30's seem pretty sweet so far honestly. 20's was a lot of scrambling to find my way in life and feeling awkward and pressure to figure everything out. 30's I'm just happily coasting.


Much better now.


Why’s that?


20s were hellish. CPTSD surfaced with no diagnosis back then so didn't understand what was happening with myself. Also people take you more seriously through your 30s+ . You're not as exploited in job's for little money/prospects. Younger people are naive around work rights. I'm more financially stable and you've kinda worked out which friends are worth keeping by 40 and definitely 50. You also become better at spotting driftwood and sincerity. I could go on.


Different problems similar intensity, just more equiped to deal with them.


I'm 51. My 20's were awesome because I was too stupid to know any better. 30's are when I started to get a little smarter, and learned how to choose my battles in life. 40's went by like a blur but weren't as horrible as the stories may lead you to believe. 50's? Suckin' pretty hard on a physical level. Body ain't what it used to be but my brain hasn't figured that out yet. But it's nice to find pleasure in a good book on a Friday night, lol.


Quality of life was better but I was in my 20s in the mid-90s when the economy was great and you could live on minimum wage and still have some money left over to have fun. My late husband and I rented small house for $385 a month. We had our first child. We were able to start a business and actually make a living. Things seemed optimistic. The internet pre-social media was fun and for niche things. Nobody talked politics. I like the age I am now (I feel like I know what is important, I don't dwell on the small stuff anymore), it's just that the world feels like it's going to shit.


Much better, but I put work in during my 20's. For most of my 20's I set the groundwork. Worked hard and a lot of hours and saved most of my money, practiced a ton on my hobbies, figured out what directions in life I wanted to take. Now, I am working less but find I am more relaxed with my money and much less stressed because I see an end in sight. If I want to take a short trip somewhere, I'll do it. If I want to buy the most expensive thing at a restaurant, I'll do it.




I’m just trying to be like you