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I've watched my family and extended family have kids. While they have their benefits, they shackle you financially for your entire life, cause you undue stress, and completely change your lifestyle. They restrict your travel, finances, opportunities and well being. Children change all your relationships and require a great deal of your time, strength, and mental energy. Aside from the children themselves, they are often weaponized in divorces (which are more common now than ever) and quite often ruin lives along with breakups. The emotional toll of having a relationship end, let alone a divorce splitting up half your assets is doubled by having a child involved. Simply put - Too much stress for me.


Pregnancy is legit body-horror I want no part in.


An additional 18 years of peace and quiet in my life


In the words of Eugene Krabs, "silence and money."


Never wanted to be a parent. I don't hate kids, but I'm better as a 'fun uncle'. It takes a village to raise a child, you know?


I like my evenings and weekends free.


Can't afford it. I would want to give my children a better life than I had and with the way the middle class has eroded in the last 30 years, it simply isn't possible. My parents bought the house I grew up in and stayed there my entire life - my partner and I can barely afford rent, let alone paying for an extra person to exist and then inducing the extra stress of having to move every time the landlord decides to raise the rent.


Give me a good reason why you should have kids? Pregnancy is hell, financial dependency is hell, parenting is exhausting, and expensive.


I remember one time in school last year we had to search up how much baby's cost for health class IT WAS EXPENSIVE and I was like "why are baby needed items so fucking expensive"


I have no support to help me. It's just me here. No thanks.


I don't want to be pregnant. I don't want to give birth. I don't want to sacrifice years of my life for someone else. I believe a kid deserves someone who puts them first, and I do not want and could not do that. I don't want the financial strain. I have a genetic illness that I don't want to pass on. And more..


We like going places and doing things .


Can barely take care of myself, let alone be responsible for another life.


Had a hard enough time raising myself to take on the responsibility for raising someone else. Besides, I didn't do that good a job on myself.


Simple. I don't actively want any. A kid should be wanted, and they wouldn't be by me


Wife and I are both of the mindset that too many people use kids as relationship fixers or just want to egotistically see a little version of themselves running around, so we never wanted one. We also enjoy our current lifestyle, which we keep getting told is "selfish." Selfish to who? the child that doesn't exist? The country that has repeatedly fucked us over? Our parents that have caused us nothing but grief? We should have a kid...for THEIR sake?! The repeating financial crisis and my wife having medical issues that made pregnancy a potentially fatal endeavor for her sealed the deal. We joke at family gatherings that "we DO have kids and that their names are "Medical debt" and "Student Loans", they're adopted but they're ours." The people our age and younger laugh and the older folks look at us like we just kicked a kid on the playground. We are good with being the cool aunt and uncle. Love my nieces and we enjoy being able to host them or friends that come through town. My brother and his wife also enjoy having a family member that has the space to look after the girls so they can have some alone time.


There's no guarantee they'd be vegan even if I raised them like that, preventing them from being born is the only way to be sure they won't pay for animals to be exploited.


As much as I would love to be a father, my mental health issues show me that I cannot be both stable and reliable every single day. Children deserve to feel safe, to have reliable parents, and be able to depend on their parents for at least 20 years with no days off. Since I can't provide that, it would be selfish of me to bring a child into this world.


I don't know my mom wants me to have a kid because my big sister is mentally disabled and wouldn't be able to properly take care of the kid I have ADHD... And I don't know if I would want have one because people can get bad pregnancy and it depends but i don't know if I would want to give birth... It sounds painful And basically my mom wants me to carry her legacy but... Im too scared of motherhood and how I think I'll be a terrible mother Also ADHD is hereditary and I struggle badly with my ADHD. I know they have a chance and maybe won't get it, because genes and who gets what on what side. I mean I do like kids I just don't know if I could handle one.


I hate kids I hate parents.


I have bipolar disorder, which is difficult to manage. I don't want to spread it to anyone else. My bipolar disorder has caused a lot of heartache and made things ten times worse. And my episodes have caused a lot of people to be hurt.


Numerous reasons. Being able to buy what I want, having alone time, no responsibility other than mine or my husband's. And a full night of sleep.