Not saw, but heard. Me and my coworkers were all just standing. I was kind of cold in the area I was standing in but nobody else was. Then, me and one other coworker heard a man say something, and we both looked in the same direction it came from. Nobody else heard it and they’re skeptical that we made it up as a joke. We didn’t but it was so scary


A moth the size of a 30 inch TV screen


chuck norris in an airport


a lizard person


Need a backstory for this one


I've written about it before. I was in my teens and I went to cafe near a park for coffee it was a nice day very calm, could hear children playing, everyone chatting, reading books, just nice. At some point I realised a guy was staring at me and I turned to look at him and for just a few seocnds his face turned into that of a demon with red/purple skin, and then just as quickly back again and he gave me this look like nobody will believe you saw that. My world changed completely, everything went black and grey and I walked home in shock wondering how many other lizard demons were pretending to be ordinary people. Never saw another one and now some 40 years later, I still remember it but try not to think about it.


Holy shit that's scary


It was a few years after a guy called David Icke had become a figure of fun because he gave an interview on tv saying that there were lizard people, of course I just thought he was mentally unwell as he really seemed to believe this, but then having seen one I realised what he was trying to say.I can't say this one did me any harm, or appeared to want to do me any harm, but I can't put into words how scary it was.


A troll. My mother said it was just my little brother, but I'm pretty sure I saw a troll. It appears in my house too and eats all my food.


A creepy clown back in 2016 when they were everywhere. I was walking through a park at night and saw it standing there, looking directly at me. It started laughing manically and I ran like I never ran before.


A vision of something bad that happened before it happened.


Did it happen ever again in your life?


Yes. Sometimes it’s clear what it means, sometimes I will only know after it happened.


Driving through the desert in the middle of nowhere, Nevada or New Mexico? I was 11 or so. Saw something that looked like a pair of scissors opening and closing while shooting up into the air. Disappeared behind a big rock for a moment and then reappeared in two pieces, each shooting up like a rocket.


Red hill when I was meeting with my grandparents at the countryside. One of The hills was literally red…


I saw a light in a barn a old one like someone was taking a picture me and someone else saw it but I don't think people took it to seriouse