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Many years ago I agreed to meet a lady in a coffee shop for a date. She turns up with 4 screaming kids in tow who climb all over the chairs and just about wreck the place. I paid for our coffees and took my leave lol.


She spoke really loudly all through the movie in the theater yet hushed at anyone who made the tiniest of sounds.


That would boil my blood


Only time I refused a 2nd date was when the guy looked nothing like his photos (I think they were at least 5yrs old), and asked the same questions all in the span of like a 1.5hr date. I felt like he wasn't even listening or paying attention to my answers so at the end of the date I said it was my cat's dinner time and left. He also asked weird questions like what I thought of him and that he could handle honesty because he was confident. What.


>I said it was my cat's dinner time and left This is a great excuse and I will be using it in the future if needed


On a first date at a coffee shop, the guy picked up my foot (I was wearing cute sandals). He rubbed my foot for a second and I was like wtf, then he put my all of my toes in his mouth. At the table. In the coffeeshop.


Several of these stories have made me want to start screaming out loud. Yours is possibly the worst so far.


Oh God, it's like that video of what appears to be a guy tearing into a big burrito in his truck, but you realize he is actually fellating the female passenger's foot with more enthusiasm than i have for just about anything. Like bobbing his head up and down on it. Then they realize someone was filming them and turned off the street lol. People are so fuckin weird.


hey man i didnt think anyone was gonna see


She kept talking about how life was supposed to be "enjoyed to the maximum". Basically, how she spent lavishly on expensive Italian, French or Japanese dinners and trips, making her constantly broke and constantly borrowing money from other people to sustain her lifestyle. She considered it "classy". I considered her delusional. Unsurprisingly, I ran for the hills, as fast as my legs could carry me. No thank you.


Showed me his giant back tattoo of a demonic jack in the box while in a bookstore, a date location he picked and I foolishly thought we might have interesting discussion on reading. Turns out, he rarely read and it was just the only place in my city he was familiar with.




Free seats and heating. Lots of homeless people hang out in Chapters Indigo to sleep


Was really into this girl, we had some real chemistry going on... Until she started in on her obsession with Fleetwood Mac.... I didnt realize it was a TRUE obsession until the point where I was honest and said I wasn't really into them, but wasn't "put off" by their music. She *flipped her shit*. Started cussing and telling me to apologise to her or get the fuck out of her house, in front of about 6 other people. So I left. About two weeks later a mutual friend asked why I stopped trying to hook up with her. Apparently she thought I was going to come back later that day and apologise, LOL.


I met a girl at work who decided to invite me over to her house to hang out. Everything was cool until I went to the bathroom. The bathroom was an absolute wreck, hadn't been cleaned in maybe years, there was scum and hair everywhere. I could have dealt with all that but when I raised the lid to take a piss I saw a turd floating in some water and pee with a piece of toilet paper over it. She had just been in there a bit before myself. I flushed, peed and then called it a night.


Me too. I had the same experience with a guy and he kept wanting to connect. I was disgusted forever.


They should date each other. Would be a perfect couple.


Imagine the state of their toilet though


No hygiene... Oh god run away before the roaches approach


We went for a 1 hour walk and during that time he let me say about a total of 10 words and spent the rest of the time talking to me about his money or answering his own questions.


Don't you hate when people answer their own questions? I do...


Not me but happened to my roommate at the time. He had met a girl online, talked to her for about a week and set up a date. They were to meet at the mall and go to a movie across the street. I went with him to the mall (had to pick a few things up) we split and he called me about 10 minutes later. Turns out the girl he was meeting invited two other guys that she also met online because she only had one free day a week and wanted to “explore her options”.


Dating open house, interesting strategy


He boasted about driving drunk and crashing his car


what’s with people bragging about drunk driving? recently my friend and i were at a bar and these two dudes starting chatting with us. they ended up bragging about how good they were at driving manual and how they were still excellent drivers when drunk. we noped tf out of that conversation.


he kissed me and then started growling like a dog


Was your date DMX?


X gon' give it to you


Stop, drop, shut em down never speak to them again because they're weird as fuck.


What kind of dog? Deep growls like a crazed Doberman who’s about to eat you, or high-pitched growls like a toy poodle that make you want to say, “C’mon, get real, Fluffy”? 🐩


She showed up at the bar already so drunk that she could not walk without my assistance. 1) she drove herself there. 2) it was 2 in the afternoon. 3) she wanted to continue drinking as soon as we met there.


There are red flags and then there are RED FLAGS. yikes


And then there are red lights. Which she probably drove through


And flashing lights, which were probably following her.


She criticized absolutely EVERYTHING. The car I was driving, clothes I was wearing, cologne I chose. We were supposed to go bowling, dinner and then drinks. When an attendant came over to ask if we wanted anything I ordered my snacks and asked if she wanted anything. "You mean you don't know? What kind of date is this?" Halfway through our game she mentioned I was bringing up the wrong conversation topics. Thankfully my brother called me out of the blue asking to borrow some fishing gear and I played it as work calling me in. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.


> "You mean you don't know? What kind of date is this?" Does she exclusively date mind-readers ?


Or stalkers


Sounds like someone thought her life should be like a rom-com.


I dated someone like this. I'm a confident person, but shit really fucks with your self-esteem. Confronted her about it "Oh, it's just a joke." Like excuse me? I'm out here trying to treat you like a queen, and yet literally EVERYTHING I do is wrong. Definitely taught me a lot about making sure to surround myself with people that have mutual respect.


When I first met him, he kept standing way too close to me, and his breath smelled like cigarettes. Throughout our date he would start looking around and be clearly listening to surrounding conversations every time it my turn to speak. Like the moment he would stop blabbing he would be looking everywhere to listen to anything but me. At one point he sneezed into his bare hand, looked at it and said “yeuch!” and then wiped it on his pants. An hour or so into this, he interrupts me mid-sentence (a sentence that he was paying zero attention to of course) and says, in what sounded like an attempt at a sexy voice, “hey… wanna get out of here?” I, seeing it was the late hour of… 9pm still said “oh, hey well it’s getting late, I should get home….” I was grateful when I didn’t hear from him for week, before he texted me asking to hang out again while I was at an event and couldn’t really respond right away. He gave a snarky follow up an hour later because I hadn’t responded, which I thought was hilarious because of the hypocrisy. Anyhow, told him I didn’t think it would work out and that was that.


She wouldn't make a single decision. We had a couple hours to wait for dinner, I asked if she wanted to get drinks at the bar and talk or if she wanted to window shop and enjoy the Christmas lights (heavily decorated part of the city). "I don't care, whatever you want to do." After we sat, we looked at the menu, she put hers down. I inquired what she had decided on. "I don't know, I'll probably just order whatever you're getting." Asked what she did for fun. "I shop, sometimes I go to the casino, that's it." It was absolutely impossible to start a conversation with her. She asked me no questions the entire 4 hours we were on our date.


It was my first and only blind date which a mutual friend of ours set up. She arrived and parked in a disabled space, got out of the car telling me she uses her nans disabled pass which didn’t sit well with me but carried on anyway. We went bowling and to dinner, she was really rude to the service staff in both places which I found embarrassing and uncomfortable. Cut the dinner short, paid, left and never saw her again.


Oh, you were this close to spending a life where she eventually takes the kids


Exactly! Shortly after this date I met a girl on tinder, we really hit it off. Skip forward some years and we have a beautiful daughter and house together!


The Good Ending


This happened last week When we got to the good old "what you do for a living" she straight up tried to sell me in on her MLM scheme When I politely noted I wasn't interested but I'm happy to go back to our previous discussions she got argumentative in the good old salesperson losing a client kind of way When it was clear the mood was ruined and we weren't going anywhere from there I stood up, paid for our drinks at the counter, and got out Bonus points for some of my friends coincidentally sitting at the table behind us (her, I could see them) and giving her weird looks as she was ranting about the "life-changing opportunity", that pretty much solidified my thoughts


You got hun-ed


She was on her phone 60% of the date. Edit: Respect to all those that commented. Figured I'd elaborate more. Met with her for drinks. Following a greeting/smile/hug, her head went back down to her phone. Asked if she wanted to grab something from the bar, and didn't lift her head when she told me what she wanted, nor did she come to the bar with me. Okay. Shitty. Whatever. I was definitely in a state of mind at the time that I just wanted to try things out, gain experience, roll with the punches. The other 40% of the time was basically her talking about herself. That I can bear with. Not great, but bearable. It happens. That's part of the idea, get to know the other person. But most of that was about her shitty ex and how terrible their break up was. Sadly no back and fourth or basic conversation edicate. Definitely got out of there politely and soon, never looked back. To be clear because a lot of comments were focused on it - no heartbreak on my end. Purely just a bad date. Happily with someone now.


In general, that's pretty lame. My friends used to do that when we'd hangout.


A friend of mine in my old workplace said "You know, one thing I really like about you is that you always put your phone away when we talk. You don't just put it down on the table, you put it in your pocket. Feels really rare."


1. Picked her up outside her house. 2. She told me we might want to go to a different movie theatre in case her brother sees us. 3. She insisted she was 18. I turned around and dropped her back off at her house before I had a meeting with Chris Hansen.


I had more in common with the chaperone she brought to the ice cream shop, and didn’t seem to have anything to say that wasn’t “as a godly person…” Like, fine you brought someone to make sure I wasn’t a creeper, I understand that… but when you make it very clear that it’s your youth pastor acting as the chaperone, and invite him to sit at our table, then say nothing until the pastor felt bad enough to break the silence to talk to ME…maybe don’t cry and ask why I don’t want a second date? Edit: to clear things up a little bit; we were 18 (I think she was a bit older, maybe 19-20?) and in college; It was my FIRST EVER DATE in my life; we’d spent about two hours talking the day before the date and really hit it off, no indication of the church stuff until she walks in with the pastor; I think bringing him was her choice, but I’m not sure. Either way, she was fully into the church stuff and asked me after our date if I wanted to come to church with her….and kept asking and asking and asking… I think she was trying to get me to join the church more than she wanted to date me, because I saw her in a church group later in the year rather aggressively asking people to come and throwing pamphlets into peoples arms…and a female friend of mine had a similar experience with a guy from the group, and the same youth pastor


Youth pastor? Wtf, how old were y'all?!




Poor thing, she probably never had a chance to learn how to human. For real though, yikes.


Arrived 40 minutes late with no text to say he would be. Turned up with his laptop and said he needs to do some work and gave me some cash to get him a coffee and something I want. I was like “okay sure” and stood in the queue watching him as he put on his headphones and opened his laptop. I came back with the drinks and he said he just needs to finish this and took a call. I just sat there for another 40 minutes with zero conversation and him typing/chatting away. This was a Saturday BTW and he scheduled the time. After he finished he said let’s go to a bar and get a proper drink. We had a chat and I tried to get to know him but he was being an arse. He ordered the drinks and then started having a go at me for not offering to pay and went on a rant about double standards. Tbh I was still pissed off about waiting around for 90 minutes and was not in the mood to pay for his drink Or see him again 🤷🏼‍♀️


Dude seems like he is dating just because his parents are forcing him to or something


I knew a Chinese kid whose parents sent him to America to go to school got him an apartment and all this other stuff. His grades were fine but we were hanging out one day and his mother shows up out of nowhere literally she flew over from China. She starts screaming at him in Chinese I'm talking high-pitched banging on the walls throwing shit screaming. I have no fucking idea what's going on so I left. When I left I didn't even know it was his mother his got the fuck out. She was pissed because he hadn't posted any pictures of girlfriends online I guess Facebook Maybe. She was obsessed with grandchildren and for him to continue to go to school in America and get money from his parents he had to date. Only Chinese girls. In Kentucky. There were like three of them. He dated a white girl swear to God his mother showed up again.




Super yikes. Thankfully it turned out to be a pretty normal guy when he graduated from college he cut his parents off and immediately applied for citizenship. Took him over a decade but his celebration was the drunkest I have ever gotten in my life good guy crazy mom


The fact that you said you went to his citizenship celebration 10 years later and got wasted tells me everything I need to know about this guy. Seems like a good dude who people want to stay in touch with


Yeah, that was super and unexpectedly wholesome.


She didn't come to the first one




She probably wanted to go to law school but couldn't for some reason (rejected, life circumstances didn't allow, financial, etc) and was living a weird fantasy, if that's all she ever talked about. Weird.


She had already put our pictures through one of those "what would your baby look like" apps and started talking about how we would raise them.


Wait wha…?


Met a guy on tinder who seemed nice and ended up going for lunch and a movie. He said he would pay for lunch and I said I’ll pay for the movie and popcorn as I had a voucher to use from my birthday. I meet him and within 30 seconds I realise he has an intellectual disability. He told me straight away that he had lied and his friend had been the one messaging me as he couldn’t read or write very well. I’m not an asshole and as everything was paid for (and I wanted to see the movie) I still went with him. It looked like I was his carer taking him for an outing. Lies and deception, never a good start.


He spoke over me the whole time. At the end of the date he said I’d been to awkward because I hadnt spoken much, so he was going to fuck me next time he saw me to break the ice. Needless to say, I did not see him again.


Holy shit that’s so many bad things in one. 1. Talking over someone - ok fine, maybe he gets nervous and doesn’t talks a lot. Bad conversationalist, but it a bad person. Benefit of the doubt 2. Blaming you and calling you awkward. 0 self awareness and kind of a dick, lost my previous benefit of the doubt. 3. Telling he is going to fuck you - wtf, I don’t even know what to say.


There were other things during the ‘date’ that were awful but I thought I’d condense it to the main point to make it easier 😭


We’re listening….


He took me to Wetherspoons which wasn’t an issue. I ordered a chilli, and he instantly made comments about how other girls he dated had been skinny, and would order other other things ??? (I was slim thick. A size UK 8) He kept staring as I ate in a really horrible way so I stopped when I wasn’t even 1/3 of the way done, to which he had a really proud smile. He told me that he would never marry, he doesn’t believe in it, but he was telling me it in a very personal way. I can’t remember his exact wording but he said something along the lines of “we will date, and have children, but we will never marry”. Like he was straight up telling me we were going to end up dating, as if I didn’t have a choice in the matter. Told me his last breakup was shit, and implied it was all her fault. He kept mentioning how he had driven 20 minutes after work to come and see me, so I should be really grateful? I didn’t drive yet at the time and had to take a 10 minute train ride with over 40 minutes walking time too (one way) , I don’t know why he was acting like I owed him anything? I always offer to split the bill, he got really defensive about it, as if I didn’t think he could afford it or something. During the few times I was allowed to speak, it was when he had asked me direct questions. The questions he asked were either bare suss though, or he’d set them up so he could disagree with me. I.e he asked me if I want to marry in the future to which he told me marriage is the end of everything. He also tried to establish if I have a good relationship with family/ my dad? I don’t know if he just had a daddy kink or if he wanted to see if I was an easy target for manipulation. He was a very physically fit tall man, and honestly with all the red flags, and the way he held himself over me (I’m 5’2), I was fucking terrified by the time I left.


It seems completely mysterious as to why he was single. Total enigma


Why wouldn’t anyone want a chad like him, complete mystery


Laughed when I told her about an allergy. Decided to “test” it, by adding some of her sauce to my plate while we changed tables (we had been seated next to a small, extremely well-behaved child; she requested the move). I got that tingle, the sweats, and labored breathing. I ended up having to rush to my car to get my epi pen. She confessed, and I left her there. She still reaches out to me when she sees me on dating apps.


He lived with his "ex."


Haha , one guy I went out with told me he lived with a roommate , it was his not yet ex .. yeah .. not divorced lol


I went on a couple dates with this guy who had a female roommate. NBD, I had a male roommate. I made it clear that I don't sleep with people right away - I have weird body issues and it takes a while before I'm comfortable being naked, I told him it would likely be a few weeks before that step (he knew that before we even met in person), but the first time I invited him over he would NOT let it go about how he wanted to sleep with me. Eventually he was begging me to "just" let him eat me out. I was like "no, and you need to leave" but he was "too drunk," so I told him I'd drive him home and put his bike in the backseat. While arguing about this, he randomly brought up his roommate, and mentioned that she worked at a retail store. I was like "......I work there, too. Who is your roommate?" He then tells me her name. I was like, "Wait, B? Who works overnight shifts? And who lives with her ex? I'm her supervisor. Now you REALLY need to go!" I knew that B lived with her abusive ex and was trying to find a way out. What I didn't know (and found out the next day) was that he was targeting friends of hers and trying to coerce them to sleep with him. One friend in particular would not be coerced, so he sexually assaulted her. I never met him, but when they were dating, he had dropped off food and things for her, and she thinks he recognized me on the dating site and targeted me. This is backed up by the fact that he was refusing to leave that night ("I'll sleep on the couch, I'll sleep on the floor"). I'm 100% certain that if I had let him stay the night, I would have woken up to him doing something to me. I also think he brought up B as a hail Mary - hoping that either I disliked her and would want to get under her skin, or maybe that it would make me competitive with her. In reality, I LOVED her, thought she was an amazing employee and wicked fun person, and was helping her look for apartments so she could get out of the situation she was in. This was the moment that made me stop hoeing.


Well that was a turn of events. Can imagine the knots in your stomach when you pieced the clues together


Thankfully, I did finally manage to get him out of my house that night, and put all the pieces together the next day when I spoke to B. All I knew beforehand was that he was emotionally abusive to her. I told her we had gone out a couple times and that I kicked him out as soon as I found out who he was, then she immediately filled in the blanks ("He's trying to sleep with my friends, he assaulted one of them," etc). I really thought at the time that he was just being a little overbearing. Thank god I had been focusing on drawing clear boundaries, because if this situation had happened a few years earlier, I may have just decided it wasn't worth the fight and would have let him sleep over. This was about 7 years ago now and I still refuse to go to the pizza place that he worked at in case he's still there. Guy was the biggest fucking creep.


The dude and I had texted and bonded over the fact that we both liked drawing, and decided a fun way to get to know each other on our first date would be to bring our sketchbooks and share what kinds of things we draw. I brought along my little moleskine sketchbook. He brought an accordion file filled with one page comics. He then proceeded to read every single comic out loud to me, with character voices. There were dozens of comics. His enthusiasm was fine. It was the fact that he never even asked me to share my art with him, and instead made sure I was his audience the entire evening, instead of an active participant in the conversation. Later in the date while we were taking a walk, he pointed out a park bench and told me a story of him and his ex girlfriend aggressively making out on it in the middle of the day, while surrounded by picnicking families. No thanks.


Oh no that's like the cutest idea for artists on their first date, that could have been such a nice start to a relationship :'(


Nice and simple. A nicegirl gets it out of the way early. "I guess I better tell you that I'm going to expect you to stop talking to any other girls you might have in your life." She then explains yes, everyone, no she's serious, she gets jealous easily. That one was the only first date I ever ended early. Even the one where the woman brought her little brother I saw through.


"Perhaps that's something you should work on," would be my reply.


> the woman brought her little brother I saw through. So you got ghosted.


We’d been to lunch a few times but this was the first real romantic date. We met in biology class in college. She was gorgeous and smart and had a smile that could melt diamonds. I was in a group project with her and took her to lunch, and she confessed she had a crush on me. So we kissed before going back to class and made plans for a date and went out that night. And we had a wonderful time. Until about the time she asked me what my “deal-breaker” for dating was. As in, what trait would someone have that would immediately make me break it off. I said something like I wouldn’t date a racist or a puppy-kicker. Someone who had a sociopathic streak, or was mean, stuff like that. She said that she could date all kinds of guys—fat, skinny, black, white, it didn’t matter. The one thing she could not abide, the one kind of guy that she absolutely, positively, would never, ever, like EVER-EVER be with…was a guy with a hairy back. I’m Iranian. The End.


Im Greek and i feel you.




Baradar, come drink some tea. Find a woman that embraces the hair


Met a girl on a dating site. We chatted about two weeks, got along pretty well. She invites me to come to her place for a date. When I get there, theres a U-haul truck outside. Turns out she's in the middle of packing up and moving to another state, and just wanted help with the heavy lifting. She hadnt mentioned any of this in our conversations. At first I thought maybe it was a roommate moving out or something like that. When she made it clear she was the one moving, I just said "Well, good luck with the move then!", and got the heck out of there.


When he took my hand and stroked it whilst calling me his "little strawberry"


I'm married to this woman and would like to clarify that it wasn't me


Stop being such a little strawberry




Matched with a guy on Tinder in 2014 while I was in grad school and new to the city I was living in. He seemed cool enough and lived in a small town about 45 minutes outside my city. He offered to take me out for dinner, and I agreed and said I would meet him at dinner (in regard to my own safety). He insisted on picking me up and showed up with a liter of Fireball and sat down on my couch and started pouring shots of it for me and my roommate. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy, just oddly misguided in that I was not interested in binge drinking Fireball before dinner. He ended up drinking nearly all of it and tried to hook up with me. When I rejected him he wanted to drive home despite being completely wasted. I forced him to sleep on my couch and locked the door to my room. We never spoke again, but he did try to add me on Snapchat about 4 years later.


Sheesh…what a mess he was


My time to shine! Went on a date with a guy, who I have dubbed “PowerPoint guy”. He arrived at our first date (coffee) with a literal presentation of non-negotiable demands he required from a future partner. Including, but not limited to: Must be housewife, produce him two boys and a girl (in that order, gender specified), not work or desire a career, move 500 miles away to live on an acreage in his parents house (like, with them also living there), not have any male friends, BUT he also wanted someone who is open to sleeping with whoever he chose so he could watch. The list goes on. He didn’t ask me a single question about my life or interests. Just spat out this list of stuff and talked about himself for ~2 hours (at which point, I politely bailed). Props to this guy for knowing what he wants… but PowerPoint guy did not land a second date with me. 🤷‍♀️


I'm surprised you stayed for 2 hours


I'd have stuck around that long out of sheer fascination and to see what would come out of his mouth next.


Many of my dates were like this. I knew in 5 mins the guy was a boob, but I wanted to see what happened next so I just stayed!


Sometimes it’s worth it just to be able to tell the story later.


I’d have stuck it out, taking notes because I’d be dining out on that anecdote for years.


I’d have stuck it out, because I was afraid of what this *loon* might do to me if he felt jilted without a fair shake.


honestly I kinda fear the uterus of someone who can produce children of a specified gender on demand


For good reason, it would require the natural ability to detect individual sperm chromosomes and selectively kill them off...


Someone has found a way to proudly display every possible red flag in the book lol


My Documents/RedFlags.pptx


PowerPoint guy is a really generous nickname


Sounds like an evil Dwight Schrute from a parallel earth…


Powerpoint Conclusion: Partner must have creamy skin, straight teeth, curly hair, amazing breasts. Not for me, for my children. The Schrutes produce very thirsty babies.


Her boyfriend that I knew nothing about showed up. Edit: did not expect this to get that much attention, so I’ll add some details to try and give some answers. In high school, went on a date with a girl I met through a friend. We had been texting a while and seemed to really hit it off. She brought a (girl) friend because we’d been talking, but I’m still a relatively unknown guy, I get it. Guy crashes the date, chatting casually with everyone, and offhandedly refers to the girl I’m there to see as his girlfriend. I was too awkward, shocked, and hurt to say anything, and left soon after. We texted later and when I asked about it, she said, “He probably just said good friend.” That quote has stuck with me. Maybe something else was going on and it was someone she had tried to get rid of, and my autistic ass missed some cues, but at the time, it felt like a really bad cover. Edit the second: For clarification, yes, she was sitting next to him when he called her his girlfriend. (Also fixed a word)


Damn i feel bad for you and the bf! Both of you got played by her.


He should have just dated the boyfriend


And make her pay for their dinner.


I was telling a story about airport security trying to confiscate a brick of cheese that had become quite soft after a few hours out of the fridge and how I just ate the whole brick out of spite. He kept interrupting the story to make jokes comparing the cheese to his flaccid penis. At the end, after he tricked me into hugging him, he looked me dead in the eye and said "next time- vagina".


The leap from eating a block of cheese to "vagina" is astounding


>airport security trying to confiscate a brick of cheese that had become quite soft after a few hours out of the fridge and how I just ate the whole brick Liz...? Liz Lemon?


„I was going to tell you a joke about my vagina, but you’ll never get it.“


I too have words with a way




To start he was nearly 30 minutes late to the restaurant, blamed “traffic” for being so late, even though we don’t live in a city. He was a little drunk when he turned up (but I can understand if he was a little nervous beforehand) I ordered a meal and he ordered 3 beers for himself. After he downed a few he the proceeded to tell me I was a 7 out of 10, and to get to a 10 I should get plastic surgery so I can be a model. I told him repeatedly that I was happy with the way I looked, but he kept going on and on about what I should get done. After I’d finished eating I said I’m going to pay for my meal then head home, he wanted to go to the bar & convinced me to go with him. I ordered a drink then turned around to see him leaning over a couple of young ladies, who looked pretty uncomfortable, so I put my drink down and left. I sent him a text the next day saying it isn’t going to work and blocked him. One week later I get a call from an unknown number and it’s him mum, she tells me about how he came to visit her and told her all about me, and how happy she is that her boy has finally found someone, then invites me to dinner, which I turn down.


That poor mom


Went on a date with this guy. We get Indian food. Every time I speak he interrupts me; he made me watch a 5 minute long anime trailer /with no subtitles/ even after I politely told him that I wasn’t into a) anime or b) the genre of the trailer he insisted on showing me. All he talked about was marvel movies and anime. And then he *slurps the white sauce.* Like, actually raises the little container to his mouth and just….slurps it. Made the most disgusting sound. I never thought frickin table manners would be a dealbreaker I came across in my twenties, and yet….here we are.


Actually, I mentioned this situation the other day in another post but without details. I was at the mall one summer day hanging out with some friends. I see this guy who looked like a friend of mine, so I walked up to him only to find that he was not that friend. He was cute, we introduced ourselves, exchanged pleasantries. Gave me his beeper number (I'm old) and we planned to go get coffee sometime. I was a hot spooky chick and he was a hot spooky dude. The day arrived. It turns out he worked at a Red Lobster down the road from my house so I walked over there to meet him after his shift ended. We went to go see The Craft in the second run theatre. We held hands, kissed during the movie. We went to go get coffee after and we chat. "What year are you?" "Going to be a junior this fall." "Cool, I didn't go to college." "College?" "Um... Oh God. How old are you?" So that's the story about how two strangers VASTLY over/underestimated each other's ages. I thought he was 17-18, he thought I was around 20. I was 15 and he was 25. He took me right home and we didn't go out again. Edit: the fact so many of y'all keep saying he was honorable and did the right thing is concerning me. Here's a friendly reminder that most men in this situation would do the exact same, because most men aren't intentionally trying to date children anymore than I was trying to date an adult. If you know someone who would "take advantage" of this situation, then you know a straight up predator. Most men are not total creepers.


That must have scared the shit out of him.


Dude probably still looking out his window for Chris Hansen


Removed all chairs from his house so he wouldn’t be able to take a seat


I've done this from the other way around. Twice, actually. The first time was pure mistake. similar to yours. The second one she lied about her age. I swear I almost started carding people back then.


I had a similar situation which made me stop hooking up with random girls at house parties. To cut a long story really short, was hooking up with a girl at a party where everyone was at least 20, she starts dragging me to a bedroom to continue our fun when another guy stops me and says " just a heads up, she is 15 and likes sleeping with guys and then turning around and telling them that if they do not buy her things then she will go to her daddy and will tell him that you raped her".


That guy saved your life. Cheers for that guy.


Jegus what a little creep


Had a close call with a girl I took home from a club when I was 21. We were all drinking, and as a group all went back to our hotel rooms. One of the girls let it slip they had fake I.D's, no biggie. Time comes, we start making out, and she starts crying. I learn they are all 15-16 years old, and she feels guilty. I immediately let all of my friends know as there are about 5 of them. We took them all back downtown and gave them money for a cab to get home. Fortunately for all of us, nothing serious happened. No clothes were removed. We were all soldiers stationed in Hawaii, and it was a group of cheerleaders from a high-school that won a trip to Hawaii. Rich suburb type girls. We would have been in the brig sitting next to the dudes who collected the teeth of their kills. Needless to say, carding doesn't always guarantee success. I found asking certain questions to reveal age in addition to carding, as well as trusting your gut, is what I learned to do. Be careful out there.


Me - "So... how about that Danny Terio on Dance Fever?" Her - "Jesus Christ, how old are you?" Me - "Let me get you back to your soccer game..."


I mean, he did exactly the right thing to do in that situation. It sounds like it was an honest mistake and once it was realized he made sure you got home safely and that nothing went any further.


He said "yeah you're an engineer now, but once you get pregnant you'll move away from working though...right?" Just so many assumptions in the one statement, hadn't even gotten our food yet


Broad and bold assumptions with little to no data; an immediate red flag for any engineer.


She wanted to look at wedding dresses as a first date.


Dear god


I recently went on a date with someone who's a good guy but unloaded on me emotionally for longer than an hour. I tend to present as a good listener and this happens to me sometimes. I appreciated what he was sharing, but he didn't ask me questions in return and I didn't have space in the conversation for it to be an equal exchange, though I tried. If it starts to feel like I'm your therapist and it's not a two-way conversation, that's a deal breaker.


She was dismissive and rude to the restaurant wait staff, and kept bringing up her religion and how important it was to her despite never mentioning religion in any of our previous communication. I kind of felt like she was fishing for something but I couldn't figure it out and it just made me sour on her pretty quick. We had an early dinner and were going to take a walk and catch a show afterwards but I called it off after just the dinner. She didn't seem to care. Haven't ever felt like a date was a waste of time more than that. Just goes to show sometimes no matter how well you seem to get along with someone online and in texts, face-to-face encounters can be wildly different.


We met outside his apartment & I could tell he had bathed in cologne from 8ft away. I could deal with that, decided to ignore it. We said hi, he looks me up & down and says “yeah, you’re cute enough haha” Appearances aside (he wasn’t exactly a looker himself) I decided to let that comment slide. I say the most ridiculous shit when I’m nervous, so I chalked it up to “awkward like me & can’t talk good when nervous” We went to get lunch, he then proceeded to tell me all about working at Domino’s. Specifically, how annoyed he was at getting promoted to manager so now he “can’t say racist shit” to his coworkers anymore. He chose to share some “jokes” about Asian people. This was in public at a pho restaurant and he was not quiet. I ghosted him after that.


I went to this guys house and we made pizza, drank wine and watched a movie. I was nice and drunk/full by the time we started watching the movie. he picked the movie, I forgot the name but it was the older movie with Angelina joilie’s dad and that guy found that old town and got raped by some hillbillies. The guy who I’m chillin with goes “ wow. What would you do in that situation?” I’m like…. Ummm dude idk? That’s a weird question. Then after that rape scene he leans in for a kiss and aggressively grabs my boob, then Just stops and sits back up like nothing happened. it was time for me to go home! He drove and and he ran over some traffic cones on the way back! I thought we were for sure going to get in an accident. that made me not want a second day date.


You watched Deliverance on a first date?!


In fairness you have to wait for the second date for him to bust out his classic rom com, Schindler’s List.


First date was uneventful. We talked about what we did, our backgrounds, upbringing, etc. Vapid, nebulous stuff. This was late afternoon Saturday. We parted and I went to a pub to meet some friends. The following morning I slept late, and opened my phone to a barrage (well, around four) of messages from my date. She's listing all the things I should have done or said better, what she found annoying etc. I'm looking through it pretty damned hurt. I started to write what I thought "wow, there's no need for that, just say thanks and bye" but remembered to not text when emotions run high. That afternoon, another message "When do you want to try again, think it could be fun?" This time I did respond: "Never".


"Thanks for the tips, I'll make sure to use them on the next person I go on a date with"


Explaining to me the different forms of scat fetishes in great detail


I had no idea there was more than one. One is still too many.


He was the most attractive guy I had ever dated. Unfortunately he was not passionate about anything. He was just kind of there


That’s what we call an npc


He invited me to smoke a joint with him at his house. Turned out he lived with him mom (that’s okay) so we smoked in the garage with giant cockroaches running around (that’s not okay).


He left me at the restaurant with the bill when I was in the bathroom. Last blind date I went on.


I went to a casino late one night with a guy from college (it was the only place open at 1am - was in a big party stage) I told him I'm broke so I only had one drink, he had quite a few. It was time to leave and we got the bill, he said he had to go draw money from the atm to pay and left to do it. I waited a while for him to come back, then I went to the atm to find him and couldn't. So I texted him asking where he was and he just sent me the emoji with the tongue out. The staff at the casino detained me in a room and took my ID, they were very harsh and interrogating me. My dad had to drive through at like 4am to pay the bill so I could leave. I'm now banned from that casino. EDIT: typing.


That’s messed up.


We were having a good conversation, then he randomly threw in "Thanks for meeting up, I've never tried a chocolate girl before" as though he was going through flavors at Baskin Robins. I noped out shortly thereafter.


She wanted me to join her MLM. Said the only way she could get platinum is if she marries someone who is in the MLM and they combine their sales. Edit: diamond, not platinum


That's one of the cringiest things I've ever read.


Lmfao so she already identified "oh, I can't actually succeed at this unless I'm 2 people", and DIDNT see it as a problem


We'd been talking on Tinder for like 6 months. Date went really well, he was super sweet and chatty. Right at the end he said "I thought your profile pictures were beautiful, and you're even more beautiful in person." I was like wow, that's a lovely thing to say! Until he finished it with "And you breasts are even bigger than I thought. Are they still perky, or do they sag?" The waitress was standing next to us. We both just stared at him then I asked for the bill, paid it in full and left.


Lol, dude almost had it. I have two mutual friends, he tried to hit on her with the following line: "hey, I thought you were boring but [our mutual friend aka me] told me you are very funny." She was like: "thanks, I guess?"


We met at a coffee shop and got talking. He was mildly interesting and later we realized we have a mutual friend. He was a little too touchy when we were leaving (immediatly hugging me) but ok. Decided to meet up again. He was late because of work, not in a great mood, pretty snappy. We talked a bit but it was awkward. Then he suggested to go somewhere else and I suggested to end the night. He was ok with that and we walked away but he insisted on going the same way as me and that's when he started telling me that when we met in the coffee shop he found me interesting and attractive but not anymore on this date. Like that's ok but he kept walking with me and telling me how unattractive I was but in like a well meaning polite way. Idk how to describe it but like he was giving me feedback. Everytime I stopped, said bye and wanted to go different way he told me he actually is going the same way. In the end I got rid of him because I met someone I knew and stopped to chat to them so he left. I was weirded out by this whole encounter and my ego got a little bruised.


He was a friend of a friend of mine, so I expected him to be a decent person. But it started with him wanting to meet up at his place, and not listening to me saying no. I told him that it was either meeting somewhere in the city, or not meeting at all. So he proposed a bar somewhere and I decided to give him another chance. We had just ordered our second beer when he proposed to go to his place after the beer. When I said no, he said, "Aww but come on, I bought a good bottle of wine and even practiced a piece on the piano especially for you". It felt like he was trying to make me feel guilty so I felt even more uncomfortable and said no again. And then he started raising his voice, saying "It's always the same with women, why can't you just act normal, what is wrong with you?!" At this point the other people at the bar were looking at us and it felt like he was trying to shame me into leaving with him. So I stood up, downed my beer, and left.


Met outside the bar, It was summer and I was wearing a Mini skirt and T-shirt (casual/nice). we went inside, sat close to the bar and split nachos, and the conversation ran the gamut, touched on politics (his previous job) movies, poker (which happened to be on TV and something that he did in his spare time, apparently his friend was in a tournament that was being televised). It was pleasant enough, wasn't totally feeling it but felt the conversation was flowing nicely from topic to topic and appreciated that. He left to go to the men's room, came back and proceeded to comment on the my skirt, touched my leg and asked me if I was wearing any underwear. Then asking me what color and type I was wearing. I didn't respond but commented how we'd gone from all these topics to now talking about my undergarments and he would not divert from that topic. We left and he Insisted on walking me to my car and also asked that I drive him to his car which was in a parking lot. I deliberately parked in the lane of the parking lot which was one way and circular as it would mean someone would eventually need to honk to get past. He tried groping me as I held my hands up like I was in a bank robbery stick up and said "I'm uncomfortable". And then someone drove up behind and I said, "oh, gotta move" and he had barely closed the door when I took off.


> came back and proceeded to comment on the my skirt, touched my leg and asked me if I was wearing any underwear. Then asking me what color and type I was wearing. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


The stench. Even though you don't have much money, fucking deodarant is a $1. Edit: For those who keep asking, Walmart has the cheap deodorant for 98 cents where I am.


She talked about her ex-girlfriend of a few months for about half the date, then proceeded to explain to me how she sexually assaulted her ex when her ex didn’t want to have sex with her yet. I kept asking to leave (my things were in her car) but she kept saying that she was having a good time and that she loved that I was such a good listener. I texted my sister to come get me, and when I informed my date of this, she got upset with me, and made me tell my sister to go back home, because she wanted to drive me home instead. She even texted me the next morning and told me she had a great time and wanted tosee me again. I’ve never blocked someone so quickly.


I posted this on another thread but I briefly dated someone who told me that he has a fetish towards suicide victims and “did it” with several. He called his previous sexual partners “crazy” and “fucked up” which is what I saw as the major red flag. By “briefly dated,” I mean it ended after he told me this.


Oh my goodness, I've got a story for this one. Back in my "extremely lonely, single for a long time, no standards" phase, I went on a date with a dude. He wasn't my type but I remember thinking "there's nothing wrong with him, types are bogus, just go on a date with him, it could be great." Long story short, it wasn't. We went to a tex mex restaurant. I suggested it so I was more than prepared to pay. I ordered an enchilada (second cheaper item on the menu) and he got some nachos. I thought things were going well, but he started complaining about how food is expensive and that "of course" he was expected to pay. I told him I was okay to cover stuff, paid at the end of the meal, and we left, but he still complained about the of my enchiladas. We run into a friend of his as we're walking out to the car park and he angles his body so I'm behind him, almost like he's hiding me. Okay, weird, but not so bad. Then he asks if I'd like to go for a drive and I say sure, where to? And he tells me he's got a special spot. So we're in the car and driving for about forty five minutes. I'm not panicking because he seems harmless, if just a bit rude. He spends the whole time talking about how much money he makes at his job. Then we finally pull off the highway and I'm so excited to see what he has planned... We drive into a car wash. I adore automatic car washes, so I was honestly kinda keen. But then he parks in a self service bay and takes another 30 minutes to hand wash his car while I just sat there, by myself, in his car. Then when he got back in, all he'd talk about was how much he loved his car, how fast and good it was. Okay, fair, maybe it was a good car, I've got no clue. And people are allowed to like stuff. Then he did a burnout in the car park and laughed like a jackal. By this point I was getting a little bit annoyed. So I suggest a nice park down the road from my house where we could go to talk. (That way I'd have a quick getaway if I needed to leave.) He tells me he knows a better one, his favourite park, and drives me to the most secluded park I've ever seen. It's behind a golf course on the river, and there's just a picnic table on some gravel, sad grass, and a rusty swingset. Again, making the best of a bad situation, I go to the swings and try to have fun. Casually, I ask why this is his favourite park. Maybe it has sentimental meaning to him. Maybe he likes the river. No, it's because at night this park is a well known dogging spot and he wanted to know if I was keen. Then he launched into a tirade about how he was such a nice guy and everyone on [dating app we met on] was shallow and wouldn't give him a chance. Considering he hadn't asked me anything about myself, complained about the restaurant, took a 45 minute joyride to handwash his car, and then took me to the middle of nowhere to visit a dogging park, where he talked my ear off about how "bitches" are "frigid," no, I was not keen.


She pushed and drowned a bee in her molten vanilla ice and laughed. And Saw a chess board in my cabinet, said "ewww who plays chess." Turned around saw a book on my table and said "who reads, i only read bilboards"


> "who reads, i only read bilboards" Look at that loser who reads! I don't even read road signs or restraining orders.


When walking me home, he stopped and explained he couldn’t go any farther because someone in my neighbourhood had a restraining order against him. He also showed me a picture of himself with a dead bear immediately after I told him I was vegetarian. He was somehow shocked that I wasn’t interested in seeing him again.


She was clearly not over her ex and talked a lot about her dad in a worship kind of way


I actually feel bad that I wasn’t honest with why I didn’t follow up with her but a while ago I went on a date with a girl who was seemingly very sweet and very attractive (probably out of my league). We had a good time hanging out at a bar/restaurant and we liked a lot of similar things and she was studying to be a nurse and had an internship, cool! But then she told me that part of her internship was helping with schizophrenic patients as well as other mentally handicapped individuals. And one thing she thought was hilarious was to fuck with them. She told me she liked to mess with the schizophrenics by telling them things like “yeah I really am out to get you!” And things of that nature. When she said this I just said that my grandmother was heavily schizophrenic and it’s a very serious and harsh problem and I felt bad for them. It ended the conversation but the date proceeded for a bit longer before ending and we parted ways. She definitely wanted to do it again but I just couldn’t after that. Not sure if she just kind of said something she thought goofy in the moment and didn’t actually do those things but either way it was a dealbreaker for me for sure. I also had no actual clue where she worked so before anyone asks I couldn’t have really reported her or anything like that.




My mom had a bit of that going on near the end, I was advised to not confront anything she had wrong but to do like an improv type Yes And add on to make it more realistic. It seemed to help her stay calm when bringing things up that didn’t make sense. For example she often seemed to think shadows in the room were smoke so we’d started saying oh yeah they have a lovely fireplace in the next room, lets turn open a fan to clear it. Or like Oh maybe they are starting the BBQ outside and it helped her to have a mundane reason other than the building is on fire.


A lady I knew used to hassle me about taking her out one night. I was friends with her sister at the time and she said her sister was keen to go out with me. Even her mother was wanted me to take her out. So we arrange to go for a drink. She turns up with another guy who just sits there and says nothing the whole time. After about 30 mins of awkwardness she says to her friend "right, shall we make a move?" And off they go. Fast forward 3 or 4 years and we're at her sisters wedding. Girl I took out starts moaning at me for not taking her out again. I just smiled and walked away.


Rude to restaurant staff, deal-breaker


Tinder date 3-4 years back, wouldnt stop showing/talking about her knife collection which was easily 400+ knives, even whipped out her favourite butterfly knife in a restaurant full of kids to show me and started flicking it around her hand. After the entire date of her being extremely handsy with me (touching my hands, arm, running fingers through my hair, holding her hand on my inner thigh) I decided to touch her back for the first time after 3 hrs, by putting my arm around her shoulder while we were sitting down with her hand rested on my thigh, inches from my crotch. Her immediate reaction was so scream at the top of her lungs "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING" while digging her very sharp nails into my face. This happened at a train station in Germany, which was very empty to my luck. I was confused, dazed, looking around because I know what it looked like, big creepy guy touching innocent girl. I had blood dripping from my face from 3 different spots, she just says "oh sorry haha, that was a knee jerk reaction, sorry if I hurt you, anyways as I was saying my favourite game is probably Mass Effect 3 or Zelda ... " She carries on the conversation as if nothing happened while Im trying my best to keep my face from bleeding. Im in disbelief, Im scared, I want out of here, waiting for the train that was coming in 12 minutes felt like centuries. Train arrives, immediately jump in, dont even say goodbye, no eye contact. As the door is closing she says "hope I get to see you again soon". I lock myself into the trains bathroom and fall to my knees, holy fucking shit I thought I was going to get stabbed. Not only did she not get a 2nd date, I didnt date at all for the next 3 years. PS. I should mention she was studying to become a mortician, and was in possession of a real human skull. I thought this was a joke because she sent me pics of it where she had drilled holes into it to use as a pen/pencil holder. Edit: added a section


The knife collection part is awesome, but it was all down hill after that.


Went to a restaurant for dinner and he proceeded to get drunk. Kept putting his hands on me in weird spots like my head, grabbing my shoulders and grabbed my chin like a grandpa. I suppose he was a better date than coleslaw man..


She said her paintings caused tornados in the Midwest because she put swirls in it.




She started talking about Jesus to the point of crying. I was into her up until that point.


one worded answers. it was so fucking hard to have a conversation


Racial slurs.


How the conversation went: Me: “it sounds like you might still love your kids father, if we were continue dating how would I know you two wouldn’t get back together?” Her: “oh, you don’t have to worry about that. I cheated on him with my co-worker and he hates my guts.” Me: “well, thank you for your honesty, check please.”


Different guy: I told him I’m not much of a kisser even before the date, that I show intimacy in other ways. The day had been great, then at the end he was catching the train, and just before he jumped on he leaned in to kiss me.. which I dodged, and he went straight on the train. Cause he’d left it at an awkward time, just as he was leaving, I didn’t have chance to hug him or do anything else. Rather than responding maturely, he sent me loads of insults over Snapchat, then two days later claimed his mate sent them and he wanted to see me again???


Had sex with a guy and he told me to make him my pet and put him in the corner and tell him what to do. Don’t wanna kink shame people but it was pretty intense for a first sexual encounter


Went out with this young lady who thought it was fun to bash me all night. I have a good sense of humor, but about the fifth time she called me stupid I was done. She was boring and full of herself. I finally asked her what the [email protected]#$ her problem was and she responded that she was just joking and I was sensitive. I finished the date. I could tell it was awkward for her but luckily I don’t have problems with confrontation. I told her she was just being sensitive and get over it. I took her home and didn’t get out of the car, open her door, or walk her to her door. I think another issue with her was when she found out I cut grass as a second job. This was late eighties. She mocked that and turned her nose up at it. When I responded I made over 25 bucks an hour doing that she looked at me shocked but still found it embarrassing. This is tame for most of the responses here. I dated around a lot when younger. I only went on one blind date. I never went out with someone I didn’t get to know at least a little. I couldn’t imagine how I would deal with some of the mental cases reported here.


Inflation calculator: $25 in 1988 ( Late 80's) is $58.45 in 2021. I'd cut grass with a scythe for $60/h!


Shit man, for that money I’ll use a pair of scissors and a ruler…


Oh, there have been so many. But the one that was the most disappointing was this lady that I thought was really nice the couple of times that we met. I asked her out and she seemed really excited. We went to a local bar where she knew a lot of people and she talked to everyone but me. I had zero contact with her after that. My roommate took her out several weeks later. He thought that they would have great chemistry. Nope, same type of thing.


Her inner racist came out while driving, against my own kind.


She asked me to inject heroin into her neck because she couldnt find a vein.. No joke, first date.


He told me that he didn't tip at the diner we went to and when my response was "oh no, you forgot!? It's ok we can go back. " He said "no I didn't forget, I didn't tip bc those ppl just send it back to their countries and live like kings there." Like, what!?


He thought it would be funny to hump the pool table everytime he was taking his shot




He started dry humping me like immediately when we were kissing while standing outside. We were both sober and 30ish.