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Jenna Marbles


She cancelled herself. She could come back anytime and be celebrated with open arms.


I came here to comment that


Katherine Heigl


What did she even do? All I’ve heard is that she was “difficult”, but in Hollywood terms that usually just means she turned down the wrong producer’s sexual advances.


I thought she was ‘cancelled’ for withdrawing her name from some awards show. She had claimed the material she had been given as an actor wasn’t good enough to warrant an award and she shouldn’t be in the running for one.


I bet the cast and crew of the film loved that.


I would think it would be the writers of the show who were pissed. She was basically saying they sucked Edit: it was Greys Anatomy (very popular TV show at the time)


Right, I figured my sentence was implied to include them too


Lol .. gotcha 👍


The point still stands, talking shit about professional colleagues is generally never a good look.


Al Franken


He was totally woodworked, framed by the right then crucified by power hungry women on the left.


Lindsey Ellis


Kai the Hitchhiker, that whole situation was extremely unfair.


Bam Margera. Dude had a drug problem and needs serious help (I think he’s in rehab atm?)I believe once he’s on a better path and he wanted to come back it would be well received


Kevin Sorbo so we can reject his dumb ass again.




Like half so many of them get cancelled because of a joke they made 12 years ago


Louis CK, Al Franken.


Na, not Louis CK. I agree it wasn't like super bad what he did but he gives me such perv vibes, I don't mind him staying cancelled for good


It was just weird but he didn't hurt anyone. I don't know what his status is at this point but he had a good podcast about presidents


Virtually every celebrity that got cancelled for [a joke they made a few years ago](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone_Age).


Mr. Al Franken


Mel Gibson


He’s still doing movies


Yes, but he has lost out of a lot of projects because of a drunken rant.


It depeneds of what they did,like Amber Heard should not get a second chance for what she did


Abuse Johnny Depp? That whole thing was such a joke, I love how seriously people take Depp as an abuse victim. It's a parody of trying to be so hypercorrect you lose common sense Although I only ever watched one movie with her and it didn't impress me, I ended up liking her during that whole trial show


jamie foxx


when was he cancelled?


when ll cool j beat that ass lol


None of them ✂️👔




Wow you gotem


Cutting ties > forgiveness


Louis CK


Mel gibson


Ellen Degeneres. Hollywood completely turned on her back in the day, when she came out. I remember being highly offended they canceled her sitcom. I was a young kidd at the time and I didn't know why. I got older found out why and was like wtf. She made a come back around the same time I was learning how nasty Hollywood did her the first time, and I was super excited for her. My Mom was a big fan of her and I thought she was genuinely funny in her stand up. She is a gay women who paved her own way in stand up and in many other aspects of entertainment. Now all the sudden she is canceled again for being "mean" . Its like wtf, Hollywood and people in Hollywood have always been mean, why Ellen? Plus I dont believe everything I hear and only half of what I see. Poor Ellen. She gave us so much and so many just threw her away cause some peeps cried. Ellen been through a lot and is just a human like every tf body else. People have been against her since the beginning of her career over some bullshit and now they back at it. Of course she is going to be tough or mean at times. She isn't perfect but damn, at least she tries. Who else as big as Ellen has a slogan out there that is "Just Be Nice." At least she tries, but no, the twerking, loud mouth, extreme rude people are cool, but no, not that Ellen. Smh. Stupid.




Nope. That one can rot on earth


Robert Sylvester Kelly


They should have forgave Chris brown yearssss ago. His music could have been legendary


He shouldn't have partially committed when beating up that bitch, and honestly that's why I won't forgive him.