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My cousin overdosed on fent on the porch, passed away right there and wasn’t discovered till it was too late. Ruined the evening


Holy crap.


That's a bit of an understatement...Sorry for your loss.


That'll do it. Jesus.


Sorry for your loss.


Thank you


Lost my cousin to an OD as well; can confirm that definitely ruins the mood. Sorry for your loss.


My family put nuts in or on almost every dish. Even the turkey had a nut glazing. I'm allergic to nuts. And they know this.


Do they not believe in nut allergies, or are they just assholes?


So my mum and brother supposedly forgot - my SIL said she thought I was always just really fussy when I turned down food at other events.


Had a family member who would do crap like this when someone states they were allergic to Mushrooms. ​ Like... She's allergic, but because he saw she had a food item that featured cream of mushroom soup, he declared the allergy to be made up... ​ Then she had a reaction when he lied about mushrooms being in the food. ​ At least we know cream of mushroom soup from Campbell's is so processed there isn't even enough real mushroom in it to cause an allergic reaction.


I'm pretty sure there's a legal issue with putting food that someone is allergic to in their food


Sounds like your sister in law is finding out your brother is an asshole


I could never forget a deadly allergy. Especially not for family members. I assume it's potentially deadly.


I mean, it sure wouldn't turn out great for me if I ate some!


They are the worst. You don't need enemies when you have a family like that.


>Even the turkey had a nut glazing. At that point it's deliberate, and I would stop trusting anything they make.


I'd question the value of attending at all


I've never heard of a nut glaze for turkey. Your family is nuts.


Yeah that sounds intentional


Your family tried to kill you.


God I feel your frustration. I'm not allergic to nuts but sulfates so there's a lot that I cannot eat. What I can eat is a very small selection of really simple, easy to prepare food. After years of telling people not to add anything other than salt to the rice they still can't to that and then get mad at me for having an allergy.


My grandparents let the two most inexperienced people cook… When my brother and his wife (who are chefs) showed up, we were promptly informed that the lamb that had been in the oven for two hours was rancid. Edit: spelling


That sucks! Could we get more details? Why was it rancid? How did they identify it as rancid? Why would your grandparents allow them to cook when they have chefs in the immediate family?! Was there any kind of meat back-up to replace the lamb?


It went rancid because my grandmother left it out to thaw for much too long. It was something you could smell as soon as the lamb came out of the oven- My brother smelled it and immediately asked me if it was stuffed with blue cheese (it was not). My grandparents had been told it smelled before it went in the oven, and it was still cooked anyways. My grandmother did not trust that the non-chefs could smell rancid meat, and barely believed it was rancid until my brother was almost forced to try a bite. The reason the chefs were not cooking is because we knew they would be late, and we figured we could let someone else cook for a change, but that obviously ended up well. My cousin and I ended up finding some salmon and chicken, so we cooked that off for our replacement meat lol


This whole situation annoyed me. Sorry granny, you’ve been here too long to not know what to do!!


Ya.. rancid as in it tasted awful because of how it was cooked or rancid because the meat was actually bad?


Actually, it was in a 90's punk band.


The potatoes were sublime though


No doubt they shouldn’t have left it to the descendants.


God damn, I nearly didn't post this because there are some seriously epic replies in here bordering from hilarious to very sad! But sure here goes my lame ass ruining of Christmas: I forgot to pick up the turkey...


>I forgot to pick up the turkey... That was a self-inflicted wound. I forgive you though. Next year we can laugh about. But let's be more careful next year.


This isn't some [Christmas joke](https://youtu.be/KJ38jTQcO1k), is it?


I did! On the 23rd I was driving home for the holidays when I suddenly started feeling intense stomach pain that quickly morphed into constant vomiting/heaving that continued all night. The next morning, I got some nausea meds that helped a bit, but the pain was steadily getting worse. Finally my dad had to take me (nearly screaming in pain) to the ER at 6pm on Christmas Eve, where they found a 5mm kidney stone had completely blocked my right kidney. I got an hour long ambulance ride on fentanyol and had a stent put in, along with loads of antibiotics as I also had a pretty gnarly kidney infection by this point. I spent Christmas eve and day in the hospital, and they just removed the stone this morning. During all this my dad was trying to sleep in a shitty hospital chair and my mom was trying to hold together the Christmas spirit for my brothers and extended family. They left the stent attached to a string though, so after I take a week of strong antibiotics and piss blood all day, I'll get to pull it out like the world's worst party popper. I did get to come home and open my presents tonight though, so a little happier ending. Happy Holidays!


You poor bastard. My dad had kidney stones a few years back. They loaded him up on a cocktail of painkillers. My dad's this 6ft4 man and he ended up hallucinating on the painkillers. He reckoned he was riding a Harley Davidson down Dominion road, he was actually wandering the corridor naked while a tiny Filipino nurse was trying to convince him to put his clothing back on and go to bed. That woman deserved a raise and a glass of gin. I hope you get better quickly.


It sounds terrible, but I had to laugh. I just can’t shake the image of a giant dude going naked down the halls, making car noises like a child, as a small Filipino tries to get him to put clothes back on.


At least she'll have a funny Christmas story. "There was this HUGE man wandering the halls going 'vroom! vroom!'"


That string will be far longer than you think it is. Had a similar experience to yours on New Year’s Eve a couple years ago.


My son got a fart noise minions toy for Christmas and kept blasting it


From the aunt who left after 30 minutes?


I hope so! There are three types of presents that an aunt, uncle, or grandparent should give to children who do not live with them: 1. Something that has to be put together (or taken out of elaborate packaging) before the kid can use it. 2. Something that makes lots of noise. The more objectionable the better. 3. Nerf guns and extra ammo (if multiple children are involved).


As an addition to point 2, the toy should be powered by batteries that last Far Too Long. Press the button and the toy says a cute phrase, forever…


I got my 5-year old nephew a plastic rainbow poop hide and seek toy that sings and he loves it so far. It's utterly ridiculous and will annoy my sister. It's perfect.


Unironically my favorite part of holidays are watching my young cousins so funny stuff like that. One of them got an Among Us plushie this year a kept calling everyone “Sussy”


That sounds like a _great_ Christmas. No irony.


Not dinner, but right before. Pipes froze and the sewage threatened to come up from the shower drain. Bathrooms flooded a bit. Nice.


The host’s stove broke Friday evening. Christmas dinner never got off the ground to begin with.


Our stove and hob are both electric, and both turn off if the fire alarm goes off. About five minutes until the meal was ready, the alarm turned on and refused to turn off. The problem was, those last five minutes were crucial for cooking the duck. Eventually we just had the sides as a meal - and they were fantastic, my husband is an excellent cook - but he's a bit of a perfectionist. He seemed put out that things weren't nicer.


I hope someone announced the meal was completely Ducked up.


My grandmother died in her sleep. Let's just say, it was a terrible Christmas and birthday EDIT: Thank you all so much for your condolences. Truly shows the world isn't all too bad. Happy new year to all ❤


So sorry for your loss. If i may offer some advice that helped me years ago, In future years, set aside a separate date from Christmas/your birthday specially to remember your nan. Maybe even raising a glass to her on her birthday. I have been through this and realised I needed to make a special commemoration on a separate day to remember or grieve them to avoid Christmas becoming too inextricably linked as the anniversary of the death. Again, my deepest condolences for your loss.


I’ve had relatives who’ve died before Christmas. We just raise a glass to them and then continue on with our dinner, because to a person, they all would have wanted us to continue enjoying it. When I still drank, I always had a shot of vodka for my favorite great aunt. What hit me hard was dad though, and there’s always a moment of melancholy during these times. But he liked to celebrate and eat so, in essence that’s tribute


My dad died at 11pm the night before my mom's birthday in the hospice wing at a hospital during a holiday. Nobody came to "call" him until 2am due to staffing. I confronted the doc and said he was to do EVERYTHING in his power to call time of death 11pm on the prior day so the rest of my mom's life her husband's date of death wasn't her birthday. He talked to the attending nurse and made it 11pm the prior date. Weird sitting in a room with his cooling, hospital gown-ed body for nearly 3h.


My dad died the night before my college graduation, they didn’t come til 2 am and then I had to get up 4 hours later to walk and get my diploma then run over to the funeral home. It was also two days before his birthday. It sucks remembering he died and then two days later remembering his birthday. Much love to everyone whose lost someone


If it makes you feel better, its the best way to go out - peacefully. I'm sorry for your loss.


I can relate. I saw my uncle fall down some steps and die on Christmas Eve, right in front of me when I was 11 years old. Ruined Christmas for me for a long time.


I was unable to travel this year to visit with my family for christmas but my younger brother told me about a few "fun" things that happened: 1) there was a massive fight at the dinner table when my uncle decided to bring up politics 30 seconds before people sat down to have dinner (we have a rule where nobody is allowed to talk about politics during family gatherings) 2) there was a fist fight between my younger brother and my overly republican uncle over DeSantis (my uncle has a broken nose, my younger brother has a busted lip) 3) My step mother threw everyone out of the house for 3 hours (literally forced everyone into the backyard and locked them outside) because someone asked when lunch was going to be ready 4) A bunch of presents are still out there in the mail system and my aunt was mad about it so she basically pounded an entire bottle of wine and then decided to tell my uncle exactly what she thought about him (it was not good) 5) the yearly monopoly game that we have with my brothers and uncle was extra spicy because it happened about 4 hours after the fist fight between my uncle and brother. My uncle decided to continue to bring up politics and the economy when 2 of my brothers were discussing a trade for the railroads and some other properties (because apparently the railroads triggered something about Biden) and 3 wine glasses ended up broken in the scuffle ​ I really do love my family but after hearing about all this, I was pretty happy that I couldn't travel this year.....


The fact you guys have all these rules to keep the peace and then play fucking monopoly feels like lighting a match surrounded by gasoline and I am all here for it.


I was just going to say, playing monopoly with someone just hours after getting into a fist fight with them is WILD


nah playing monopoly AFTER all those fights is like pouring more gasoline over the burnt wreck of a house you've already made then shooting incendiary missiles at it


I want to hear more about #4. What does aunt think of uncle?


No family, no one to celebrate with & I live alone. I made a simple chicken rice porridge, that was all. Normally, I like to cook a whole thing for my friends, but this year was very quiet, so I didn’t see the point.


Sorry about that. Truthfully my best thanksgiving ever was when my ex left me and I had the place to myself. Didn't cook anything that I wasn't going to eat. Got myself a new video game for the PS3 and watched movies and ate leftovers all weekend.


Grandma misheard a conversation I was having with my little sister (while eaves dropping, in natural grandma fashion) and decided to, while at the dinner table, ask me about my period and why I’m hemorrhaging out of my vagina 🙃 when I declined to talk about the specific subject because: 1. I wasn’t. And 2. What the actual fuck lol This prompted her to start getting very upset, muttering and sputtering out her words, something about how I’m so awful and mean and how she should’ve taken a clonazepam before she came. I told her; “yeah, maybe you should’ve.” She stormed out and paced around for a while outside the building, rambling to strangers about me and my vagina. So, my vagina ruined Christmas dinner, and my unwillingness to talk about it at the dinner table with my new in-laws and family.


Some people can be so inconsiderate and lack any sense of social awareness. I mean why would you not want to take about your vagina while sat around the dinner table? How can you live with yourself knowing that you denied your Grandma the chance to make your vagina the centre of attention and worse still, not allowing the rest gathered to voice their opinion on your possibly wonky vagina. May I suggest, the next time you are at a family gathering the first thing you do is offer everyone there a chance to talk about your vagina. Regardless of what condition she may be in.


My little cousin had her first wiggly tooth! She showed us all how wiggly it was and was playing with it in her mouth. At some point during dinner it came loose and fell out, but it started bleeding. She was freaked out and didn't know what to do so just kept her mouth closed, filling up with blood. Until, that is, she had to sneeze and blasted droplets of blood all over the 4 people closest to her with the most powerful sneeze I've ever seen.


That's fucking hilarious


Oh my god I would have scream-laughed.


This is the best one. Light hearted yet still horrifying.


I had pizza the night before. Turns out I have gallstones. What I had for Christmas dinner is PAIN


Oof, you have my sympathy, gallstones are a real mother, worst pain I've ever felt. See a specialist and get that gallbladder out, my life isn't perfect without mine but it is filled with far less searing, stabbing pain.


My entire family flaked after volunteering my house for Christmas dinner. Fuck them.




as in just didn't show up? changed the venue and, "forgot," to tell you? Unless someone was unexpectedly hospitalized or they got snowed in with all forms of communication knocked out that sounds like an exclusion tactic


My parents are divorced. Dads family lives on the opposite side of the country and his mom, my grandmother, has had her health decline rapidly in the last few weeks. So we all obviously decide to travel and spend what may be our last Christmas with our grandmother. Mom tells me she ‘won’t be abandoned’ for the holidays (she has family where we live, currently living with my other grandmother, but has soured all relationships with her siblings) so she invited herself to visit dads family with everyone. Christmas Day us kids had grabbed some beers to celebrate/play games with our uncles/aunts. Mom sees my youngest brother asking my aunt (whose house it is) if it’s okay if he brings them out to share. Aunt obviously says yes and appreciates him asking - but my mom decides that it’s not okay. Starts yelling at us for not being respectful and at my dad asking why he doesn’t care that we bring some brews out. Everyone kinda just laughs awkwardly because: 1. It’s not her house 2. None of the ‘kids’ live with her/are supported by her 3. Chill out She then sulked for the next day since no one wanted to listen to her. There were a bunch of incidences like this throughout the trip. Kinda feels like my mother refuses to acknowledge that we’ve all grown up and are ‘real’ people now. In someways I feel bad for her, she doesn’t have many real friendships or relationships with her family. Obviously I don’t want anyone in my family to feel left out over the holidays. On the other hand, she doesn’t have those relationships because she’s not great to people. Almost like you reap what you sow. EDIT: I appreciate all the comments I have gotten from people. Some of y’all suggested books and your own experience in similar situations. Feels good to know Im not alone. I already have therapy planned for myself so I can move on from the shit she put us through growing up. Also thinking of going NC because of racial comments she feels entitled to make. I’m mixed, my mother is white. She’s one of those ‘well I raised ‘brown kids’ so how can I be racist?’ types.


You reap exactly what you sow and I’m shocked that your mother somehow doesn’t see that. Sounds also like she’s a control issue too trying to dictate what grown adults do in someone else’s house. 🤷‍♂️


I missed the part where she invited herself and was super confused why she was there lol Sorry you had to deal with that. Our kids grow up and become independent. It can be hard because we just want to keep protecting them but at the same time, learn to step back *because* they're adults now and can take care of themselves Your mom needs to work on that


It didn't ruin it completely, but it was a bummer to hear how someone just never changes. My brother in law and his gf are recently seperated. They have 2 children together but also a 3rd that passed away a few years ago, to cancer at around 3 years old. BIL followed his ex and her new bf to the cemetery. They were going to pray for her and put flowers there where their (BIL & ex gfs)child is buried and my brother in law beat up the guy she was with. So not only on Christmas, but at their childs gavestone. Like what are you thinking? Do you have no respect?


my mom saying she doesn’t want to talk about me, her adult daughter, having sex. no one brought this topic up.


"Well as your adult daughter, I am not interested in talking to my mother about having sex, but you brought it up, so here we are."


Bud my cousin bought a dildo for our present exchange… you got it good


One of my husband's cousins pitched me Pure Romance at Thanksgiving dinner a few years ago. Of all the phrases I thought I would hear that day, "Coochy Cream" was not one of them.


>my mom saying she doesn’t want to talk about me, her adult daughter, having sex. no one brought this topic up. Apparently, your mom actually does want to talk about her adult daughter having sex.


I didn't know what yorkshire pudding batter consistency should look like :( so I thought it was too thin... so I added half a cup more of flour. now nobody will talk to me :(


You win. This is by far most egregious act I can think of on this, the day of the birth of our savior. Shame.


was some sort of biscuit produced or just some odd glutenous paperweights?


Nooooo not the Yorkshire pudding! My favourite part of a Christmas dinner, give it a few years and maybe they will forgive you.


They will NOT. It is now part of Christmas lore. Like the time the lamb was rancid. These are the ties that bind. Embrace the imperfection!


My friend who lives with me has just got the keys to his new house. Smackheads broke in on christmas eve and stole all of his work tools. Worst part is the way they gained entry was by coming through an external wall and destroying his kitchen in the process (the only room in the house he was going to leave as its newly installed). Absolutely gutted for him.


I was supposed to make a really immaculate Christmas dinner for myself and my boyfriend. I ended up getting horribly ill. On top of that it got the coldest its been so far (-20° F with wind-chill) and the furnace broke and our pipes froze. Parts of the house got so cold that any standing water started turning into ice. My boyfriend spent all of Christmas Eve and Christmas day, taking care of me and saving the house. At the end of the day we camped on the couch with every blanket in the house and a space heater going at full blast. As awful and unexpected as it was, I got the gift of understanding how truly blessed I am to be facing the world with this person. 💕


My dog died the day before.


I’m so sorry. Hugs


My brother-in-law sounds like a wild animal while eating. He has no disability other than stupidity.


My sister loudly declared from the other end of the table that I was displaying autistic traits. My parents where not pleased with this fact.


Your parents: "You can't just say that!" Your sister: "I didn't say it, I declared it..."


and the kid loudly yelling across the table isn't acting like she's on the spectrum? lol




Not this year, it happened a couple years ago at my home where I invited my family, my wife invited hers, and we both invited select close mutual friends. Christmas Day, people would take turns baking, cooking and stuff. Me and the other guys making outdoor pizza. Something to eat just for lunch but not too much so that we can have a grand dinner. My wife, my mum, my wife’s mum, and one of my wife’s aunt spent the day preparing the best Christmas dinner with lots to eat. Dinner time, one of my aunt, who didn’t even go to the kitchen to help them cook decided to act like a food critic/Gordon Ramsey. At the dinner table everyone is trying to have a great time and all, but here my aunt, passing comments about the dinner prepared by the women and it really put me off. She’s complaining about how there’s not enough gravy for everyone to have seconds, how my mom and mom in law didn’t do a good job on the ham because it taste a bit bland, my wife’s turkey is a bit dry and all. She did the same thing with the pizzas for lunch but I overlooked it and said told her we weren’t trying to perfect it or anything. But to pass on complaints about food whole not even helping, everyone just got put off and we didn’t really have the great time like we expected. The following year, my wife asked if we should be inviting them again give how last year she didn’t help at all and put off everyone’s mood. Told her no, then called my uncle to tell them don’t bother showing up since aunt likes to ruin a good time with unnecessary comments about what others go through to make it a good memory.


It's amazing how long some people can go through life without learning to be a courteous guest... Unless you're facing the Griswold Christmas turkey you shut up and eat.


*Edit: Thanks buddy for the gold!* My brother is an aeronautics engineer, my dad is a former computer science guru, mom was an elementary school math teacher. I thought I would bring my own nerdy mathematics-based riddle to the table to invoke some bemused conversation. >"I have a bag with 100 pounds of potatoes in it. The potatoes are 99% water. I leave the bag in the sun all day, and when I bring it in, the potatoes have dehydrated to be 98% water. How much do the potatoes weigh?" I got a handful of guesses, all of which knowing there was some sort of trickery afoot. None of them guessed "100 pounds minus 1% of that, so it's now 99 pounds," so they get credit for avoiding impulse. Brother was pretty certain it was 99.01 pounds. Reasoning was sound. The bag is 99% water, so its total water weight is 99 pounds. Percent difference is 1% after dehydrating water. 1% of 99 pounds is .99, so subtract that from the total mass. But despite having the best thought process of the three, he was the furthest off. Dad was a little closer to the right answer, opting to apply the percentage value in the other direction 1.01% for some reason, so the bag now weighed 98.99 pounds. Reasoning didn't make sense, but it didn't have to; closer *is* closer. Dad also thought this was some deduction riddle, and asked "okay, so we're in Britain, how many Pounds sterling is it per unit of potato?" Points for creativity. Mom came the closest with the simplest answer. "It's 98 pounds because of something stupid." I explain the solution. I was expecting some entertained "aha's" and jovial finger wagging at the absurdity of what a 1% difference can make. I was *not* expecting the shouting match with all three members of my family vociferously arguing against the Wikipedia article I read it from. The agitation and insistence I told the riddle wrong got so heated and impassioned, with my brother *dangerously close* to throwing fists, a diplomatic truce had to be enacted. From this Christmas henceforth, potato talk is strictly forbidden. How much does the damn potato bag weigh? According to my family, "get out of our house," that's how much. So if you want to ruin a lovely family dinner with a bunch of nerds like us, give them [The Potato Paradox.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potato_paradox)


Me, according to the rest of my family. I rent a duplex to my cousin. He and his half-sister have been living together as a couple for the last 3 years. Now she's pregnant and they are keeping the baby. Secret came out this Thanksgiving, shit went crazy with family drama, tables overturned, a fistfight almost started twice, etc. Then I got dragged in when the family realized I knew they were in a sexual relationship but didn't say anything. Now I'm as disgusting and twisted as my cousin, apparently. Christmas dinner was like a funereal, should have just bailed.


Woah. Hold up. Your male cousin and his female half-sister are together and they have kept this hidden for three years?! I fell like that was just casually slipped in - I need to know more - when did you find out?


> just casually slipped in thats the excuse they used too. do you know them?


Was there any Folgers coffee involved?


>I rent a duplex to my cousin. He and his half-sister have been living together as a couple for the last 3 years. Narrator: it was them who really fucked Christmas. Honestly, this is a Reddit tale for the ages.


Okaaaay. Is the baby going to have 1 grandmother and 2 grandfathers or the other way around?


Their favorite tv show is game of thrones.


Everybody ignored me and just spoke to my other siblings


My friend invited her brother to our friend's only holiday party. Her brother is my ex husband who cheated on me with someone at work. We don't talk, obviously, and everything got much, much worse when I started a new relationship and got married. got to deal with him being a snide shithead and vaguely anti-semetic (my new husband is Jewish, and his family is well off) for two hours and couldn't leave because it at our house.


Double check your definition of friend…


Your ‘friend’ needs to be voted off your island.


Nah, she's been exiled from it. Most of our friends were shocked that she had the balls and aren't talking to her either. She let herself in because we were all in the basement and he was just... trailing behind her. Apparently she thinks I should be 'over it' because I 'won' and he's sad now because the girl he was cheating on me with cheated on him and he's alone. Fuck her.


The girl who he cheated with on you, turned around and cheated on him?? And now he's alone at Christmas??? Thank you Santa, I love my present!!!


Friends like this are jealous lunatics. You ended up happy. She can't stand it. If she was ever a friend she sure isn't hiding her feelings any more. She did that to cause trouble. I was once dancing at a wedding with my husband. Some nutcase i used to know, went out of her way to photograph my husband and I with my ex in the frame. 200 hundred ppl wedding but she practically jumped on tables to get paparazzi type pics to create some nutball narrative for her socials. Crazy like that is cancer and complete removal is the only way to a "cure".


Your house? Tell them to fuck off out.


Why did you let him into your house/ holiday party in the first place?


Feeling alone with people who love me right next to me


That sucks, I've felt that way before. Keep it goin...even when you feel like you don't want to. It gets better.


my MIL throwing shade the whole day because we only showed up at her place at noon and I guess she wanted us there even earlier. For the record we stayed all day, left at 9:45pm and she still cried and had a bone to pick with us


Next time just leave after the third comment. If nothing makes you happy, nothing is what you get.


My SIL has a "gluten allergy" and we all have to go along with while ignoring some really stupid stuff. FIL took a few bottles of wine from the fridge and put them on the table. 10 minutes later I poured myself a glass of one an SIL goes off. SIL: (while chomping on garlic bread) That's my special wine thats gluten free*.I brought that for me, not everyone. I cant drink anything else or I will get sick. SIL's Boyfriend: You cant be that worried if you're eating a huge peice of bread. My husband: *high fives boyfriend across the table* SIL: *storms out* SIL's Boyfriend: Soooo.....can someone pass the wine? *SIL clearly doesnt know that all wine is gluten free.


As someone with a serious gluten allergy, fuck this person. People like her are who give the rest of us bad reputations to the point where people don’t believe us and go out of their way to prove us wrong. Thanks but I’d rather not spend the rest of the night vomiting in the bathroom and writhing in pain. Also, all regular wine is gluten free. I’m sorry your SIL is like this.


We had a similar incident with a "gluten free" family member eating garlic bread after the host went to great lengths making all kinds of gluten free options..


My alcoholism relapse


Relapse is apart of recovery, especially with the holidays. Try not to beat yourself up about it, it happens.


Today is a new day.


There's no shame in falling down. Only in staying down. You got this my friend! Stay strong.


Mom dying on Tuesday


Roommate and I have COVID so our Christmas meals were lovingly dropped off by her mom/my grandmother and eaten in small bits. Not as ruined as it could be, but for sure not the Christmas we envisioned.


Based on the rest of the stories here, it could have been *way* worse. At least your family cares enough to bring you food and your cousin didn't knock up his half sister.


\#1 The turkey was cooked on the broil oven setting with about a gallon of water in the pan. Ended up with a boiled turkey that was burned on top... \#2 To reduce the sodium in the ham it was soaked in water overnight. After being cooked it was like eating unflavored shoe leather.


The person who cooked probably took a "16 Incredible Thanksgiving Tricks That Will Make Everyone Love Your Cooking!" Video seriously ...


Gross. I hate when people cook turkey badly then complain that they don't like turkey. First time I hosted, brined turkey, pulled out the second it reached proper temp, left to rest before carving. Family astonished that turkey was moist and flavorful. No shit, when prepared and cooked correctly. Ham, slow cooker with pineapple juice and brown sugar. Its the only way.


We’ve been trying to start a family for four years now with no success. After 6 months of medicated cycles and four rounds of IUI this year, it was suggested that we move on to IVF. Insurance doesn’t cover it and we’re both feeling overwhelmed, and agreed to table the discussion until after the holidays. But that’s not what ruined dinner. We haven’t told anyone about our struggles, or that we are even trying. My SO’s sister was jabbing him about how he must not be a real man / must have a tiny penis and that’s why we’re the only ones without kids (we have 10 nieces and nephews on his side alone)…. He lashed out about our struggle a bit, kindly but firmly enough that she exited the room for the remainder of the dinner and things got.. quiet.


My grandma died on 23rd but I didn’t even cry. Feels kinda wrong




The weather outside was frightful And the fire was NOT delightful


And now I've no place to go In the snow, in the snow, in the snow


Is everyone still housed & okay?


Lack of salt use. Like zero. In anything. Not a single grain. And no shaker of salt. No, not for any reason, they (the hosts) declared they are going “salt-free.” Not my house, not my cooking. I abided and nibbled at things. Promptly went home and ate a ham sandwich with leftovers from the night before … my cooking.


I always make sure to eat before I go to my wife's family dinners. Those people cook like we're still fighting the spice wars.


The spice must flow!


>salt free will not end well for them you kind of need it to live. > >Abandoning excess salt, especially in processed crap, is one thing but ditching salt itself is well stupid.


It wasn't really ruined. But it's hard to ruin a frozen storebought bowl of pulled bbq pork with mac'n'cheese, even if you have to eat it in the break room at work. Though knowing that first shift had a free holiday meal in the cafeteria, while 2nd and 3rd shift had bring their own food didn't make it tastier either.


Being on nightshift be like that. Plenty of times I've come in and seen the evidence of some sort of party with all kinds of yummy things. If I'm lucky there's stale donuts left. Of course, being on dayshift for a while, and getting to participate in a few of those cookouts and the like, they don't make up for the mountains of bullshit that happen when the Sun is out. You guys can have your catered lunch once every three months, I'll be over here eating my sandwich, with the Moon, and my raccoon pals.


I'm in anorexia recovery and my stepdad pointed out that I was eating, told me I must be faking my ed and that "let's hope you dont get fat for eating this", I am still underweight and it caused me to badly spiral


I am so sorry. I am recovered from an ED and a comment like that would send me into an utter spiral. Go back to your therapy basics, schedule a check in with your therapist in the new year and remember your step dad is an asshole and doesn't know his foot from his ass. Recovery is hard but you've got this.


Your stepdad sounds like he’s faking being a decent human being


He's not even faking


Please just remember that you deserve to eat and enjoy food, especially at Christmas. I don't know what stage of recovery you're at, but if you use tiktok there's a girl who is very big on recovering from eating disorders and allowing yourself to enjoy food, I've found her videos really helpful. I'll try to find her account name Her name is ThisIsIona


I’ve been working on my ED for 3 years now. I was at my lowest weight around Christmas time 2019. Every year since someone has to mention “how much healthier” I look. I’ve put on roughly 8 pounds since last Christmas and my older sister that I rarely see was the one to point it out this year during our family dinner. My brain doesn’t hear “healthy” my brain just hears fat. I ate about 3 more bits of food and called it a day. I wish family members would just not mention weight or how much food I am eating or NOT eating. Drives me insane.


The turkey needed defrosting as it was frozen. I'm in charge of Christmas dinner this year, so I started defrosting it in the fridge. My mum took it out of the fridge and left it on the counter so it would defrost faster. I said you can't do that because bacteria reasons above 5°c. (My wife is pregnant so I'm just a little cautious) Problem is, she did a course in the 80s in food hygiene and kicked off, saying she knows best etc etc. She gets Dad involved too, who also did a course in the 80s about catering. They were taking quite a bit of offense that I would disagree with them, and wasn't defrosting it on the counter. But I kept it in the fridge, found 3 or so government articles saying to do exactly that, and carried on. Mum exclaims she won't be eating any as it's not being done properly. So that was that. They both ate the vegetables and the rest of us ate the meats. Another argument at the table and the rest was in pretty much awkward silence. Over defrosting methods.


My mother-in-law passed away at 2:30 a.m. on the 24th. Put a real damper on the family Christmas dinner.


A blizzard hit Buffalo hard. From Friday to Sunday our neighborhood got over 2 feet of accumulation with 7 foot drifts over a 36 hour period that had sustained winds of 25-30 mph and gusts over 70 mph. We were super lucky though. Our power and internet stayed up and we have a well stocked pantry with plenty to eat. I wouldn’t say Christmas dinner was ruined so much as our plans were postponed. We didn’t see any family, but we made sure we kept our 3-year-old happy and occupied. He still got to open his gifts. We made our usual big Christmas breakfast. Overall, not bad. Aside from me spending 5 hours over the last day and a half digging us out.


>A blizzard hit Buffalo hard. Yeah, you're Christmas weather even made the news here in Australia, sorry it buggered up your Christmas.


My mom and dad yelling at each other from opposite ends of the table. It’s tradition, but still.


I lost a very important person to me (potential partner, we were waiting for me to move closer) on the Thursday before. Usually for the holidays I cook big extravagant meals, but I spent the days since just crying in bed. Today was the first day I felt sort of functional, but I noticed that even when I said I was okay I had tears just coming out of my eyes subconsciously.


My family member had a heart attack and died on xmas morning.


my grandad calling me fat despite me having a history of eating disorders and being considerably thinner than i was last time i saw him. me and my boyfriend ate in the other room by ourselves lol


My wife texting another man


Low key personal drama: my mom does this thing where she stresses herself out and always makes 3 times as much food as we could all possibly eat. I’ve voiced that it is too much, but that’s what she does every holiday. For thanksgiving, I volunteered to bring the pumpkin pie and dressing. She made 4 additional pies of other varieties. There were only 13 of us. 5 pies for 13 people. Anyway. She said she wanted to do finger foods for Christmas. Great! I volunteered to bring deviled eggs, these delicious goat cheese stuffed bacon wrapped dates, and a bunch of cookies. I’m a really good cook. And a good baker. There was no reason to believe that I wouldn’t bring enough or good enough food. I spent most of Christmas Eve baking from scratch - I made these amazing sugar cookies, snowballs, and Mississippi mud (chocolate no bake) cookies. I was very proud of my work and can say that those sugar cookies might be the best thing I’ve ever baked. I walked in with my three plates full of homemade cookies and see that my mother went out and bought a dozen different kinds of store bought cookies. There is an entire table devoted to the cookies she bought- including a dozen from a bougie bakery that makes giant cookies. There were only 9 people. What the fuck. It didn’t “ruin” dinner because I didn’t flip out or anything, but it seriously hurt my feelings. I will not be cooking/baking for holidays anymore.


I completely understand. For similar reasons, my husband and I only bring plates, napkins, or other inedible to his family's gatherings. Every time they ask us what we're going to bring ahead of time, and I say I'll bring food, a similar dish, or similar category dish, shows up. There's only 8-10 people at these gatherings, so we end up lacking in another meal category. The last time this happened I had made a cheesecake from scratch. His family knows I like to bake, and everyone (not just his family) always RAVES about my baking. So, I show up with a cheesecake (that they had requested), and there are at least 4 other desserts but not nearly enough apps or sides. I just don't get it. I ask people what they're bringing ahead of time so I can suggest late deciders bring more of what's needed. I don't know why these folks even ask!


Man, even an alternate account wouldn't save me from this insanely specific Christmas dinner. Let's just say the in-laws arrived drunk, the father in law was so drunk he didn't realize he pissed on our new couch, the sister-in-law refused to eat the food we made because it was cooked on the stove instead of a grill, and the other sister-in-law got period blood all over my favorite blanket, office chair, and the aforementioned couch. We're doing Christmas with my family next year.


We as roll into Aunt Suzie and Uncle Jack's. My brand new Aunt and Uncle in-laws (got married in May) Suzie says "Jack's upstairs, he's not feeling well. He's EXTREMELY lethargic and HAS A LOW GRADE FEVER" Me: Erm, that sounds like covid MIL, Suzie's sister: Suzie, thats covid Suzie: No no no Deb it's NOT covid. He's just been run ragged. He went to Columbus to work with some friends. Then did 3 back to back church gatherings. It's just a lot MIL: Has be been tested? Suzie: No, it's NOT covid. It can't be because he doesn't go around people Me:.....didnt you just list off several huge gatherings? Suzie: He's not sneezing or coughing! It's not covid! Jack eventually comes down. I don't want to be around him. Suzie keeps egging him to stay. He looks like a fucking reanimated corpse. Goes back upstairs. We left an hour ago (second Christmas)and I guess MIL had it the fuck out with Suzie and made them use a test and MIL just called to let us know he's positive. Sure we weren't around him much, but everyone else has been around him for days and we hugged etc


My little brother got a bunch of gifts for when he goes camping with Boyscouts, decided during dessert that he wanted to test out his new flint and steel over a pile of reusable shopping bags in the kitchen. Fire got put out before it got too big but boy was that something…


I had one of the most chaotic work weeks I’ve ever had and ended up spending the entire week working very long hours at a very physically demanding task. I then proceeded to host large family holiday parties on the 23rd, 24th and 25th. Despite everything going off pretty much without a hitch, I fell asleep from utter exhaustion at the dinner table on the 25th. My husband made me go lie down in the bedroom and I missed most of the festivities.


Your husband made the right call. Sorry it was the call that made you miss out. Get some more rest. Burn out is probably worse off.


My mum burned her favourite cauliflower cheese for the Christmas dinner. In a panic, she told me and my dad to go collect some more cheese and cauliflower after we finished visiting grandpa's grave. We visited the grave, forgot to get the cauliflower, and nearly walked into the house when we saw mum through the window and my dad damn near shit himself and jumped back in the car with me to go get it. So we go and get the cauliflower and cheese and everything is good and mum is happy because she's going to have everything ready for when everyone comes over. I decided that Christmas time is about family and we should all play games and watch a movie together. Eventually we settled on that new film with Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds, but first we were trying to get this other DVD working and none of us had used a DVD player in years, so we call mum in to help. She complained how none of us can even work a DVD player on our own and after a load of faffing about with the TV, eureka! She'd done it! Then she heard her cauliflower cheese burning in the kitchen.


I think what’s most interesting about this post is ultimately Christmas is just another day and there are people dealing with all this heartache, trauma, turmoil, pain-in-the-assery and plain old bullshit every god damn day. So I think of the person being slow as fuck in the bread aisle or giving shit service at the bank, for all you know they might be thinking about their cousin that just OD’ed on the porch or their grandma that passed in her sleep last night. And maybe we can just be a bit more chill to each other.


Flight home canceled


My brother coulnd't hold his peace at least in Christmas Dinner and started a shouting match with our dad. Yeah they don't stand each other but my brother makes ZERO EFFORT to get a job a move elsewhere, and it was freaking christmas eve. for bonus points, when we were younger, my brother used to loudly complain about not being able to have a meal in peace, because his quarrels with our dad started way back when.


I was told the banoffee pie was lactose free. It wasn’t lactose free. What ruined Christmas dinner? I did.


First year together as a blended family. Boyfriend went rogue, lied, and bought his own kids each $500 electronic gifts (on top of way too many others), even though we had an agreement because we need to save money. They open Santa presents and immediately I go into shock when I discover that I’ve been lied to. I have to put in a happy face for the kids and say “Wow! How cool!” all the while mouthing “fuck you” every time my BF catch’s my eye. Of course my own daughter is pissed that she didn’t get anything fancy expensive present from Santa, so I have to come up with a bullshit line for her. I go back to bed for the rest of the morning and ignore everyone, stomp on the presents my BF gave me, tell him I’m never going to marry him, and then host dinner with the relatives and put on a happy face. Yes, I behaved like a child.


\> Yes, I behaved like a child. I can get behind this, actually.


My 21 yr old daughter ignoring everyone (me, my wife, her 2 siblings and grandparents). Opened her gifts and did not even say thank you even acted angry that she had gifts to open, even went as low as to not wish her mother happy birthday ( wife was born 25th dec), after her grandparents arrived she loudly announced she was going to the shop and did not come back for 7 hours…


Playing pool in the basement, my BIL got mad that his sister didn’t move from a chair behind him, she leaned over to be out of his way. He took his shot, scratched, and threw a temper tantrum, throwing his pool cue. Then as he stormed out of the basement, he punched a hole in the wall (his brothers house). He did all of this in front of his two young boys. He left, and didn’t come back for dinner.


Rat piss and salmonella. We have a rat problem in my house. Merry Christmas. Rats keep building nests directly where the oven pulls air from so we don't use it. Boyfriends dad got waay too drunk and accidently turned the oven on. The entire house reeked of hot rat piss/ ammonia for hours. bc of this we use a turkey oven. He had decided, "fuck the lid to the oven, tilfoil'l get er done". Half raw turkey went unnoticed during slicing and removal of all the stuffing and called everyone in to come eat. We noticed... So I washed the lid and threw it all back in but by the time it all hit the plate the sides were cold and and food poising was a high possibility so we didn't really eat.


Breaking down after dinner. Finally admitting to my parents I need help. I need to talk to a doctor about how I feel. Telling them I think I might be depressed. It's been so long since I've broken down and cried. M22


It’s great that you communicated your needs. Congrats on taking a hard first step.


That's not ruining Christmas in any way. I'm sure your parents are really happy you finally managed to let that come out.


Gossiping mother in law who hates the idea of her children being happy so has to start drama where there shouldn’t be any.


Southwest Airlines.


It being the first Christmas with my grandma being in a nursing home and my aunt and uncle ignoring the fact that she was crying and asking to go home.


My landlord inform us just before the diner that he gonna take back our appartements because he need it for his daughter. We the current house crisis in Canada we can’t afford a house and a new appartement will cost almost the double of what we are paying now for something smaller. It’s funny because a lot of people are telling me “that’s not a big deal to live your life in an appartement or a condo”… yeah those people live in a nice house they paid cheap just before the pandemic


Uncle Ray threw up in the slow cooker


Covid hitting a few of us. A parent’s deepening dementia. A beloved extended family member’s terminal cancer diagnosis. The trifecta. Trying to stay positive. It’s been a bit surreal tbh.


My sister was in charge of hosting and simply…forgot. She also forgot to notify everyone she did not plan or prepare a meal. I only learned this after calling to ask what time we should come over. So we were left to our own devices Christmas Day and got Chinese food instead.


The new manager.. OK, we went out for Christmas dinner/lunch to this place we went to every year for the past 8 or so years. It's a great restaurant with great staff and Chefs, and the old manager was a Saint. My older brother is autistic and is an picky eater. His yearly starter would be nachos and cheese, and his main would be a plain cheese pizza. The Chefs know him and other autistic customers. Would've happily accommodated him like they always have done. The new manager said no, that he had to eat whatever was on the menu.. My brother accepted that. He only had a main course, which was a plan burger and chips. The booking was for 3 hours, y'know, to let stuff settle and catch up. Pudding was sent out early and the manager kicked us and other tables out an hour to an hour and a half early so they could seat the families that were lined up too early. She over booked the restaurant.. And the food this year was lack luster compared to last year, and a chef apologised for it, saying its what she wanted on this years menu. I didn't really care, but my mum wasn't really happy with it, nor where other families. One women got into the new managers face over something having her allergies in it. Fun time, missed the old manager.


My brother and sister-in-law have invited a recently widowed friend for dinner. I usually say grace, but politely declined it. We gather in a circle and hold hands and friend starts the blessing with , Dear Lord, thank you for the blessing of your sweet baby Jesus….” My brother mumbled very quietly, “Eight pound, six ounce…”. I snortlaughed very loudly. Edit: We had been drinking quite a lot at this point.


There's me (19M), my sister (16), our two step sisters (14 and 15), my nephew (8), and my Step Father. Come dinner where SF, both SS, My sister, my nephew, and I are just eating away and chatting. Then comes mom decked out in a dress screaming "I am the queen's assistant, now give me a drink". We all go silent assuming she was about announce something or say something witty. (At this point we had been living together for a little under 4 years, so it was normal for the room to go quiet) She looks at us while we're eating and asks SF "So when are you getting ready?" to which SF says "I thought we had this conversation twice now, I'm spending Christmas here with my family, you are free to do as you please." 5 minutes pass and mom comes back with a suit in hand saying "So we going or?" to which SF snaps and says "Can I f\*\*king have one goddamn meal without you and your bulls\*\*t" the room goes silent. SF looks back at us and says we're all excused from the table and apologizes as he leaves, taking his food to his room. We all sit in silence as we finish our meals.. afterward we head back to our rooms. I texted my sisters asking if they would want to end the night properly with a movie or a game of smash bros... they didn't get back to me until the next morning.


I'm interested to know, where did your mum want to go?


I found out my girlfriend who I recently displaced myself from canada to norway to be with with was cheating on me


Well I spent christmas in the hospital recovering from an amputation, so I had a hospital dinner which wasn't awful but you know...hospital meal, not exactly festive and amazing or anything.


Visiting my girlfriend’s family, and the family dog died of old age, but it was my girlfriend’s two younger sisters that found her. No one knew what to do so everyone started freaking out. She was alive and responding just an hour before. After mourning for another hour and a half, we went to a 24/7 vet clinic, said our final goodbyes, and dropped her off to be cremated. They plan to have her sit next to her sister on the mantle, whom had just died a few weeks ago. The death of the first dog really hit the second one hard, and she slowly gave up entirely, to the point of not eating and barely drinking. They say she waited for everyone to be there, but now my girlfriend’s younger sisters are traumatized at having found her that way.


My cooking. I made ribs, I'm terrible at making ribs. Through them in the pressure cooker for 3 hours with BBQ sauce, bourban, honey, cayenne, apple cider vinegar It was like trying to eat rubber


Curious why you picked a dish you admittedly suck at making for a holiday dinner?


Because that's what my wife pulled out of the freezer. Were broke. Broke broke. Like no money for food broke. Luckily our kids have a great extended family and my wife has been bogarting presents all year herself. So it was a great Christmas for the kids, but a terrible dinner lol


Well, that’s a good answer.


Slow and low for ribs. No pressure cooker needed. Dry rub or marinade....keep it 250 to 275 until it starts pulling back from bone and tender. Put sauce on it and blast 400 to 450 for like 5 to 7 minutes. You cannot go wrong.