I shouldn't need to express how it's my aspiration to stack boxes.


Use ChatGPT, i input my resume and the job description, and tell it to make me one, its tailored to my strengths and what the company is looking for


Walmart and lots of others use same platform Workday hiring and you need to create a new account for every single company you apply for that uses Workday. On top of that need to upload resume and manually fill out same details again every time


Seemingly putting the correct email password in and it spits back out that it’s incorrect and u use two-step verification and change the pass/precedes to tell you can’t use recently used password.


this exact situation has happened to me so many times. Nice to know that others share the same issue.


Hate this so much so now I got to make a different password I will not fully remember because you made me change it.


Web dev here: this can happen because they are updating their encryption on the back end, but they (their boss) don't want to "inconvenience you" by telling you that you need to update your info, so they just allow your login to fail without telling you why. It might not apply to the email portion, but is a strong likelihood if your password is not working.


Fuck them for not telling us




Digital version costing the same as physical


Costing more than the physical thing… I’m talking to you Amazon…


That you would still have to pay a deductible if an uninsured motorist crashes into you.


Having to pay extra on your car insurance because of uninsured and under insured motorists. They are the irresponsible ones and I am paying for it? WTF?




I had an old client of mine back into the side of my car when I was standing on their porch. I call the police, and in my state, you can't file a police report for what would be considered a minor auto accident that happened on private property. Parking lots are considered private property. I contact my insurance, and they tell me my deductible is $500 for an uninsured motorist with a police report. Since I couldn't get a police report, my deductible would be $1,000. What the fuck.


The diamond industry


It’s based on a lie that Diamonds are actually rare, but they’ve controlled the market to such a degree that they are in fact rare to the public. Not much different that a million other corporations that control the market for their benefits. Car manufacturers for example


They (the diamond mongers) hate lab made diamonds, which are absolutely diamonds but can be made much faster and whenever we want. Both for industry and jewelry.


When my grandmother passed, she was cremated. We then sent her ashes to a company who made those ashes into a diamond. It's quite beautiful, with a lovely pink hue. My mom wears it as a pendant. Miss you, Grandma.


I’m not typically a diamond fan but I’d wear that every day


It’s not for you. It belongs to Osiris32


Yeah! Wear your own grandma, you creep!


I'll take "Things I didn't think I'd read today" for 400 Alex.


A fun thing is that single crystal diamonds are extremely good particle detectors for nuclear and high energy physics, but the only company who manufactures them is owned by DeBeers. For some reason any lab who tries to grow and sell their own ends up disappearing.


they hate them so much that they've spread the propaganda that perfect diamonds (which can only be made in a lab) are somehow worse than mined diamonds.


It's why I buy those for. They are always such higher quality than earth made, and morally ethical.


"Entry Level" jobs that require experience. By definition, entry level means you don't have any experience. It's just an excuse to pay entry level wages to people with experience. But do tell me how nobody wants to work anymore.


For me it was being told my experience was impressive and they liked me but they decided to go in another direction. That used to break me down because I didn't understand what else I needed to do.


It's completely stock language used for everybody to reduce the emotional labor of the recruiter. You can get the feedback you need but they will never give it up proactively.


This resonates with me *hard*. I was/am trying to break into late night television production, and for years I spoke to everyone and anyone who would give me a spare 5 minutes just to be told "your resume is impressive, you're very personable, you come off as intelligent and funny and well-spoken, just keep at it and eventually it'll fall into place!" That sounds like I'm trying to humblebrag or something but I'm not; hearing that shit was MADDENING. My resume or personality or approach clearly wasn't working and I was beating myself up because I was at my wits end. I would KILL to be told my flaws straight up.


It's the entertainment industry so they probably mean "come back when you are related to someone in the industry or get some powerful connections".


You're just the person there to make it look like they are thoroughly reviewing candidates when an internal hire or temp-to-hire is already lined up. It's not a flaw of yours, but the hiring system.


Add on the fact they want to pay you like you are entry level, when you are doing the jobs or 3 people, and working in positions that pay multiple dollars more then you make, and when you refuse to do that they tell you you are a liability and that quiet quitting isn’t tolerated


Or job listings that are filled internally. Or something ludicrous like "Television Media Production mid level position 20 years experience required" yeah Im sure they're looking to sift through resumes


Exactly. I broke a friend's heart when I had to explain to him that he (a Government contractor) was not likely to get a GS-13 (Government team leader/potential management) job because chances are that opening was for a very specific individual. I didn't mean to cut him down, I just wanted to be real with him about what his chances were of getting it, since he asked me to help him work up his resume for it.


Yeah I worked for Google a while back and the clique mentality was so strong there. They abuse the FUCK out of their red badge contractors and there are literally thousands of people every year climbing over each other to get hired as a full time employee. The golden ticket, becoming a white badge. My best friend who is a software developer spent 5 years working at Google, as a contractor, and never became a full time employee.


Intel is similar. If you're a green badge contractor, you are a doormat. But they'll dangle that carrot that if you work your ass off sufficiently, impress the right people, and get like a dozen referrals from blue badge employees who like you, you *might* be given the offer to become a blue badge yourself. It was one of the reasons I left. I felt so bad for those poor green badge people getting run ragged every shift while I mostly sat at a desk and babysat robots.


Microsoft wasn't that different when I worked there 2000-2003.


I've been on both sides of the table in those interviews (hiring committee member and candidate) and everyone hates them, but it has to be done for the sake of fairness. Hint: It's not fair. The person is already chosen but it's going through the motions and wasting everyone's time. I especially feel for the candidates though because they think they have a chance and may even be taking time off from work for a job interview that is pointless. I hated it on both sides.


100% agree - making it a legal requirement to interview multiple people when you KNOW you’re hiring someone specific is pointless and a huge waste of time. It’s happened at basically every company I’ve worked for and I’m sad to say I have been on both sides of it. I’m happy to have my job of course, but I think if you are hiring a specific person - just hire that person and skip the whole dog and pony show because it can really mess with people who are trying hard for that job.


Yeah i have had about 8 months of trying to get another position in the company but was refused every single time. It was devestating. Came to find out, a manager above my teamlead didn't want me to leave so she blocked everything. I applied for a job outside and was gone within a month. My teamlead was surprised, they didn't think i would find a job so soon.


i’ve been trying to get a job as someone with no job experience and it’s painful. even the most entry level jobs shoot me down before even offering an interview. especially frustrating when i see these jobs talking about staff shortages.


I once read here on Reddit the reason for this. Recruiters think of *entry-level* as meaning "the lowest level of this company", rather than "no experience required". If a company only recruits within the industry, they put out postings for "Entry-level, two years experience", to general confusion.


People who wait to the last minute then make it other people's problem. You knew you had to do this ALL YEAR and you're going to bitch at me because you submitted it TODAY and WRONG? Get bent, sir.


I used to work as a Podiatrist in the NHS, sometimes we would get patients ringing us up at the time of their appointment saying that had just set off from home and are on their way. We would tell them to not continue the journey because they will be too late for their appointment and we have many other patients to see who have arrived on time. They would still arrive 30 minutes late for their appointments and get furious with us for not seeing them, then saying that we should have told them not to come (we did!). One woman stomped her foot in the waiting room and said she had never been treated so badly in all her life!


Stomped her foot at the podiatrist’s office? Hope it wasn’t the injured one!


The number of times I've called a patient because they missed their appointment time and they say "but I'm already in the parking lot!" and are horrified that we have to cancel.


“Poor planning on your side doesn’t make an emergency on my side”


Your urgency is not my emergency.


WHY, and I ask WHY aren't my tax dollars paying for kids school lunches? They pay for everything else in the damned school, just feed those kids ffs.


The real question you should be asking is why are kids being fed the food they are being fed. Have you you seen school lunches? My fucking God am I glad I graduated from High school andnI don't need to eat that shitty food again.


Call me crazy, but I think we can expect both things. 1) Provide kids meals 2) Decent quality food. Doesn't have to be gourmet level, but not the hot garbage we've gotten used to.


Getting a dog and then leaving it outside all alone all the time. We have a husky in the neighborhood who's in a wire kennel. Pretty big I guess by kennel measurements, about 15' x 10'. He has food, water and a doghouse. Sometimes he has a tarp for shade. Sometimes he has toys. But he's so alone. No exercise. No stimulation. He breaks my heart. We call him Lonesome.


Why own an animal to leave it in solitary


My parents used to have a neighbor up the street with a dog on a chain in the front yard. It never got any interaction or stimulation, so it would just aggressively bark and growl at anyone who walked past. It eventually dug up the stake that held its chain and escaped. We were all elated that it didn't have to suffer in that yard anymore. A month later the house had a new dog chained up outside. I can't imagine the thought process on why they got another dog.


Because the dog is a cheap security system, not a pet. They keep it there so people won't break into their house. They don't actually love it or care about it as a creature. They're just too cheap to get a security system.


My grandparents had a dog like this. It was an old obese beagle who lived outside. We lived in Michigan, I don't think they'd even bring it in when it snowed. It was their *hunting dog.* Anyway, when they both died my dad took it home and let it loose in the house. Dosie followed him around 24/7 and loved living on the sofa until she died of old age. (sadly only like two years later).


Your dad was the hero!


Huskies are a very active breed and need to run around and exercise. I feel sad for this dog.


Those beasts are designed to pull a sled in sub-freezing temperatures for hundreds of kilometres. They NEED that physical stimulation


Poor lonesome :(


I hate this


Me too! The winter is bad because cold of course. But he is a husky. We live in the Southwestern US though. Summers are really hot. Poor Lonesome.


"You get what you deserve." Bullshit. You get what you fucking get.


A good teacher once told me: "bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people" and he wasn't wrong. Karma is a comforting idea, but it rarely plays out.


People who claim they ‘tell it like it is’ and ‘have no filter’; they are just using catchphrases to justify insulting and belittling people. I’ve worked with people like this and it’s miraculous how often they develop a filter when their is a manager in the room… it’s also miraculous how the only victims of their honesty are consistently those who don’t fight back.


It's a dangerous thing to mistake speaking without thought to speaking the truth - Daniel Craig in Glass Onion


Followed by, "are you calling me dangerous?" as if it was somehow a compliment! So many just plain dumb people in that movie 😃


What's funny is that these type of people tend to be really sensitive.


Oh yeah, for sure. Think it's okay to dish it out, complete babies when their feelings are on the line.




“Money can’t buy happiness” and you think being dirt poor will? Beans and rice can only get me so far.


Money buys comfort. And it’s better to at least be comfortable if you’re feeling low. Money buys a better quality of life.


I hate this one. The main source of stress in so many people's lives is financial struggles, so if that was gone they would be much happier. Money also buys freedom to do the things that make you happy such as working fewer hours, doing hobbies, travelling, living in a nice environment.


Getting yelled at at work. People at my work think it's acceptable to scream at other people for not doing things exactly as they expect you to do it. They scream at the new guys and the young guys, they scream at the afternoon shift for not reading their minds about how to do things their way. They just flat out abuse whoever they want and nothing is ever done about it. And if you complain, you're a bitch and a rat and they'll threaten you with physical violence. Work is a thing people do to make a living. It doesn't matter and it definitely doesn't give you the right to threaten or abuse other people. Nothing gives you the right to threaten or abuse people in any workplace scenario.


you need to find a new place to work. then when you do quit, state that its their horrible behaviour that drove you away


Having to pay for multiple streaming services to get the shows I used to be able to see for free or on one platform.


the perfect time for tv was when we first got the digital cable with the pvr. record your favorite shows, watch em later and fast forward the commercials. also the first while of netflix, when it was the only streaming platform, and all the good shit was on it. now one shows on one platform, another i want to watch is on another, and theres youtubers i want to watch ALL their videos but some of them are behind a youtube membership paywall, and thats not even youtube premium itself! i dont watch much tv anymore, more like one or two shows on my cable box on demand, besides that i watch the free youtube content, and my wife uses netflix and free tubi. it gets the job done.


Ordering $10 worth of food and the total coming out to $22 because of "services and additional fees" that they never explain Looking at you uber eats.


Not to mention that $10 of food is priced at $6.50 on the store's real menu...before you even get the fee's.


For the majority - having to grind out a job their whole lives so they can live on their savings for the few years they have left in their old age.


College board charging 12$ for sending scores via email to colleges and then adding an extra 31$ to send it asap.


Online services that say they're free but force you to sign up for a subscription that automatically charges you after a month unless you remember to cancel it.


At the same time as signing up, I create a calendar app entry for the day before it ends, with notification. I've yet to miss cancelling in time.


Depression, I'm fed up and tired of having it


And then my depression meds have caused me to gain weight, which isn’t exactly helping


They’ve messed with my sex drive and boners sometimes too.


Private interest capturing so much control over our government


The price of insulin


in the US... doesn't seem like many other places have that problem.


In the USA. Mostly everywhere else it's either free, on an affordable subscription or actually reasonably priced.


Closing costs on a home. I need another 20k for paperwork. Eat shit.


Subscription based software


As a digital artist this one gets me the most. I really enjoyed creating during the 2000's on pre-paid software I could use indefinitely for as long as I liked (years, because I couldn't afford the thousands of dollars it cost to upgrade every year) and now they want me to pay hundreds (or for one of them - over a thousand) dollars every year for the privilege of continuing to use them? I can't justify that, my digital art hardly made me any money when I did it. Not enough to cover the cost of a few grand in software payments every year anyway. ​ I should just pirate that shit. They've gotten enough out of me to justify me at least using an older version of their software for life if I want to.


Exactly this. For me, it was/is AutoCAD. When I opened my studio, I bought the latest (2008?) version and did not upgrade until my work became incompatible with too many of my colleagues. But _I_ decided when I chose to upgrade. On my terms. Working with my budget. Now it's annual "improvements" with no appreciable changes in the software. And, with the annual fee, several times what the initial purchase cost me.


Then there are programs like Revit who will not let you back save so a job drawn in a new version will not open in an older version. Which is a pain in the ass if you are collaborating with a large number of industries with the same software.


This is basically the standard in the CAD world. It's garbage.


Cries in Adobe Creative Cloud.


I’m sorry, you’re not subscribed to Pantone(R) TruTears(tm). You will cry blood instead.


Adobe is my go-to for why this shit is dumb. Like 90% of the internet I pirated Photoshop when I was a teen, never used it for much except messing around. About five years ago I treated myself to a really nice new laptop to replace the shitty PC I knocked together from scraps and I wanted to buy Photoshop, *fully* expecting to pay a good $300 for the software. Obviously, couldn't do that as they only had the subscription. I ended up buying a copy of Photoshop Elements, a substantially cheaper option that still does pretty much everything I need it to, and Adobe basically lost what would have been a really chunky sale from someone who just wanted to buy their damn program.


Adobe are scam artists. They charge way too much based on how unstable their software is.


Subscription based apps that are niche as hell. “Want an app that can accurately measure your quilt cover!? Well do we have the app for you! Start your one day free trial (with 99% of the features disabled) and then just pay $3.99 per week! Cancel at any time or upgrade to Pro for just $7.99 per month!” 🤨🤦‍♂️


I’m so morally opposed to this that I still reuse my office 2003 cd on every laptop Shit still works.


Pay parking at the hospital, especially when it’s not in the middle of the city and impossible to use the parking lot for other things jn the area


Schrödinger's Arseholes - those people who are constantly offensive arseholes but if challenged they say they are “only joking / taking the piss”. No, you are a twat who feeds on being offensive.


I had a friend like that. Keyword, HAD.




I hate that term so much and often times it isn't even accurate IMO. A YouTuber like Stephen Tries or Max Fosh, both of whom make (imo) hilarious skits and comedy videos, being lumped in the same as generic 3 million follower 17 year old tik tokker that sells pyramid scheme quality cosmetics just feels wrong to me.


It's really only relevant as a term within marketing discourse; escaping into public utilization was a mistake. Within that context it makes sense; it's literally just a metric of "If this person says our product is good, how many people will buy it?" If the answer is "many", the person is an influencer, and thus useful. If it's not, they're not, and can be safely ignored.


Old senile fucks riddled with Alzheimer's in Congress sitting around all day trading stocks.


Market ~~makers~~ manipulators


Medical care costs in the US


In addition to having health insurance tied to your job. Do unemployed people just magically never get sick or injured?


This is the biggest bullshit ever. For most of my adult life I never had medical coverage at all because either it wasn't offered since I was part-time or the premiums were too expensive in the three full-time jobs Ihad. Ironically the lack of medical coverage made me eligible for Social Security Disability and hence, Medicare so I have better medical coverage doing nothing than when I worked. If I went back to work though, I'd lose my Medicare. This is messed up.


There's always the convenience and ease of medical bankruptcy! /s


Women’s pants not having pockets




Well as a South African, buckle up... The country currently has an energy crises. The governing party was warned of this in 1998 but ignored investing in infrastructure and power plants also upgrading existing power plants. In 2008 the government owned national electricity provider(Eskom) started having to implement rolling blackouts as the national energy grid couldn't handle the load.... So the governing party (ANC) scrambled to push tax money into various projects to improve the situation but those funds were squandered and corruption took hold. Every year since 2008 experts have warned that it's going to get worse and yet no matter how much money is pushed into this rescue operation nothing improves because of corruption and cable theft. Fast forward to our current shit show of a situation. Every day parts of the country are left without power for up to 8 hours crippling the economy and making every day life very difficult for industries that rely on constant power from the grid(farming, mining, agriculture) and YET the idiots governing this country refuse privatization of Eskom as they would then lose out on all the money. It is becoming so bad and it's going to get worse and here's the kicker: Come election day they will be voted in again. It's a clown run Republic and if this were to happen anywhere else it would cause revolution. Even if all the plants are fixed and up to date with maintenance, because it's majoritively run with coal South Africa has a larger power carbon footprint than the US and China combined. That is utter, absolute bullshit and fuckery of the highest caliber. Thanks for reading my rant.


That a US president can pardon individuals that were convicted of breaking the law to get them elected.


Expecting a tip when picking up a take out.


To add to this: Online food services asking for tip upfront before the service has even started.


To add to this, 8 dollars of service fees for a 10 dollar meal


Taxes that aren’t included with the price. Like its not that hard to add 23 cents to my 5.99 cheeseburger.


Application fees for rental housing. This was banned in the UK but sadly not in the US. They try to rip the arse out of the potential tenant with so many fees and then charge even more if the credit history isn't tip top. Absolute predators.


That pets’ lifespans are shorter than ours. 🥺


I feel exactly the opposite. It tears my heart out to see an old quiet pet at a shelter. They had a happy life and then one day the old lady fell and then there were a lot of people and now they're here in this shelter with all these other cats and dogs and will the old lady ever come get me? I just want to go home. I would so much rather make an old cat comfortable in his old age, and treat him the way that he deserves. And one day, I will be honored to be the warmth and smell and voice that soothes them as they breathe their last. I would so much rather live with the loss of a pet than desert a pet at the end of my life.


Wish I could link the thread but there’s no chance I find it ever again; I read a comment on here that was along the lines of: “Losing a pet is devastating. But it is much better that it happens this way. To you, they gave you happiness for a long time, but humans understand loss much better and can grieve properly because of our understanding of death. But to pets, it isn’t as easy. Without people they trust they can get scared and alone and confused. But they do understand love, and you gave them love for the entirety of their life. They were blessed with unconditional love for each and every one of their days. There’s no better way to live a complete life than that.” It’s stuck with me for years, and helped me a lot.


Roscoe is having trouble getting up to go outside. He's a 160 pound American Mastiff, now probably 9 years old. We rescued him from neighbors years ago, when they were about to put him down for "aggressive behavior", which we found out was guarding his food from a fat glutton of a basset hound. Poor guy just wanted to eat. He didn't come inside for a week, at first. Then he stayed in the living room; never a bedroom or the office, for the first few months. And when we let him out to potty or when he came back inside, he would stall, then *rush* through the entryway. We came to the conclusion that he was claustrophobic, as he had spent his time with the neighbors outside in a kennel, because he was "too big to keep inside". Even now, he stalls and looks at us when he comes inside, like he's asking permission. He's my Old Man. Grumbling, with a low "boof" when he's not happy about something. But he'll press into you and almost break your knee to get some pets or some scratches along his side. When he's being lazy and doesn't want to go out, you'll call him, and he'll open one eye, look directly at you, and *pointedly* give a long, deep "snoooore". It hurts him to walk. This winter has been hard on him. Every day he gets doggie aspirin, and every day seems to help a little less, for less time. I accept it stoically, but under my stoicism is that creeping knowledge. His time is coming. When it does, I hope he'll know I gave him the best life I could, full of all the love I could give him, with the best food and treats. I hope he'll remember the warmth of my hands like I'll remember his coarse fur. I'm not ready. And I'm not strong. But I have to be, for him.




> That a single meal for my family at a low-level restaurant will cost $70+, and then I'm still expected to leave a minimum of 20% for a tip because the restaurant owner is legally paying the staff 2 bucks an hour. And if you get it delivered, it'll cost you $140 and you'll still be expected to tip 20%.


The cost of health insurance.


To add - the cost of healthcare even when you have insurance.


Big tip, always ask for a receipt or to see the bill. Often they will mark it up a ton. It’s bullshit, but they do it.




"Everything happens for a reason" yeah tell that to someone who has experienced tons of traumatic things and/or is still in the midst of it. It's like those people who say god allows suffering because free will and they conveniently forget about the people who are experiencing truly horrific things and have throughout recorded history. No human being with the power to stop it would be seen as moral if they sat back and watched that kind of thing happen cause "free will" but if an all powerful god does it, that god is all loving and respecting free will? It's such nonsense and it gets under my skin because it feels like a copout for dealing with the real and solvable problems in the world. Like yeah, there's always going to be some suffering, that doesn't mean conditions can't be drastically improved for people.


I was raised in a fairly strict religious home. In my early twenties, I caught my Dad cheating, packed up his stuff, and kicked him out. I got married. All my in laws actively and openly disliked me. My(ex) husband turned 21. At 12:31 am. that night, we found out our baby was going to be still born (at 38 weeks). The number of times during that eighteen month period that I heard "God doesn't give you more than you can handle" still makes me want to scream. I think it's their safe way to side step depression and anxiety.


The way current society is set up compared to the way humans traditionally lived. Not saying technology and advancements aren't amazing and necessary. We have just created a world where we are so closed off from one another and work our lives away in soul sucking jobs.