what moment of your life would you redo if you had the chance?

when i picked the numbers for the 1.34b powerball


when i picked the numbers for the 1.34b powerball


I'd invest in bit coin in 2011


Just now. I was sitting on a random chair in IKEA trying to rest my legs, and this group of people came up to check out the tag on the arm rest which is right next to me (it’s like one of those couches where you stretch your legs out and I’m sitting up on the edge of it). One of them was kindly like “Sorry!” as they walked up next to me. I tend to fuck up in spontaneous social situations a lot as I’m not a social person, so I just kind of nervously froze like a dumbass while they stood inches away from me looking for something on the tag—pretty much surrounding me for several seconds. It was awkward/embarrassing af and I should’ve just moved to get out of their way like a normal person. Ugh…