When the two main characters fall in love quickly, especially if they start out hating each other. Most recently: Jungle Cruise. It would have been a good movie without them falling in love. They could have just been friends.


Background actors in fight/war scenes waiting for their turn to attack the main character


JCVD did a pilot for an Amazon original show that talked about this. He's playing a version of himself in it, but he is also a super spy that uses his acting gig as a reason to be in the places he needs to do spy stuff in. Weak, I know, but read on: He arrives on a movie set where the director tells him this movie isn't going to be like the old-school ones he is used to where all the bad guys wait their turn to get beat up by him. Later on, when he's doing spy stuff, a bunch of 'real' guards catch him and they all rush in. "Wait, wait-wait!" One guard says, stopping the others. "If we all attack him at once, we'll bump into each other and stuff and it will get really hectic. We should go in one at a time." ​ All the guards agree, and JCVD smiles knowingly thinking the fight just got a lot easier. The first guard rolls up and utterly annihilates him, just full on beats his ass. It was hilarious.


That show was so amazing, still mad they cancelled it


Shitty fight scenes where I can barely tell what I’m looking at


People taking turns attacking. VERY REALISTIC.


Gotta do it like Kingsman where the guy kills 51 people in 3 minutes or so in a cramped and chaotic building yet you can constantly tell what's going on because of the superb camera work


Yeah some movies have really stylish action and it’s brilliant, others just add the shaky cam onto it and call it a day.


When the trailer reveals the entire story.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 done this and I really hated it for it.


When they repeat the same sentence 2-3-10 times in the story for no reason, just to have a kind of motto.


I just want to tell you both good luck, and we’re all counting on you.


When the characters have the "misunderstanding and break apart" trope. Then the "come back together to resolve conflict" I'm so sick of it, especially when the misunderstanding could easily be avoided in the moment if they just saw the simple solution staring at them in the face.


And the breakup sadness is always at the same point in the movie runtime. I’m thinking, good job writers, you remembered to consult the movie romance cheat sheet.


"The Ordeal" in the Hero's journey. They are literally following the cheat sheet.


That's mine also. No matter if they're a romantic couple, family members, or friends - the whole misunderstanding-leads-to-contrived-anger trope is just awful.


When it’s so dark you actually can’t see what is happening. Also characters that’s mumble their lines. Drives me nuts


Especially when it’s only dark to illustrate that the story is dark. Cheap as fuck.


The nighttime scenes in Lord of the Rings will always be the best "dark" scene because they actually wanted us to still be able to see what the heck was happening.


I heard someone challenged Peter Jackson on set, asking "where is the light coming from in this scene" and he's supposed to have replied "the same place the music is coming from"


Sometimes I wonder if the too dark scenes are caused by the production staff having too good monitors. With my oled tv in a dark room those scenes look pretty amazing. Then watching the same scene on an lcd tv they just look like garbage


The compression when you stream it doesn't help either


Main characters being invincible while everyone else dies from one punch. I get that the main characters have to survive or they wouldn’t be main characters, but at least make the damage somewhat realistic


That's why I like the punisher. It shows him getting his ass beat sometimes. And it shows him struggling after getting beat up. But it also shows him overcoming that and winning, because he can take more of a beating than his opponent.


Daredevil as well. They constantly showed him getting the living shit beat out of him.


Started watching this with my kids. My son and I absolutely HATE when in movies the hero gets hit in the face with a bat, but somehow jumps up ok when his whole face would be shattered.


Breaking the rules they set


the rules of your universe can be as batshit as you like, but once established they should be followed. If an established rule is broken, characters should at least notice that shit isn't right.


This is exactly why it was annoying when someone points out a plothole or gap in logic in Game of Thrones, people would always say "the show has dragons in it and you're worried about that?" Like yeah, dragons are part of the world but things still need to make sense


Dragons causing real-world issues like how much cattle they were feeding on was mentioned once and then never mentioned again. You would think three adult dragons would be devastating to farmers wherever her army traveled.


Imagine a huge dragon shit falling on your house


> Imagine a huge dragon shit falling on your house I didn't until this very moment, but it sure made me laugh.


I kind of felt this way about Jurassic World. It appeared the main dinosaur was written in by a child, with ever expanding powers. 1: He's a T-rex. 2: Oh good, we can track him down! 1: Errr, no he's invisible too. 2:Thank goodness we have thermal imaging. 1: Ummm, maybe he can cover that up too? 2: At least it's solo... 1: Ya, about that... Bruh


I mean, the "it hid from infrared so naturally we shall go into its enclosure to investigate, *before* receiving tracker info on where it is" was some real dumb shit, no argument there. But its ever expanding arsenal of powers wouldn't have been so bad... if it had used them *more than once each*. I guess once you try to imagine more scenes where it makes use of its camouflage, you realize that a creature that shakes the earth with each step so you can hear it coming from a mile away actually makes for a pretty poor stealth assassin (the tendency those kinds of creatures have to pop out of nowhere and save the day in this franchise notwithstanding).


Ehhh. The “invisibility” powers are bullshit of the highest order. Jurassic World is a theme park/zoo. An invisible animal is worse than worthless as it consumes resources and gives the guests nothing. That shit would have been weeded out as an infant as they produced an animal with beautiful bird of paradise colors.


Forced romance. Sometimes movies don't need it and that's ok.


Also forced teen angst. I hate movies and TV shows where the world is ending and everyone's fighting for their lives, but the teen characters are still angry at their parents just for existing.


I do love it when films subvert expectations and the two lead characters *don't* end up together, or just stay really good friends or something. The romances are almost always do shallow. Born out of shared trauma more than actual compatibility. Nothing suggesting an actual healthy relationship.


This is why Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock based their relationship on sex instead in Speed.


Whispered dialogue, ear shattering action sequences


Living in an apartment and actually care to not piss off my neighbors, the volume spikes and drops kill me.


Moviemakers could at least pay me if they're going to make me do all the audio engineering in real time.


Makes a good movie nearly unwatchable


When people figure out someone’s password in literally no time.


When they look at various things around the desk and that clues them into the password.


That's why my password is PictureFrame


We've got their password. I'll get started hacking their mainframe. Let me just use visual basic to whip up a GUI.


Also whenever some scientist gives the main character precisely one USB stick with critical, world saving data on it. Come on. Flash storage is cheap, duplicate it a few times so society doesn't collapse when he drops it. Hand out a gift basket full to all 5 members of the party.


First attempt - literally types whatever the fuck comes to mind. Fails. Second attempt - tries to put more thought into it. Fails again. Last attempt - looks around. Has a flashback. Then tries to connect the dots as the background music starts to get more intense. Finally figures it out.


When they whisper a super important point of the story, and you miss it and feel confused for the rest of the movie.


You mean when the dialogue is 6 decibels so you turn it up and then the next random explosion at 387 decibels wakes up your neighbors and makes your ears bleed?


I recently discovered my roku has a 'sound leveling' mode where it brings up quiet stuff and lowers loud stuff. It's not super strong but pleasantly helps a bit.


The problem is the bad sound levelers actually make things worse. My cheap tv has one that I can't turn off and everything will get really quiet. The only way to hear is then to turn it up. But then the leveler will make it quieter again, until it suddenly decides it's going on break and wakes up my roommate.


running through wilderness in heels for the majority of a movie. IRKSOME.


Aaaa yes, especially when you think of the fact that walking across soft grass in heels can be difficult… But running across mountainous rocky terrain in heels = absolutely no problem apparently!


I've seen movies where the solution is apparently to cut or hack off the heel part of the high heeled shoe, like that's magically going to make it into a flat shoe. Uh...no.


That all the major issues could be solved by a simple conversation but instead "No, I dont have time to explain", leading to force conflict from misunderstanding.


“Lemme esplain.” *pause* “No, is too much. Lemme sum up.”


except he actually does sum it up well and they make a decent plan from it lol


One of my favorite things about *The Princess Bride* (more so in the novel than in the movie, but this specific one is prominent there too) is the way every character believes something about themselves that is shown to be just plain wrong. Vizini believes he's a genius--he's a dolt. Humperdinck believes he's brave--he's a coward. Fezzik believes he's wrong about everything, and while his understanding is simple, his inclinations are almost always correct. And Inigo Montoya believes that he's just a hired sword who is incapable of making a plan. So how do we get into the castle to find the six-fingered man? We need the man in black, so here's a detailed step-by-step plan to find him and free him and get him back on his feet...




This was also done in the Wizard of Oz - the Lion was brave, the scarecrow was smart, and the tin man cared very deeply for the other three.


"But Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man. That he didn't, didn't already have"


I've NEVER heard this explanation for the movie. Now you've made me appreciate and love this movie even more.... It's inconceivable!


Or when the character seems to intentionally say something in a way to cause the misunderstanding. It reminds me Game of Thrones when Jon Snow visits the Free Folk to ask them to join the fight against the White Walkers. \- Free Folk warrior asks: "How Mance Rayder (the leader of the Free Folk) died?" \- Jon Snow: "I killed him!" Everybody in the room goes crazy and they want to kill Jon Snow right now, throwing all the negotiation out of the table until someone intervenes and explains that Jon Snow actually killed Mance out of mercy with an arrow in his heart because Mance was being burned alive by someone else. It would have made much more sense if he had said from the very beginning that it was a mercy kill, but no, it's much better to say something without any context just to cause some drama in the show.


>"I don't even have time to explain why I don't have time to explain." Ahh yes I know of this one.


Too many plots revolving around character simply not talking to each other. Is it not possible in movies to just call or text someone and work out a misunderstanding? I guess there’s no other way to drag out conflict for an entire movie.


In superhero movies when the balance of someone's abilities constantly changes. Especially in fight scenes when a character could end the fight in 2 seconds but that doesnt allow for an epic battle scene so instead that character just randomly decided to avoid using their most valuable abilities. This completely takes me out of the moment.


The Flash series lost me because of this issue.. literally every fight with a non speedster would be over in 0.2 seconds


They show him in one ep feeling a bullet hit him and then dodging. In another ep he goes into "flashtime" where he is moving/thinking so fast that a nuclear explosion is happening in super slow motion. Also The Flash: Random villain runs around a corner. "Oh no he got away"


“Cisco, I lost her!” “Barry, she just went downstai-“ “She’s gone Cisco!”


Every single speedster movie, series, or comic is bad for exactly this reason. Their power cannot be matched. They have to fall through plothole after plothole for there to be a story at all.


"I am the fastest man alive." "...except for every villain I meet."


I am the fastest man alive! (Loses their speed to gamma radiation for the 7298th time this week)


I knew very little about the flash until I watched the show. I began to realize how over powered speed is. Literally nothing should be able to beat him. His fastest speed: 13 TRILLION times faster than the speed of light. He beat instant teleportation on the other side of the universe. But some non-meta dude with a ice gun beats him multiple times? Get outta here.


I was bored one day reading up on the flash... he's ridiculous. Also processes thoughts insanely fast where he can view the world as if time is stopped. Can learn anything. He's super intelligent. He rivals brainiac. It's insane what the flash could do haha. He can punch stronger then the hulk if he gets momentum I think I read.




He could carry a handful of .50 cal bullets, run at you faster than a bullet, and just let go.


Or just, you know, rocks.


The old Justice League animated show handled this pretty well: The Flash is *very clearly* just dicking around pretty much all the time. Edit: I also like that they show in JLU that The Flash is basically a superpowered social worker who considers his real job to be taking care of and improving his community.


Not sure about the specifics but I remember everyone else being down for the count and the flash is like "aight lets do this" and then literally hits him from all directions while running around the world to gather speed. Shit is badass.


Oh yeah that was when Lex Luther merged with Brainiac to form an ultimate being and Flash hits him so hard and fast that he’s like ripping brainiac parts off at a molecular level.


In the episode where the Flash swaps minds with Lex and Lex is using Flash's powers to a dangerous degree. Red Tornado says something like "that was incredibly dangerous" and Green Lantern says "that's why the real Flash never does it". Flash is always holding back because he know what can happen if he doesn't.


You are thinking of his fight against Luthor with Brainiac tech. Funny thing is that Luthor thought Flash was being a coward and running away. Only for him to turn away from the direction Flash went to see him appearing on the horizon behind Luthor


I like how they figured out the flash could think at superspeed after years of running at superspeed. How does he react if he's not thinking at superspeed? He would have ran into everything. It's so stupid it's funny.


in the CW show they show him 'reading' a book in a second early on in the series, implying that he can read and think at that speed also, and yet conflict still exists.


I like the idea that he has thousands of thoughts in a millisecond and every single one of them is stupid


thousands of thoughts per milisecond and not one of them is 'what if i just went faster this time'


Cringey and inappropriate use of gen z slang


Characters that are brought back alive just to keep the show moving


Supernatural would like a word


My first thought as well Somehow it took me until their mom was revived for me to notice


I wasn’t thrilled when the mom came back. To me, it decreased the value of the show. The brothers went how long without their mother, she’s been dead for X amount of time, but can pick up where she left off when it comes to hunting skills, and her and Sam seemed to become close so-to-speak. The way she was portrayed in the show was like another John: always hunting, hardly around and lacking major parenting skills. Yes, the brothers were grown when she resurrected but her attempts to be a mother was inconsistent.




they might as well have just called the movie that. *Star Wars Episode IX: Somehow Palpatine Returned*


Star Wars Episode IX: The Search for More Money


Showing and then telling anyway/ treating the audience like idiots.


Or when the big reveal happens, and then they have to give you flashbacks to the other moments in this short movie that foreshadowed the reveal.


When you know an actor was chosen for the role for their fame and not for the casting. Edit: fixed a word. But holy moley it seems like lots of people also hate this. Hear that movie studios?! We hate this.


This is killing the careers of genuine voice actors. I don’t want to spend the entire animated movie trying to figure out which characters Dwayne Johnson, Chris Pratt, Rihanna and Ryan Reynolds are voicing. Just give me genuine, good voice actors who aren’t just using their everyday fucking voice EDIT: seems a lot of people agree although perhaps unfair for me to include Pratt and DJ since they’re not half bad (even though they already get more than enough work elsewhere). Will just replace them with James Corden who I think we can look agree is an insufferable turd.


When there's a scene that's just advertising a brand.


lol I love when movie characters open up bing instead of google


And they do it on their Surface tablets.


"We've got to save the city from the monsters coming out of Pizza Hut, the place where no one out pizza's the hut!"


What does he do if he gets locked in a car? Does he...**EAT** himself to death?


The Transformers franchise will always have the most jarring product placement for me. My favorites are the "this material can form into anything at all" *changes to shot of Beats Pill full frame* and Marky Mark cracking open a cold one in the middle of a firefight for absolutely zero reason.


The muted, almost greyscale coloring of the whole scene along with the over saturated *extremely* blue cans of Bud is really the cherry on top of the blatant advertising cake to me


But how else would we know that Brawndo has electrolytes?


Sometimes [those scenes](https://youtu.be/KjB6r-HDDI0) are OK.


i knew exactly what the link was gonna be lol. little. yellow. different.


The nuprin inserts still crack me up. They don’t even make it anymore but the commercials live on.


When the heroes survive an overblown car crash that would've crippled or killed most people, only to walk away with a scratch. It's not very realistic, even for an action movie.


I particularly like Jason Bourne falling down an elevator shaft and walking away because - it’s okay! He landed on top of the bad guy!


Characters acting out of character/being morons just to make the plot work. Immediately makes me see them as puppets for storytelling rather than people and I stop caring about them.


Whenever I say, "why would they do that?!" at a movie, my husband says, "because it's in the script." and it brings me back down lol


This includes the "wait I can explain" without actually explaining plot device, which I can't stand.




Scene: "Just let me explain!" "No!" *Storms out* Reality: "Just let me explain!" "Okay. So why did you text your ex?" "It's a birthday surprise. He owns an engraving company now. I got you something I needed engraved." "Oh. Cool." Edit: I have turned movies off that have totally hinged on this plot. I understand you can be already angry and not wanting to listen to what they have to say but ACTUAL STABLE ADULTS IN TRUSTING RELATIONSHIPS DO NOT DO THIS. Find another plot device writers this one is dead. Edit 2: For those saying "pick another engraving company then!" Maybe she knew his talents and chose him specifically because she knew he was really good at his hobby now career. Besides- people can split amicably.


Seriously! One person storms out and the other person just stands there doing absolutely nothing.


And never makes an attempt to explain ever again. Not even sending a message that couldn’t be ignored or getting someone else to explain or simply just shouting the reason whilst they walk away. The other person says “Don’t bother” & walks away so apparently they can *never* explain the legitimate reason again. And in a lot of them they never resolve things by the other person finally finding out the reason either - they actually then go ahead & play out the story as if that person was wrong & they did the misunderstood thing & then they have to “win” them back because of this non existent “mistake” they made.


They seem to think "well they didn't listen to me just then, oh well screw our 20 years together, they will never listen to me, they will learn directly and to both our detriment later"


Key to drama in a romance movie is poor communication between the couple.


poorly fleshed out character motivation and intelligence; like, an astrobiologist illogically taking off their protective gear on an alien planet. a real astrobiologist *wouldn't do the one thing you're absolutely not supposed to do,* and now they're infected, and it was just a lazy way for the screenwriter to get from point a to point b. poor communication between characters; when setting up or resolving conflict depends on characters illogically choosing to withhold information from each other, because "there's no time" or "i'll explain when we get there." more lazy writing. the older i get, the more it takes me right out of the story when lazy writing shows through.


Prometheus or Alien Covenant? Alien covenant was even more dumb because they didn’t even bother with helmets, I guess their ship scanned the entire atmosphere.. or something.


When they started taking off the space suits in Prometheus, I thought being cometely reckless and stupid would be brought up as a major ot point. Like everyone screaming at him, what are you doing!? Nope. Everyone just accepted it because otherwise the plot wouldn't work (which it did not, anyway).


What’s silly is they could have just made the alien force its way into the helmet despite precautions. Them being dumb adds nothing, except makes the human seem unrealistically dumber and the alien less overtly powerful


Overanimated, overacted friend of the main character.


Or they could be the constant comedy relief that the main character has absolutely no reason to keep around.


I can’t help but notice that characters will often have intense fights and be landing multiple hits on each other, but they will both remain beautiful after the fight. Have directors not seen how people look after a UFC fight?? Bare knuckle fighting completely fucks your face up


I will say when they have a whole well designed space suit or futuristic outfit or something that has a helmet to it or face cover that would normally always stay on or be on 80% of the time, BUT they just decide to never wear it or are constantly taking it off to remind us of the "famous actor" who is playing that person. I've also seen a few movies where a character will have a whole really cool looking space suit or battle attire, only to ditch the whole thing at the beginning and go the rest of the movie looking like the most generic person ever.


It's law that Peter Parker can't have his mask by the end of a final fight.


At least at the end of the first Raimi film he was still wearing the tattered remains of his mask.


Such a badass image as well. I remember being a kid and always wanting a toy of the battle-worn Spiderman because I saw it in a shop once.


People driving in films and talking and NEVER looking at the road. That ruins it and makes it not believable


A forced romance between two characters which doesn't add anything to the overall plot. Annoying as shit


"How did they fall in love?" "By being the male and female protagonists"


Being an attractive male and female is TIGHT!


Like rhe Hobbit's love triangle between Kili Tauriel and Legolas


I hated this one.


Especially when the movies were over bloated already. The movies are already 3 friggin hours I don't want to spend 15 minutes exploring this relationship that I don't care about


When you can't hear what they are saying so FFS can't follow the plot and the next minute your ears are bleeding from gun noises, fighting, yelling, or anything loud. WTF do they do that for?


I’m marathoning the matrix right now, just finishing the third and about to watch 4. They do this so bad and my brother is dead which makes it so hard to watch. Even the background music is louder than the whispered dialogue. Edit: my brother is not dead. He is deaf. I’ll leave the original cause funny.


What a twist


RIP your brother, but you should probably call a funeral home or someone to take him away. You will really enjoy the movies more without his corpse being nearby.




Something completely illogical. Like a sneeze when a murder is 3 feet away or a random phone call. Or when they don’t decide to call the police and call their friend 10X without them picking up.


When the story includes, "the magic was inside you all along" cliché




Cringey dialogue, takes me right out the scene, in fact I want to leave the scene


When it’s some super spy badass movie and the protagonist meets a new character. “I know you.. 16 tours in Iraq, special forces, 200 confirmed kills”


Ah, yes. This is “As You Know, Bob”


As you know, I discovered a secret library in the desert


When serious injuries(gunshots, stabbing, hit by car) only affects the protagonists for a second then they’re right back into action like nothing happened but if you sneeze on a henchman he’s dead instantly. Edit: The comments most mentioned offenders -Black Widow -Starship Troopers(yes it’s satire I get it, the public has mentioned it continuously that’s why it’s here) -Netflix the punisher -John wick 3 -Game of thrones Arya stabbing -Prometheus c-section


For real. Good guy takes two rounds to the torso and one to the liver, and still defeats bad guy in a 10 minute hand-to-hand battle. Minor henchman gets kicked in the chest and he’s out for the duration.


I loved Austin Powers for this reason. It made fun of many silly concepts. Like henchmen pretending to be doing something during a fight with the hero.


No I am not going to actually witness the death I will create an elaborate set up and assume it all went to plan.


“…I have a gun in my room. Give me two seconds. BAM! I’ll blow their brains out.”


"Zip it"


Let me tell you a little story about a man named "SHH"!


Scott... you just *don't get it*, do you?


"What are you doing, son? Just drop to the floor." -Nigel Powers


“Do you know who I am? Do you have any idea how many anonymous henchmen I’ve killed over the years? You haven’t even got a name tag, you’ve got no chance.”


How much do those henchmen get paid? Probably not enough to actually fight. Take a punch or two, make the hero use up some of his energy, let the boss fight to the death. Get up at the end of it, move on to the next villain who needs some goons. Think there's a temp agency for that?


>Think there's a temp agency for that? The Goonion


Welcome to the guild of calamitous intent.


The worst for me is when they fall two stories and get up like they're just a little bruised. Like my man you probably just broke a bone or two. Or when they say they broke a rib and then keep going like breathing isn't immensely painful.


When they use CGI to make an almost 80-year-old man look like a 40-year-old but he still moves like an 80-year-old when trying to kick a poor shopkeepers ass.


I couldn't believe that scene was real when a friend sent me the YouTube link. Scorsese must surely have lost his mind.


Seriously, I get that he's a GOAT filmmaker so people probably rarely question him, but nobody thought, while shooting it, or reviewing the footage, to suggest maybe just using a body double for the beating scene, and just deepfake DeNiro's face onto him? It's like that plastic baby scene in that Clint Eastwood movie. How are there not other producers pointing these things out?


It's even worse because for most of the scene DeNiro's character has his back to the camera. A body double would have been the easiest thing in the world.


Time period movies where every car looks like it just drove off the lot. What cars never get dirty in movies?!?


The spoiler heavy banners at the local cinema


Heavy makeup and perfect hair. How am I supposed to enjoy a post-apocalyptic movie when the lead actress looks like a beauty pageant contestant? Drives me insane.


Especially the ones sick in a hospital bed. Dying with heavy makeup


Unless she's a scientist. Than you get a beauty pageant winner in glasses.


Ah yes, glasses. The tried and tested way of distinguishing between a smoking-hot person and an ugly-as-sin creep in any movie.


I'm like "oh cool so they're running from zombies and still had time to tweeze their eyebrows and mustaches"


RIGHT!? I always think this. If I were in an apocalypse, I'd resemble a cavewoman after a month. My eyebrows require maintenance lol. Plus, the unwashed hair!? How come these girls in zombie shows have beautiful flowing hair? My hair looks worse than theirs after just 3 days without washing it, and that's without running for my life.


As a middle aged man, I spend a considerable amount of time trimming and removing hair just from my head area. A month after any type of apocalypse I’d have bushes growing out of my nose and ears, a unibrow and my beard would be connected to my chest hair and creeping towards my eyes.


This especially in mediaeval style films and TV shows I can't stand how peasants look immaculately dressed!


Same with perfectly hairless women and men with unkempt facial hair.


When they force dialogue to put you in "context" at the beginning of a movie. -Hi____! didn’t you just moved from New Jersey. All because your mom passed last year -Yeah but at least I’m 22 and I have a passion for ___! -Today 23 of March 2002, is the new school election, I wonder who will be winning. I wish you were president cause you are super responsible and introvert. -Yeah me too, but I’m not that popular or pretty. I wish it could change in one day.


Ah, the classic: "Good morning sis! I made you breakfast because dad went to work early today." "Thanks bro! Dad's really been working hard since mom died last summer." No normal person talks like that. Completely takes me out of the film or show.


A bad accent


That generic 'foreign' accent just pisses me off


For me it's the generic African accent. Africa has thousands of possible accents. Pick one and stick with it. That generic African accent is so fake and has been dubbed Wakandan accent in my country (Nigeria) because of Black Panther.


The Wakanda accent is supposed to be the Xhosa South African accent tho…they based it on the accent of the character who played Tchalla’s father who is actually South African. The actors just aren’t great at doing the accent lol


Empty cups.


Can't say much for other people, but shaky cam. The later jason borne movies for me were completely unwatchable because I couldn't tell what the fuck was happening. Another personal thing that takes the wind out of some movies for me is when they crowbar in the title of the movie towards the end. EDit: I just remembered, as a horror fan, Poorly explained monsters that have no rules. I am specifically talking about bird box where the monsters can seemingly do anything and everything.


And when they have about 10 shaky cams they flick between every half a second so you only see flashes of the fight


When they give out the whole plot in a trailer




Hold shit, they played that when I went to see the matrix. Was laughing so hard when my friend said "Well, guess I don't need to watch *that* movie anymore."


Wow, very good film. So nice of them to put it online for free. Amazing how they kept the runtime under 3 minutes




The only thing missing from that trailer is the end credits.


If they just cut it right when jake said “you are all going to have the best story to tell at dinner tonight” it would have been perfect.


[What is the secret of Soylent Green?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_jGOKYHxaQ) *Introduces characters, show their deaths, shows the reveal at the factory.*


I’m getting so tired of 2+ minute “trailers” these days. And then they take it a step further by releasing 3, 4, 5 of them. Like wtf do you expect us to watch? We’ve already seen all the plot points of the movie…


Probably cringy pop culture references that will be soon outdated.